Subject : Neo Hyper Zoanoid

Class : Bio-Weapon Guyver Killer Neo Hyper Zoanoid

Code Name : ENZYME 3

Development Code : OGET 003

Serial Number : N/A

Height : 244 cm (~8 Feet)

Weight : 181 kg (~399 Pounds)

Present Status : Present official type.

Description: The continuing threat of the Guyvers and their allies required a further modification to the Enzyme type. Designed by Zoalord Valkus based off his design of Neo-Zektole, this new type is far superior to the previous types and is capable of both ground and air battle. This type is even affective against non-Guyver such as US armours and Aptom, prior to his acquisition of proto zoalord DNA. Though harder to produce than the previous version of this type, the effectiveness of this design warranted its mass production and subsequently replacement of the previous type.

Present estimates of this Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


-This type was given hyper zoanoid level strength that combined with its ability to secrete the enzyme acid blood through its tail, claws, and mouth. Allowed this subject to literally tear apart a Guyver.

-Durability, unlike previous Enzyme types, this model was given a hyper regenerative factor the allows it to nearly instantly heal from almost any wound and can survive anything short of decapitation.

-Speed, this type was given full hyper zoanoid level speed, similar to the Thancrus type, and the addition of wings give it flight capability similar to the Neo Zektole type.

-Enzyme acid has been replaced with a new type, with molecular acid properties, that allows it to dissolve nearly any material and allows this type to be affective against a wider range of opponents and can even go against the renegade lost unit, Aptom.

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