Guyver_Zero Walking away the others, he is filled with an overwhelming emotion that he had not felt within the cold seclusion of Hyperspace… Shaking his head, he tries to fight back his human nature, but is unable to win the fight… Lowering his legs his voice seems to echo threw the bio boosted armor… “ I have no clue why…” Pushing up with out using any effort, the Guyver is thrusted threw the air, “Up here…”

Aceaer feeling slightly out of place among the Guyvers, being a little Aceaer unit. Him thinking to himself that maybe this little outfit needs a bit of color. "I am Aceaer, the one and only... that I know of at least" Getting a really weird look on his face as he looks to each of his sides with a suspicious look on his face.

Guyver_Zero A faint glimmer of energy contained with in his CM is awoken by the Guyver… Forgotten with in the dim hovel of hyperspace, a single energy source lays in deep slumber… Unused for more that 2 years, it faint cries are long but forgot… The Guyver, flowing within the freedom and lose of gravity in the air… His GCO seems to flash with an unknown intensity only caused by the sync of his CM… Lingering within the air he watches them motionless…

Guyver_Syn The smirk returned as he heard the one named Guyver speak. Profanity must be common in this new environment. Sighing a bit, he replied boredly, as if he had nothing better to do."I am...."He paused."... I mean.. I am Syn!" It was a new name he created for himself, not wanting the others to know his true identity. Once more he looked around, eyes running over the Aceaer unit, that was something knew to his collective memory.

GuyverInsanity Being within his own world at the time they all introduced themselves. He is totally clueless to what is actually going on. All he heard was 'Stick ya'. He jerks his head to the left then to the right. He couldn't have been that out of it...But he was. "Sooo...Like what's going on? I'm lost? Somebody fill me in." He stands there, scratch his head with his left hand. Only for his index finger to light move forward and lightly rap against his Control Medal. Though once he does, it starts to pulse a low green hue. His main Bio-Energy flowing franticly through his body.

Guvyer_Zero Landing behind Guyver, his view is taken towards the other Unit... Bio Kinetic energy seems to run ramped threw his body, fusing with unknown plasmatic energies… Feeling limitless energies flowing threw his body; he looks towards the others within the area… Clinching his fists he seems to contain the ever-growing power that has over taken his body… Pushing threw his eyes; pale hues of blue light seem to embody the essence of both his energies… “ So… What's the deal with you bitches? You bout it or a bunch of wannabes? Speak on it!”

_Guyver fingers clench tightly into the formation of fist as the simple unit turns within foot step to face the unit which has just landed behind him... eyes dashing over his bio organic form as ocular ridges compress to show a sense of alarm and intrigue.. "Interesting.. You’re trying to get at me from behind.. meaning you are one of those.. " In alarm and rage he point a finger at Zero.. "One of those homosexual Guyvers.. No wonder you claim Gayver s from Aether.." the conversation was going no where.. these bitches had to be shown the light.. "Aceaer, Syn, nice to meet you, I hope you’re not one of these new homosexual unit too, are ya?"

Guyver_Syn He perked a brow. Homosexual units? Looking about, he smirked and shook his head, answering slowly."No... No not really.. I don't think." Sighing again, thinking to himself, how the hell am I supposed to know that shit? What the fuck, I don't even know what I am. Enraged once more, he yells at Guyver."How am I supposed to know?! I don't even know what I am!"

GuyverInsanity He feels a sudden presence behind him, as he then takes sight of Guyvers sudden swirl of emotion slightly change. He himself then looks towards Syn...A faint sudden urge to just slap him like he was nothing but a Whore upon the 7-Eleven street corner. "Oh shut up...Get over it Syn." He then takes a step forward, and turns slowly, crouching, as his right hand clinchs to a fist, only to slightly move under, and tuck beneath his shoulder, a glint of light strikes his high Frequency blades, as they with ease, and fraction by fraction extrude. His faint green tainted glowing eyes, proceed to lock onto Zeros main torso.

Guvyer_Zero Deep with in ones mind, there lays a dormant insanity that goes with out notice.. Flowing deep with in; thoughts are untouchable, lingering with a tampered soul.. Human and Guyver confliction, an epic crusade within him... Hidden with in the darkness of dim light cascading threw the very ground, the wind itself awakens with a light gale moving threw out the area… “For one of you Gay as mutha fuckas to be calling out names… That's fucking pathetic… If you really knew your shit, you'd know I aint new… Holla bitch…”

_Guyver :lifts his gaze, tilting his head back to the unit which sits behind him.. sensory orbs spin within allocated slots as they scan over the newly formed high frequency blades.. oh man hostility so soon.. perhaps inviting one known as the insane guyver to join your troop isn’t the best idea after all, but hey what the fuck, its all in good fun.. guyver stood to full center, taking a step away from the soon to be brawling pair? "Ya, and if you knew shit, you'd know this aint Ayenee anymore buddy.." a mocking tone delivered with the simple pointing of an outstretched digit.. "And that you shouldn’t feel so safe in your bio mechanical self anymore... We don’t even know what dangers lurk past the murky wood, or the misty mountain.."

GuyverInsanity He listens to the rude tone from the one called Zero. He though doesn’t make no form of movement just yet, he just watches, and listens to the cooling words of Guyver. Though it doesn’t phase him, as he then shift his right foot a bit to a horizontal position. His head lurches upwards, as the Bio-Energy feeds through the body, and then what appears to be a wink from his right eye, he laughs at a high pitch. A sudden jerk of motion as his muscles contract then let go, using his strength to fling him upwards, but not within a jumping stage. As his motion is flung upwards, his right arm moves outwards to shoulder leave also in a horizontal position, the blade, suddenly ripping out from its resting place. The blade reaching only 3ft but the width, and structural design of it gets is where its main advantage is. Suddenly he halts, the tip of the rigid blade creeps only a mere inch away from the jugular of Zeros throat. The laugh still erupting from beyond him, echoing through out the décolleté field.

Guvyer_Zero His mind runs ramped as thoughts seem to propelled his emotions into a mixture of unwanted strain, yet it empowers his being… A faint glimmer of light seems to surround his body in an almost pure flame of tangible emotion, the bio kinetic flux surround his body abnormal to Standard units and hosts… Twitching, his sensory groves move suddenly as the Guyver made its first move… Allowing his GCO to sync with his CM, He falls back allowing his hands to hit against the ground…
Guvyer_Zero Look up at the unit a faint hum of energy is awoken at each side… His HF blades come alive as he allows the his GCO to slowly take control of most of his systems… The dim flame moves in pattern to each blade, as they extend 2 feet the flames surround them… Pushing up with is right hand; he thrusts his body into the air allowing him to spin in mid air below the Guyver's exposed torso… His HF blades extend another 2 feet while the Gravity around them stabilizes each blade

_Guyver err yeah and all that snazzy shit.. so these dudes wanted to go at it with the blades.. hell when two guyvers get in a fight its best not to stand in-between them.. he took another step back, placing hand over hand and arm over arm, presented before his chest.. energy compressors formulating the hyper dimensional energies to spiral through him and further invigorate him.. the control medallion pulsed once as he spoke out in a manner befitting to human tongue.. "Like you fucks just better not bust 'dem pertty medal's"

GuyverInsanity With a sudden feeling of discomfort, he just lazily falls to the ground, the freaking out Zero, seemingly to just rip right by like as if he was meant to attack air. Though once his body strikes the earth, he uses his swiftly, and nimbly, to perform a helicopter ground kick. His back arching just a bit, as both his legs kick upwards. His right blade dig deep into the earth, as he shifts his weight to the left, his left hand snatching at the ground, both legs flinging wildly within the air. Though as he pushes himself upwards more his momentum, is suddenly plunged into tumbling motion. His figure moving a circular pattern, as if like Helicopter blades. His feet, trying to take a crack at his attackers lower legs around the thigh, and calf area.

Guvyer_Zero Plunging his blades into the ground, he notices that the other Guyver landed in front of him… His CM seemed to flow with an unknown energy, flowing around each and every grove a burst of Kinetic energy seemed to make it was past the other Guyver in an almost mist like substance… His HF bladed, still surrounded by the every growing energy seems to burst threw the ground…The ground below is pushed in by both Gravity and his out burst of energies making a rather large collection of debris… Traveling threw the earth; the gravatronic energy is expelled into the ground-pushing Zero into the air… As he is thrusted, his hands seems to be surrounded by a black substance… Moving threw the air each moment allows the continued gathering of Gravity energy allowed by the Gravity Control Medal… A grin seems to from under his armor as he looks at the unaware Guyver unit attack the very dust left from his take off…

_Guyver fire and brimstone.. what the fuck did they think this was, some sort of hellish place.. okay so now that you have three guyvers in one field what’s next? obvious questions get obvious answers, they fucking try and kill one another... Guyver leaps backwards, using the energy amplifiers to increase mass within the flailing portion of his form and thusly increase the speed at which he flails in the opposite direction of this battle.. sensory orbs track surging debris as fingers and hands swiftly deflect them from coming into contact with his physical form.. he would land some distant away, falling into a kneeling position and awaiting this brawl to come to terms with itself.. "Oh Joy.. they’ve brought out the cannon's"

GuyverInsanity : He seems to have missed his kicks to the lower legs, and he stops twirling himself. He digs up the blade from its grave, and he moves to his feet. He suddenly moves away from the cloud of dust that seems to envelope his presence. He isn't that smart but he’s not that fucking dumb either. He uses his massive superiority of strength to push himself into a mad dash away from the cloud. Though once fully away from it, his sensory orbs pick up massive quantities of energy forming from Zero. He suddenly jerks his head back as he comes to a near halt. His laughter halting as well, he keeps his right blade extracted, as he continues to look within the air, towards zero commenting on his abrupt use of weapons "Now look who’s pathetic you fool...I stick with my single Blade, and you use two. You take flight, and I still use one single blade to attack. Now you use your Cannon to take me out...You are not a worthy fighter. You are nothing but the coward who leeches out into the darkness cause he’s nothing but a fucking loser. You are weak, to resort to such weapons!"

Guvyer_Zero A He remains within the void between gravity caused by the GCO, remaining airborne his mind falls into singular thought by each passing moment… The darkened energy surrounding both his hands as he lings… Looking towards the other Guyver, his words seem to calm him down rather than enrage him… Allowing his GCO to have total control, he falls to the ground, a few meters away from the other Unit… Gravity within his hands become dormant, as he stands at waits for the other… Looking to each side, his Blades retract slowly as a faint burst of bio kinetic energy flows around his CM… A faint laugh seems to leave his lips as he speaks to the Unit… “ You may think I'm pathetic, but who was the one who attacked first? Hmmm? Then again, you seem to be afraid cause you don't know my full power no do you? Now Guyver… I'm right here, come get it…” Raising his hands up his left hand moves forwards while his right moves back in an arc position… Both hands lay open palm down as his right leg falls back leaving his legs in a “y” poison… Leaving his whole body open to attack he waits…

_Guyver oh joy this must be his cue or something from the gods.. the damn fucked off Guyver dude steps forward, in-between these two ranging warriors, neat place to be eh?, and spreads his arms, each distended digit pressed in the direction of either’s chest cavities, some place near the sternum, if they had one.. "Now come on ya little bitches, no more faggot games for you.. Cant we all just get along and stop trying to hump one another in the ass.. I swear by the name of Kousotsu, if you don’t cool it.." he nods with a smug remark held in his ocular ridges.. "I’m going to kick both your asses..."

GuyverInsanity He turns fully around to face Zero, his arms crossing across his chest. "I am not pathetic, cause if I attacked you would have already been dead. I didn’t stop for no apparent reason. You were the one who assumed that I was attacking." He tilts his head to the right as he watches this guyver keep his body open. Though he himself does nothing, cause he's smarter then that.

Guvyer_Zero says, Kousotsu...
Guvyer_Zero says, How do you know of that Guyver?
Guvyer_Zero Bursting threw his eyes, a rush of plasmatic energy makes it way out in an almost gaseous state… Looking towards the other Guyver, he is stuck in thought of how he knew Kousotsu and if he was from his realm… His life was lost long ago, maybe 4 years now in this realm… “ So how do you know of the GSF? You must tell me now….”

_Guyver seeing as the violence had come to a temporary end the guyver lowers his hands to his sides, allowing the control medallion to pulse once through the second layer, the zoacrsytal like formation that allows communication on a level of trans-dimensional type... ocualr ridges compress as he shifts in stance, looking away from both units.. feet prod lightly forward, pausing within step as he speaks through the trans dimensional summoners... "Ah you must have been mistaken, I said Ku-zume-tite, not those Kou-shi-tsu you speak of.. yeah, yeah that’s it.." fingers intermingle with themselves as the guyver tries to make sense of what he just said, what he just let known.. "And this eh, This Guyver Strike Force, its my own creations, snazzy name eh? Better then Gayver Strike Forces or something of that nature.. " eyes press towards the insane one.. "Wouldn’t you agree..?" a seemingly forced nod trying to make this other unit aware of the necessity that his agreeing with this statement has pressed..

GuyverInsanity He nods with Guyver "Yes..." He keeps nodding over and over again till his neck hurts just a bit.

Guvyer_Zero Looking back at Guyver, his mind seems to cloud with thoughts of the past… Rushing threw his body, a faint smile forms on his face… “ So if you are Strike Force… You must know of the Elite?”

_Guyver throws his head down laughing at this pathetic little statement.. didn’t he know they were the elite... though life itself was more interesting in this new place, it seemed the past realm had followed him to his new home.. those past enemies, those past conflicts.. they were not important now.. he had to press past this subject.. "Elite... Nah, we are the Elite.. "

GuyverInsanity He looks to Guyver, and slips his right foot behind him, and bows arms spreading outwards "I must depart great leader...For the time has come. I shall make my presence known to you once more when later this eve. Good Eve." He fixes his posture a bit, and turns walking away the same way he came, over the horizon, like a lone soldier, or cowboy, making a dramatic exit from a old time war flick.

Guvyer_Zero Shaking his head he looks back to Guyver… Feeling a cold shiver surround his body he looks away for a moment…”You are not the Elite… I was part of the Elite until that damned 20 sent me here…” Looking back towards Guyver, he laughs some what loudly… “ You see, I was one of there warriors… My name was the Guyver Zero… And I was known as Grant Knight…”