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Structure of the CRONOS World Government

. Council of Twelve Holy Lords

Lord Alkanphel - supreme ruller — Alkanphel. Supreme Lord.

 — Imakarum Mirabilis.

 — Hamilcal Balcus. Head of research and development.

 — Sin Rubeo Amniculus. The ruller of North America.

 — Friedrich von Purgstal. The ruller of Japan.

 — Luggnagg de Krumeggnic. The ruller of Africa.

 — Cabral Khan. The ruler of India.

 — Edward Caerleon. The ruller of Europe.

 — Jabir Ibn Hayan. The ruller of Australia.

 — Waferdanos. The ruller of Russia.

 — Tuatha De Galenos. The ruller of South America.

 — Li Yentsui. The ruller of China.

The underlying structure of government
1. Government (District Branch and Country Branch).

1.1. District Branch.

List of District Headquarters:

* Russian Branch (Moscow)
* European Branch (Paris - France)
* African Branch (Abidjan - Ivory Coast)
* Indian Branch (New Delhi - an area of Delhi)
* Chinese subsidiary (Beijing)
* Japanese branch (Tokyo)
* Australian Branch (Canberra)
* Main Branch (Arizona - USA)
* North American Branch (Washington, DC - USA)
* South American Branch (Brasilia - Brazil)

1.2. Country Branch - Cronos offices in each country.

2. Inspection Bureau - World Government Inspectors.

3. Development Bureau - Scientific part of the World Government.

4. Parent Corps - special protective Zoanoid teams.

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Eartho exchange rate:
1Э = 65,1Р
1Э = 2,17$
1Э = 1,41€

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