Subject : Creator tech based Mega Dreadnought Class Mother Ship

Code Name : The ARK

Height / Width : 16 km (~10 Miles)

Length : 50 km (~31 Miles)

Weight : 454 billion kg (~500 million Tons)

Crew : Presently one million but is capable of holding several billion troops. 

Weapons : Classified

Defences : Classified

Auxiliary Vehicles : Classified

Status : In active service in Earth Orbit. 

-Description: After the destruction of the Relic from Relics Point. The remains of the Relic were gathered and used to make what is now known as the Ark. This city size ship was actually constructed/grown secretly by Chronos at the bottom of the Dead Sea. Basing the design on blueprints left by the Creators to make such a ship. Like all Creator ships, the Ark is a living vessel. Its massive size required the power of all twelve Supreme Zoalords (including Imakarum), augmented by their Zoacrystals, to wake up the ship and grant it the power needed to rise from the sea and fly into orbit. It was then able to power itself with solar energy and has become the main headquarters for the ruling Council of Chronos. Though still not capable of full scale combat under its own power, the vessel already has the ability to house billions of troops and is being systematically upgraded for the day it will be used against the Creators.

Since the Ark is still a work in progress, its present capabilities and abilities remain classified until otherwise ordered by our Supreme Lord and Master Alkanphel.

The images depicted below are the declassified images of the Ark



No additional data can be revealed at this time.

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