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«Ark» project
- Ark — the base of a project to explore outer space and other planets. Huge living spaceship which was grown in the depths of the Dead Sea.

Dimensions of the Ark:

    * length: 51020 meters
    * width: 16030 meters
    * height: 9950 meters

Inside the Ark is an isolated ecosystem with forests and entire towns, designed for a huge number of residents can live and work while traveling through space. Energy to maintain the ecosystem and for other purposes Ark gets by absorbing the sun's rays. At the moment, the Ark is located in geostationary orbit in a waiting state and the accumulation of solar energy.

Optimization of the population
- In order to achieve ideal health of humanity and the transition to a new level of development, CRONOS World Government offers free Zoanoid optimization of the population. More information on the project page.

Free Zoanoid optimization!
Free concerts of the Jukadan band

Eartho exchange rate:
1Э = 65,1Р
1Э = 2,17$
1Э = 1,41€

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