Code Name :Vamore

Subject Type : Bio-Beam Enhanced 

Development Code : LBT 0053

Serial Number : ZN 027-J

Height : Pods Closed=210 cm (~6.9 Feet) / Pods Opened=223 cm (~7.3 Feet)

Weight : 122 kg (~269 Pounds)

Status : Official Zoanoid Type

Comments : A successful Zoanoid type, but difficult to produce, the Vamore class Zoanoid possesses shoulder mounted bio-laser pods.  These pods can auto-track a target and fire a powerful laser pulse capable of vaporizing most targets.  Firing rate of lasers are limited due to poisonous nature of lasers power elements and so limits charge rate of lasers to up to thirty seconds between full powered discharges.  Specialized as a bio-weapon type, the Vamore class Zoanoid only possesses the strength of five men.

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