Subject : Bio-Boosted Human

Code Name : GUYVER

Status : Still a threat factor among human and Grakken races.

-Description : The advent of the first bio-boosted human marked the end of the Terran zoaform bioweapon project for the Uranus..Created when a human is bonded to a control unit, the resulting being becomes 100 times more powerful and telepathically uncontrollable. This type of being has become known as a Guyver. The most powerful potential form of which is the Guyver Zoalord, which possesses incalculable power and the greatest single threat ever known. The Federation decided because of this fact and that all species on Earth shared a common genome to wipe out all life on Gaia.

It was then discovered by Solom that humanity survived. Humanity became an important part of the recovery of the Gen race after the Federation allowed the near total destruction of our race. Now humanity once again will be important in our development of a controlled Guyver effect.

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