Official Guyver Links
Kadokawa, the Japanese company who publish the Guyver books in Japan.
Screaming Mad George's S M G Effects, Inc.
Steve Wang's Facebook page of Steve Wang. From the man who done the Guyver costume for the first Guyver Movie and directed second live action "The Guyver - Dark Hero" movie.

 Current US Rights holder to the 2005 - 2006 Anime of Guyver the Bioboosted Armor
Fan Produced Guyver Site Links
Website of the Japan-Legend team. Not just a Guyver site but includes translations of Guyver Chapters on their message board. Best site to go to about official Guyver information.

The website of EvilFX. Contains many things Guyver related and info on how he made his own Guyver Costume.
russian guyver anime and manga fan-site
 Russian Guyver fan-club website. Best site for Russian Guyver fans out there.
Note: This site does not have an English section but has very nice fan art etc. If you happen to know Russian you'll love it.
Guyverology on Tumblr.
A Guyver RPG forum.
Website of Guyver information from DarkGuyver.
 Guyver Information page and blog from Japan.
The Guyver: Bio Booster Armor
 Classic old site that gives some early story info and explains some terms  with some pics from anime.
Guyver Fan-Fiction Links
  The Guyver section of
Guyver Fan-Fiction from Guyver Reborn.
Anime Links
The best site for overall Macross information.
Really cool site. You can move ships from different Sci-Fi's together
to compare sizes of huge star ships and things like the moon.
Manga, the company that published the Guyver anime outside Japan.
AnimEigo, a anime company who released a lot of great anime.
Site Building Resources
 Free Web site development resources.
Animations and Graphics For Your Website.
Free fonts, images, animations, and several online tools.
Formally located at : The JavaScript technology Center.
Matt's Script Archive - site where you can download alot of Perl CGI Scripts for use on your pages.
This is a great place to start if you've never done, or done only a little HTML.
Non Anime Links

Campaigning for Unmetered and Broadband Internet Access in Ireland.

Amazon.Com Or Or for the US for the UK or for Japan

Great site for buying Guyver books. For instructions on how to use the Japanese site go to:

The Register

IT News website
 IT and Internet / Web News Website and information on how to design a webpage. Former site Webmonkey now redirects there:
HotWired: Webmonkey - This is an esspecialy helpful site, lots of Tutorials and info on site construction and many of the newer Web technologies
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