Subject : Humanoid Guyver/Kavzar Unit

Present Code Name :PROMETHEUS

Former Code Name : PROTO GUYVER

Host Name : Greg Howzer

Sex : Male /Age : 23

Hair : Blond / Eyes : Green

Armored Height : 275 cm (~9 Feet)

Human Height : 177 cm (~5.8 Feet)

Height Armored / Hybrid : 208 cm (~6.8 Feet)

Armored Weight : 481 kg (~1060 Pounds)

Human Weight : 82 kg (~180 Pounds)

Weight Armored / Hybrid : 320 kg (~706 Pounds)

Status : Enlisted member of Canada's ACTF.

Subject's present Full Powered Armoured form
Description: Subject is a prototype Zoa-Guyver Unit that is the first known successful merging of both Guyver and Zoalord technologies prior to the present day Kavzar design, and is thusly still considered a Guyver. Originally hosted by a mere human, subject had the raw power of a proto-Zoalord with all the powers and weapons of a Guyver added.  Making subject nearly as powerful as a twice that of a normal Guyver. The subject has since been transformed into a proto Guyver/Zoalord like being and his armor has been upgraded with a Kavzar Commander Control Crystal. Making the subject nearly as powerful as a Supreme  Zoalord.

Present estimates of Guyver abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subject possesses the strength of 1,000 men, combined with the unlimited stamina that the Kavzar based HSL system provides him. 

-Speed: Subject has a reflex speed that ranges from 100 to 400 times normal, a top ground speed of up to 2,000 MPH, and a top air speed of 15,000 MPH.

-Hyper Sensors rival the capabilities of a Warrior Guyver, with a superior range of 1075 meters (~2/3 a Mile). 

-Durability is roughly double that of a standard Guyvers but is also enhanced by a bio-energy field that helps shield subject from anything up to a Guyver Mega Smash and accelerates regeneration to forty times the normal rate for a Guyver. Subject can also project a Gigantic/Zoalord like shield that allows subject to withstand anything up to a full quadruple Hyper Smash from a Grakken and 50% more when combined with Units pressure cannon shield. 

-Subject Head Beam functions as a modified Zoalord crystal bio blast, boosted by the power of the subjects Kavzar Commander Control Crystal to a hundred times the power of a standard Guyvers head beam. 

-Subject has two pairs of vibrational swords, the standard elbow swords and forward facing forearm swords. Each is enhanced by a charge of bio-energy plasma that more than quadruples their effectiveness over standard Guyver vibrational swords.

-Subject possesses Gigantic like Hyper Smashers that can fire a blast five times more powerful than a normal Guyvers mega smashers and can maintain beam for up to 15 seconds at a time. 

-Sonic Emitters are the same as a Standard Guyvers. 

-Gravitational powers are similar to a Standard Guyvers but with the versatility of a Zoalord. Subject can even create multiple black hole attacks. 

-Subject also possesses a wide range of Zoalord like powers, now that the subject has become part Kavzar. Allowing subject to manipulate weather, teleport, and create a variety of psionic based bio-energy attacks at will.

Subjects Previous Armored Form
Subjects Hybrid Battle Form
No other conclusions of this Unit abilities can be confirmed until further data is gathered.

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