ZoalordGuyver the large mechanical machine stands strong standing within the center of a large clearing the clearing in around r miles in radius a large oval like space...looking beyond this clearing is nothing but forest large trees stumps and green grass rather long pressing against the Guyvers legs
ZoalordGuyver ....his eyes slowly drift upwards as he takes his gaze upon the stars above whilst looking toward the sky he feels something a sense that this Zoalord has he feels somthing may soon disturb his peace yet he likes it
ZoalordGuyver ....his head slowly lowers to a level as the control medal allows a outburst in color that lights all within a mile radius filling the forest like a flash from a modern camera this flash allows you to see a few rocks and holes laying through the clearing
ZoalordGuyver ....the control medals usage was for the calling of the sensor orbs which are now forced to slip from there grasps and slide through their slots at the side of his helm the control medal at the crown continues to flicker lightly
ZoalordGuyver ....with the orbs moving back and forth it throws a radar blanket across the scene he feels all within a 5mile radius a mental picture is within his head
ZoalordGuyver ...now he is sure of his feelings as he moves toward the forest the large trees slowly wavering in the wind that is now slowly picking up

Grakken_Warrior says, bright flashes emit outwards from his CM....the sun suddenly comes out from the clouds as it beats down upon his bio booster armor as a swifts breeze blows over him......the host chuckles to himself as he decides to call out to this unknown presence that surges throughout his body...he begins to concentrate on the small
Grakken_Warrior says, :.....organs of his back as he tries to communicate saying "who....what, and why was i brought here" as he rests his arms towards his side scanning once again throughout the small clearing as he can pick up a unknown presence within the clearing.....the host begins to smirk thinking it could be a guyver at this point as one word pops into his head "kill"

ZoalordGuyver looks above as he notices something catching the corner of his iris it is that which he was seeking for the man is a small image yet the picture within his blossoming mind is clear the Grakken this is what he had felt this is what wishes to take him from this planet....
ZoalordGuyver he slightly chuckles a strange thing from this being may it be confidence or along those lines as he sees the thing come closer toward him he takes a foot step back as he gives the thing an area to land...
ZoalordGuyver the control medal that is out the crown of his helm picks up a steady pulse as he now feels through his mind calling out for the gravitation devices not yet powering them to a full yet at a stand by as he watches and waits for the next movement to be made

Grakken_Warrior the host begins to smirk to himself as his hyper sensors pinpoint the direction of this unknown guyver but doesnít care seeing that this could be another creation of the creators as the warrior takes off towards this guyver, his head sensory orbs guiding him through the clearing as a gust of wind blows over his armor making a high pitched noise as the extra pair of arms gives him extra speed burst
Grakken_Warrior .....as a burst of pressurized steam comes forth from his air vents as the guyver wants to get a close up and personal look at this guyver....he then begins to pour thought into his GCO as the host begins to breathe in heavily as energy begins to surge throughout his body....soon the GCO comes online as it begins to pulse light as it begins to dace within the small orb atop his waist

ZoalordGuyver he notices that this being still hangs within the air he has given him the space to land to come toward him and face he now feels it and knows that it is of the Grakken race.....he feels that maybe he shall join the alien within the air as the energy within the guyver is concentrated to build within a small orb....
ZoalordGuyver that orb the one that is at his waist as he feels out for this the orb becomes much brighter this the showing of the power that he has stored within the small orb this will assist him in lifting from the ground with ease....
ZoalordGuyver he does not lift from the ground at this time but head north along the land to head toward the Grakken as he approaches the bushy section of the forest he slams his eyes shut as he does nothing but stand before the many pine trees which cut him from moving any further his large size forbids it...

Grakken_Warrior once he reaches within 30ft from this guyver as a wind howls over them as clouds block out the sun.....the host begins to smirk as his massive chest plates move in an up and down direction from the running he did to get here as the warrior clinches his fists....he then decides to call out to this guyver to give his regards to him seeing that this will be very unpleasant for him as the small organs on his
Grakken_Warrior .....back vibrate making speech that can only be heard by only guyver as he says "well....you seem to be a fine unit" as he looks him over as his CM glows brightly as a crimson haze settles into his eyes....he then comes back eye level with him and says again "well, you might be a little challenge but nothing i cant handle" as the host begins to chuckle before the link between them two cut
Grakken_Warrior .....off the warrior then begins to concentrate on his arms as the GCO and CM begins to pulse brightly his upper pair of arms begins to spasm violently as a set of vibrational blades comes forth from his arms in almost a blur as they begins to vibrate the air sending a eerie sharp noise throughout the air as he says again "I will start with you
Grakken_Warrior ...first" he extends his left index finger out towards this lone unit knowing that he is a Zoalord guyver as he intends not to underestimate this unit what so ever

ZoalordGuyver hearing that the guyver unit has come to the left of him ? he slides his head across his shoulder as he looks to the alien thing...he hears the speech of the guyver as it then cuts of and the Zoalord laughs at the Grakken and his statements..
ZoalordGuyver the Zoalord makes the connection between the two Guyvers once more as he then says" You really think you can beat me" then nothing more as he brings his body to be facing front on with the Grakken before him...
ZoalordGuyver he slams his eyes shut as he feels the energy that is gathered around his body a natural scene to feel the energy that is of an inborn thing within the Zoalord he leaps back from the guyver to give them selves a good space between each other...he feels out as he reaches within the core of his mind the emotions that which are never there are altered so that this connection will take place and his power will be his to channel through his body....
ZoalordGuyver as he feels a link has been slowly built between the two a psi like shields seems to build gathering around him lathering to the bio armor the link holding out as he begins to think of that which will be the next step within this battle

Grakken_Warrior he hears these comments from his opponent as he drops his hand towards his side as the blades still continues to vibrate within the air as the sky turn black as the wind seems to howl out death as a quiet haze settles over the clearing as the warrior state of mind is off somewhere else as he begins to develop a battle plan....he sees his opponent jump backwards as the warrior channels energy to come
Grakken_Warrior .....forth and do what he asks as he quickly leaps to the left of his opponent as he is now facing the side of his opponent wanting to get the feel of battle once more as he takes off sprinting towards his opponent as the guyver says "hah, donít worry...your life will be short you worthless unit" as the warrior closes in towards his opponent, he
Grakken_Warrior .....pulls back his arm as he uses his GCO to give him extra strength he needs as his right HF blade towards his opponents right side as the HF blade appears in almost a blur as he sends his left HF blade towards his opponents center chest as a jut os pressurized steam comes from his air vents

Daniel_Aureus within the instant of thought a being unlike some others smirks to himself as the image of a battle begin to flow throughout his mental scape of dream... his eyes slowly close as those around him seem to fade from memory.. he watches the future play out through his mind in several events and sees the un thinkable acts which are to follow.. quickly his eyes slowly flutter open to find himself once more in the natural world...
Daniel_Aureus ... he shudders beneath his cloak as his hands reach for something more fitting for the occasion..... if he is to stop this fight he is going to have to do it right... he quickly leaps to his feet ignoring all others around him as he runs from the tavern and makes his way to his small cottage... still away from the scene of the present battle...

ZoalordGuyver as he feels that the being is running toward his he kind of laughs as he pushes both his right and left arm forth as he pushes them forth it sends forth the psi that covers his body like a shield forcing forth the Tk a large wave of this power to meet forth with the guyver at the reviewing end as he feels the connection grow strong ....
ZoalordGuyver he wills the power within his figure this pushing wall of power going towards the guyver shall place him on his back side most likely with the force that he has placed yet not at the level to make any real damages of yet ...
ZoalordGuyver whilst this forces forth his mind now is on the task ahead the Zoalord thinks of what he shall do whilst he keeps silence he feels the time to talk is now over....him mind now moves to concentration as he gets ready for the next move within his fight

Daniel_Aureus within the instant he runs forward blinding the mist with the speed of his feet.. the Kousotsu has also allowed for this to work through him, giving him the abilities he had at the beginning of his transformation yet preventing him the right of ascension to a higher state at this point in time...
Daniel_Aureus .. Daniel charges in through the doors of his small house and quickly finds his way to a standing closet... the doors are hurriedly slammed open as he rushes through its contents bringing out blue cape and a long dark cast of black armor... each muscle shown within the outline of the armor... the scene fades black as he slips a naked arm into one of he cuffs of the form fitting suit...

Clae_ToiMizukara as the dust settles from the winded trail, an image emerges from the shadows of the light, and there as he was before in the true self from the protection of the 24 chambers of the BH, Clae walks with a slow stride of confidence as he picks up the bio-signatures from the area, he smiles at the kinetics

Daniel_Aureus as the scene once more is placed before our eyes a man stands clad in an armor of black which flows from the tip of his toes all the way to the top of his neck.. it shines lightly before the dark navy cape swings before it draping around his collar and hiding all the hints of black except for shadow.. a blue glint of light shows forward from out his eyes as he bows his head and the same tint of blue flares around his body finding itself in the presence of an aura...
Daniel_Aureus .. thought manipulated fuels the abilities which allow for telekinetics.. within the moment the being gains these said abilities and finds himself under the will of his own thought as he slowly glides from the surface of his cottage and floats... the scene fades to black once more...

Clae_ToiMizukara Clae smirks as he raises his hands to guard the light from the area in his eyes, he looks on to the horizon were he sees a few others ...he smirks as he reads the fields and becomes aware of all the things that are present in the moment and in the mind, he tries to recall the history of the kinetics he feels but that only leads him to the memories of the past, a build up of haze that troubles the mind at this time

Daniel_Aureus as the scene once more flutters into view the man known as Daniel Aureus stands at his doorway, rather floats, as he finds his self on the way outside.. within the fractions of a moment it takes to get outside Daniel has already set his sights on the skies above...
Daniel_Aureus .. he pushes forward on the air, once more with but a thought and is pulled through its landscape... he winds the ways of the airs and flows through the heavens on his way to the event which he has only seen in sparse images within the backspaces of his thoughts and memories...
Daniel_Aureus a battle rages forward, rather only the beginning stages of a fight which will soon destroy the globe if this one soul does not find a way to stop it.. the gifts set to him allow him to fly at speeds beyond that of human imagination, but for his purposes at this point he must keep at lower velocities in order to prevent from missing a point of reference which he has only viewed within his dreams....

Clae_ToiMizukara as he nears the area of the others...he stops as he is not familiar with the people that are there, although he is familiar with the types......Guyvers, and as he sees that he almost falls to the deep state of the mind as he tunes into the thought patterns of the Guyvers and tries to listen in to the signals of there communication ...he stops and drops his head as he views the area and the Guyvers now with his mind

Daniel_Aureus as the eternity which is time slowly passes by he watches over those events once viewed as though that had just occurred and where brought before his eyes yet again.... he looks for those peeks in the distance which will key him to where the battle is raging forth and yet is somehow lost within the moments which tick by on that ever growing digit of the clock of time... he fears he will be too late...

Grakken_Warrior he sees that this unit has erected some sort of shield around himself seeing that he was totally unprepared for this as the barrier slams into his chest forcing him back stumbling barely able to keep his footing as he comes to his knees.....he looks up to this guyver as a frown comes settles over his face as a rumble of
Grakken_Warrior ....thunder can be heard within the distance as the light from his CM pierces the darkness as a red crimson eyes settle upon the ground as a thought races through his mind thinking if heís going to beat him heís going to have to play it right as he slowly gets up facing this guyver.....he then intakes one deep breathe as he begins to
Grakken_Warrior .....pour thought into his GCO as he outstretches his hands as the GCO begins to pulsate violently vibrating a red dancing flames towards his opponent....soon a white light settles over the GCO as energy from hyper space begins to be channeled to create this
Grakken_Warrior .....gravity orb as the host begins to hands downwards almost cupping the small orb within his hands as the energies begins to swirl taking on the shape of a small sphere

Clae_ToiMizukara keeps his head down.. slowly feeling the kinetics build as he tries to channel and then wills the 3rd chamber to channel his Kinetic being as he lets his mind reflect his being about three meters from the slice of the sword as he appears to have not moved an inch from were he last stood.. the movement was parallel to his speeds and this relevance is what he attributes to relative speed
Clae_ToiMizukara this brought forth as the chamber was wielded, now as he looks up at the falling body and exposed self of James he sinkers a bit, the time that it takes for James to complete his attack is roughly the time it took for Clae to move(reflection)

ZoalordGuyver with the Tk hitting the opponent he feels that he shall stick with this weapon for the time being as it has already hit its mark once...with his eyes closed the lids tightly pushed together he seeks through his mind looking for the connection as it is found and already in progress he then feels out for the power of the Grakken then he feels that energy that makes up the space between...

Clae_ToiMizukara puts his sword back into the scabbard

ZoalordGuyver he slowly taps within the space that is between the two looking for the connection as he feels for the control medal of the one before him this is the source that he wishes to take from the alien as he feels the power thatís whistles through it he feels the connection holding itself as this takes place...
ZoalordGuyver the attack that he now wishes to take upon the Grakken is to thought and all operates from the single thought as the power moves to a new level a small amount of this power is shown in a light aura that lathers to his body surging around the bio armor as he becomes almost attack ready

Clae_ToiMizukara looks back up as he is intone now with the kinetic pattern of the man he has just exchanged blows with, he mutters out were he is..."I believe we are in the middle of no were, and my name is Clae...." as he looks over a bit at the clash of the Guyvers he becomes aware now of the matter at hand

Daniel_Aureus within the bounds of reality and realm one being flutters above all trying to find those traces which were only sensed within thought.. he reaches out to the being of the source of the all and tries to find meaning within these images.. a trace fragment of scene flutters before his mental views as he marks the point of time and space and location which the battle is to take place at..
Daniel_Aureus .. and with this his form blurs within the element of time as he appears above the landscape of the battle, nearly 80 miles up.. his aura glowing bright blue as his eyes flare forward with little spirals of light all their own..

Clae_ToiMizukara becomes aware of the strange output of another being as the energy Clae feels at this time is now of the signature in the sky ...roughly as he calculates the distance between him and the Guyvers as he watches the man in front of him he begins to plot a course to intercept any matters that he has once been entrusted to do so.

Grakken_Warrior he begins to chuckles as the white light continues to radiate out towards him and his opponent as his arms are then forced back due to the immense pressure of this gravity orb what lies with his palms....he continues to channel energy from hyperspace as he gets a wide base to stable himself as his CM begins to pulse
Grakken_Warrior .....brightly as the small orb has already taken the form of the small orb as the host begins to settle his mind into the state of nothing as once more the small organs of his back vibrate making communication possible once more as he says "you are a worthy opponent unit but that will soon be matched to nothing" as the tiny orb swirls within the space itself as the host looks head on at his opponent.

Daniel_Aureus looks down on the scene which unfolds before him.. traces of thought flowing on levels of telepathic speech and thought alone.. his eyes slowly fall hush as they damper and seek the night.. his hands grasp lightly into fist around he edges of his cape as his form slowly flutters down, radiating beams of blue hues from out the bottom of him..
Daniel_Aureus .. he only knows the trace of one of these thoughts from the other he was birthed from.. the two other thought patterns which appears within the traces of thought show to be new and unknowns.. these must be the ones which are to cause the great disaster.. this must be why he was sent...

Clae_ToiMizukara says, .....I am evolved, and my unit that you refer to has not been called since my rebirth, as you may call it, and those that fight in the distance I must go to. i do not know the importance yet, but I will meet with you later, I feel that we have a lot to learn from one another

Daniel_Aureus as his form slowly lower from out the heavens his eyes find themselves locked to another being.. the one he has felt before.. the one that was foretold to be one of he greatest being within existence, and yet unknowing to it, so said the Kousotsu... Daniel looks onward still not sure as of what to do but to call out to him (( What is going on General ToiMizukara? ))

ZoalordGuyver as he hears the speech from the being before him that just spurs him on to kill this thing and wipe it from existence...he feels the power pulse through his body as a large amount hits this power the willed power from the connection that he has made as he now thinks the thoughts there as he now must move to the attack....
ZoalordGuyver he feels through as he finds the link with the control medal of the Grakken the crown piece of all Guyvers with the connection held down he now attacks through the thought...he applies the pressure upon the control medal this pressure rather string the willed power of the Zoalord almost unlimited in that the connection is set....
ZoalordGuyver he continues to pour all the power that he can will forth from the connection and apply it through the link with the opposing control medal he continues this method as it begins move and more stronger the strength of the connection shall soon smash the control medal to many pieces...whilst he continues in this fashion he opens his eyes as they now glow brightly of the power that is within his body he now waits and watches

Clae_ToiMizukara as the conversation stops, he wills to the 3rd chamber of the BH, the 8th shaolin he reflects the physical being as he becomes the meta mind, and he uses the kinetics from the area to plot a direct course above the happenings in which he feels so drawn to, the kinetic re-gathering that is
Clae_ToiMizukara Clae takes place just as he left from his last position, now above the two below him he reads the bio patterns and then makes those patterns known to him, as he wills the 5th chamber, he may need a small and quick power build, the unit Guyver that was once with him has yet to surface interest in his mind

Daniel_Aureus opens his eyes from their slow slumber as his thoughts pour forward ad once more find themselves intertwined around the scene and area around.. he finds himself aware of the entire situation and upon to the possibilities which will unfold.. trying got peer unto all the possibilities that will occur within the next fractions of moments... the eyes flare with a hint of blue as they glow as embers in the night..
Daniel_Aureus . the cape is allows to slip from grasp as it flutters above his head and his eyes slowly trace over the Guyvers below.. They are in a battle and there is no way he is going to be able to stop them at this point in time.. His lips slowly gather forth words and he thinks to that being which dwells deep inside of him, looking for help in this current of all situations...
Daniel_Aureus says, Guyver...

Clae_ToiMizukara the pressures from the mind are eased as he falls to the shaolin teachings of Zen, the complete self is the true self in which is apart of all things, he doesnít separate the being and the mind as he opens his patterns to the field, not residing them to allow for the flux to mix with the energy release from the Guyvers.. he is aware and ready as he positions himself for any needed move, he plots a million points to use at the instance they are willed

Daniel_Aureus with this it is set into motion.. the being known as Daniel Aureus is allowed to peer forward into the bounds of hyper space and think over the thoughts and possibilities which follow through the use of the guyver.. meta burn or not to meta burn that is the question found within his thoughts at this moment and he chooses the ladder.
Daniel_Aureus .. the meta burn is passed by and allowed to flutter into the void of the nothing as the hyper space links flares forward finding itself a shining beacon on barren landscape...

Grakken_Warrior he begins to feel a tremendous amount of pressure on his CM as the warrior knows that this unit has some psi abilities as the host shrugs this off knowing id he doesnít do something about this quick that he will soon die as he begins to revert all thought onto his GCO a silent haze settles over the surrounding area him as the GCO begins
Grakken_Warrior .....to glow brightly as tremendous amount of energy begins to be channeled at almost triple the rate as the small orb doubles in size to a small soft ball as he decides to try and break this link that this unit has over his CM as the guyver lets out a cry shifting his arms outwards releasing the orb towards the most center portion of this Guyvers chest hoping that it will break the link it has over his CM

Daniel_Aureus his fingers clench and grasp at the air as the blue aura once more flares out from his body being replaced by a tendril which wraps around his neck from behind him slowly finding its way down his chest as a slither of other forms traces the same path.. soon they leach around from the tiny gap in time and space and find themselves interlaid within the regions of his body
Daniel_Aureus , forming a mesh of tendrils and then an outer layer of armor which peers forward from beneath the slush which has gathered.. eyes peer forward from out darkness as a single medallion pulses from within existence as it is newly formed and yet always existent....
Daniel_Aureus hands soon clasp within armor to make fist of a guyver as a beam of bright blue flares outward into a circle sphere which surrounds the man before fading.. as it fades a guyver, of the warrior type, flows down, left foot extended as the right foot is bent inward.. Right arm is bent inward as well as the left fist opens its palm and prepares the use of a telekinetic pulse...

Clae_ToiMizukara as he feels out the burns of the man not to far from were he hovers he just simply crosses his arms and stands(floating)with his feet together and head down as he channels now the 8th Chamber of the Bronze Hourse, the shaolin chamber allows for the Wu Shiedo principle to flow within his thoughts,
Clae_ToiMizukara he channels bits of the universe through him, as the sky opens up and the ground below cracks as hr lets the flux come in from all around, the Concussion waves send violent shocks about the area, he smirks as he opens his barren eyes, this allows for the green sharp eyes to become a sharp yellow to green tone,

Daniel_Aureus hits the ground with a thud about 300 paces from the fight.. he stands to his feet still keeping his knees bent as his eyes scan over the scene trying to find the best way to approach this. Once more his thoughts within the guyver call out to clae as he ask (( What is going on here General ToiMizukara..? ))

Clae_ToiMizukara as he becomes greater, and stronger with every moment, the universe shows in him as he allows for the build to open his stance and lift his head, now in Tune with all the world and the other stops as he hears a slight murmur all though deep in concentration
Clae_ToiMizukara says, ((...i do not know at this moment ))

Kousotsu_Guyver presses further forward trying to make himself heard through other channels and other thoughts, on other planes and within the sc ape of temporal... he pages within the immense force of a telepath such as himself and ask again (( What is going on here, General ToiMizukara? ))

Clae_ToiMizukara nods

Kousotsu_Guyver bows his head lightly nodding to a pulse of his control medallion as he takes a step back, rather crawls back as he is so close to the ground.. his thoughts once more pour forward with the same intensity as before as he ask (( And what do you suggest we of the GSF do here? ))

ZoalordGuyver the sensor orbs of the guyver picking out several other beings as he is not sure of there situation and why they are here....he picks up the movement of the orb that slams toward his chest the gap between the two is handy for him to make his move within an easy pace....
ZoalordGuyver with the gravity control that the Zoalord has it is but a simple thought away feeling the control of the gravity he uses a simple thought upon the orb that homes in on him as he alters the polarities reversing the affects as he looks onto the orb that shall become nothing more he then opens a connection with the Grakken "you will have to do better then that"
ZoalordGuyver then it closes once more as he pours more pressure into the connection of the control medal that shall be nothing more soon if he continues to receive this power that pulls through the connection

Clae_ToiMizukara says, (( Kousotsu....i am sorry, the voice did not register with my mind, I believe there is a fight below that maybe in guidelines with what we...well i was once about, and that is to aid these two in...well......understanding the situation ))
Clae_ToiMizukara looks down to the General...

Kousotsu_Guyver smirks to himself under the armor and then soon quickly looses the tone of humor as he reviews the situation at hand.. the pulls his hands forward still keeping ready as the fight rages on before his eyes... within the landscape of thought he once more presses with his mind in the manner of communication
Kousotsu_Guyver (( I am not the man you once knew as Kousotsu, I am rather a manifestation of form in a resemblance of all that made him human and mortal.. but with a few added extras.. Will have to talk more on the subject later General, as of now these two donít seem to be the reasoning type, I say a more aggressive action is required.))
Kousotsu_Guyver (( .. this is your call General, you have been at this longer then I. )) ))

Clae_ToiMizukara nods
Clae_ToiMizukara says, (( well then lets see if we cant be a guiding light, as in light from the kinetic displacements of our enemy ..hmmm General?))
Clae_ToiMizukara says, (( better to face ones who arenít on there feet...let me start by trying to break them apart...you hold my Flank and cause your own disrupting manner, we will work in unison ))

Grakken_Warrior he sees that the pressure cannons made its mark as he sees it did nothing to phase him as his sensory orbs begins to pick up several other begins within the distant surroundings as the warrior lets out a loud grunt seeing that it really didnít do anything to the connection over the hold that the Zoalord has over his CM as the warrior tries
Grakken_Warrior .....yet but only on more thing if he has to die as the guyver begins to focus all this thoughts into his mind to see maybe if he can reverse the effects of the hold that he has over him as he forces the channeled energy into his CM as he still continues to channel energy from hyperspace as he begins to concentrate on his
Grakken_Warrior .....opponent CM to see if he can do anything to stop this as his mind is nothing but clear at this point as the pressure build up continues to intense as pressurized steam juts from his vent....he then raises one hand out towards the Zoalord guyver as he begins to twist his hand back and forth to see if it might have any effect on what the Zoalord might do hoping to try and crush his CM as well

Kousotsu_Guyver shake his head taking a cue from those advanced sensory orbs atop his head as he looks over the two ultra powerful brawlers... he shakes his head lightly again and then takes a leaner stance now standing tall as he eyes the two more so...
Kousotsu_Guyver ... (( Whatever you say.. Iím Daniel, not General.. I have not earned that rank.. )) the Kousotsu takes yet another step in their direction this time leaning forward and placing a palm on the ground as his right foot stands bent and his left foot extends behind him as though he was a runner...(( Whatever you say ))

Clae_ToiMizukara as he fills with the energy of the universe he looks down at the fight, and as if he would rain the heavens down from above on them, he channels the kinetic build up as he locks on to the patterns of the two below and then finds a point in the ground were they stand that shares a weak spot suck as there CM's
Clae_ToiMizukara he wills the 5th chamber now as he holds his right arm with his left and pushes the energy at slow pulses to the ground below the Guyvers, as he sends waves of vibrational energy to disrupt there control functions, and then follows with a flash of light that bellows out a thunderous concussion wave of pulse energy that forms with great speed ....and travels to there feet, a concussion blast that would crack the earth below them in half.

Kousotsu_Guyver looks over to the other man who once wore the guyver.. within the essence of fate which allows him the connect with the source of the all he feels his intentions and knows he has to end this fight before the prophecy of death comes to reality.. he lunges forward through the air, no longer using but the powers of the gravity control orb, but rather his own forces of telekinetics...
Kousotsu_Guyver ... his thoughts lock forward on each of the two beings battling during this brutal war as he leans to the left as though he was going to try to come around him... his thoughts will not betray him as the forms of these two seem to fall within the eyes range of his thoughts
Kousotsu_Guyver trying to lock within their forms and find the essence of being which makes them, rather holding a conscious image of their being.. not a hold... rather only an understanding...
Kousotsu_Guyver says, (( Follow my lead.. ))

ZoalordGuyver as he feels the connection at the prime and the pressure shall now continue to pour into the link and soon smash the control medal just as he feels that he will now kill the Grakken from above the thing above seems to interfere with the link letting it lose once more as the ground beneath rumbles a small quaking noise can be heard as the earth beneath them crack and a gap is brought between the two....
ZoalordGuyver he then allows his thoughts to jump to being airborne as the guyver picks up from the ground he no longer looks totally focused on one but on all the Guyvers and people that surround him he now watches on as he watches everyoneís moves

Grakken_Warrior he sees that the link between him and his opponent has lifted just a little as the warrior begins to put thought into his GCO as he slowly levitates in the air....the host begins to smirk slightly as he also begins to pour thought into the head which is located beside the CM as the tiny orb begins to pulse brokenly before it begins to pulse
Grakken_Warrior ...solid as the light begins to intensify by every passing second as he hopes his CM can withstand the pounding punishment that is begins done

Clae_ToiMizukara says, (( General take this time to pull one of them ....ill take the Zoalord..try to get through to him ))

ZoalordGuyver whilst holding in the air he shifts his gaze to Grakken as he watches him he then allows speech to flow the connection being open "Your Lucky Grakken these are your saviors" he then closes the communications as he stands ready for what ever it is that will come next

Kousotsu_Guyver nods lightly still shaking his head as he murmurs through their links (( Iím not a General )) with this he floats still forward within the wave of light which is his telekinetic pulse forward through the air.. having a location on both of their forms he has but to nudge the fields which surrounds both with but a simple telekinetic nudge,
Kousotsu_Guyver pulling on both with equal force in opposite the same direction, back ( since they facing each other and such ) so as this would be happening he increases the tug on the Zoalord guyver thinking it to be the greatest threat at this point in time.. he allows the other to float only with the force enough to throw him a mile or so, but drags the Zoalord with force enough to send him to speed of light into space..

Clae_ToiMizukara as the ground settles from the concussion wave a figure is seen by Clae as it passes just below him as he locks into his pattern he wills to the 8th chamber and to the wu shiedo as he also reflects the mind and following the pattern to the Guyver(Zoalord)
Clae_ToiMizukara back side were Clae the moves at an instantaneous movement of kinetic energy to pass the physical with the mind, a meta state were he appears now at the back of the Guyver as he rushes a wave of thought pattern through the unprotected thoughts of the Zoalord, and hails for him...

Kousotsu_Guyver .. he shrugs under his guyver as he hopes this to work as his thoughts ponder within the burst of thought which levels the concentration of the Zoalord links as he sends an empathic pulse of confusion into the open and receiving thoughts of the Zoalord trying to break his mental hold on the situation... the Grakken is up to clae but he can still hold him as he keeps his mental lock on the being...
Kousotsu_Guyver he thinks to himself and to the other Guyvers, leaving clae out of the loop.. (( Donít fight it.. Ill only fight you ten times harder back ))

Grakken_Warrior he sees that both of the guyver go for the Zoalord as the host begins to chuckle to himself as the psionic hold that his opponent had over him is now gone as the pressure is slowly lowering as he takes the time to implement one quick attack to hopefully take out at least one or two of them....he then begins to focus all his
Grakken_Warrior .....thoughts onto both his CM and GCO as they begins to pulsate vibrantly as the guyver crimson red eyes peer above watching all three of the Guyvers as activity begins to take place as the center most point of his chest plates....the host begins to chuckle seeing that he has escaped death once as light begins to seep out from the center of his chest plates

ZoalordGuyver he feels a lock that has been placed on his abilities he feals the attempt from the guyver before him as he begins to pour his own abilities forth to clear his mind of that which sees to attempt to make a complete block of his blossoming mind...
ZoalordGuyver he uses his own power to push toward the link that the guyver must be making to gain access as he guides him own power towards that ...he feels the guyver that appears behind one that may come in peace as he is careful not to forget the Grakken...he opens a communication with the one behind him (clae) "greetings" is all that is said fro now as he watches the other that are about him

Clae_ToiMizukara says, (( Kousotsu will aid you in from here.. open your lines to him..pay no attention to the Grakken Guyver, i will watch him ))

ZoalordGuyver as he hears this he decides that he will play it with them from here as he is out numbered and unsure at this time...he opens a communication link with the guyver that seems to be tempting to close him down

Clae_ToiMizukara nods as he turns his attention to Grakken Guyver that is below him...knowing that the power within the guyver is building as Clae wills to the chambers and makes the pattern that the Guyver uses below to power up his own, as he does, so does Clae, building strength with him as he does. Relative nature is the element that takes the prescience and now with resided kinetic power, his Chi takes a red shimmer and awaits for the move.

Grakken_Warrior he continues to keep a watchful eye on the two in the sky as the host begins to chuckle to himself only in thought hoping to get this attack off in time as he isnít a bit worried about the other guyver one bit as the light from the center most point of his chest plates continue to radiate outwards in the sky as the CM and GCO still
.....continues to pulsate violently.....his then also turns to clae as his hyper sensors begins to scan clae as the small orb beside his CM is as bright as his CM as he aims his head beam towards claeís chest as he fires a bright stream towards the chest of clae as he tries to
.....keep him preoccupied while his mega smasher cells charge as his form begins to surge with tremendous amount of power

Kousotsu_Guyver looks over to that damn Grakken and smirks as he keeps a mind on more then one thing at once.. his eyes slowly close as the sensory orbs now takeover full function.. he tracks the Grakken while talking to the other unit (( Why is it you fight Zoalord? )) his eyes then flutter open and trace over the form of the charging Grakken... he raises a single digit and locks a force of telekinetic holding around every inch of the form of the Grakken...
Kousotsu_Guyver ... he bears down and holds thoughts pressing on these bonds as to keep the being in place... As the Zoalord attempts to break free from his empathic disability, the Kousotsu Guyver simply presses further forward trying to invade the mind of this being with pure force of thought..
Kousotsu_Guyver .. and then opens a channel of thought to the Grakken Warrior (( Being stand down before I am forced to end you for your aggressions toward this planet. Why do you fight this day? ))

ZoalordGuyver says, ((I fight because I know no other way and I am usually threatened such as now why do you wish to shut my power down please return it))

Kousotsu_Guyver disables free communication with the other units and targets only the frequency of clae toimizukara, using a telepathic form of speech other then the Guyver... (( He ask that I free him.. What do you think I should do General ))

Grakken_Warrior he hears the comments from the other guyver as he says ((i an here to destroy this place and everything that the creators had to do with this place.....and why is it you fight?))

Kousotsu_Guyver within this moment he allows the guyver to channel thoughts through on its own wave lengthens open to only the Grakken this time.. as well as keeping another frequency of thought open to the Zoalord.. but to the Grakken he speaks through this frequency of the guyver and says (( I do not fight, I only put an end to the fighting.. The creators are only fractions of an element within this world, your aggressions are false, you must cease with these actions this instant.. ))

ZoalordGuyver opens the communications with the guyver as he now seems to talk in a more aggressive tone ((I asked you to free me of your doings i am no threat to you but if this continues I may begin to fight back))

Grakken_Warrior hearing those comments the host begins to chuckle to himself seeing that in his eyes this unit is blind as he says ((to put an end to fighting?....do you actually know what the creators did to my home world?....I donít think you do))

Kousotsu_Guyver turns his head slowly in the direction of the Zoalord and smile under his armor allow it to gleam through empathically as the image is etched forward on the mind of the Zoalord... (( Do not tempt me, I will return your abilities when I feel you are no longer a threat, no harm will come to you until that time.. ))

ZoalordGuyver says, ((And you already have my word I can do no more then give you this but you shall soon anger me if they are not returned ))

Clae_ToiMizukara with a fist to the palm as he vanishes yet again in an instantaneous movement of the metaphysical being that is Clae, he rematerializes in the physical just long enough to appear once behind the Grakken Guyver unit, then again as he pushes to the flank of his pattern,

Kousotsu_Guyver shakes his head looking keeping his gaze on the Zoalord as he allows his thought to pour through the guyver this time to the Grakken...
Kousotsu_Guyver ... (( They may have destroyed your world, they may have used you as only guinea pigs, and hell they might have wiped out your race in that dimension of yours, but they only brought the devil to this world.., The creators are done with this planet and we are only the after math of their ravages, do not act against us for it is us who purged these demons from our realm... Your work is done within this place... ))

Clae_ToiMizukara Clae in no time, senses the build within the Guyver Grakken...he smirks, knowing what the Guyver Host knows before he does, thinking with his thought pattern, on a techni level of the 8th Shaolin, having knowledge of the particle build Clae motions with a fist to the palm as he vanishes yet again in an instantaneous movement of the metaphysical being that is Clae,
Clae_ToiMizukara he rematerializes in the physical just long enough to appear once behind the Grakken Guyver unit, then again as he pushes to the flank of his pattern, locks into it, and then uses the negative fields of magnetic energy around the unit to manipulate the use of his weight and space, as he slowly takes these particles away from him, just as he moved before the sound of the fist is heard below, and now Clae has taken control of the gravitational uses of the guyver.

Grakken_Warrior he hears this as he replies ((as long as you are still around reminds me of the what the creators has done that angers me and to deal away with you will ease up the pain)) as he pays no attention to Clae.

Kousotsu_Guyver says, (( Zoalord you fight for reasons that make no sense.... ))

ZoalordGuyver says, (( That makes no sense?...this idiot attacked me I think it is a good reason. ))

Clae_ToiMizukara says, (( this is not an aggressive action Grakken, but not paying attention to me may be a cause for loss ))

Kousotsu_Guyver smirks to himself under the armor telling clae only through an empathic source feeling that he needs to take care of the Grakken at this point.... seeming as he is in a Guyver and the Grakken is pissed.. Kousotsu will deal with the Zoalord (( He attacked you? Then do you have any reason to continue at this point.. I have been forced to separate you due to what the fight may end in.. ))
Kousotsu_Guyver waits for a simple response from the Zoalord.. as he tries to speed this up...

ZoalordGuyver says, ((He attacked me I decided I would kill him that which was about to happen till you made this interruption ....I proved a point i will not attack him again))

Grakken_Warrior he then looks towards clae as he says ((what have you done to me!)) as he has no movement what so ever

Kousotsu_Guyver losses his attention over the Zoalord for but a moment as another vision fills his thought.. This one of a farther more distant future.. One more disturbing then the last.. With this fraction of a second lost to him he losses the concentration which once held the Zoalord firm and strong in place and under control..

Clae_ToiMizukara says, (( Grakken.. I can not feel what you feel now, but I can understand your pain, this is what i was reduced to, anger, the emotion isnít the true nature of your being, the Guyver amplifies this, the true self, the host, let you guard down, and let me try and talk with you ))

Grakken_Warrior he hears this from clae as he feels that nothing should come about this as it will take some thought reasoning to convince him to do anything as he says ((I would rather die before i would surrender))

ZoalordGuyver within that he feels that he is now free from the hold that the guyver had him in and now within a thought he decides he will leave the grounds as he then slips of through a fold in space

Clae_ToiMizukara nods. looking at the Guyver as he awaits for him to reside his power, in doing so he will drop the charge...(( that is what I wanted to hear Grakken....cause now all you can do is achieve better understanding of this hate, and harness it ))

Grakken_Warrior he then takes a deep breathe as he decides that it would be best that he would stand down before anymore harm can come to him at this point since he is outnumbered

Kousotsu_Guyver sees the one known as the Grakken fall from his grasp of thought and control and somehow slip away.. as the disturbing thought fades he turns his attention back on the ones below ad floats through the air and about 15 feet away from the Grakken, releasing his hold on him a bit but only allowing him enough slack to move with a 10 foot range of his current position in all directions...

Clae_ToiMizukara nods as he turns to look at Kousotsu

Kousotsu_Guyver says, You say you fight the creators...?

Clae_ToiMizukara as he feels that the threat is gone from the moment he releases the magnetic hold on the negative particles surrounding the Guyver as he releases a slow exhale of air, and then rests a bit in stance, still residing within him is the wu shiedos power, the principle is at rest however the chambers are at wills reach, as he drops to one knee as he listens to Kousotsu

Kousotsu_Guyver bows his head lightly to the left placing his arms before his chest as his toes point towards the ground below.. he allows his head to face the Grakken once more as the control medallion once more flares forward in a brilliant burst of light which fills the area with a blinding pulse...
Kousotsu_Guyver .. the burst doesnít fall rather remains as the psionic pulse of blue hues flare through the control medallion seeming to increase the power of the already god like abilities of the psionic user.... " Why do you fight us? You to are made of the guyver.. By your logic you yourself should be destroyed since you too were drawn from their advent..

Grakken_Warrior he watches Kousotsu as he says (( I already told you why I fight ))

Kousotsu_Guyver bows his head lightly allowing the beams of light to still show forward, still trying got confuse the sight of this being within the absence of being.. he smirks to himself and the light dims as his empathic attributes still try to peer forward into his mind and quail his rage, if only for the moment...
Kousotsu_Guyver ... { "You are Grakken, you hate the Creators, you wish to end their works.. Yes, yes, Iíve heard this before.. What Iím swaying is by that logic you should have killed yourself by now since they too made your armor as they did ours.. Is it not what we do with these armor, and not who made them... You would not have been able to get any form of revenge were it not for the armors..
Kousotsu_Guyver .. And we wouldnít have been able to defend our realm.. These are advantages, this does not mean we ally ourselves with the advents, rather only respect the gift given, as the weapon it is..." }

Clae_ToiMizukara looks back again to Kousotsu as he nods, a very well put statement that he has said to Grakken, but as he looks back to this Guyver, as Clae does looks for a better way to convince the being that the creator is not what should anger him, and that all anger is but always misdirected

Grakken_Warrior  looks back again to Kousotsu as he nods, a very well put statement that he has said to Grakken, but as he looks back to this Guyver, as Clae does looks for a better way to convince the being that the creator is not what should anger him, and that all anger is but always misdirected
Grakken_Warrior says, (( yes...i get what you say, we are made from the same armor, and creators but the fact of what they did to my people is what angers me....they destroyed my home world and most of my people but from what I understand we go through the same thing as what had happened to your people))

Clae_ToiMizukara as he thinks through protection from the other two in the chambers of thought, he reminises about the in, and the teachings he learned, and what at times seems to be a hurt inside of you, is just the surface to the root of the problem, as a tree would not stand if the roots were not as big...this thought prevails as though a life in his memory passed before him...the 2nd shaolin master

Kousotsu_Guyver bows his head allowing himself to slip into thought and remember all those toerhs lost within the flows of time as the vision once more plague him.. he raises his head from its bow and shakes his head speaking once more in the tongue of the Grakken, and yet telepathically allowing clae to hear his words as though they were his native tongue..
Kousotsu_Guyver ... { "Then why is it you fight against us.. Your Anger is misplaced.. You are not from this realm...." } he pauses for but a moment as these words play through his head.. only the sense is felt... { "Why have you come here? }

Grakken_Warrior says, (( i was brought here by some unknown force but yes...you are right aobut my misplaced anger since both of out peoples have went through the same ))

Kousotsu_Guyver nods slowly seeming to see the flaws in the speech of the Grakken... { "I am the leader of a team... Perhaps you would wish to join our numbers.." } he says sending a pre mental note to clae on the situation asking of his approval before the message is sent through speech...

Grakken_Warrior he nods as he says (( i suppose i have no other choice since we both can work towards the same goals and who knows what might happen ))

Clae_ToiMizukara stands up as he dusts himself off, and then looks up to the Grakken as he wants to tell the being that this will be the moment in his life were he changes what has been an overwhelming emotion, has trapped and enslaved him, as he looks to Kousotsu, he nods allowing him to lead this conversation, as he speaks with him through his tongue, looking back to Grakken (( you always have a choice Grakken ))

Kousotsu_Guyver thinks the slow thinking beast has fallen for his trickery but thinks his words ring true as for this point he is only trying to avoid the destruction of his realm from such a beast as this..."..
Kousotsu_Guyver he takes a step forward within the heaven and looks to Clae as he taps a hand over the force barrier between him and the Grakken. Slowly he slides his armored finger down over the layer of air which makes up its prison. Daniel is respectful of the Grakken but is weary not to trust him at this point in time...
Kousotsu_Guyver says, (( You can find shelter in our us for now Grakken... ))
Kousotsu_Guyver says, Then its settled...
Kousotsu_Guyver looks to Clae...

Clae_ToiMizukara looks back
Clae_ToiMizukara says, hmmm...

Kousotsu_Guyver waits for some definitive response

Clae_ToiMizukara nods

Kousotsu_Guyver looks to the Grakken then back to Clae
Kousotsu_Guyver offers the Grakken his right hand as if to shake it...

Grakken_Warrior he looks to Kousotsu seeing him extend his hand looking down at it and then back up to him as he wonders what he is doing having no idea how these humans act

Kousotsu_Guyver shakes his head as he scene fades to black and the play of role playing has fallen to its end.. these men will soon be united in one of he new powers within the realm of Ayenee.. the new GSF has begun this night, with these three...

Clae_ToiMizukara says, (( its an action of genuine trust, Grakken ))

Kousotsu_Guyver who knows what is to come...