Guyver_Wrath painted lips coiled into a devilish smile which was almost too unnerving, too indifferent that it was. Flickering depthless orbs peered upon Enmity's form. Of course, he too had a symbiote from within that stirred to an awakening from the deep slumber. Like awakening the ferocious beast from within, it stirred to a roaring and thunderous wake. Eyes remained closed, the iris and color seeming itself to shift form
Guyver_Wrath into something completely different...inhuman. Right gloved hand clasped into a fist, Auburn colored hair wavering within the air. Arms twisted and contorted with the rippling muscles that seemingly was held dormant. Senses flared, energy from the unit collected as he scanned his surroundings.
Guyver_Wrath eyelids remained open even though he was facing directly towards Enmity. He sought out the man, and every action without sight. He saw with a different sense, every activity triggered within his brain, every wave, every sound... every heat emitting being would not move unnoticed. Eyebrows inclined obliquely, a single tongue rolled across parched lips as they parted, the one word rolling melodiously from his throat, "Guyver!"

Guyver_Enmity atmospheric electricity would clash together creating a *Bang* if you will, illuminating the surrounding area, showing Enmity’s well hidden figure. Photons swirled about within the Armor-Eye-Lens of the Guyver. Hyper-Sensors (4) circumvolved upon their organic tracks which resided on the Guyvers helmet. Breather Units (2) mounted in the mouth region of Enmity would extend, 1 cm. Two metallic veins ran from the breather units and into the chest section of the sleek black breast place. Waste minerals were being vacuumed by the veins and were forced out of the two breathing units which in many ways acted like air-vents. High pressured steam could be seen flawlessly flowing from the two units. After the waste materials were extracted, they retracted within the mouth of the helmet taking in more oxygen only to repeat the process of turning the oxygen into blood and disposing of the waste. Enmity would gaze upon the Guyver before him.

Guyver_Wrath none of Enmity's movements go unwearied, not even as the blast field erects itself around his form in a protective glove. From dimensions away, past time and galaxies its called. Torn from its home, its spans across the planes, breaking upon the physical threshold where it begins to manifest
Guyver_Wrath a single, purple tendril emerges, un-folding from his body, a violet glow-worm curling from the edge of his chest. It pushes against his blue shirt, pounding against it until finally ripping a perfectly shaped whole through its center. His head is leveled, his stare locked, his face cold and harsh, without a single shred of emotion. He
Guyver_Wrath displays no pain, not a wince nor a grimace, though it rings through his body like an electric shock, reverberating through every muscle and bone. Upon the release of the first coil, many others follow, gyring from his body like tenebrous snakes gone mad. They swarm together with an ominous swish, binding in coalescing into one solid shape. Every
Guyver_Wrath limb, every bicep, every portion of his being is consumed by the billowing mass, engulfing his body from head to toe. The strands once so soft and misshapen, now mold into a hardened substance, unbreakable by most. It is an armor, though no normal armor, it breathes and thinks with a life of it owns. It is a being, a creature not of this plant,
Guyver_Wrath foreign and unknown, born of worlds far away. It is a guyver, and he is the host. "It' is the controller, he is not. The rugged, un-shaven, meager face once shown, now lies concealed beneath a circular mask. Eyes, seething with yellow smoke, bright as dawn upon dusk, eyes that do not belong to him. He is no longer that weak, pathetic,
Guyver_Wrath pitiful being he once was, but the deadly, powerful and ominous Wrath. Vigor fulfills his body, familiar excitement racing through his heart, the energy that he yearned now boiling deep. He no longer feels weak, tired, and afraid, but instead, strong, lethal, and menacing.

Guyver_Enmity Photons traveled quickly through the Third Layer of the Control Medallion. The Gravity Control Orb would trigger. The Gravitational Control Orb drew graviton Partials within its own field of mass. A worm hole would be built, which colligated to an Energy Rich Environment. This falsified the Hyperkinetics into Quantum Singularity, and combine the energy within its own gravitational field. These energies would be redirected to the ATP ( Adenosine Triphosphate ) , and thus powering the guyver. A side effect of such vitality transferences allowed the guyver to freely manipulate and control gravitational fields.

Guyver_Wrath he was still to fresh with the armor and didn't know how to do much anything with it. The Control Medallion pulsed with a glossy ire to the center of his forehead, doing whatever he did. He acknowledged that Enmity was much more skilled with the unit, and so far now he would have to rely on sagacity and luck
Guyver_Wrath He broke forward into a direct lunge, his boots trailing across the ground as the guyver picked up speed. He soon became a whir in the air, the common passer by seeing nothing but the leaves rustling around the floor. Closing in on the distance upon Enmity, within a range of 2.5 seconds, he rotated his left shoulder blades, using the Masai Techou" technique to build force in his arms.
Guyver_Wrath A single gloved palm, opened straight out, swiped horizontally for the left side of his opponent's neck in "Kurai Kanrei" attack, the added guyver force packing an added strength and speed to it, but still only enough to expunge the breath from Enmity's lungs

guyver_enmity Enmity would form a smirk upon his lips, The Guyver before him was clearly a newbie with his G-Unit. Both Arms would broaden as Enmity's Arms began to move around in a circular motion before Wrath would began his " Kurai Kanrei" attack. The Energy conducted mounted on the Guyvers wrist', began to vacuum Gravitons rapidly. An Even Horizon constituted within the palm of Enmity. The motions of his arms would decease as they found rest at his left torso. He would hold this stance, channeling his vitality like a Saiyajin. The Hyper-Sensors observed movement coming from Wrath, Quickly alarming Enmity. Enmity quickly strafed to his right, The speed he moved at was indescribable. The Gravity Gyros would allow Enmity to move at such an intense speed rate, thus allowing him to move out of Wraths attack.

Guyver_Wrath his hand closed in on upon Enmity's neck, only to pass idly by through nothing but air. Even in the Wrath Unit, his opponent's speed was unseen. It took a couple of seconds before the Guyver's sensory orbs calculated Enmity's movement and latched unto his new location, now in a proximity some few feet away. With a clenched jaw, he took a step forward
Guyver_Wrath so as to move into his sanchin dachi stance, feet shoulder length apart. His left leg was in lead, outward only enough that it would touch the tip of his right foot if they weren't parted. His toes were pointed inwards slightly, and his hips were pulled upwards, his lower body leaning inwards. He moved into the stance quickly, the reverberating presence of Enmity blemishing the area around them
Guyver_Wrath he was oblivious in realizing as the protrusions about each elbow begin to elongate. The High Frequency swords extracted from the Boost Armor, vibrating and humming with a monotonous buzz. They reached a distance of 5 inches in length with a 2.5 circumference in width. Still unaware he jumped, ascending into the air with untapped speed
Guyver_Wrath shifting the ball of his weight to his right, he spins wildly, his leg trailing in a horizontal sweep with his motion, a single boot hurtling in the direction of Enmity's jaw for the "Hateshiginai Tenma" assault, (dark demon). The attack if properly executed, would send Enmity dwindling into unconscious if landed

guyver_enmity Did this Guyver think he was Ignorant? if so Enmity pitied him. Hyper-Sensors detected more movement from the Bio-Boost-Armor as it leapt into the air. Quickly without hesitation, Enmity would sprint forward going underneath the Guyver. A sinister plan would come into existence through the Alpha-Waves of his encephalon. As one famous astronomer said " What goes up must come down...." Enmity, Pushed both of his arms outwards, releasing the Orb from his grasp. "Pressure-Cannon!!!" would erupt from the Sonic-Oscillators. This ball of pure Gravitons would shred through his opponents head.

Guyver_Wrath :wind swept up around his foot, but he didn’t feel the thump of a boot meeting with a skull as he'd planned. Instead as Enmity rolled underneath him, he almost immediately knew what was going to him next. Using the aerial motion that carried him up in the first place, he twisted, aligning himself horizontally so that was he flat out in the air, chest facing the ground. This sudden change in alignment allowed him
Guyver_Wrath to bring Enmity into vision with whatever counter he had surmised and face it head on. knowing he had a small chance to act, he wasted no time. As the other guyver comes into view, he focuses the small orb above his head onto Enmity’s unit, drawing out the lines along his target. Even as the graviton sphere cuts a path through the air towards him, the small orb converts the energy into a high intensity beam, which slams outwards
Guyver_Wrath from his forehead and makes contact with the pressure cannon's blast. :the collision of both energies sends him rocketing back, propelling his body into an insane back-flip. He hits the hard oak of a tree with a thud, pain riveting through his back as he slumps to the grassy floor

Guyver_Enmity The tendrils that inner wrapped around his encephalon, A blue impulse flared within the 3rd section of the Control Medallion. Enmity now planned on shredding his opponent to pieces with the High-Frequency blades which were yet to be summoned. The Blue impulse of photons were Alpha Waves being sent to the C/M as if telling it the host was calling forth the Guyvers Sub-Weapons, As if on cue two blades discharged themselves from both Elbows of the Guyver. Each blade would reached one full meter. A small high pitched sound could be heard emitting from the H/F blades. Enmity was now growing impatient with this guyver. The ignorant Guyver was making a fool out of him, He did not appreciate this neither did his unit. The pent up scourge within his inner-shell, Bio-Kinetics would began to radiate around Enmity’s Outer-Form. These Red Energies expressed his emotions somewhat. He was indeed pissed off. No more would clown around in this fight. Enmity would become as serious as it gets. The High pitch scream of the High Frequency Blade would slightly intoxicate his being. He could almost hear the blades slicing through his opponents Bio-Booster-Armor.

Guyver_Wrath he slumps to the ground in a sitting position, back up against the tree, the small shreds of grass engulfing the floor piercing lightly at his armor. His booster used, but far from exhausted, his guyver dented but no worse for the wear. Himself on the other hand, can barely stand. He runs a tongue along his lips, tasting the bitterness of his own blood, the fruitions of a cut along his mouth.
Guyver_Wrath Aaron tries to sit up back, even stand, but the pain sears along his spine to the point where he slumps even further to the ground with a wince upon his masked face. From beneath the unit, his eyes narrow at the approaching Enmity, the other one half closed under the lid, the dark purple of a bruise overshadowing it. Still he remains seated, trying to gather up whatever strength he can before the other guyver draws near

guyver_enmity Enmity looked down towards the Guyver and smirked. " I shall give you a death worthy of a Guyver..." A swift mist of fog would pass by his towering figure. Eyes flashed with white photons. Deaths tendrils grew closer and closer to the fallen Guyver. The Hyperkinetics continued to pour into the Booster Armor, and viciously the armor devoured the energies. Enmity’s movement would cease, as his finger tips were brought to his chest plate. Enmity was now 5 feet away from the Guyver that layed on the ground, giving him more then enough room to dodge on coming attacks. He would quickly jam his fingers into the right Chest-Plate of the Guyver unit. Gritting his teeth, he pried the Chest-Plate from its dormant position. Chest Muscles Contracting, allowing Wrath to see the Mega-Smasher cell. Enmity held the plate tightly within his hand.

Guyver_Wrath A mind collapsed into the uncertain proxima, the filterization of the power immense turning in it's own waking ring of chaos. The Guyver give a bursting look both torrential and comical towards the one known as Enmity. Shaking with conformity as the leaking glades of light surrounded his aura. Energy began to re-surface in his unit
Guyver_Wrath churning like a waking carousel full of fallacious power. Slowly, he came back to his feet, standing up using the oak tree for support, and shaking off the affliction that threatened to swallow him. The shifting weight beneath his own ebony boots. The reddish brak of crimson held close to his body as he watched. Digits reaching gently up to the air. He frowned in pain. Lurking thoughts wondered what the entirety of this fight would be.
Guyver_Wrath Somewhere though, he detected a power. There it was. A short look snapped in the direction of his opponent. He sensed something arising. The lavender hues still leaking from his High Frequency blades. Wrath surfaced, moving again. The infusion leaking from about the visage, leaving trails of crisp yellow churning about the cold collected gaze. Giving some ocular prosperity. His pupils shrank as he saw the mega cannon
Guyver_Wrath pain or no pain, he would have to act now. Aaron was gone, for now, and all that remained was Wrath. No more emotion to hinder his attacks, he lunged forward, tapping upon the hidden reservoirs of his poweriling at a speed unhinged to gravity. He moved with ferocity, moved with incomplete imagery. Leaving traces of waking red in his motion as he came for the form of Enmity. The energy propelling the body with out much effort, he spun, twisting way
Guyver_Wrath out of the way of the megacannon until he faced the left side of his opponent's body. Renewed strength brought two blades to finish of the enemy guyver, with one encircling upon the back of the calves to sever his legs into a clean half, the other arcing in a flash towards Enmity's throat to tear the lungs from his neck. And in view all that took place was a blur, the last of his efforts spent in an almost unstoppable swath of attacks