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Strong body and perfect health

Free Zoanoid optimization
-Zoanoid - Strong body and perfect health From the date of becoming a World Government, Cronos offers to everyone a perfect health by passing the Zoanoid optimization. Citizens who have passed optimization, get strong and healthy body and a wide range of benefits and privileges, a list of which will continue to expand.

The Zoanoid optimization is absolutely free, so everyone can do it*.

To pass the optimization, contact the nearest branch of the World Government.

Children do not need to pass the optimization, since they will be born as Zoanoids.

Judging by the trends, the full optimization of the planet's population will be completed by the end of the century.

Note that only Zoanoid optimized people will be able to participate in the Ark project**.

Do not forget your opportunity to optimize to your own Zoanoid type (designed by you). If you thought up the design and capabilities which can be implemented by us, we will be happy to make you happy.

* Every male.

** Women can participate if they have marital status with Zoanoid.

Here's some popular Zoanoid types:
Gregole - Gregole.

Ramotith - Ramotith.

Razell - Razell.

Malcult - Malcult.

Cadan - Cadan.

Casvarius - Casvarius.

Eurenorm - Eurenorm.

Galvarun - Galvarun.

Gergoile - Gergoile.

Nealcos - Nealcos.

Tabros - Tabros.

Ziatt - Ziatt.

For a complete list of possible Zoanoid types contact the local branch of Сronos.

Free Zoanoid optimization!
Free concerts of the Jukadan band

Eartho exchange rate:
1Э = 65,1Р
1Э = 2,17$
1Э = 1,41€

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