Zentai_Guyver appears out of no where as if to be formed by the atoms that float amongst the air them selves.. his body practically a blue and green mirage of a Rainbow.. his two Sensory Orbs Sparkle with a delight full sensation.. feeling the presence of one's body.. very near to where he stands.. his head then lifting up and over looking about a 45 degree angle to the left of his chest out almost in front of him.. he
€ Zentai_Guyver see's a form.. a smirk then plays upon his face as the CM pulsates atop his Head letting the Host know of the Dangers this form might posses within his power.. taking a slight notation of visible weapons then using a slight mind reading technique the Warrior Guyver posses no thanks to the Creators.. he finds out information about his newly found opponent.. his opponents thoughts pouring :into his own as he smirks.. knowing what he needs to get his job donw swiftly and quickly

Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman He looks at the guyver form directly in front of him. He smiles as his first thought is the guyvers only weakness, he looks on, his long silver hair flowing wildly in the windy dunes of the desert. His bright green mako enhanced eyes seem to emit a strange green light. He looks at the guyver almost mockingly.
Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman He then raises his head high. Seeing the crystal on the Guyvers head he knows what is target will be for most of the battle. He then rolls his head from side to side cracking it lightly. He lowers his head, letting the long silver hair flow over his bright green eyes, as he glares.

€ Zentai_Guyver then with little to no thoughts within his mind his CM gives off a few nicely places pulses of energy that begin to flow from within his body out of the CM while it pulsates fascinatingly.. his GCO then as touched by this new found energy that has been brought amongst it as his GCO flickers up from it's un used status, as the GCO begins to emit a solid light from his Abdomen his smirk falls from his face
€ Zentai_Guyver while his fingers then come round to the front of his Abdomen holding a cupped fist over the end of the GCO as the CM sends a Signal to the GCO waking the Pressure Cannon up with a few strong jolts of Energy as if it had died and needed reviving but not.. the Pressure cannon now turned on as his eyes lficker with delight inside of the Warrior Guyver still not fused with his Aceaer unit that
€ Zentai_Guyver stays dormant in Hyper Space.. his Hand now being sot feel the warmth of energy pouring out of GCO.. it begins to engulf his hand in an Aura of Gravitational Energy as he Wils the Energy into a Small baseball sized object within his Cupped hand..

Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman He looks at the guyver beginning to do something he has never seen before. He frowns lightly as he reaches across his anterior and left febrile down to his sword. He keeps his eyes on the guyver as his right and comes into contact of the sword. He then lets a flicker of anger show as he grasps the handle of the 6 foot long Masamune blade.
Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman He easily yanks on the handle as his knuckles turn white from the pressure. He slides the full 6 feet of the Masamune sword out of its sheath and antagonistically taunts the guyver to attack him . He then tenses the muscles in his forearms bringing the sword up to a battle position.

€ Zentai_Guyver the ball that was form into his hand now sits upon his palm as he slides hi right hand over infront of the GCO next while letting the Left hand hold the ball to his side waiting ... and smirking with delight upon his eyes and the thought of death within his heart as his mind goes into a total all out wrath mode and his CM gives off
€ Zentai_Guyver heavy beats of brilliant lights from atop his head and then seems to be pulsating pounds of endless energies into his GCO as it lights up brighter then before.. then as Energies from his GCO manipulated into a Small stream of mysts as it pours out of the GCO and floating into his hand.. which with this he Wills the Mysts to form a solid ball.. about the size of a Golf ball that now he grips with his hand and brings it down to the side and lets it hang loosely gripping both ball with Delight

Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman He then tenses the muscles in his forearms bringing his sword up into a position, pointing strait up. In an anterior position he looks down upon the hilt of the massive sword. He then smiles as he looks back to the guyver, knowing that he can stop almost any attack by him. He then figures, why wait for him to attack, and attack while he is still preparing.

€ Zentai_Guyver then with a smirk upon his face he looks over to the futile being who stands before him as if he was worthy of it.. but truly not.. then as he glances down to his two Pressure Cannons in his hands he then looks back up to the opponent and his CM gives off a few strong flashes of energy as it sends a short amount of energy upwards through his head not having ot go very far as it comes
€ Zentai_Guyver upon his Middle head beam and it flickers to life as it charges it's self up gathering energy from the CM it's self.. then the CM sending out double the amount of energy but sending it slightly to the right as the Right Head Beam lights up with a flicker as well.. and then as the CM pours energy into each Head beam he smirks.. and then looks at his opponent knowing his time will come near....

Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman He looks to the hilt of sword and closes his eyes as he begins the deepest mental state of concentration he has ever encountered. Strange words seem to come from his mouth as he begins to chant in a language not used in centuries. Inside his mind he knows the arrogance of the guyver. His chants grow louder as a bright green light is emitted from the hilt of his sword.
Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman The green light turns into a mist and floats out about the room. Green waves seem to flow from his body, like the ripples in a pond of green. He then decides not to attack the guyver but to defend against his attack. He knows that he has one spell capable of stopping any attack made by anything. He smiles as he opens his eyes. a bright green flare starts in front of his body as Shield 2 is cast.

€ Zentai_Guyver as his GCO seems to ignite in a new fashion, Flickering to a new start of powers while the CM feeds it with a direct link of countless amounts of energy being pulled from the hosts supplies.. as he sees the Shield envelope over his opponent his Sensory orbs pick up this new form as well almost quicker then the eyes have watched it form.. and his GCO then slightly being to pour energy out
€ Zentai_Guyver around the bottom of his body as it begins to take to the air and quickly it puts it's way over to the one who chooses to stand strong with pride enough to try a guyver.. his knee slightly bent forward with his leg pulled up as if he was charging, his body flying at a stead pace of 30 MPH as he nears his opponent he Lets loose his right hand letting it fly from it’s relaxed state and fly towards
€ Zentai_Guyver Sephiroth then willing to Pressure cannon to his a direct center of the Shield and then he takes charge with his Head Beams letting one blast go to where his head is if it should pass the Shield and lets the other Head beam fly at his Abdomen while the beams seem to pour out of his head quickly heading towards their target while his left hand is the flicked around letting loose the last pressure cannon strait at where the chest of the subject shall be behind the what should be broken barrier of a shield..
Zentai_Guyver . o O ( awwwwwww )
Zentai_Guyver . o O ( hehe.. )
Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman . o O ( heh....you beat me....good job )
Sephiroth_Legandary_Swordsman says, "no argument"