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Appeals from citizens

Here are collected important appeals from citizens of the Earth.

Q: Why don't you optimize the female part of the population?
A: This question is answered by Dr. Hamilkal Balkus himself: "We do not optimize the female population for several reasons: firstly, given the fact that a child born from couples where the man is Zoanoid, already will be a Zoanoid, it helps to avoid undesirable genetic mixing, which can lead to undesirable consequences, and secondly the female body is not fit enough to optimize and it all may be associated with some risks. But do not be upset, because Cronos technology is well developed, not only in Zoaforming, but also in the field of women's health, our technologies can improve the health of everyone."

Q: I would like to ask about the activity of terrorists. It is true that there are Zoanoids among terrorists?
A: This is not true, the terrorists group includes Guyvers and their accomplices, who are ordinary people. Please don't be confused by baseless rumors.

Q: I vaguely heard about some Hyper Zoanoids or something. What it is and whether it is possible to pass such optimization?
A: Hyper Zoanoids - it is how we call the special military Zoanoids. Hyper Zoanoid optimization may be done only on a well-trained soldier of Cronos.

Q: Obviously, Twelve Holy Lords have passed some kind of optimization which is different from the usual. Tell us about it.
A: There is no much difference between Zoalord and Zoanoid optimization, however, the process is much more complicated, which gives to Zoalord a huge force which is incomparable with Zoanoid.
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