Code Name :Gregore

Subject Type : Enhanced Muscle

Development Code : MST 00138

Serial Number : ZN 008-J

Height : 235 cm (~7.7 Feet)

Weight : 150 kg (~331 Pounds)

Sight : BL  2.5  /  DA  2.2

Horn Hardness : 6000 kg/cm^2

Bite Pressure : 1900 kg/cm^2

Grip Performance : 900 kg/min

Leg Performance : 2500 kg

Status : Official Zoanoid Type

Comments : A successful Zoanoid type, but difficult to produce, the Gregore class Zoanoid possesses the strength of fifteen men and dense, impact absorbing, thick reptilian skin that is impervious to normal weapons.  Though the strongest in its class, the Gregore Zoanoid sacrifices speed and agility for its enormous strength.

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