Date unknown; sometime in late 2000
Senpai vs Grakken

 Senpai_Guyver 's form begins to triangulate forth from a small rift within hyper space the being known as Alae has arrived... The Mechanical machine looks over the room as he soon spots the alien within the room ... once the victim of the superior unit is seen he allows the color from the Control medal to cascade forth rippling across the land as far as the eye can see the flicker of the crown piece calls out the sensory orbs at either side of the helm...
Senpai_Guyver As they begin to crank through the allocated slots a mental picture of the area Relays within his mind as he now sees the vast area that surrounds the units.

 Grakken_Warrior he comes in from out of the horizon looking about what lies before him with a slight smirk upon the hosts face as a slight gust of wind ships by him....the warrior looks to either side of him with slight disinterests clinching his fists tightly....his control medallion radiating pulses of brilliant light into the emptiness space which lay before him with conjunction with his hyper sensors moving along their
Grakken_Warrior ...tracks picking up sending information to the host.....he begins to sense that there is also another guyver within the area that he occupies as the hosts facial expressions begins to change from a smirk to nothing at all...he begins to make his way towards this presence that he senses taking not time at all or in any hurry.

 Senpai_Guyver as he now must prepare for the fight that shall soon take place.. A smirk arises beneath the poly morphic material that lather to his body he begins to tinker with the armor that covers his body as he allows the poly morphic material o begin its alterations ... Within several seconds the armor of the warrior has now made several changes several tendrils of a vibrational material now drip from the armor ...
Senpai_Guyver With this taking place the guyver allows his mind to begin to go to work yet he knows that he must set upon the standard Devices of the newly acquired unit...
Senpai_Guyver A flicker of the control medallion brings to life a small orb that is positioned within the center of his waist the small orb begins to pull together the power that is needed to hold the guyver within it's highest form... The power that is gathered seems to not make the ball of power any larger yet the power is pulled within the structure the weapon known as the Gravitation Control Orb is no firing and almost prepared for the fight.

 Grakken_Warrior he chuckles at what lays before him as it is a warrior nothing compared to him at this moment as you can never judge a book by its cover....the host of the warrior begins to smirk slightly looking up and over his newly found opponent...he detects something new about this unit as he tilts his head to the side just a bit examining the armor of this unit seeing that it is unique to him....he then bows his
Grakken_Warrior ..... head slightly concentrating with the inner core connecting himself to hyperspace....soon a surge of energy pulse through him as his mind itself is connected to hyper space...he raises his head slowly keeping his eyes fixed upon his opponent as surges of energy flow through his body with passing milliseconds...the small orb atop his waist begins to pulse to life like a flame that has been giving
Grakken_Warrior life pulsing dimly and then brightly responding to each of the hosts commands...he begins to concentrate within the organs within his back that allow communication between other guyver as an echoing voice can be heard "well, this is a surprise, I never seen nothing like your kind" as his control medallion begins to pulse dimly.

 Senpai_Guyver As the warrior stands strong he feels the GCO reach the peak of the weapon as he has his attributes race higher within this armor now... his mind now begging to blossom as he looks within the chambers of knowledge that he has picked up along the way of his extensive training and so forth....
Senpai_Guyver His mind begins to move within the Motion of the opposing guyver as he now feels the connection to the power that he looks upon... He seeks a link to the body of the guyver before him as he looks deep within the manipulation of time ... he then decides that he shall reply to the one before him (( I could say the same ))

 Grakken_Warrior he chuckles slightly cutting off the link form his opponent, he begins to concentrate again with the recesses of hyperspace that continues to feed him and replenishing him with every passing second lowering his head once more as several changes begins to take place...his GCO begins to sputter to a heart beating pulse with conjunction of his CM as little particles begins to form in front of the
Grakken_Warrior ...GCO itself spreading his feet shoulder length apart....the small particles begins to surge to the center part of the GCO beginning to form two neatly little spheres to keep their shape they begin to swirl about within the confinements of zero gravity that keeps them afloat as the guyver never lifts his head to know what his opponent.

 Senpai_Guyver As he now finds the link that he has sought within the kinetic field that surrounds the figure of the alien warrior... He then allows the needed thoughts to be brought forth from the Core of his blossoming mind this allows him now to change, Manipulate the motion of the Guyver as he now places him within a barrier ...
Senpai_Guyver This shall alter the speed that the warrior will be moving at yet this will also make it as if Alae is moving faster yet it is just the time loop that the warrior has been placed within ...
Senpai_Guyver As this takes place the warrior slowly lifts from the ground not very high a few mere Cm's from the ground he then smirks as he looks to the one before him the Link is once more opened (( The end is near my friend )) he then ceils the link as he moves within an attack position the poly morphic tendrils dangle low as he awaits that which shall follow.

 Grakken_Warrior he continues to wait for his opponent to make his next move seeing that his opponent has manipulated time around him....he chuckles slightly seeing that this can be counter acted quickly....he continues to reach deeper into hyperspace speeding up the pulses of his control medallion and his GCO to speed up
Grakken_Warrior says, above the field that is placed around him to make him move at a normal pace never lifting his head to even face his opponent but continues to keep his mind with hyperspace to allow the continuing process of his precious spheres that are before him hearing the comment from the opposing guyver but never answers
Grakken_Warrior him with any reply as the energy within the sphere begins to condense and grow as they are now about the size of a small soft ball.

 Senpai_Guyver he looks to the one before him as he decides that he shall begin this fight at the current moment is rather dull he thinks as he begins to push him self forth the GCO allowing him to glide within a few meters of the other guyver... The control Medal Flickers as he brings out the close combat weapons known as the poly morphic blades..
Senpai_Guyver These devices rip from the flesh as the energy runs through them he then begins to channel a little power that he has stored within the unit through the blades as he begins to power them up... He has 4 blades showing at this point in time to Forward and Two reverse sprouting from each elbow... His blossoming mind begins to reach out for the Astral plane the link between the two guyvers is sought for as he continues to serge the power within the tendrils that coat his body...

 Grakken_Warrior he continues to keep his mind within the recesses of hyperspace now speeding up the energy building process of the small sphere before him....he hears that poly morphic blades vibrate the around of which the both of them breathe as the host show only a smirk trying to pick up the resonance of the blades...his hyper sensors
Grakken_Warrior ...begins to wildly spin picking up the movements of his opponent as the host begins to concentrate more this time within the poly morphic material within him as a set of forward facing vibration blades push through the skin of the host extending themselves within a blur to the lengths of 4ft as another set of front facing blades
Grakken_Warrior ...push themselves to the length of 5ft in length. while still holding complete control over the sphere that lay within the confinements of the GCO...he begins to think that they are both within a little bit of a stale mate right now as he plans on breaking after his opponent has made his move.

 Senpai_Guyver Watching the one before him a smirk slips across his lips as he now feels the connection of the astral plane connected ... He allows a mystical power that he has formed within his mind almost a ki like tech that he allows to fill the plane attempting to react this within the mind of the warrior ...
Senpai_Guyver If this connects he shall see the fall of the Grakken warrior whilst this takes place there must be a second option as he allows a tendril of the material to form within his palm ... yet he does not strike at this time he stands and awaits the reaction of the plane.

 Grakken_Warrior he begins to chuckle to himself detecting that his opponent is still at a stand still with him at this present moment feeling that linking his mind to hyperspace has put a natural barrier over his mind as the power from the astral planes is reduced to nothing....the host begins to chuckle only in thought still having his head bowed but his mind in a sub conscious state being able to return with any given
Grakken_Warrior .....moment....he rests his arms to side deciding to take the process of the presure cannon another step forward....he begins to concentrate harder within the unit putting more and more stress within the unit as his unit is built to absorb stress...his control medallion and GCO begins to pulse a bright spectrum of light pulsating in millisecond intervals making the light spectrum look as
Grakken_Warrior .....if on pulse of light...both of the small sphere begins to merge together as a greater force is then created as a bright light radiates outwards from his body as the gravitational well begins to grow greater and greater.

 Senpai_Guyver Alae Quickly allows the tendril within his palm to slam forth for the Control medal of the being that is mere meters from him the whipping weapon move at a speed that makes it hard to move within such range... As this takes place the channeled power within the Blades of poly morphic material begin to peak with power as a light slithers across them as if to say done...
Senpai_Guyver As the tendril of poly morphic material races for the connection of the Cm the armor of the warrior begins to almost bubble as small darts of a vibrational substance appear covering his form ... he then smiles as he allows the darts to hail towards the one before him at a vicious speed that shall connect within speed of thought if not faster.

 Grakken_Warrior he chuckles slightly his hyper sensors going crazy moving about detecting movement from his opponent but to his surprise it is only one ply morphic blade making its way towards him at his control medallion at that...he slowly lifts his head looking towards his opponent while moving both of his hands towards the basketball size sphere as it swirls about within the regions of space before
Grakken_Warrior ...with one fluent and hate movement he pushes outwards from the sphere sending it hurdling towards his opponent at tremendous amount of speed towards the center portion of his opponent chest smirking himself seeing that this is more then enough to do some damage...the host then quickly calculates his next movement his hyper sensors still continuing to move about wildly calculating
Grakken_Warrior ....the next movement of the poly morphic blade...while the hosts mind is still connected to hyperspace he begins to concentrate once more within as a blue haze begins to settle within the area around him as it begins to dense around him swelling with energy to repel both the darts and his ploy morphic blade.

 Senpai_Guyver with the power that builds within the Blades of the warrior he lightly chuckles as the sensory orbs soon relay the message of the mass attack that is to be placed against him ... He allows the channeled power to slip within a pressure cannon shield as a half sphere Wraps around his figure allowing him to take the hit with no damage what so ever ... he then slams the tendril that is from his wrist with immense speed for the control medallion once more...
Senpai_Guyver As this takes place another strand of the material races from his chest lowering for the gravity control orb of the prey the darts once more hail forth as he allows the shielding to dim... The dimming shield has lost power from the connection with the pressure cannon yet the remaining power is shot forth from the tip of the right blade for the open chest of the Alien.