Looking around, GuyverWarrior sees only darkness. In fact, it almost feels as if he is drowning in it. A feeling of dread washes over him as he tries to get his bearings. The quantum sensory orbs swivel in their tracks, trying to pierce the darkness, but to no avail. Even his enhanced senses, bestowed upon him by The Matrix upgrade, fail to provide him with any information of his surroundings.

What being could so efficiently block his senses, and why? How did he get here? Trying to remember back, before he arrived in this pit of shadow, his memory is at best, hazy. GuyverWarrior begins to walk around, hoping to find a landmark, anything that might lead him out of this place, and into the light. Not knowing why he is here, or where he could possibly be heading from here, GuyverWarrior begins to sink further into confusion.

It is at this moment, that out of the corner of his eye, the darkness seems to coalesce, and twitch slightly. The quantum sensory orbs home in on the disturbance, but detect nothing. Now on his opposite side, GuyverWarrior sees movement again, but this time turns his whole body to look directly at where the movement should be, but once again finds nothing. Spinning around in circles, confused, GuyverWarrior shouts "Come out coward, and face me!"

As if on command, GuyverWarrior emerges from the darkness, albeit a darker more malicious version of him. Laughing madly at his lesser self, GuyverWarrior says, "You are the one that holds me back; Fool, you have no idea the power you are denying yourself. Or should I say, us, or me. It doesn't matter." Laughing once more, the dark GuyverWarrior crosses his arms and awaits his counterparts next action; the confused GuyverWarrior shakes his head as the maniacal laughter strikes a peculiar melody in his head.

"Now I understand, I couldn't sense anything, because there was nothing there, you are me." GuyverWarrior1(The good one), looks GuyverWarrior 2(The bad one) up and down, and harrumphs to himself, not impressed at all. GuyverWarrior 2 cracks his neck and rolls his shoulders, as he glares at GuyverWarrior1. He begins to pace back and forth in front of GuyverWarrior1, never taking his gaze off of him. He growls at GuyverWarrior 1 "You are all that stands in my way of domination, do you really think that I can let you live?"

GuyverWarrior1 laughs at GuyverWarrior2 in return and mutters, "You are the fool, If I die, you die with me." Quite sure of himself, GuyverWarrior1 crosses his arms, and glares back at GuyverWarrior2. "If you believe that," GuyverWarrior2 says, "Then you are already dead." GuyverWarrior2's maniacal laughter echoes throughout the inky blackness once more as he clenches his right hand into a fist, his mind sending a mental command to the Control Medal, which in turn activates his right arm's reverse facing Hyper Vibrational sword, and lunges directly at GuyverWarrior1's throat.

GuyverWarrior then wakes up.....




Eyes would awake to a massive fleet of ships over head, each of them baring the markings of the creator empire. It seemed as though hundreds of thousands of them filled the sky. These war ships had been the bread and butter of the multi dimensional creator empire for eons long past human or other alien recollection. And now, now they had a new servant within their midst to lead their armies and breath life into an almost extinguished flame. Millions more of little specs would seem to light up the various escarpments of the heavens as other Kavzarian half breeds and full breeds seemed to teeter into view from an otherwise dazed disposition.

One in particular, the second in command of this invasion force. His name was Balufaust, a new type of Kavzar that had been given advancements beyond that of conceptual gods. They called it a Hyper Supreme Kavzar Protectorate. Born and bread by the creators to be the end all within any war that might spring up. The very consciousness bestowed upon him was even malformed as to allow for only duty and honor to hold to it at all points, as though some piece of forgotten gum left under a chair for years and years… He would be forced to cling to the dictations of the advent’s calling.

Balufaust wasn’t quite in the mood for it today though. The initial point of the invasion had gone poorly and his commanding officer had been caught off guard by a high yield anti particle field based weapon. Not even the magnificent advancements to the Matrix Enhanced Warrior Guyver Gigantic had seemed to halt this folly completely.

The beast lumbered forward and knelt by his earth moored commander, leaning to his right knee as his eyes sketched the heavens above. “Sir, the battle goes well now, we have taken out their first three battalions of Lyconlords. Any moment now we expect the main generals will fall, and then only the beast will remain.” He paused for a moment standing to his feet as though to dash a few particles of dirt and dust, blood included, from his bio organic armor.

“We must make haste before the Valculian company flanks us and supplies the enemy with reinforcements…” his voice would trail off as the 10 foot tall form leapt into the heavens and soared off into the nights sky hoping his commanding officer would soon follow suit.

Trumpets of various percussion based energy weapons sounded all around the fallen Guyver, numerous bodies laid at either side of his form, as thousands upon thousands of dying creations laid about him, moaning for salvation from their gods. Differing spectrums of blood flowing across the ground to the low point of the battle field, as though some morbid river of the damned coming to carry away the lost souls…




Regaining his senses, GuyverWarrior shakes his head to clear the haziness caused from impact with the ground, and looking to Balufaust as he gives a report, rises to his feet. Various pieces of debris fall from his armored form, as he rises to his full height, that of 12 feet. Looking down at himself, GuyverWarrior seems to be covered in blood, yet the blast that knocked him from the air wasn’t strong enough to cause serious wounds.

Looking down to where he landed, blood begins to form a pool, different colors/types mingling into one, to create a grisly collage. Laughing, GuyverWarrior nods to Balufaust as he rises into the sky and sends him a telepathic message, saying, (( Good, it’s about time they started paying for their ignorance. We will obliterate them all for not conforming to the Creators wishes )) Smiling inwardly at himself, GuyverWarrior also rises into the air, sending the mental command to the control medal, which in turn activates the Gravity Controller.

His Control Medal and Gravity Controller pulsing in synch, GuyverWarrior launches himself after Balufaust, and after catching up to him, he is sent another message from GuyverWarrior, (( Have any of the main Generals been spotted with the Valculian company? I would love to get that hassle out of the way in a hurry )) Itching for a fight, and wanting to vent some steam after the surprise attack, GuyverWarrior increases his speed, eager to stop the Valculian Company and help out his cause at the same time.




At the point of coalescence between the two warriors, new bombardment of particle based weapon system would begin to eliminate various war ships to either the left or right of the two combatants. Balufaust had become tired and weary of his commanding officers behavior on this particular mission, as it seemed he was questioning a property that should be more apparent to the apt sensors of his commanding officer.

Perhaps this was but a test of his ability to follow orders no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Balufaust communicated with various parties at the front line, attempting to ascertain the coordinates of the 12 generals, correct seven generals at this point. It had appeared that the first three squadrons of Advanced Enforcer class Kavzars had decimated the front ranks of the Lyconlords, taking down their tactical advantage over the northern most continent.

Only one general had seemed to give them a run for their money. He had eliminated at least 20 percent of the front line on a western continent, racking up a toll of nearly 20 million Kavzars all by his lonesome. This had to be the main threat at this point. Reports would ring out over Balufaust consciousness as roaring screams of death. He would feel each ones pain, and experience each ones last moment before final annihilation. Perhaps this is what his commanding officer was trying to prevent.

Balufaust would swivel his neck allowing his ocular ridges to focus on Guyver Warrior before continuing their own telepathic repose. (( The Valculian company has yet to reach its destination. Lord Zagam, the General of this section of space, has redirected his main forces and is seems to be handling the brunt of our assault solo. I’d advice sending the first three squadrons of Hyperion Aceaers to intercept the Valculians… )) his communication trailed off, as another battery of Hyper Particle Cannons boomed off in their general direction, forcing the Kavzar commander into a starboard banking maneuver, as his left side was nearly completely destroyed by the oncoming blast.

A screeching noise sounded out above all others. A maniacal tone bent on defeating the ears of any that may be listening. More cannons would sound as the red armor of the Beast rose into view, millions of lyconlords pouring out from behind him, as his massive wings rose into the air. The Lyconlords shuffled about him, wrenching their talons into the beast as they climbed over him attempting to flee a previous point of capture. Hundreds of thousands of these beasts would take the skies, coming into conflict with anything in their way, namely the Creator fleet occupying it.

The beast raised his arms into the heavens and screamed out unleashing his own thoughts out onto the world in the form of a psionic impulse, so strong as to cut through the very fabric of time space and render various inter-dimensional energy harvesting instrumentations useless. As spatiotemporal lines seemed to congregate and decimate any interlinking fibers.

Perhaps the battle should begin at this point.




Racing on towards their intended target, GuyverWarrior lurches as his superior senses detect the same blast, which had previously grounded and stunned him momentarily. These weapons were beginning to be an annoyance. Effortlessly calculating their intended course, thanks to the Matrix computer, GuyverWarrior maneuvers between the blasts, and smiles beneath the Guyver armor as they sail past him towards their intended targets. Balufaust, taking a hit, plummets towards the ground. GuyverWarrior, continuing on his course, sends him a telepathic message, hoping he receives it, ((When your systems are fully repaired, join the Hyperion Aceaer units, I’m sending the order now. I will be going after Zagam myself.))

Communicating first with the Hyperion Aceaers, squads 1 through 3, GuyverWarrior orders them to do as Balufaust suggested. However, GuyverWarrior adds a bit of fury and loathing to the command, ((Kill indiscriminately, and decisively. The quicker they fall, the sooner every other being on this planet will either be cowed or obliterated.)) Receiving updated battle information from various units, GuyverWarrior then sends a message to the surviving Kavzars on the western continent, informing them of his impending arrival, and orders to withdraw from battle with Zagam. They are only to distract him, and keep him there until GuyverWarrior’s arrival.

Speeding off towards Zagam’s location, an enormously powerful presence is felt, followed by a screeching sound GuyverWarrior hasn’t encountered before; the sound is so mind-bogglingly disruptive, he is forced to stop in his tracks to try to remain in control of his mind. It almost feels like a giant invisible hand is plucking at the very fiber of his existence. Reinforcing his will over his own reality, GuyverWarrior comes to find that a significant portion of his power is lost, and is still diminishing. Communicating with his Control Medal, it tells him that the disruption was psionic, and has caused his Hyper space link system to shut down.

Surveying the battlefield, GuyverWarrior sees all fighting, for an instant, has stopped completely. Whatever the thing was that did this is powerful beyond imagining. Trying to conserve power, GuyverWarrior descends to the earth, and makes his way on foot towards Zagam. He is however curious as to why and how such a thing could have occurred. The why in an instant is obvious, disabling a Hyper space link system forces a host of a Guyver to rely on his natural stamina. A devious tactic indeed, GuyverWarrior must be very careful in the future. Giving a command to his Control Medal, both backward facing Hyper vibrational swords extend from his elbows, which causes the muscles in his forearms to twitch reflexively.

Contacting the rest of his forces, GuyverWarrior demands a report, and receives much the same information his Control Medal told him; all Hyper space link systems in the area, have been deactivated. Communicating with the Control Medal, he asks the Matrix computer how to repair the Hyper space link system; It replies that an outside influence has restricted access to hyper space, and that only the removal of this outside influence, will return them to normal. Now working on the assumption that Zagam has also lost a portion of his power, equal in relation to GuyverWarrior’s loss, he decides that his chances of success are still the same, and continues on to face him.




The blow was massive and indeed strong. It had forced back Balufaust from his mark and almost pushed him to the hordes below. His advanced healing properties would take affect before he even hit the ground though, repairing various portions of flesh as his thoughts found remorse in the idea that approximately three million upper Kavzarian warriors had found their way but two miles from his current location.

An eternal tempest would erupt within the foundries of civilized thought, as dimensions themselves would seem to be torn asunder and reassembled into various malformed deities onto their own.

Balufaust would look towards his commanding officer as a bombardment of protective energy shields erected themselves around his kavzar self. He soared back into the sky shouting out at his commander over the massive blasts taking place all around his present place in the firmament. The war was not going quite as planned, over head the fleet that was sent to protect these warriors, was taking heavy losses from a ranged assortment of creatures, namely Lyconlords. The Beast himself had popped out of no where, when he was suppose to be in some secluded fortress near the core of this particular planetoid. To top it all off, this crimson demon was now taking away the primary energy resource of his entire armada.

The Kavzar’s advanced hyper sensory orbs were able to act in correspondence with the actual inter dimensional transceiver of the kavzar’s Zoa-Crystal/Control Medallion. This in turn would quantum compute the actual spatiotemporal frequency of his current place in space. Using this accumulated data, the quantum computation process would come to the conclusion that various portions of space time had been corrupted due to a psychokinetic/cronokinetic interference. The medallion used this information to formulate a plan of off setting the Kavzars own spatiotemporal field, and attempting to create alternating signature fields within Balufaust current scape, but to no avail. It would continue this process until future application could be pressed into formulation.

No bother, for now it was more important to conserve energy, than to notice that the actual power house behind these creatures was a localized effect. Namely the Beast was using his own soluble energy forms to supply the armies and, horrid demon likened, guyvers with power. The Beast’s own magnificent energy reserves acting as though a living host to the impending Armageddon.

Various entities would usher forward and seek to intercept the wily GuyverWarrior, hoping to tear him limb from limb before he would have the chance to interact with Zagam himself. These lyconlords moved as a singular force, acting as though an overmind had sought refuge within their masses. This impeding tidal forced washed over GuyverWarrior, smothering him in various escarpments of talon and claw. Fangs flaring, arms grabbing, feet tearing away at flesh. A mesh of Chaos brought forth upon a single individual through some form of desperate enmity that could only be acted out in this carnal form.




As GuyverWarrior’s journey continues, his hyper sensors register a large force massing around him. It seems that the enemy forces got the drop on him once again. Every movement GuyverWarrior makes to escape is countered by the huge mass of lyconlords. Their movements are curious, which spurs GuyverWarrior to confer with his Control Medal, and matrix computer.

In less that a second, four tenths of a second to be exact, this small collective comes to the conclusion that someone or something is controlling/leading the lyconlords. GuyverWarrior speculates it is the same being who forced his triple hyper space link system to shut down.

As the Lyconlords close into attack range, GuyverWarrior drops casually into a fighting stance. Swarming around him from all directions, GuyverWarrior focuses on his speed to keep him alive. Having to rely on his own stamina to keep his Guyver enhancements active, he decides not to use any of his high-energy weapons to defeat his opponents. Sighing under the Guyver armor, he limits himself to using his Hyper swords, and ducks under a slashing claw which is aimed at his throat.

Having literally a second or less to react to attacks from all sides, GuyverWarrior devotes most of his focus to the matrix computer, which is keeping him alive by giving him the reflexes and speed by which to evade most of the attacks. Computing where to be at the right time, GuyverWarrior is able, to at least some degree to cause the lyconlords to attack each other.

One Lyconlord sends a right uppercut with its claws extended, to impact on GuyverWarrior’s jaw; bounding backwards in a flip, he avoids the blow, his quantum sensory orbs constantly roving around in their tracks, keeping tabs on all opponents in striking distance. Landing from the flip, GuyverWarrior stabs backwards with his right Hyper sword, and catches a Lyconlord in the head who was lunging at him. Unfortunately for GuyverWarrior, the Lyconlords gravity shield was up, but thanks to the matrix computer his systems adapt to their defenses enabling him to penetrate their shields.

A half-dozen lyconlords attack GuyverWarrior all at once, and it is all he can do to avoid the blows. As soon as he makes a move to dodge or counter-attack, he has to move/dodge/counter a millisecond later. Stabbing out to both sides, GuyverWarrior catches two lyconlords in the mid-section, and pivots on his right foot, splitting them in half. He raises his right hyper sword to catch a blow from another lord, which severs his arm at the elbow, and jumping over a sweep from another lord, sends a round-house kick out to strike the hurt lord in the head, which promptly cracks his skull with a sickening snap/crunch.

Ever so slightly, GuyverWarrior can feel himself getting slower, his senses getting duller which is proven when a Lyconlord latches onto the back of his neck with its fangs. It wraps its arms around him and holds on with a death grip. Screaming in pain and rage, GuyverWarrior sends repeated elbows into the gut of the lyconlord, which impales it every time with his hyper sword. Letting go of GuyverWarrior from the repeated assault on its abdomen, the lyconlord falls to its knees, holding it’s ruined midsection. Spinning around, GuyverWarrior’s wounds already healing shut, he puts his right foot on the lords left shoulder, and grabs its head with both hands, tearing it free from its place on his neck.

Blood splattering his armor, GuyverWarrior cartwheels away from two more blows, which would have severed a jugular vein, and slashes vertically at another lord, splitting him completely in half. Blood raining down on him like a deluge, he bellows out in fury as claws rake across his back, spinning around to face his attacker, only to have more claws rake across his chest. He can’t keep this up forever, soon the wounds will be too serious to heal quickly enough to keep these beasts at bay, and his stamina can’t keep his power level high enough now to use any of his more powerful weapons.

Knowing that if something isn’t done soon, GuyverWarrior will get torn apart, he redoubles his efforts, killing the lyconlords as fast as he can, receiving a wound for every one he kills, yet they don’t stop coming. They’re everywhere and they seem endless, where could they possibly be coming from??




The amassing tide of lyconlords was not in sight of ending. For as one would fall, another ten would take it’s place. The beast himself had been allowing these beings to coalesce via his own insurmountable energy reserves. Spawning ten of thousands into existence at a whim. It would appear all was not lost though, for even this tide had to have some type of wake within it. Zagam made his way through the congregating forms of the lyconlords, baring down on Guyver Warrior’s current location.

All was not lost for the advents, for even as this initial onslaught had emerged, the forces of the kavzarian armies descended from the skies with the aid of Balufaust. The triumphant troop spreading into the decaying hordes and lashing out with god like vengeance upon them. A third party would witness an ocean of red parting to reveal majestic hues of blue.

Balufaust would take stead by the side of his commanding officer, fighting his way through hundreds of thousand of lyconlords with only the tools of his weapon emitters to brave the brash onslaught. The quantum computation of his Zoa-Medallion had yet to ascertain a secondary source of energy, but was finding the energy constructs of the Lyconlords rather palatable at the time being. It would use each thrust, each forcing of kinetic energy upon his physical form, to reconstruct his own failing energy signature.

It would not last long though, for even as he neared the location of Guyver Warrior, he would feel tears and rips roaring through his physical form, knawing away at the psyche of Balufaust. It was as though he had been left within a hellish torment, all alone, and without help. Even now he could feel the final portions of his hyper kinetic energy matrix shutting down. The temporary coffers he had expunged from the various lyconlords was not enough.

Using the last bit of his power, he would summon onto himself an ever extending amplitude of zero point energy, creating a trans-dimensional disturbance within the confines of this singular universal construct. The effect would cause a wake of graviton particle fields, so immense as to press the varied lots of lyconlords from his currently location. Yet again the Zoa-Medallion would come into effect, using the kinetic discharge from the attack to fuel its own dwindling energy reverse, converting various portion of the matter, that comprised the lyconlords, into usable forms of energy that he could then use to supplement his own dwindling power regulations with.

This would make a fine battle indeed, each slice from the next approaching lyconlords added to his power. He would bowl through them attempting to destroy anything that might get into his wake. The other Kavzarian warriors were having a time themselves, for even now the lyconlords had began to overwhelm the creatures. Their inability to siphon energy from the attackers meant their downfall was that much closer. Something had to be done and quick, or the entire front would fall….




As time passed, and GuyverWarrior’s power reserves reached their critical point, which can be seen as his ability to heal his many wounds begins to slow, he decides to play his trump card. As a last ditch effort, GuyverWarrior’s mind races as he communicates back and forth with his Control Medal and The Matrix computer. His hyper senses scanning the lyconlords, and his Control Medal confirming the readings, GuyverWarrior smirks under his Dreadnought enhanced armor, as he decides to use his opponent’s energy against them.

Activating his Gravity controller with a mere thought, and a flicker of his Control Medal, GuyverWarrior begins to, subtly at first, manipulate the graviton particle fields within each of his opponents around him; knowing that if this doesn’t work, he is dead, he uses most of his remaining power to accomplish this feat. With the aid of his gravity controller, GuyverWarrior begins to convert matter around him, mostly slain lyconlords, into a form of energy that is easily assimilated by the guyver.

Feeling a surge of power as the energy conversion process continues, GuyverWarrior finds himself having an easier time fighting the lyconlords, his reaction time is now faster than it previously was when he lost the use of his Hyper space link system, however he is nowhere near his full power. His hyper swords singing as they slice through lyconlords one after another, his hyper senses pick up on the arrival of Balufaust and a contingent of Kavzarian warriors.

With his power reserves no longer red lining, and the cavalry having arrived, GuyverWarrior’s morale rises, almost to the point of elation. As he and Balufaust fight side by side, raining ruin down upon the lyconlords, GuyverWarrior’s hyper senses pick up on Zagam’s movements as he heads in their direction. Receiving battle reports from various Kavzars around his position, taking note how poorly they are doing against the lyconlords, GuyverWarrior orders them all hold their ground and fight to the last.

No matter what they are told not to give in. They are fighting for the Creator Empire after all. GuyverWarrior then telepathically signals Balufaust, it being quicker than actually speech (( Zagam is heading this way, we mustn’t let him close in on our Kavzar forces in this area. I am going to head him off before he gets here, you can either stay with the Kavzars, or you can accompany me, either way, I have a job to do. )) Ending the telepathic contact abruptly, GuyverWarrior sends a mental command to the Control Medal, which in turn flashes as he commands his Hyper swords to extend into whips.

Lashing out at the lyconlords in front of him with his Hyper whips, GuyverWarrior dashes forwards his movements blurred as he continually refreshes his dwindling power reserves. By killing, he is increasing his energy stores, which in turn allows him to kill more. Laughing obscenely as lyconlord blood rains down as if from the heavens as a precursor to his presence on the battlefield, GuyverWarrior continues his death march towards the inevitable confrontation between himself and Zagam, he can only hope his speculation of Zagam’s lack of power reserves is well-founded.




The tides of battle had begun to alter at this point. Various escarpments of flesh and tattered corpses strewn about within an imagery of devastation so immense that all other visualizations would find themselves pale in comparison. Blood soaked every inch the war torn land. Various warriors of the kavzarian forces, as well as lyconlords armies, would find themselves entrenched within this calamity, fighting to their last breath, and beyond. This had become far more than either side had anticipated. Not even the beast could have foreseen such a turn of events.

Balufaust was fast approaching fatigue. Even the use of the zero point energy in accompaniance with the quantum particle manipulation, had not been enough to fully restore his power reserves. With each encroaching moment, more energy was spent on defiling hordes upon hordes of Lyconlords. Zagam had found solace within his position in the battlefield. Elevating himself above the maelstrom as to gain a better appreciation of the scape of mayhem set before him. The second in command of these Kavzarian forces would observe this alteration in position and quickly inform the rest of his forces to stand down from the immediate position. The Hyper Aceaer cast was soon to join the battle and had been instructed to begin a full out assault on the coordinates of the beast. Hopefully this would buy him and Guyver Warrior enough time to take down Zagam before the situation escalated.

It was common knowledge that the other 6 remaining Generals of the beast were still within teleportation distance, and could at any moment translocate into the battle at hand. Balufaust would shout out over his telepathy organics, transcribing the moment’s events to Guyver Warrior. (( Sir, the battle does not go well, the Kavzar forces are falling faster than the primary front of the lyconlords, they can not hold out for much longer. I am attempting to supplement my own energy reserves with the filth around us, but it is only a minimal allotment in comparison to my primary reserves. )) he would pause for a moment, fending off various assault from lyconlords as formations of their feral blades shot through various portions form in carnal protrusions of mass. The pain would be unbearable to most, but for Balufaust, the only instinct was to swat away at the lingering lords, tossing them into other oncoming groups of their brethren.

He would continue under much strain (( I believe the assault on Zagam may be premature. From what I’ve been able to ascertain from the battle field… )) A morbid series of grunts would follow, only vocalized, as more blades ripped through his form. The loss of blood was prolific, but still Balufaust would continue. (( … It appears as though the energy reserves of the entire army are being emitted from the beast centralized location… ))

A duck and a bow, a simple pivot to the left as a left forward facing plasma sword was thrust into a lunging Lyconlord, another being tossed to the ground from his right, and treaded on by a foot, as hundreds of beams of light flew from various orbs strewn across his body. Thousands would fall within a moment, but not enough to make a dent in the conclave. More would tear into him, attacking as a mass. Ten of these beasts would all flail at his form within a single moment, attacking his mid section and forcing him to the ground. Not even the might of his parleyed gravitational control orbs would be enough to hold his footing.

At this point he would be buried under the masses, unable to gain solid ground for the time being, only the strength of his arms to keep swatting away at these annoying pest as he conveyed the last potion of his message… (( …It seems as though there is no end in sight… )) a few more murmured phrased would flow from the actual sonic oscillators of this proud beast, before the clamber of various curses and profanities. “BY THE NAME OF THE ADVENTS!!! HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE!!!” He would scream aloud, feeling his head begin to detach from his body. The advanced shielding systems, the incomprehensible healing factor, hell the very fact that he was one of the most power Kavzars in the creator empire, meant nothing right now. Only his own impending doom loomed within his thoughts.

This in itself would not be enough though. The Beast’s urges could not by subdued by such subtle forms. No he would require a full meal before he found solace in the actions of these invaders. The lyconlords continued to mount their assault. Floating further into the heavens in order to engaged the mass of oncoming Hyper Aceaer class. Only the first contingent had joined the battle at this point in time. They would not be enough. The lyconlords themselves would seem to rip through this mass of advent created militia, decimating their ranks almost as soon as they arrived.

Within this forgone calamity would the beast launch his first assault against the commanding officer of these advent forces. Zagam loomed within the firmaments, hovering within the heavens as though some beckoning call to the little bastard known as Guyver Warrior. Various plumes of differing energy types cascaded around his physical form, as an intangible thread of energy pulsated between himself and the beast. The power exchanged between these two bodies, was so immense that to merely attempt to understand its wavelengths inspired infinity.




His hyper senses confirming the location of Zagam, it seems curious however that Zagam decides to rise above the battlefield and watch as the battle progresses. Not worried about that right now, GuyverWarrior focuses on his immediate surroundings, in order to survive he must kill, and in order to kill he must keep a portion of his focus on siphoning energy from the lyconlords around him. This proves to be a challenge due to the sheer number of them present.

Seconds pass, and they seem like hours as GuyverWarrior continues the fight in the name of the Creator Empire. Two lyconlords try to closeline him, and GuyverWarrior ducks the blows. Clenching his fists, a mental command is sent to his Control Medal, which activates his forward facing Hyper swords, and sweeping his arms forward, he removes the lyconlords legs, and as the fall backwards GuyverWarrior does the same, dropping his elbows on their heads, impaling them on his reverse facing hyper swords, killing them.

Backflipping off the ground and to his feet, he avoids a slash at his previous position on the ground. Striking as fast as his limbs can move him, the swarm of lyconlords almost overwhelms him, he just can’t seem to kill them quick enough or siphon enough energy to use his Quantum Hyper smashers without exhausting himself. Fighting a losing battle, GuyverWarrior was about to unleash his most devastating attack, when Balufaust sends him a message.

GuyverWarrior sends back.. (( The beast is powering their forces? Shit! What the hell is this thing? )) GuyverWarrior grits his teeth as a lyconlord tries to hamstring him and fails, and is repaid in full when GuyverWarrior spins 180 degrees and removes the lyconlords head from it’s shoulders with his forward facing hyper sword. Jumping over the falling form, even as GuyverWarrior converts its matter to energy to be siphoned, he slashes diagonally at another and spins around it even before it’s shoulders separate from it’s trunk and fall to the ground in a puddle of its own blood. Its face having a dumbfounded expression to it as it’s life-force slips away into nothingness.

Listening to Balufaust’s report, GuyverWarrior fights off a rather vicious group of lyconlords, they seem to be better than the rest. His Hyper swords hardly finding purchase, only causing non-threatening glancing blows. Fighting vehemently, it seems these lyconlords are trying to immobilize him, attacking his various joints, jumping randomly and around each other, keeping a narrow profile towards GuyverWarrior to make less of a target.

Growing rather annoyed, GuyverWarrior computes their exact angle of attack, speed and dimensions. Choreographing his movements before hand, he calculates the timing needed to dispatch all of them in as little movements as possible. He does this in 6/10ths of a second. As the lyconlords jump to attack him from all sides again, GuyverWarrior stands perfectly still, save for his arms and Hyper swords, which flash and shimmer in the air. Each movement is fluid and effortlessly flows into the next. The perfect angle of attack for each lyconlord is executed with perfect efficiency, and when they lie in pieces at his feet, GuyverWarrior’s hyper senses pick up on a scream from Balufaust.

It seems he has been knocked down and is suffering extreme damage. Growling with anger, GuyverWarrior acquires new energy from his defeated foes, and focuses his attention on Zagam, and it is at this moment of crystal clarity that GuyverWarrior is taken aback. It seems Zagam’s Hyper space link system is down, however he is being fed energy from another source. Scanning the energy link, it seems the scope of such cannot be measured, and a moment of fear passes over him. He pushes this aside, gritting his teeth, he cannot fail in this, and the Creator Empire’s future lies with the victor of this battle. Rising to the air, with the aid of his Gravity controller, GuyverWarrior rushes towards Zagam, his hyper swords singing their battle cry as if thirsting for Zagam’s blood.




The scream of Balufaust was enough to discourage even the bravest of Kavzarian warriors. The battle seemed as though it was never ending at this point. Their bodies dropping faster than another Kavzar could come to the fallen one’s aid. It was horrific at best, and prolific to any onlookers who might have caught sight of it.

Balufaust though, was not to be defeated. For even as the separation of his head from generalized torso had begun, his own appendages would tear and decimate various Lyconlords around his current position. Forcing assorted lyconlords back and decimating others within a single glanced attack. His right arm flailing into the heavens as it grasped at the portion of his head that might be called a jaw line, attempting to secure his head upon his shoulders and allow his own amplified healing properties take place just long enough to re-secure his head.

He threw elbows, knees, anything he could think of. Still it wasn’t enough. These beasts where just a never ending cycle of pain it seemed, no matter how hard he fought back, they just kept coming. Blood flowed over every portion of his armor, blotting out sensory equipment with an odd hue of crimson. His eyes blotched in the same ruby tint, only the fury of battle to force him to continue on this journey of malcontent.

The acquisition of radical particles from the parties about him had helped him further his cause, adding to various portion of energy fields within his own being, as quantum computation within his Zoa-Medallion, allowed for him to “guess” at the next move of the masses, and make appropriate modifications to his attack plan to best defeat those which had entangled him. A quick burst of an extended gravitational shielding system would force back the majority of the tide, just long enough for him to get his bearings and start firing off an assortment of rail gun type projectiles.

Bodies would start to pile in all regions around his form, as he turned to confront each leaping attacker. In the distance Balufaust could just barely make out Zagam, and his approaching attacker. (( Sir! )) he would shout over the sonic oscillators, attempting to perhaps grab his commanding officers attention if for just a moment before the initial confrontation…

(( … The Beast… )) he trailed off, his efforts of use regarding the rail cannon type devices seeming almost moot at this point, at the hordes continued to approach, the piles of dead and rotting corpses not enough of a deterrent for their brethren. More would lash out, forcing themselves over the heaps of other defeated lyconlords, in hopes of destroying this Kavzar (( … Is powering Zagam, I can see a direct current of energy intermingled between both parties. )) Masses of these lyconlords would fall from the skies, like a torrential downpour of life ensnared corpses, simple marionettes of a greater evil. Bolts of light flowed freely from various orbs on Balufaust’ head, showering these demons with such fury as to pierce wholes within their soon to be decimated line…

Zagam though was not without his tricks. It would appear that through the entire process of this battle he had been siphoning energy off of the Beast. His own energy reserves reaching a point of critical mass. Guyver Warrior’s attempt to attack would be almost in vain. For even as the initial confrontation was to take place, a field of gravitation force would be extended from his own form, forcing back the oncoming attacker. Though the actual gravitational forces would be interlaced with radical particles of the Beast own misconstrued wave length. This would be just enough of a variance to prevent Guyver Warrior from directly converting the gravitational forces into his own likened buffers.

A feeling of rage and discontent would be presented from this being known as Zagam, as he flared forward within the skies forcing himself in the direction of Guyver Warrior, all the while controlling the varied “force field” to enact massive amounts of catastrophic damage upon Guyver Warrior, tearing at various portions of the combatant’s form. The field would drop but a moment after its erection, Zagam’s fist held forward and within a parallel position as to slam into Guyver Warrior’s torso. Each fist would contain five horizontally held orbs. Each of these sphere’s holding an unspecified amount of energy, which seemed to stream out into the sky in the form of copious spectacles of waffering hues of red.

They called this a power punch attack, but within the hands of Zagam it was something far more powerful. The punches power intermingled with the pure percussions of zero point energy, as well as extra dimensional energies that had been being gathered from the beast himself. It was enough to cause a devastating attacking so immense as to the end the battle as a whole, but with the use of various instruments of quantum computation, Zagam was capable of augmenting the extended gravitation field, to encompass both parties and allow Guyver Warrior to feel the full brunt of this multi gigaton force.

This of course would not be enough though, for the attack would expose Zagam to his own monumental attack. No, a separate form of energy shielding would have to be enacted at this point. It was supplied by the interconnective link between Zagam and the Beast. The parties tied energy signatures seeming to create a sub dimensional barrier between this high general of the beast, and his own “power punch” construct.




Flying onwards, GuyverWarrior hears Balufaust shout out to him, but ignores it, he has a job to do and he means to do it. However, Balufaust finding it difficult to stop talking and continuing to do so, forces GuyverWarrior to end the discussion. ((I know full well the link between Zagam and the beast; I detected it when he rose above the battlefield. Now pull your ass together and engage the enemy like you mean it, I won’t have my second in command falling to lyconlords.)) GuyverWarrior now refocuses his attention to the battle at hand, preparing himself for the worst.

Reaching Zagam’s position without much interference, GuyverWarrior is almost immediately bombarded by a surprise attack. Zagam extends a gravitation field to damage GuyverWarrior before he can react and is hurtled away, the front of his armor cracked and pitted, blood flowing freely down his torso. Zagam continually advancing towards GuyverWarrior, his Hyper sensors detecting a subtle shift in the energy patterns of the gravitation field, which denies him the possibility to absorb the gravitational energy. It seems it isn’t compatable with his systems.

His wounds already closing, GuyverWarrior still hovers above the ground as Zagam yet again closes the distance between them. The gravitation field dropping, GuyverWarrior smiles under the armor, and mutters aloud, ((Is that the best you got Zagam??)) GuyverWarrior draws his right arm back, both Hyper swords pulsing with energy, humming their musical tune, and stops in mid-air as the gravitation field reappears, this time however it surrounds the both of them. ((What the fu…)) Is all GuyverWarrior has time to say as Zagam unleashes his fury upon him in the form of a power punch.

Lacking sufficient energy reserves, the attack collapses his basic body shielding, compromises his body armor, and explodes outwards through his chest cavity. Due to the gravitation fields influence however, the raw destructive power of the power punch is not wasted; the residual energy washes over his entire body, damaging just about every one of his systems. The Control Medal however, luckily escapes harm. Being punched with the force of a few thousand gee’s hurls GuyverWarrior through the gravitation field causing him to impact on the planet’s surface, spewing rock and dirt in all directions.

Lying in rubble, GuyverWarrior’s systems slowly come online. His redundant organs keeping him alive while the damaged ones are regenerated. His Quantum Hyper smashers however are out of commission for a while. GuyverWarrior wonders if Zagam thinks he has been killed, and hoping to use this to his advantage, summons all of the energy he has left available to him. Allowing himself to heal for a few seconds, GuyverWarrior sends a thought to his Control Medal, and begins to charge his Ultra power wave attack. Sending the power from his now defunct Quantum Hyper smashers, GuyverWarrior commands his Control Medal and Matrix computer into action.

Using his Quantum Speed ability, GuyverWarrior instantly appears behind Zagam, the hole in his chest now almost closed; His right hand is extended towards Zagam, palm outwards, GuyverWarrior laughs as he uses up almost all of his available power to unleash his Ultra power wave at Zagam’s back hoping to obliterate him before he can notice GuyverWarrior is still alive.




With his initial attack Zagam had managed to disable Guyver Warrior from the mainstay of the assault. He had defeated the greatest warrior of this day with but one single folly. Zagam paused within the heavens, standing their just long enough to allow himself to gloat, before plummeting to the ground bellow to inspect his prize.

Before this opportunity would be given though, Balufaust would become aware of his fallen commanding officer and quickly come to his aid. Lashing out at the numerous Lyconlords around him with but simple follies of pressure cannons, so powerful as to chop massive holes in the circular moat carved around him. Gravity gyro’s would couple with quantum computation, as the numerous gravitational control orbs on his form all readied for the upcoming assault. Just two simple extended arms, brandished forward with rail guns a blazing in Zagam’s direction.

Hopefully this would be enough to catch the monster off guard. To allow just enough time for perhaps his fallen commander to regain his disposition and rejoin the battle. If not though, this would be a last ditch effect on Balufaust’ part, for not even he could handle this amped up version of the high general of the Beast.

The initial contact would be made, Arms forcing their selves around Zagam’s torso, as the full weight of the gravitational control orbs attempted to knock Zagam from his situated place in space. Zagam responded, but not quite in time. Apparently he had become brash within his time of victorious triumph over Guyver Warrior, and had ignored the tail, tail signs from his sensory equipment.

Both combatants tumbled out of the skies and impacted with the ground below with such a vigor as to cause a hurricane force wind to wash over the rest of this battle front. Balufaust would stand first, kicking at Zagam with his right foot, intending the damage to force percussions of gravitational force onto Zagam’s face. To no avail, Zagam would counter the attack with a simple outstretched appendage, grabbing the foot with his right hand as he tossed Balufaust to his side with little or no effort.

The General stood to his feet, peering down at this pathetic Kavzarian warrior for just the moment required to charge a triple hyper mega pressure cannon ( Sure the name sounds corny but what can you do ). Balufaust of course could see the attack coming, he had read the specs, analyzed the information required to assault this planet, but he had no idea how fast this warrior could charge the damn thing.

Balufaust hands grappled with the ground below him, pulsing into tight fist as he channeled likened gravitational forces into the ground around him. Using his quantum computation process, he would augment the atomic weight of various particles fields within the structure of the ground, changing it at its core into a destructive substance known to the creator empire as the W’Kar Element. This structure in itself had energy siphoning capabilities, and with about a 5 foot radius of his current position being comprised of this matter, the oncoming burst could be managed.

With but a quick roll to his left at the point of the initial folly, Balufaust was able to avoid to attack, allowing it to instead strike the element. Since the element in itself was merely a flawed reproduction, its ability to absorb the gravitational, and radical particle field, attack was greatly diminished, and instead blew itself to smithereens. The blast was massive, almost 2 teratons of force would be expunged at this point, devastating half of the battle field, killing hundred of thousands of Kavzars and lyconlords, and almost obliterating Balufaust. The explosion however had just enough kick in it to tear into the temporal matrix of their current reality.

A destabilization of time space at that congruent point in time, allowed the quantum computation process to accumulate just enough intelligence on the spatiotemporal make up of its current scape, and teleport itself to an extra dimensional shift of the plane. Though not a fully affective majority of Balufaust would survive, only the Zoa-Medallion would make it out intact. This would allow Balufaust time to heal and regenerating in a point of time space where time was merely relative.

Though the explosion was beyond massive, it didn’t quite kill Zagam, no instead he was able to erect a shielding system capable of handling the blast, by offsetting his temporal signature but moments before the initial detonation. The Generals eyes wandered over to the beast for a moment, snickering at the defeat of yet another high commander of the Advent Empire. The beast would appear to rejoice, as hundreds of thousands more lyconlords spewed from the earth around him.

The snickers had led to clumsiness, and just as Zagam would allow himself to reenter the normal flow of time space, his sensory equipment would be exposed to a massive energy build up right behind him. He recognized the attack, hell it was one of his own. How could this be possible though, the general would think to himself as he turned to face the concussive force of a power wave attack, his shielding systems lowered at this moment in time in order to allow him to correctly merge with his current dimensional plane.

Pain and agony would seize the proud general, as he felt various organics being vaporized within an instant. The last thing to go would be his control medallion, but of course all these warrior types have that same old trick, only this time it would be orchestrated by the beast. The medallion and red matrix construct would be teleported away just as the blast was to take hold of them. Their destined location, but the fist of the Beast, his own powers aided to the regeneration process of Zagam, as he held the warrior in a form of suspended animation, calling out to his other generals for aid in this time of crisis just as he tossed the medallion from his hand and into the soil below.




Grunting from the exertion required to dispatch Zagam, GuyverWarrior falls to his knees trying to catch his breath, his blood pooling around him as it flows freely from the gaping hole in his chest. Yet again his energy reserves are extremely low, his regenerative capabilities at a bare minimum, so he decides to use the beasts own tactic against it. In addition to siphoning energy from the destruction surrounding him, which is merely keeping his operational at this point, GuyverWarrior, with a thought, sends a pulse through his dimensional transceiver, his Hyper sensors scanning the battle field and the skies above for suitable units to create an interconnective link with.

Deciding it would post a risk to take energy from those Kavzar and Hyper Aceaer units that are on the ground fighting Lyconlords, GuyverWarrior instead links with those that are still on board the Creator ships. His Dimensional Transceiver pulsing in synch with his breathing, GuyverWarrior uses the resonance of his Gravity controller, which normally siphons power from hyperspace, to draw power from the kavzar/hyper aceaer warriors up in space, who currently are not fighting. The gravitation field established, power begins to regulate through his systems, and GuyverWarrior rises to his feet, the hole in his chest quickly closing.

He sends a quick telepathic message (( Sacrifice yourselves, so that I may defeat the creators enemies!!! )) to the warriors who aided him, and scans the battlefield. It would seem that Zagam defeated Balufaust, the fact of which is corroborated by various Kavzar units who still roam the battlefield fighting the endless hordes of Lyconlords. The fact that Balufaust essentially sacrificed himself to give GuyverWarrior time to eradicate Zagam is impressive, GuyverWarrior makes a note to give him the glory he is due if he can regenerate in time to aid in the destruction of the remaining generals.

His power almost reaching its peak, GuyverWarrior raises his gravitation field, and begins to move throughout the battlefield, giving aid to his forces. His Hyper swords flashing through the air, killing thousands upon thousands of lyconlords, GuyverWarrior goes wherever he is needed. Even when it seems the front line is about to crumble, and the lyconlords are about to win, GuyverWarrior appears to wreak havoc upon the Creators enemies.

The lyconlords retaliate, but to no avail, for the time being they are completely unable to damage him. And so, GuyverWarrior rises above the battlefield to mock his opponents, swatting them away like flies. Those that jump or fly up to attack him are summarily destroyed, and those that fight amongst his forced are picked off with his Quantum beam orbs. The matrix computer calculating how much energy is required for each kill, how many targets can be killed with one shot, and how long between each shot it will take him to acquire the next target.

It would seem the time has come to take the fight to the enemy, no longer will GuyverWarrior tolerate being on the defensive. Communicating with various Kavzars on the battlefield, GuyverWarrior finds the location of one of the enemy generals. “Deus” is the name of his next opponent, and he won’t be disappointed as GuyverWarrior shoots towards him, straight as an arrow. Various lyconlords jumping, clawing and biting at his form as he flies by, yet they are summarily cut from the air or where they stand the second after they make a move on GuyverWarrior.

The Matrix glowing bright blue, and the dimensional transceiver pulsing along with the resonance of the Gravity Controller, GuyverWarrior continues to draw upon the power of his allies and enemies alike. Nearing the location of Deus, GuyverWarrior laughs and opens his right Quantum hyper smasher. All of the lyconlords around his position try in a mad scramble to prevent him from firing but this is to no avail, since they are unable to breach his gravitation shield. As the Quantum hyper smasher charges and the lyconlords continue their vain struggle, GuyverWarrior can only shake his head before he screams out to the masses surrounding him. (( Die you pitiful fools, DIE!!!!! AHAHAHA. ))

GuyverWarrior then unleashes a fully powered single quantum hyper smasher attack on all of the lyconlords within a 3 mile radius of his position, spinning in mid-air to cause the most damage, he then lowers himself to the ground and surveys the destruction he has wrought. Deep furrows have been dug into the ground where his beam hit, the Lyconlords vaporized in an instant. Siphoning as much energy as he can from the ruins of the lyconlords, which doesn’t seem to be an appreciable amount, GuyverWarrior takes to the air once again.

His heading once again straight towards Deus, GuyverWarrior is enjoying himself for once in this battle, for this brief time he is able to repay the enemy, and namely the beast, for disobeying the creators. Sending a telepathic message to Deus GuyverWarrior says,
(( Come Deus, come and die as fast as your precious Zagam did. One by one you will all die by MY hands, I will however endeavor to make your death a slow and painful one. )) Preparing himself for battle, GuyverWarrior engages all of his weapon systems, intending to use every single one on Deus, and more than willing to take perverse satisfaction out of it.




Deus having already found remorse in the loss of so many of his fellow warriors had to take the call to arms presented by Guyver Warrior. He flared forward within the skies, with such speed as though to cause his image to blur, and then disappear completely before reappearing before the Warrior.

Two forward facing plasma blades extended and forcing their way into the enemies chest as a folly of 20 or so heat oriented focused beams of light shot towards various regions of Guyver Warrior’s control medallion/matrix. Perhaps not the most impressive opening move, but one required nonetheless.

Within this engagement would Guyver Warrior find something less than a match, as the blades themselves would be stopped and disassembled into various forms of soluble energy by the Warrior’s own body shield. Quantum computation systems analyzing the various intensities of the volley of head beam burst, as to yet again add this affluent mixture into his own dwindling power supplies.

A quick knee later and he had immobilized Deus with but simplistic endeavor. Tossing the corpse to the side the Warrior would rise into the air as to shout out at any other generals lurking within the distance. Baphomet and Malice would rise to the occasion, teleporting within 300 yards of the aggressor before slinking off into the background as though they were given some auspicious order.

Adulation from the masses would persist, as various assortments of Kavzar were put to death at multiple points all around Guyver Warrior, thousands of these lyconlords jaunting themselves out into the aethyr of the battle, as though to engage guyver warrior. The prolific combatant merely struggling off these oncoming attacks with an assortment of protrusionary fields within the form of gravity based attacks, a simple feat for him at such high energy levels.

This battle of course was far from over, for even as the generals slunk off into the distance, the true aggressor would make himself known. Massive plasmatic wings rose into the heavens, flushing away all lyconlords within his mist. Devilish horns jutting out into the wind, as a demonic hue of crimson filled the twilight sky. Massive clawed feet stalked the land, as puddles of blood were tromped through with each furthered advancement from the beast.

What would start merely as a light march turned into emblazon speed as the wings lifted this monstrosity into the air. Escarpments of the kavzarian forces would pour their heart and soul into the disabling of this maniacal formulation, but to no avail. The wings acted like weapons, slashing deep lacerations into each approaching party, tearing most into halves as the rest merely lost appendages in their struggle. Bodies of recently fallen soldiers lay under foot, as the first barrage from his fist was sent forward. An intensified energy beam, consisting of only a minute fraction of his true power, forced forward within the formulation of an intensified burst but feet from Guyver Warrior, aiming for the mid of his abdomen, and portrayed at a speed beyond that of light.

This of course was only intended to cause a fissure within the Warrior’s armor, though one ample enough to cause serious damage to the internal organs. The beast followed through with this attack, ending it in a sweeping motion to his right as his left arm would seem to elongate at the same point. Thousands of little blades projecting outwards from this appendage as they began to grow into fearsome swords.

A maniacal laugh forced itself from sonic oscillators on this monstrosity. The sound alone was enough to cause a reverberation so intense, and on just the right frequency, as to split the Zoa-Medallion of every Kavzar within his vicinity.

The warriors fell to their knee’s grasping at this medallion that meant their very life essence, as they watched their preverbal existences pass into the realm of non existence. How soon the battle would turn at this point. For even the healing factors of the advent army now laid dead and dying. Only the generals of the Beast, as well as a conclave of lyconlords would remain. The Beast merely stood his ground, lowering his head so that his devil like horns cast ominous shadows over the land under foot, his generals hovering ever closer to him.




Having his energy reserves augmented by Deus feeble attacks, GuyverWarrior laughs at the other generals, even more so as they slink away to hover beside their benefactor. His laughter is halted however as the Beast himself advances and shoots a beam out at GuyverWarrior from his fist. His gravitation field still active, his Control Medal and Matrix both pulse in synch as his Gravity controller tries to compensate for the huge amount of energy and convert it to energies he can absorb. However once again there is a portion of this energy that is not compatible with his own systems, which seems to confirm the reports given about the link between the now dead Zagam, and the beast.

His efforts to absorb the blast are successful, to a degree, however what remains is still powerful beyond reckoning and breaks through his gravitation field, coring a hole through his mid-section. His blood flowing freely down his waist and legs, his redundant organs taking over control from the primary organs that were damaged by this attack, GuyverWarrior backpedals away from the Beast and finds himself amongst a group of Kavzar warriors. The beast then laughs and the kavzar drop to their knees screaming and writhing in agony. His hyper sensors scanning them, it would appear as if their power sources were being quickly bled away.

Cursing rather loudly, as his backup power source is reduced to nothing as the Kavzar warriors die a rather painful death, GuyverWarrior grabs a Kavzar by the throat with his left hand, and mutters to it, “You will die an honorable death, you have served the empire well.” Upon saying this, GuyverWarrior draws his right hand back, and clenches it into a fist, and with a final nod to the kavzar, GuyverWarrior’s Control Medal flashes for a moment as he sends a power punch to it’s mid-section; milliseconds after the impact of the first power punch, GuyverWarrior cocks his hand back again and delivers a second devastating punch. The resulting explosion, not only obliterates the kavzar, washes over his gravitation field, and quickens his rate of regeneration, but also has a random side-effect.

His Control Medal and Matrix computer signal his mind that this area of space can now be connected to other dimensions, but warns that another psionic disturbance issued by the Beast can close the conduit between dimensions once again if control cannot be established. His Control Medal pulses in synch with his gravity controller as he forms a link with hyper space. The moment he connects with hyper space, his hyper space link system comes back online, and GuyverWarrior’s energy reserves peak at full power. In tandem with his Quantum and psionic powers, GuyverWarrior taps into his Gravity controller and twists the fabric of reality to his whims.

Trying to thwart the Beast before he can react, GuyverWarrior creates a field around himself that stretches out to about a radius of 40 feet. Inside this field, thanks to the combined aspects of his Quantum, Psionic, and Gravitational powers, GuyverWarrior’s will reigns supreme, as he cuts off this portion of reality itself from outside influence. A roar shudders it’s way forth from his sonic emitters as he struggles to remain in control of this small area, but he holds his ground, his Hyper space link system remaining active.

Laughing at his manufactured magnificence, GuyverWarrior’s hyper sensors lock in on the location of Deus, and with a grunt of satisfaction, he grabs both of his breastplates, one with each hand, and pulls them open. His primary lungs deflating, which causes his secondary lungs which hold the quantum hypersmasher cells, to inflate, GuyverWarrior begins to charge his Quantum Hypersmashers. As the energy buildup reaches critical mass, GuyverWarrior tilts his torso, and unleashes a fully charged 10-second double quantum hypersmasher at Deus. The ground beneath GuyverWarrior’s feet blackening and cracking from the sheer amount of energy released at his target.

Deus shouts out for his lord to save him, yet the cry falls upon deaf ears, and he is forced to raise all of his defensive shielding. All of this is to no avail, as GuyverWarrior's blast cuts through his shields and begins to break apart his armor on the molecular level. The blast encompasses his entire body, and when it finally dissipates, there is nothing left of Deus.

Completing this task, GuyverWarrior looks to the Beast. Under the guyver armor, GuyverWarrior's face is full of snide contempt, and with a flash from his Control Medal, his hands close his breastplates and drop to his waist. His Gravity controller resonates drawing in energy from Hyper space, and begins to charge a Triple hyper mega pressure cannon attack, GuyverWarrior combining it into one immense blast. Baring his teeth as he yells at the beast, his speech unintelligible, he fires the massive blast at him, and then raises all of his defensive shielding, preparing for a counter-attack. His hyper space link system keeping him at full strength.




The death of Deus would sit heavy on the hearts of the generals. The beast hadn’t even lifted a hand in order to prevent his demise. The creature must have been unimportant to him in the first place the other generals rationalized. Though this combatant known as Guyver Warrior had seen the death of two such generals within the course of this battle, Zagam still laid within a state of suspended animation, and thusly was perchance still within the game if he was to be called upon.

Even through the vast attacks of this Guyver Warrior, would the other generals pivots and flare further skyward as to avoid any other forms of devious wrath. The beast would extent a single phalange pointing it in the direction of Zagams tomb as though to resurrect him. A beam of invisible energy shot forward from this finger, beckoning Zagam forth from his erstwhile grave.

Fingers would coalesce, pulling debris and dirt away from there resting place, grappling with the ground and dragging Zagam to his feet once more in some form of an ominous bow. The crimson lights behind him illuminating only the shadowy figure of the past, as though some zombiefied beast had found solace within the ways of tormented men. Lyconlords would swarm the corpse, adding their own life energies to his newly arisen form, as though to give him that extra push he needed to free himself from his makeshift mausoleum.

Thousands of other Lyconlords would continue to pour from a fissure set in place by the beast so long ago in the battle. Their masses seeming never ending to any onlooker who may perceive such travesties of inaction.

The beast though would not permit such a wrong to go unanswered, for even as Deus’ death would ring out amongst the ears of the masses, another folly of attacks would be pressed forth against Guyver Warrior. The triple hyper pressure cannon being slung forth and in the immediate direction of the beast would merely be shrugged off, an outstretched hand grasping at it in mid air and absorbing the majority of the impact. Only faint scars remained of what should have been a massive indentation. These simple injuries would heal within a moment, leaving the demonic hand hanging in mid air, as the left arm would raise and force thousands of tiny blades forward with a rage filled slash.

The actual contact would be made along the front portion of Guyver Warrior’s abdominals, hoping to skewer him upon their brackish groves. An actual resonance frequency would join this merriment of blades, as some awful begotten tone would ring out on just the right frequency to cause the organism of the boost armor to go into convulsions, hopefully freeing the host from its confines.

This monstrosity would boast, laughing out loud amongst the masses as the rest of his generals continued their retreat, only the form of Zagam in the distance slowly tromping towards the actual engaged battle. If this wasn’t enough, one must consider the constant meanderings of the lyconlords, and the fact that swarms of them would be fast approaching the rear of Guyver Warrior. Balufaust had yet to make his return from hyper space, and without further aid, the situation Guyver Warrior had found himself within seemed rather grim.




Even without relenting, GuyverWarrior finds no success, but he does not give in just yet. Already seizing control of a small area of space from the Beast, GuyverWarrior begins to expand upon his sphere of control, doubling the space he has already acquired. However the Beast retaliates by slashing at his midsection with his left arm, which is adorned with a myriad of blades. The blades cutting through his gravitation shield as if it were paper, GuyverWarrior feels the blades penetrate his armor, and upon contact the weapons unique resonance frequency wreaks havoc with GuyverWarrior’s unit.

The actual damage of the attack negligible compared to the units automatic response; the guyver tries to retract from the host, due to the resonance pulse, as if it were an allergic reaction, leaving the host defenseless. GuyverWarrior has other plans however, His Control Medal flashing madly, the outer ring, or what is referred to as the Armor controller works in tandem with his Matrix computer, and sends it’s own pulse throughout his Guyver unit, on the exact opposite frequency as the beast’s resonance in order to counteract it’s effects. His efforts succeed, but barely, his power levels fluctuating wildly as the unit tries to accommodate two sets of actions.

His unit now complying with his mental commands once again, GuyverWarrior bellows out in fury, a shockwave emanating from his sonic emitters, splintering the ground in front of him and carving a furrow into the ground towards the Beast. His matrix pulsing in synch with his Control medal, the Hyper space link system now functioning at optimal levels, GuyverWarrior begins to charge all of his weapon systems, except for his quantum hyper smashers, intending to use those as a last ditch effort against the beast.

Activating his quantum abilities with but a thought, the world around GuyverWarrior seems to move at a much slower pace as the matrix begins to compute on the quantum level. His quantum beam orbs fully charged, and his Hyper swords extended, GuyverWarrior utilizes his quantum speed ability to devastating effect. Appearing on all sides of the beast, one spot at a time of course, but he moves so fast he appears to be in more places at once, he fires all of his quantum beam orbs at every different spot on the beast, probing/looking for a weakness. He of course targets its control medal, and every other orb or device located on it’s form, continuously pumping his blasts into it.

To make matters worse for the beast, GuyverWarrior channels the power from his power wave, into his Quantum beam orbs, magnifying their power by a factor of 250, and alters the effects of the beams upon him by negatively charging its energies. The impact of these beams upon the beast could have devastating effects, potentially causing a huge matter/anti-matter explosion. It doesn’t stop there however, as each of his gravity controllers resonates, drawing in energy from the alternate spatial plane, hyper space, and he quickly charges up multiple hyper mega pressure cannon attacks, which are then formed into one massive attack, his Hyper space link system keeping his energy reserves at a maximum.

These he fires at key areas on the Beasts form, it’s apparent Control Medal, many of the other orbs on its torso, and whatever passes for its Gravity controller, and throughout all of his attacks, he constantly exploits his quantum speed. And so, GuyverWarrior appears and stays about 20 feet in front of the beast. Grabbing his breastplates, GuyverWarrior opens them to reveal the quantum hyper smasher organs, which take on a sphere shape as they begin to charge, forcing his secondary lungs to compensate for his compressed primary lungs.

The organs glowing, GuyverWarrior unleashes a double quantum hyper smasher attack at point blank range to the beast and 10 seconds later, GuyverWarrior teleports behind the beast, and charges up his quantum hyper smasher again to deliver another double full powered blast. His fury knowing no bounds, GuyverWarrior rushes up to the beast, not wanting to use his quantum hyper smashers any further, due to power loss, and begins to power punch him repeatedly, aiming at weak points he would find in his own armor, namely the control medal, gravity controller and other weapon systems.

GuyverWarrior hopes in his efforts to damage the beast enough so that he can destroy him before the beast can employ any more of his tricks. His own wounds closed, he will not forget the resonance pulse that almost cost him his life. Using his Hyper sensors, GuyverWarrior probes the beast looking to see just how much damage he has suffered, and how much trouble he himself is in.




Within the formulations of rage and malice lays the dominating aspects of self regard. This is one of those many moments that life pauses for a brief instant and we can see all the cards laid out on the table for our viewing pleasure. Guyver Warrior had attempted to preemptively strike at the beast in hopes of decimating any form of defensive capabilities the creature might posses, yet even this wave of brash attacks has its faults.

The monstrosity would not waver; instead he would highlight the very nature of the attack, allowing the sporadic pulses of quantum energy to come into contact with an aforementioned containment shield. The conversation ratio of interstellar energy forms being almost perfect, as each shot from the quantum orbs merely impacted this field and fell short of their intended purpose. Instead, they would be absorbed into the buffer, and allow the Beast further fits of rage.

The Beast leaped forward and into the heavens as though to offset the quantum computations of guyver warrior, using the unit’s quantum speed against him. For even though this maneuver allowed Guyver Warrior to be almost perceived as though at multiple points within the same space, it would not fool the beast. With each new teleportation and maneuver, the beast would lash out with a barrage of energy attacks. The first of which would not fully connect until the second translocation of Guyver Warrior.

Guyver Warrior would be knocked out of the sky at this point, flailing to the ground for a hard impact upon the nearly organic surface of this planetoid. Before the warrior could even stand to his feet the Beast was upon him again, this time baring down right his right foot as though to impact with the quantum matrix. Guyver Warrior raised his left arm, balling his fingers into a copiously constructed fist as he allowed his left forward facing vibrational sword to come into contact with the outstretched foot. But no, this was not your normal high frequency blade, for it would be interlaced with malleable particle fields that would alternate on a varied frequency just out of sync with normal spatiotemporal interaction.

It was enough to catch the beast off guard and slice through that outstretched appendage. The strike would originate at the ankle of the beast, slicing clean through before the alternating current of his energy shield was able to compensate for the variance of frequency being emitted by Guyver Warrior. The beast fell backwards under discomfort for a moment, before regaining his balance via use of his plasmatic wings. These mighty appendages allowing him to lift himself further into the skies as to avoid any further attacks from guyver warrior.

Thoughts were provoked at this point, namely from Guyver Warrior who would question his tactics at the time being. Trying to compensate for the actual quantum computation of his unit as the sparse recollection of his ability to defeat this monstrosity actually dawned on him…. It was possible.

Guyver Warrior leaped from his situated place on the ground and into the air, releasing a barrage of triple hyper pressure cannons into the beast abdominal section, as though to decimate various organs located within the confines of that space. This would not come to pass though, for the beast had since repositioned his energy shields to deflect incoming attacks in the form of gravitational outburst. Instead, the actually gravimetric signatures of these orbic structures would be redirected and flung at Guyver Warrior, their gravitational signatures of course be altered at the point of interference to add a irreverent stellar energy signature, as to desist Guyver Warrior’s attempt to reabsorb the energy patterns of his own weapon.

The Warrior merely continued on with his attacks, widening the next folly into a one hundred and eighty degree sphere around his forward position, creating a pressure cannon shield the likes that hadn’t been seen in nearly a millennia. He would combine his own power wave and cyclonic matrix energies into this malleable buffer as to absorb the direct blast. The concussion from this assault alone was enough to shove the warrior back a good quarter of a mile.

Guyver Warrior’s feet dug deep into the organic soil, forcing massive breaches into the aforementioned ground, before he finally came to a stop. He would whisk his hands to either side of him, dispelling the pressure cannon shield before engaging his rear booster thrusters and forcing his way back into the direction of the beast, this time with enough gusto behind him to charge his quantum smashers. Fingers knelt around armored breast plates, as the distance between the two became point blank, and then… And then an eerie silence would persist for but a moment, as time seemed to stand still.

Both enamored combatants just hovered with the spatiotemporal mesh for a moment. The camera angles would fluttered around them; each of these beings holding the protrusions of their breast plates. Time would progress from this moment as all four chest plates would simultaneously open and allow an out pouring of energy in either direction.

The duel beams would collide in mid air, creating such a burst of energy as to fry all lower level parties within a 1000 mile radius. The air around them super heating to the point of 10,000 degree’s Calvin from just this expenditure alone. A bright flash illuminating the dreary scene, before it fades to only reveal obscurity.

Both beings laid broken and nearly beaten miles from their previous location, though the beast would be the first to regain his balance, looking around his current surroundings as to grasp at the linear strings of progression around him. Telepathic calls ringing out to his generals as though to assist him, it was as though he had some fear for his very life at this point, that all that brash enamor of this prolific monstrosity had leapt skyward within the very moment, and abandoned him to the dogs of war.

No answers would come from his generals. It was not the fact that they were dead mind you, but merely that they had lost faith in their god. This retribution from the advents has caused more than just a defeat on the battle field, it had caused a deity to lose the devotion of his flock. Fear seemed to grip the beast as he yet again outstretched his wings, frantically calling to his generals, just in time to see Guyver Warrior standing before him.

If a Guyver could smirk, we’re sure that Guyver Warrior would be doing so right about now. His unit had fully repaired itself in the time it took for him to reach his current location. Balufaust was still no where in sight but Guyver Warrior was sure that he was to soon join the battle at hand. The warrior’s right hand held some form of a devious device, it appeared to be a control medallion, but a control medallion from whom was another story. It bounced up and down as though some form of a ball. It was of course only an illustration of his power at this point, for the quantum computation process had allowed him to easily defeat some devilish foe in the time it took for the beast to regain his composure.

The monstrosity known as the Beast could only gasp upon realization of the contents of that medallion. It was his erstwhile daughter, the being he had created in his image to lead armies of destruction against parables of creation. How could this be possible? Was the battle truly this lost?

Rage erupted from this malicious fornication of retrospect, as the beast flared forward once again, this time on a mission of revenge rather than survival, it didn’t matter if he lived or died this day only that Guyver Warrior perished at his hands. Various formations of high frequency blades would slash forward at Guyver Warrior, forced in only rage, rage so intense that it defeated the actual intent of the fury. The Warrior merely dodged each oncoming attack, swaying to and fro with ease as each blade missed him by merely fractions of an inch, another tease from the great warrior of the advent empire.

Guyver Warrior would sling the control medallion forward with enough speed to cause a few variables of a sonic boom. It clashed with one of the outstretched blades at just the right moment to destroy the crystalline metallic, forcing further shame upon the beast. Fluctuations of energy would flow freely from various protrusionary orbs upon the beast; firing fully volleys of extra dimensional particle fields at Guyver Warrior.

Perhaps this was the moment, the beast would think to himself, perhaps this was the moment he would undo all the wrongs brought to him this day. Guyver Warrior of course had grown slightly over confident at this point, with his energy reserves at full guard, who could have thought he might actually be vulnerable to any form of attack? Such is the way of things. For even with full shielding possessed, a few of the beams of energy would break through, devastating regions of his abdominal cavity, and even searing off an appendage, namely his left leg. Gravity controllers would correspond with this lost buttress, allowing him to keep his composure within mid air. Though even know one would have to reconcile about the fact that the full force of his quantum smashers was not enough to offset the might of the beast, another try might be in order…

In this line of thought would we find out next maneuver. For as the beast would continue to lash out, only to find his attacks easily dodged and avoided, Guyver Warrior would yet again open up his breast plates and allow the full furry of his quantum smashers to be unleashed upon an unprepared beast.

When the smoke finally cleared from this assault, The beast would be knelt upon the ground of his aforementioned positioned. Smoldering, but not dead, an evil grimace held in his eyes, and the shattered control medallion of his lost daughter in hand.

The monster lifted his head, allowing his gaze to focus on Guyver Warrior before those phalanges would congregate upon the crystalline metallic and seize it completely into his flesh. It would appear as though he was absorbing it, the vibrancy of crimson colored photonic fields would further add to this perception, as any well maintained hyper sensory system would warn you… The Beast was growing more powerful with each passing nano second.




In an instant, GuyverWarrior’s hyper sensors alert him to the danger the beast now presents, and rushing over to where he kneels to attack him while he is still in a weakened state, he unwittingly finds himself being held aloft by one of the Beasts appendages.

-How can he move so fast-, GuyverWarrior thinks to himself, -He was on his knees, almost beaten, this is insane!- Struggling to free himself, GuyverWarrior attacks the limb with his left forward facing hyper sword with no effect, and the beast repays him by emitting a roar from his sonic emitters and driving his right hand through GuyverWarrior’s chest. Coughing blood, his systems seriously damaged, GuyverWarrior fires his Quantum beams at the beast’s eyes, but they fail to do any appreciable damage once again.

Drawing his hand out of GuyverWarrior, the Beast laughs and throws him away like a discarded garment, shaking blood and gore from his outstretched arm. He growls at him, “You will not die so easily fool! I will make you suffer!!!” saying this the Beast flaps his plasmatic wings and swoops down on GuyverWarrior, stomping his right foot on his throat, shouting, “You are too weak GuyverWarrior, you had no hope to begin with, and after I have had my fun, I shall let my Lyconlords have their fill of your flesh!!” Laughing maniacally, the Beast repeatedly stomps his foot down on GuyverWarrior’s throat savoring the moment.

The Beast once again feeling that he has the upper hand, GuyverWarrior uses his arrogance against him, preparing a triple hyper mega pressure cannon attack, his gravity controllers slowly gathering ambient gravitational energies so as not to attract attention. The Beast once again makes a call to his remaining generals, however their doubts still fresh in their minds, he yet again receives no response, and the Beast curses them all for their pitiful existence. While the Beasts attention is diverted elsewhere, GuyverWarrior unleashes a massive blast, from the energies of the triple hyper mega pressure cannon attack, up between the Beasts legs, however the Beasts enhanced perceptions granted to him by his late daughters Control Medal, enable him to erect a partial shield in time to prevent any heavy damage; the concussion however, blows the Beast a few hundred feet away, allowing GuyverWarrior to stumble to his feet and gives him precious seconds to formulate a plan.

His wounds still not fully healed, GuyverWarrior shakes off the pain and engages his back thrusters to advance towards the Beast quickly so as to press the attack. The Beast flaps his wings to right himself just as GuyverWarrior reaches his position, and easily catches a power punch thrown at him in an open palm, the energy from the accelerated blow bleeding away into the Beasts systems. Laughing at GuyverWarrior’s feeble attempts, the Beast sheers off GuyverWarrior’s limb with the Plasma swords on his left arm and throws it to the nearby Lyconlords, laughing as they fight over the wayward limb for the right to devour it.

Bleeding profusely, his systems barely keeping him stable, GuyverWarrior attacks the Beast with his only remaining arm, his Hyper swords flashing wildly, and the Beast responds in kind, parrying and severing the blade thanks to his superior Plasma swords. Grabbing him by the throat, the Beast holds GuyverWarrior so they are face to face and mutters, “Your time is almost up, I begin to tire of your antics, in fact, I think I will end it, here and now.” Throwing GuyverWarrior up into the air, the Beast fires his Head laser at GuyverWarrior, but spreads the beam out into hundreds of smaller ones, the impact on GuyverWarrior’s armor damaging his systems further, and demolishing his remaining limbs.

GuyverWarrior however, still doesn’t give up, and activates his remaining gravity controllers, (3 of which were just damaged by the Beast) to right himself in the air, and float above the ground blood pouring from his open wounds, his redundant organs struggling to keep him alive. His wounds sealing, to prevent further blood loss, GuyverWarrior sends out a telepathic call to Balufaust, who had previously escaped to Hyperspace, in the hopes he would return to aid his commander. (( Balufaust, the Beast seems to have grown immensely powerful in the last few minutes, and thanks to a mistake on my part, I have missed the chance to defeat him. I need backup. I will be defeated rather shortly if I do not get any good news. ))

GuyverWarrior’s message trails off from there as the Beast lunges at him, blades exposed on both of his arms, his wings propelling his towards GuyverWarrior at an increasingly faster pace. Cursing GuyverWarrior utilizes his Quantum powers and enters a state of Quantum time, whereas he exists within a single moment in time, allowing him to think about his current strategy and review the Beasts tactics. Hoping he can come up with something, his Control Medal flashes along with his Matrix computer as he reviews the battle up to this point.




Quantum time leads to a state of awareness where Guyver Warrior finds himself annexed from his current continuity. Sure he can transpose the query of the Beast set before him with ease, but this is but one facet of time that he currently occupies. Within this menagerie of varied existence, lies the root of his probe. Somewhere out there was Balufaust, Guyver Warrior could only hope that his message would be received in time to spare him from the wrath that awaited him.

Even within this state of quantum time did it appear that the Beast was progressing, somehow moving so fast as to bypass Guyver Warrior’s ability to exist outside of a moment. Perhaps even this of course events would be fathomable, if it didn’t negate a few laws of physics, but regardless it was happening.

Balufaust would respond amongst the rabid chaos, shouting back through a communication system that spanned nearly the entirety of known existence (( Commander, I am in route with reinforcements as well as a new form of technology supplied by the Creators. They have notified me that its sole intention is the continued threat the beast poses. It is good to hear you are still alive. )) a long silence followed, as though no further response could be obtained. For the time being, this lone warrior would be completely unaided.

Taking this into full consideration Guyver Warrior knows it is his duty to make at least a viable attempt to survive the oncoming onslaught. Quantum time was abandoned for the moment, as Guyver Warrior reentered the normal flow of time space. His thoughts fell to the normality of the situation, as well as continuously computing possible scenarios within alternating time streams. The matrix computer would dissect each and every passing moment, discovering nuances that could be used to the host advantage. None of them seemed plausible until the possibility of evading such an attack was facilitated.

Upon the reentry into normal space, the hyper dimensional plane would be accessed. Guyver Warrior at least still had teleportation to his advantage, so used this benefit to translocate himself to an affixed position behind the Beast.

Time would pass as though within the blink of an eye. A flash of light and Guyver Warrior would appear behind the beast, but within this fraction of a second, the beast would already be prepared and poised at the new location of Guyver Warrior. Flaring through the skies as though some preverbal bat out of hell, the Beast baring his blades, with velocity fixed, and his gaze sharply tuned for his enmity’s aggression.

Hyper space had allowed Guyver Warrior to recover for the most part. Time itself within that dimension existing out of par with the linear progression of normal time space. This of course meant that for the moment he had disappeared in real time, minutes had passed within the energy rich dimension of hyper space, minutes he used to fully repair the functionality of his corresponding systems. Minutes he used to completely restore his lacking energy supply, as well as make modifications to his unit that might further allow this mighty defensive measure to the continue. Minutes he used, to come up with a plan, and intention of victory.

The beast charged, aware of this transformation, but not put off by it. Both monstrosities not met within the air. Guyver Warrior extended a gravitational buffer between the oncoming attack and himself. Various newly formed quantum control orbs acting in unison as they exerted their presence over a menagerie of graviton particle fields within his current proximity, pulling them into a unilateral formation as to create an affix point in space to greatly increase the gravitation pull.

This force was enough to slow the Beast, but not to completely stop him. A great variance of these particles also supplied the forward shielding structure initially constructed within the progression of the moment. An outstretched appendage marked its point of formation, as dangling phalanges would denote its progression.

The Beast stop short of its actual location, morphing his wings to spread across but nano meters from its surface and draw laitance within the rear quadrants of Guyver Warrior’s visage. The flanked combatant turned on step, keeping a hyper sensory orb on the Beast as his other hand flexed in correspondence with the incoming plasmatic structures. Another shield raised, mirroring the first, but unlike this first construct, this one would be forced to merge with the previous presiding construct and make the mass whole.

Another moment passed.

The Beast struck with full intent. Guyver Warrior’s shielded buckled under the immense force demonstrated. Coiled fingers from this Beast forced their way against the gravity based structure, causing it to flex into the indentations of various fingers. Plasmatic wings pierced various locations of the now left facing surface, and lingered in as though coiling ivy. They raided the left limb of Guyver Warrior, looping around his hand within an instant.

Guyver Warrior forced his arm back, firing a barrage of quantum beams at this plasma field, only to find the effects nearly null. The Beast’ image teetered into sight. Warrior’s peripheral vision of his actual eye catching glimpses of this create as it mocked him but inches from his face. It was almost too much to bear.

The moment paused.

Quantum time was once more ascertained. Moments to pass within a single moment, a thought possessed, “Simply Ideal.” Death would chuckle within an instant, life flashing before ones eyes. This was it, the moment of truth… Just one more moment, and it could all end. (( Balufaust, the need is ever near. Either you engage now, or all is lost! )) Multiple moments progress, but all within the same moment, trillions of possibilities unfold before him. The various ways he could end his existence, elaborations numbering beyond comprehension. As the possibilities of these tendrils intended path would unfold, showing the actual alternate timelines within his immediate future, allowing this Warrior of the Guyvers to perceive his own doom a billion ways over before… before a response.

(( What word of you… )) a brief pause ensued as Guyver Warrior keys his systems within the expanses of quantum time to correspond with the temporal signature of Balufaust. A sort of fuzzy transistor radio sound altered him to the continuous of this idiom. (( …We have located the temporal coordinates of your current scape, we require that you create a spatiotemporal variance within your current locale in order to further facilitate our entry.. )) it trailed off as Guyver Warrior further contemplated the situation at hand. That handy-dandy quantum computer allowing him to more readily observe the progression of possibility based upon the dissent of succession supplemented by the arrival of Balufaust and his forces. It drew an almost immediate blank, instead insisting upon his demise at the hands of the beast.

Guyver Warrior was to shout back through this same moment within moments “No go.” But instead relented and allowed his thought to center on the undertaking currently under charge. His words reverberated through time itself, finding their designated location and relaying this prose of thought, (( Give me a moment. ))

The moment resumed.

Finding that his own quantum orbs would not be enough to stop the relentless atrophy, represented by the plasmatic tendrils of the Beast wings, Guyver Warrior would instead position this wayfaring beam to sever his own arm. The pain of course was immense, but not enough to prevent Guyver Warrior from completing his task. The appendage was not a requirement of this process anyways, the shield of course had buckled, but the nuance it created was enough to secure a relative understanding of the gravimetric fields in his proximity.

The gravity field’s construction had allowed for a calculated risk, of course it would fail against the immense power that the Beast had mandated against it, but its mere existence had forged an inconsistency within that Guyver Warrior used to his advantage. Coupling the various gravimetric fields within his direct immediacy, Guyver Warrior forged a make shift worm hole, just as his back thrusters initiated and flung him further into the aethry.

Another delay within a moment.

(( Now. )) Guyver Warrior protested.

Time itself would invert, spatiotemporal mesh giving way to the immediate excitement of an oncoming conclave. Guyver Warrior stood in front of this inter-dimensional door way, his silhouette exciting and enthralling the localized spectators. This mammoth, eerie, incandescing glow emanating from his form, as the hyper dimensional energies surged into his body. A blinding light erupted from the fissure as little shadows begin to dot its increasingly massive size.

It would grow to nearly three miles in diameters, etching it’s self onto the heavens as it extended. The little blips would give way to massive war ships that flew outward into the skies, filling them with their mass. The ships numbered in the thousands, each nearly a mile long. Hundreds of thousands of Guyver like constructs joined these masses; all centralized around one hovering body… the form of Balufaust.

The Beast lurks but a moment away, as time outside of the event horizon still exist outside of the moments within a moment. As each new ship enters the space beyond the reach of the event, they too join with the normality of the ebb, frozen in position, awaiting the moment to pass, so that the future may commence.

(( Comrade, it is good of you to join me. )) says Guyver Warrior with a hint of sarcasm.

(( Indeed. )) Replies Balufaust, as the event horizon closes and time space buckles to compensate for the expenditure. A massive flash over taking the expecting audience as Guyver Warrior continues to extend his right hand, using it as a focal point for his gravitational expenditure. Another hand joins his, this one holding some form of mechanical instrumentation that is even unknown to Guyver Warrior.

It is the hand of Balufaust, and within it does he hold an Advent manufactured device. The two warriors give each other a sort of sideways glance as both grimace in relief at the object set before them. A pulse of light, something beyond light, flashes from both parties’ control medallion.

The moment pauses.

Immense amounts of information are transcribed between Balufaust and Guyver Warrior, enough to perchance, offset the balance of the battle at hand. Within this moment does too, the ranged attack fleet, interconnect to Guyver Warrior through this shared telepathy. It’s organic computers corresponding with the newly integrated Guyver Warrior as to further this state of interconnectivity.

“This ends now Beast!!!” Guyver Warrior shouts.

A beam of light pours forward from the device, aided by another beam from Guyver Warrior’s matrix. Both beams intermingle for a brief time before spreading out and piercing the physical form of the Beast, shooting through the various make up’s of his organics, as well as various temporal constructs.

Time falters, and refines the point of epiphany, as maelstroms run rampant across its very core. Causing alternations within the constitutional fibers of the root temporal construct. It if enough to shake the progression of the Beast…

He falls from the skies, tormented and struggling upon the surface of the earth. Just upon impact with the ground, the attack fleet powers weapons and begins a bombardment upon his figure. Swarms of Guyver like beings flying as though within the formation of a flock of birds, swooping downward as though to further offset the sly intentions of possibility.

(( He can not be allowed to regain his composure, prepare for another assault! ))

The order is not refined. Its origination is not from just one single being, but it exist as though some mass communication from beyond generalized understanding. It is the advents, speaking out as one harmonious voice. Their intentions are direct, the beast has provided them with the possibility of disaster, the intention of the indenture of further moments. It must be negated.

The Beast writhes in agony, joined by countless soldiers, intent on his destruction. The minds of Guyver Warrior and Balufaust extent out into the firmament, their mental constructs working as one as they further compensate for the variance within temporal signatures. Another bolt of light pulses from the instrument. It is not a physical thing, for its harm is not constituted towards the masses of the advent army, rather merely for the temporal signature of the Beast.

It sears into him again, forcing the formation of the Guyver to separate from the initial host construct. “It no longer exist!!!” screeches the voice of the beast, as he pries away at the numerous warriors of the advent army, tearing at his own flesh, and groping at other portions of it with nefarious constructs of constituted appendages. “I have destroyed it!!!” he continued to bellow, as the appearance of a malformed cadaver begins to give way…




The Beast, now without a living host, and being slowly but surely cut off from dimension after dimension, begins to act like a rogue unit. In fact it is quite amazing that it is still active at all, however GuyverWarrior, Balufaust, and the rest of the Advent fleet are shown their doubts hold no ground when the Beast begins to fire its Head laser at the fleet of ships that has amassed against him. It would seem even without a host, and the fact that he is slowly being cut off from the multiverse, he is no less of a threat, possibly even more so.

GuyverWarrior and Balufaust exchange a glance, and GuyverWarrior sends him a message, (( It would seem this device is going to take more time than we might have Balufaust, we may have to consider sacrificing one of us in order to completely destroy this threat. )) GuyverWarrior was of course referring to himself and Balufaust, yet the latter doesn’t acknowledge this suggestion, he merely focuses on utilizing the device supplied by the Advents to it’s utmost potential. GuyverWarrior can only shake his head, fully prepared to do what it takes to complete the task set before him by the Advents.

The Beast, growing more insane and desperate as each moment passes, sends a volley of beams from his head laser towards GuyverWarrior and Balufaust, hoping at least to stop the device that is slowly crippling him. The duo however successfully avoids the blasts, doubling their efforts to sever his ties between dimensions. Growing ever more irrational, the Beast begins to fire his head laser erratically at anything around him, swiping and clawing at everything that moves within his vicinity. Inexorably however, his attention always refocuses on GuyverWarrior and Balufaust, and the duo is rewarded with a triple pressure cannon blast before the Beast begins to fire erratically once more.

Knowing either of them can’t successfully defend against the triple blast alone, GuyverWarrior engages his gravitation shield and stretches it outwards to envelop Balufaust as well, who in turn does the same, so their shields overlap providing more defensive power than either would alone. The blasts hit, almost collapsing both shields, but they hold long enough so that what remains isn’t strong enough to damage them, and GuyverWarrior begins to scan the battlefield looking for a more strategic position they can attack from, hoping the fleet and ground troops will keep the Beast occupied long enough for the two of them to do their work.

The fleet taking a beating from the Beast, at least 10% of the fleet has been destroyed, and another 25% damaged so early into the battle, they are however providing a good distraction, even their combined firepower isn’t sufficient to hurt the beast in any appreciable way thanks to the w’kar element. The beast merely suffuses the energy used against him back into his systems, either repairing himself or sending energy attacks right back. The ground troops however, are another matter entirely, like lambs to the slaughter; the Beast dispatches them as if they were paper thrown into the wind.

GuyverWarrior doesn’t acknowledge their loss as anything less than the troops doing their duty. They were commanded to combat the beast, and if that means certain death, they are happy to oblige. Balufaust inclines his head towards GuyverWarrior before saying, (( The decisive part of this battle is drawing near, we shall then see if this device can really defeat the beast with any form of permanence, if not, we shall have to fall back on plan B. )) GuyverWarrior nods to Balufaust in return and watches as the Beast frantically tries to destroy everything in his path.