Subject : Humanoid Apprentice Zoalord

Code Name : ROFEL

Age: 28

Height : 244 cm (~8 Feet)

Weight : 331 kg (~730 Pounds)

Status : Deceased.

Description: Rofel was one of the first apprentice zoalords developed by Chronos to serve as secondary Zoalords and was second in command to Apprentice Zoalord Destrol at the Canadian Chronos Branch. Possessing many the primary powers of a Zoalord, including the ability to teleport Rofel was nearly as powerful as a full Zoalord.  Rofel manage to survive numerous battles with both the Guyvers and the Canadian rebel forces, thanks mostly to his ability to regenerate as long as his head remained intact. But Rofel was eventually defeated by a mere human using an upgraded Robo Guyver Unit. His memory now serves as a warning to all agents of Chronos to never underestimate any of our enemies.

Subject in his Battle Form

Estimates of subjects abilities, prior to his death, have been compiled and summarized below.


-Subjects physical strength has been rated to be equal to that of 150 men and his stamina is approximate to a normal full Zoalords. 

-Speed: Running=0-300 MPH / Flying=0-500 MPH.

-Durability: Subject could withstand anything short of a Guyver Pressure Cannon unshielded and anything short of a single Guyver Mega Smasher with his shield but anything approaching the full power of a single Guyver Mega Smasher will start to damage subject.  This durability is augmented with an advance regeneration ability, allowing subject to regenerate completely as long as his head and Zoa-Crystal remained intact.  The actual rate of regeneration is approximately equal to that of a Guyver.

-Subjects Zoa-Crystal could fire a bio-laser approximately as powerful as a normal Guyvers head beam.

-Subjects had the full range of gravitational powers of a Zoalord but lacked the power needed to produce a black hole attack.  He could however focus his power to teleport himself when needed, but only up to a few miles at a time.

-Other Phenomena: Subject telepathy was made nearly as strong as a full Zoalord to help fulfil his role as a substitute Zoalord.

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