Vyxhion Thoughts rained down within the scape of the mind, silent droplets falling unto the calm surface of consciousness that beckoned for nothing but the serenity within a form of meditation. His legs pushed against the ground, lifting the greater body to its full height.. fluidic movements unhindered by the seemingly elongated measure of time placed within a single stance. The attire was simple, the appearance, subtle; loose slacks, flowing ribbons of fabric, richly sewn and draped upon his arms and attached to his waist. Fingers coiled, then uncurled, flexing in anticipation. Silver oculars lay hidden behind the veil of eyelids, hidden from the imperfections that littered the world abroad... the only true safe haven from the ignorance-driven world.

Vioxae The unraveled web, it fell shattered, a prophesized cacophony spanned through time. Digits, coated in sinewy flesh, furled inwards as to end callously. Driven not only by fate, prophecy, 'destiny'.. it was driven by Bloodshed, the epitome of horrid, acrid festivals of death. This ominous, half-battered being slumped lazily, following in step behind the other.

Kousotsu within the temptations of time and spaces lies a dormant aspect of being known as the Kousotsu, bound to pride and prejudice through eons of miscalculated woes, he lies within a somewhat docile state, prolong within form to a non linear slate.. though within these current glimpses of circumstance, he finds solace within a solidified state, perhaps but an apparition of true physical form, manifested within the realm of linear time and space, in the direct vicinity to the linear state of a dimension known as Ayenee.

Vyxhion dug cold hands into the depths of his pockets, warmth was a redundancy that played out in the weather, perhaps t'was the heat of impending encounters, each a logic that played forth within the mental processes encased within the mind. An Aspect for an Aspect, his shoulder came to lean against the solidity of a wall, a small rain of crumbling powder fell upon his shoulder, a testament to its age. Sardonic smile twisted his visage into a devilish grin, a tongue snaked from past thin lips, the atmosphere beckoning his very presence with the tedious darkening of skies..

Vioxae Black eyes rolled, this fateful evening brought him and brethren together, an idle mischief played between the two of them. Was it destiny to cross paths as friends, or wishes of a God to meet as enemies. He knew not, but this was never the same, the ever-changing forces beckoned to one thing after the other, never the same, never similar.. ~
Vioxae never were they friends, only allies. A blissful thought came to as he slumped against the wall, falling in place behind Vyxhion with digits caressing his stomach, hunger?

Kousotsu abnormalities within the depiction of linear thought allowed a resonance of after image of transcended time and space to elaborate on the physical form of a ghostly vessel.. one known as Yakuhon.. a massive flowing cloak, that seemed to reach back into eternity behind him.. he paused within a moment of unrest. This linear proclamation holding steady within the setting of ayenee… wondering aspects of blight, would flood his sight, casting strands of likened photonic hues out amongst the wind, to perhaps intermingle with this dimensions attributes.. all a clever guise.. transcending conscious states o f linear involvement would sit a primary aspect of this representation of form, ever present, a constant within the maelstrom of existence.

Vyxhion The shiftation in reality, anyone's guess as to what could've caused it, a brief smile vanishing off a marblesque visage. Interesting? Hardly. Such was the Aspect of Kynetica (a universe, parallel to Ayenee), the Potential/Kinetic flux that continuously ebbed within his core, a vibrant wave of musical strands that only spoke of a story. And the one that was unfolding, was yet another chapter within a great book that had yet to be finished. Eyes moved e'er so slowly t'wards their corners, falling their stolid gaze 'pon the newest appearance to enter the little 'realm' they all were assembled within. Neither nodding, nor bowing.. a quirk of the brow foretold his questioning of the newcomer.

Vioxae Boring, the hands slipped towards his crotch in remembrance of past tribulations, the crotch-shot heard 'round the world, ebbing in the back of his mind like a recurring nightmare. By the time he'd relinquished his ability to think straight, he was already succumbing to new events, the presence of another. ~
Vioxae Pushing from the wall he stood, the Vyrulent of immense and horrid power, slouched like a teenage alcoholic looking at a strobe light in the distance, his eyes met the same as Vyxhion's, and the wait etched itself into history, as did everything involved with the pair.

Kousotsu miscalculation in the manifestation of physical embodiment, and alternation of dimensional state are often made by those who lack the understanding.. no no, he was merely allowing others to perceive a segmented portion of the already existing scape, via means of that realities own precarious fractural curves.. though he was all too aware within his constant state of the alterations made to this possible gestations of time, and the mingling with other temporal distinctions within his apparitions current proximity.. though to know would mean nothing, as this linear intangible crept forward, still splaying those lavish hues, all the while reality about him seeming unchanged by this manifestation of possible self…

Vyxhion "Hello, Mister Tall, Bright, and ...Brighter.", eyes squinting somewhat in mockery of the dramatic photons being given off the oh-so obvious intangible procurement of the 'image' that came into the immediate environment. Impressive? Even he could not at that. Still, a yawn stifled, the Vyrulent merely smiled. "...Lost? Or merely traveling about the various highways of the universe?", effeminate fingers ran through silken hair, strands flowing o'er nimble digits without flaw.

Vioxae A snicker came past mock-quivering lips, the incredible show before him only illuminated his thought-train, he dove head-first into a world of his own, ignoring this 'image' through all it's own self-personified glory. His eyes, a blood-ridden fate, shimmered in wicked ideals, he was actually thinking up new ways to kill, like a toddler would new ways to put Legos together.

Kousotsu frozen aspects within this all to common of linear moments, would allow a glimpse of the tampering and on going’s of those within play. A complete analysis of the factual curves most obvious choices.. times own expenditures of blight and choice.. Though such facts where already ever present, a kaleidoscope of time, woven within the fabric of that all too tangible of aspects.. this quandary of physical form would remain, closing those vestals of human viewing, and allowing the meek temptations of marionette like play, fading from the nights light, creeping within their own chaotic states… "I am not lost, but forever found.." words tremble from lips, grotesque with twisted abnormalities of temporal fluctuations, as though a thousand souls all crying out in one unanimous voice.. fingers would lift and splay reality about them, as to press this seemingly endless guise into a more refined state… non linear components aiding in this rebuttal of linear transgressions, melding abnormalities within his current linear proclamations of time and space, thusly expelling other attributes of conflicting dimensional elements from the primary plane of Ayenee, and its counter parts, as though sealing the fate of an entire reality in one minuet expenditure.

vyxhion The reality's own resonance, a thriving wavelength throughout the dimensions themselves, subtle manipulation of such a force was untimely, and quite illogical (as is all things). Was this being pervading the encounter..? Tch, a laugh filtered from him, uttered into the hushed winds of change. "Ahaha.. Well, it would seem as though you were lost.", words meant little, actions were far louder, so it was perceived. A flickerance of thought meant even less, the willpower of one's own purpose meant more. (c)
Vyxhion The strands of reality played like a harp, was hardly inconceivable. Probabilities and Chance, it was all taken into consideration, nothing was beyond the norm. A hand lifted, eyes closed.. the Awakening would commence. Words of one's determination reverberated unto the schema of this fated reality that these beings had set foot upon, his very existence exponentially bloomed forth a single aspect that the Vyrulent possessed. (c)
Vyxhion This, the ancient tabula that lurked in dissonance within the 'soul' of his core, a single named etched in stone.. a single word to defy the Gods and self-proclaimed Masters that dared throw their control over reality itself. Who did they think they were..to alter -his- own reality? Laughter became thunder, sharp raptures that was puncuated with timely quarks that would explode.. each a minute hyper particle that served as a buffer, giving birth unto this ebbing reality, a new one. The Catalyst had been awakened. (c)
Vyxhion Dirt shuffling away from the base of his feet, his head lifted, sightless gaze 'staring' at the ever darkening skies, whilst a chance sonokinetic 'burst' would scream forth his name unto this faction of reality, derived from a dimensional 'break'... Alas, he stood.. metallic flesh gleaming from the photonic rays that danced upon him, enhancing his majestic countence. Lined jaws of razor-sharp teeth glistened, a tongue drolled, eyes dark, in mid-thought. The Catalyst's Vyxhion (Vision) stood silent.. unmoving, statuesque. The fun was about to begin.

Vioxae A blaze of fervent laughter emulated by a reverberating callousness, this unlimited space of Shadow, Death.. Blood and recurring fate emenated forth through-out 'reality'. It fell, the stone in which governed the unknown, controlled the unwritten and wrote the history of all. This beast in darkness spread it's predominant vigil over one, two, three more. ~
Vioxae This God of unruled worlds, came to being in the sonokinetic scream at which he knew all, this unbridled rain of terror flooding reality in an uncaring fashion, rampaging forth from shadow came he, it: The Catalyst's Vioxae. Attuned to death, the harbringer of destruction stepped unto what was now his and alike's own, the two stood, comparison little. A mouthless, eyeless, featureless statuesque portrayal of the End.

Kousotsu moments within regression, and the passing of possible rebuttal would fortify the indigenous species of reality's own self… beings that worked within sequential order, in a semi linear state, able to exist outside of the normal ebb of time, but though still exist in some form of exponentially increasing ability, as they have suggested, thusly implying that to remain dormant with the ability to become more powerful, would be moot to one who never changed, merely existed.. realities intangible strings pulled taught within this all to linear of regressions, as Ayenee itself was continually manipulated in the same point in earlier reference, A simplistic act, pressed forth within a linear transgression, as was the way to affect such states of space.. other worldly elements would try to enact blight against these actions, proclaiming themselves god within this state, and attempting to alter time space from its current state. Creating "New Reality" within a linear proclamation of time, as to create is to alter, and thusly change… an affect that perhaps would affect his linear facsimile, but to effect the Kousotsu in such sub linear form, but altering traits of the universe, to proclaim his meanings unjust, was just implausible, for he was a constant, and the tarnished web he had placed forth on reality would remain the same.

vyxhion grinned, 'metallic' visage spreading into a sadistic expression of tormentuous thoughts wished upon this tiny God within the ever-changing Universe. Yet the sad truth of it all was, Vyxhion was the Aspect of Kinetica/Potentia, along with his fellow Hybrid brethren. To go against an Aspect took another Aspect, what this...new 'Aspect' presented itself to be.. was but an obvious Avatar. Where lay its Creator? He knew not, yet this task in itself would soon be unraveled. The 'mystery' solved, and the puzzle board, smashed. Pinkish-red tongue lolled from the side of his maw, saliva fell, wet splatters upon the ground, almost heightened by the growing silence. (c)
Vyxhion All fun an' games aside, Vyxhion's Aspect would come into play, its appearance, an emanating 'aura' of wisps, scarlet and indigo, intertwining itself within.. and outside. Reality mattered no longer, for the Aspect fell into concussive force, threatening to sink its talons unto a softened flesh belonging to the face of dimensional resonances, each a reality that was being 'played' by this new being. All the while a soft laughter issued, this being's eyes merely opened.. the wrath of a 'War God' would unleash a hyper-kinetic flux upon the Kinetic Aspect that was being used, in this case.. these interwoven Resonance so finely weaved by Kosoutsu.(c)
Vyxhion Ooh, how fun this was. Stress would be placed along these webbings.. these strands that held no meaning to him, save to play along on a greater game board of this frail universe.

Vioxae An idle force, concurrent to another sat this writhing shadow in photonic array. What one did, the other supported, what one supported, the other led; this in truth was a team of efficient, daunting killers placed strategically to eradicate, obliviate and counter-act any resonant/kinetic force. The basis for which one was motivated, the other was disengaging of. ~
Vioxae In the burning aural paramin succumbed too, he sat, the idle child of Fate, this unwritten law in exponential time soon came to be. "Now.. you frail infant, you will fall at the hands of Vioxae." This sonokinetic flow resonated about the two, in this stressful reversion against resonance itself, bound to Kousotsu, Vioxae dwindled about in his own weavings. ~
Vioxae The concussive force configured by Vyxhion only drove Vioxae's, in the truth of the moment, came that blur of spatial efflux, this redundant capsule of Time & Space. The rift, persuasive in it's own, sought out this creature of pranks, this 'God' of existance: Kousotsu. As Kousotsu could not relinquish his struggle against Vyxhion, for it would mean the wiping of his own existence, ~
Vioxae Vioxae could not let such a pre-pubescent scab to all which existed, continue to exist. The rift would move, in it's ever-efficient ways, would seek and destroy Kousotsu through the fabrics of his own resonance, to construe, to create nothing more than another band of Dissonance from Kousotsu.

Kousotsu reality redundant within its own premise would seem to pass, as more actions are made within a transcended fixation in the relevance of time space, so moot would these actions be to press against one as great as he, though to press something would seem once more to fall into those all to sequential of order, for his proclamations on reality would remain the same, as stated early, a constant within the fabric of that dimensions predestined blight, a suffix separate entity would deprived of the actions of time space… "tracking" would require a process of time, no matter if it was called non linear, it would not remain the relevant within a loop.. so yet again, as time stood still, reality itself was transfixed about these warring individuals, all too meek for the full force of the Kousotsu.. perhaps he should leave them be, in putrid remembrance of their own traits.. for to succumb one such as he, would take far greater deeds..
Kousotsu .. to transfix a constant, within a sequential order would mean to understand the whole of the universe, and yet be ridden to fall utterly apt to understand it.. oh how terrible the woes we weave, when we weave to relieve; one such as the Kousotsu.. he would enact a point of vengeance from this transfixed state in linear gestations, removing the conflicting component of linear transgression, and acting in the moment that he had separated it from its primary root, expelling its own "Quantum resonance" from its current stationary state in space time, thusly existence.