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26.01.200x -Global optimization Optimization of the population is incredibly fast. More and more people willing to go through the Zoanoid optimization. Because of this, we opened some new optimisation factories in several regions of the Earth, thus avoiding the appearance of long queues. In some regions the number of optimized population has already exceeded 40%.

10.12.200x -Global currency In order to ensure ease of financial transactions on a global level, World Government introducing a new global currency - Eartho. At the moment, the spectrum includes banknotes from 10 to 1000 Eartho, later we planning to release 1, 2, 3 and 5 banknotes. The new banknotes are released in various language versions. The old currencies will remain in circulation. You can follow the rate of exchange on our web site.

25.03.200x -Benefits and privileges Cronos announces new package of benefits and privileges to those citizens who choose to undergo the Zoanoid optimization. Package includes: a free lifetime membership card at any of the sports clubs around the world, free sports nutrition, as well as free clothes in unlimited quantities, so you can transform as much as you want and don't bother about taking your clothes off.

18.01.200x -Your own Zoanoid type Cronos's Bureau of Research and Development announces a new project, which aims to provide opportunities for optimization in your own Zoanoid type. If you can provide your own design to us and this design and features can be implemented in actual Zoanoid type, we will be happy to optimize you as you wish.

15.07.199x -Fight with terrorism Fight with Guyver's terrorism has reached a new level, today we destroyed the main terrorist's base in New York. All terrorists were arrested.

27.09.199x -Contest World Government announce a contest. Contest winners will receive a place in the crew of the "Ark" Spaceship. Contact your local branch of Cronos for details. Only citizens who passed the Zoanoid optimization may be allowed to participate in the contest.

20.07.199x -Ark Spaceship Today, Cronos announces the completion of the first phase of development of the "Ark" Spaceship, designed for space exploration and for inhabiting of other planets, as well as to protect the Earth from alien aggression. The Ark has been successfully raised from the depths of the Dead Sea and is currently in geostationary orbit. It will need some time to accumulate the energy before the next phase of development.

17.08.199x -Cronos World Governmen From this day on Cronos World Government shall rule the Earth. We remove all political boundaries and introduce a new global economic model. Governments reorganized into conformity with the new order.

The new world order gives citizens extensive benefits and privileges that make your quality of life improved. One of the privileges is a free Zoanoid optimization after which you will get strong body and perfect health. You can read this web site and find out about other improvements.

Free Zoanoid optimization!
Free concerts of the Jukadan band

Eartho exchange rate:
1Э = 65,1Р
1Э = 2,17$
1Э = 1,41€

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