TekkaMan_Reborn Takaya made his way down the lonely aisle, the creepy theme song for the mega-franchise toy company droned on, "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid.....", it was truly beginning to get on his nerves, and it wasn't just the damn song. The Aisle he happened to be in, was stocked with Lego products, LEGOS! What the hell!? - He stifled a shudder, mentally humming a song of his own choice.
TekkaMan_Reborn The 3 level Department store sure had its treats, full of eye candy in the form of toys, it was really something else. - Hands slid into his pockets. - Why exactly had he ventured here of all places? Was it the subtle subconscious hints that the song relayed? Maybe....the 'Kid' inside wanted to run down the halls once more…

Kavzar_ShinGai A disturbance upon the mapping of reality occurred. The fabrics of space and time twisted and manipulated within dark intentions, These emotions triggered by the egotistical Kavzar that had now established an ability to holster immense strength... The fluxing rift released the unit from free floating within the never regions of Hyper Space. (c)
Kavzar_ShinGai Spiraling colors ignited chaotically spewing electrical currents, The movements of energy flows caused the discharge of energy... A Light glistened from the now closing rift as the structure of the Enforcer dropped to the top floor of a building. the weight of the unit collapsed the roof dropping Kavzar within a toy stocked foyer... (c)
Kavzar_ShinGai The large crystal within the center of his helm cast a misty blue aura within the radius of some 20 foot. The will of the Kazar brought on the sensory systems which in turn triggered the energy matrix emitters. aqua liquid now filling the layers of the zoa/Crystal the Matrix and its mysterious components casting a quantum field within the boundaries of the Hyper Sensors.

TekkaMan_Reborn - The process to undergo the Transformation into a TekkaMan had taken its hold 'pon him, devouring what was considered Human and coupled with what was held as Alien, thus procuring the single most aspect of the process... becoming none other than the TekkaMan itself, its 10 ft. tall frame belied its agility as well as most of its other 'hidden' attributes. ~
TekkaMan_Reborn - TekkaMan Reborn, acknowledged the fields radiating about him, the gravitonic currents, the quantum materia, and varied other spectrums. Teknokinetic impulses showered the Tekka-Crystal, which in turn bestowed 'pon him the visual display of the A.A.I. programming interface.. the options began to reveal themselves to him, and soon enough...he had it all under control. Now, it was time to find out what secret this abandoned toy store held....
TekkaMan_Reborn . o O ( A.A.I. - Advanced Adaptable Intellect )

Kavzar_ShinGai The cast Quantum fields fall over the signature of life, A glowing life force fires within the confines of the said building. The slits used as a optical vision shifted across the stuffed toys of the upper level... (c)
Kavzar_ShinGai The evil within the confines of the conscious mind of the Kavzar shifted the balance of chaos and order, Chaos running supreme as cruel intentions flared within the fate of the opposed life force... An aura of intensely bright energy flashed, Concentrated matter accumulated within an orb of energy nestled within the waist region.(c)
Kavzar_ShinGai The Enforcer custom unit was a large grey unit green lining seemed to web the bio plated together, The power now rose within the Kavzar for his subconscious feeling of immortality within this position flared psionically charged hadou flash's... The Hadou energy flow established these desires and the Will of the said strengths erupted a Aqua projection of extreme colour fluttered within the boundaries of the walls... (c)
Kavzar_ShinGai The Matrix and Kavzar now seemed to work within alignment of chaotic deeds and disaster.... A spraying noise filled the air waves as the exhaust vents upon the lower section of the helm released un wanted matter. ShinGai would now test his mental capabilities by placing his will within the power of the Matrix, (c)
Kavzar_ShinGai His Conscious fell within a web of quantum senses The Matrix emitters now constantly fluxing within a green mist .. The position of the energy levels fluxing through the emboilment of the Bio Kinetic energies suggested ShinGai was moving within attack mode.

TekkaMan_Reborn Unlike a Control Medallion, or a Zoacrystal, the Tekka-Crystal held its domain within the confines of the Wearer, utilizing its own hold 'pon Time/Space to bring about its own dimensional void within the Wearer. Yet via the harmonized wavelength of both Neuro-kinetic and Tekno-kinetic origins manufactured the resulting product that was the TekkaMan. ~
TekkaMan_Reborn - Intricate weaves based 'pon the visual display of the Skein of Reality, the mapping of the gluonic compounds as well as the quarks which danced about, bought forth the internal rise of the next program interface, V.I.R.U.S. (Virulent-Intellect Response Unification System), this little piece of technological wonder allowed Reborn to do something unique: To displace the Quantum Grid with the usage of a certain tool which now came into play. ~
TekkaMan_Reborn Teknokinetic pulses emanated emerald flashes atop Reborn's head, where lay the insignia of the Tekka-Crystal. A False Control Medallion in a sense. It was merely for show. - Soft hisses were followed by misty apparitions, revealing the Shoulder Armor's partitions, which in turn did nothing. - Yet integrally placed within those Shoulders was the Voltekker Reactor.~
TekkaMan_Reborn And this Reactor began to churn with the 'life' given by Reborn's Will. - Toys R Us was about to explode.. and it wasn't financially this time.

Kavzar_ShinGai These evil deeds within his mind continued to drift within the conscious thoughts projecting within metal visions.... ShinGai had achieved harmony within the Kavzar and the Matrix’s amazing untapped energy, (c)
Kavzar_ShinGai Quantum fields layered within the terrain portraying coordinates and retrieving universal energy flows of all levels and the current state of these vibrations... The shifts in coordinated displayed by the Tekkaman relayed within the Mental vision of the Matrix view, Weaving graviton particles fell within the quantum fields accessing Hyper Space via a direct linking...(c)
Kavzar_ShinGai The power enriched the grey blends of Bio plates the Gravitational powers now at a maximum. Several aqua hues emitted from the control crystal, The HSL spawning to create a omni shielding system including a single shielding device for the control crystal itself..... (c)
Kavzar_ShinGai The overturning of balance within his life embroilment brought him to wish for ultimate power his subconscious thoughts of being the greatest creation only assisted in the psionic strength of the Kavzar being.... His mapping of the time/space coordinates now being able to be properly manipulated within the very Qi-Essence of existence.

TekkaMan_Reborn His visual display permeated his mind with the mental imagery corresponding to the appearance of radical flows, the enlightened TekkaMan mind frame interrupted current thought processes with the timed neuro-kinetic discharges that formed the construct that enticed the Tekka-Crystal. The ensuing process of the heightened TekkaMan power infused the technological aspects of the Tekka Armor.... ~
TekkaMan_Reborn performing the necessary checks and balances that gave way to the Energy Allocation Phase. This aside, the particle mass of gluonic substance withholding the cerebral cortex-imbued Tekka-Crystal, the teknokinetic impulses began the V.I.R.U.S' authoritative process, thus giving light to the decimatory production of the Kagarinai wavelength that upholds the properties of the Tekka-Crystal, the harmonized wavelength....~
TekkaMan_Reborn manufacturing the teknokinetic raptorial veins that sought forth the manifestation of the resonances that were about in the Material realm. Searching and not wanting to find this radical 'entity', his gaze turned to the ceiling and then stared into nothing, whilst the programming took over. The V.I.R.U.S. programming sequentially formatted the usage of the Voltekker Cannon in favor of yet another piece of weaponry... ~
TekkaMan_Reborn The Annihilation Factor: The Voltekker reactor located within the shoulder armor began to contract, alien technology refracted itself back to basics, relying on the simple aspect of the Tekka-Crystal that held its constant spatial bond at all times, holding its authority over Hyperspace, both Inferior and Superior as well as Infra-Hyperspace itself. A triangular eye flickered crimson... ~
TekkaMan_Reborn The visual display screen gratified the mind, and revealed the sliding panel upon the right palm, lifted towards the general direction of this 'radical entity'. The TekkaMan mind frame allowing two simultaneous thoughts to exist… began to formulate a new plan, whilst the Kagarinai Wave was released....The chaotic umbra of quanta material that soared out in the general vicinity of the foreign entity ~
TekkaMan_Reborn knowing full well it acted on a smaller level than most TekkaMen used.. and thus was that 'invisible' force that compelled itself to bend to Reborn's Will.....to engulf the gluonic counterparts of the skein of Reality itself, and render it ineffective by means of quantum decimation. Thus to perform what even most TekkaMen couldn't: The controlled rupture of the skein of reality...

Kavzar_ShinGai The sense of the matrix and bonded mind would go aware of such an action, The Kavzar simply placing himself within a secluded reality. Temporal fluxes of energies will or rather the will of the Kavzar. (c)
Kavzar_ShinGai The coordinates secured time and space within the orb yet his material presence fell from sight, whilst within loft of this fielding buffer he used the Matrix to enter a higher level of existence. Merging his life force within the presence of an astral conscious awareness he began tampering within the streams of thought, Nebulas of emotions rupturing the astral plane with raw energy and desires.
Kavzar_ShinGai A blotted vision of the material plane assisted in acknowledging the presence of the Tekkaman the Matrix’s powers began to seek out the thought stream of the Tekkaman.... Within the stream of thought a void grew, Seeping along the time line and begging to merge within the said flow of the Tekkaman.

TekkaMan_Reborn - Visual discrepancies gave way to the VIRUS' display of the AAI's summarization on the output of its former action. Even as numbers filtered down the darkened visor, the next course of action had already formed. The dissipating wavelength churned itself to the point of cut-off, initiated by the AAI itself... for mental processes of the TekkaMan was its domain and the Wearer had no say in it, ~
TekkaMan_Reborn in a sense… the Tekka-Armor was acting on behalf of itself...and not the 'Host' itself. Now, the AAI washed o'er the Visual display screen with the fragmentary results that lingered forth before its entirety. The streaming transflux of quantum energy lay its resonances. Reborn would now single out those resonances...favoring each one as one would for a piece of candy. ~
TekkaMan_Reborn - The fields of vibratory lines provoked the AAI to perceive itself in a state of high alertness, for the danger was no over...it had just begun. Ephemeral properties of the resonance began to shimmer away, yet the VIRUS programming had previously given a screening of what was the skein of reality. Each Skein folded itself, moving in monotonous rhythms..~
TekkaMan_Reborn a Resonance of their own. - Reborn knew this was the key to either ending or continuing the encounter. - Revolutions within the Voltekker Reactor hummed.. - Music to his aural receptors. - Skein after Skein folded, each encompassed the other, and yet fell in parallel vibrations to each other. Armored plating slid upwards along the length of his left arm, ~
TekkaMan_Reborn revealing the vast networking of quantum-based veins that branched forth along the black meat that was the 'flesh'. The pulsations of the vibratory resonances that the skeins expanded out onto Reborn, fell in time to the Voltekker Reactor's churning... This allowed for Reborn to rear his arm back, acknowledging skein after redundant albeit parallel skein, each fold a flat panel upon his visual display. ~
TekkaMan_Reborn With but a momentary pause, what seemed like hours, interpreted itself into the resulting forceful 'smash' of his arm unleashing fury at the stated layers, the flat panel would ripple...it would expand, and it would bring about the necessary 'stilling' of the radical entity, were it to attempt to manipulate Reborn.