Subject : Enhanced Humanoid Guyver


Host Name : Philip Oxley

Age : 35 

Sex : Male 

Height : 183 cm (~6 Feet)

Weight : 261 kg (~575 Pounds)

Status : Mercenary presently allied to the ACTF.

Description: Subject is one of many who acquired a Guyver Unit in the Amazon Jungle of South America, during an experiment by the Creators for an unknown purpose.  Subjects own Unit is an enhanced type with advance Gravitational powers that rival that of a Zoalord, combined with subjects military training as a mercenary makes subject very dangerous. 

Subject  powering up with
its Gravitational power

Present estimates of this unit type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength: Subject possesses the standard Guyver strength of approximately 100 men but can be enhanced by channeling its gravitational powers to boost its strength to that of 300 men.

-Hyper Sensors are same as a normal Guyvers with a range of 100 meters (~328 Feet), but subject can project a gravitational field to sense motion for over a kilometer (~1 mile) radius.

-Durability: Subject has same bio-armor as a standard but units advance gravitational powers allow him to generate a Zoalord like shield to withstand anything up to a normal Guyvers single Mega Smasher and a directional shield that can withstand up to a normal Guyvers full double Mega Smash. 

-Speed: Subjects has a reflex speed that ranges from 5 to 40 times normal, a top ground speed of up to 250 MPH, and a top air speed of 2000 MPH thanks to units more advance gravitational power.

-Subject head beam is the same as a standard units.

-Subject has standard pair of retractable elbow vibrational swords.

-Subjects Mega Smashers are the same as a standard units but subject can use its gravitational power to boost beam velocity, providing beam a 20% boost in overall power, and focus so it is 50% more likely to penetrate a targets shield.

-Sonic Emitters are the same as a standard units but subject can also produce gravitational shockwaves for an omni-directional attack of equal power and can be used even in the vacuum of space.

-Gravitational powers: Subject possesses vastly superior gravitatoinal powers than a standard unit and can do anything from enhancing its physical power to firing a Zoalord type black hole attack.

Subject Fully Enpowered with
its Gravitational power
No other conclusions of this Unit abilities can be confirmed until further data is gathered.

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