'Hellhole...' The only thought that roamed the Guyvers mind as she lunged towards another simulation. She felt a tightness wrap around her body and she swung her elbow back towards her assailants neck. During the entire battle she had felt the uncomfortable pressure within her joints, the begging of her High Frequency blades to be released. As her elbow collided with synthetic skin she released this pressure. The result was the shirking sound made as her right blade made its release, piercing through the neck of her would be attacker, severing both jugular veins as well as both carotid arteries. Bloodlike fluids dribbled down her arm and down her back, pooling as thick ooze around her feet.

Retracting the blade she listened to the muffled thud as the body fell to the floor. All she wanted was to find a way to get to those who were able to leave, but her idle thoughts were interrupted as she heard the sounds of photon energy being shot at her. Her ocular sensors kept her constantly informed of the changes, just as a pillar jutted up from the ground. With great skill and power she pushed from the ground, flying effortlessly above the pillar and onto its top, something unbelievable to most given the Guyvers weight which measured in the tons. "You have to adjust for sudden changes." came the voice of one of the techs who was running the simulation.

Kashii though remained silent, her ocular orbs continuing to hum as they slid through the seemingly worn grooves through the head piece of her bio armor. His attempt to distract her was ineffective as she again released her High Frequency blades in more than enough time to send the next volley of photon blasts into various areas of the walls, watching them smoke as she leapt from the pillar she was perched on and dashed at amazing speeds, taking out each gun rather effectively. During the whole simulation her ocular sensors had been carefully scanning the interior, searching out the window where her new...friends, were watching her. It was interesting just how willing they were to assist her in return for sparing the life of their little leader.

As she headed towards the window a group of at least twenty appeared around her and quickly closed in. Spinning once in a counter clockwise motion she listened to the hum of her blades as they ripped through flesh, but as they did this the Gravity Controller located upon her abdomen began to pulsate faintly as it drew in the expended energy released by her fallen prey. This gathered energy traveled through the small network to the now shimmering laser orb upon the center of her forehead and as the last of her enemies fell into a blood stained heap she was again on the move. With a single leap she released the pulse of energy from her laser, watching as the glass shattered.

Seeing the glass shatter sent those in the monitor room scampering for anything safe to hide in, behind or under. As she landed upon the casing of the window all ocular sensors aimed forward upon the man doing the simulation. The man backed up, seeing his reflection where her eyes would rest. She stared at him intently, her form appearing to be carved from stone. 'Hiding gives you a false sense of security.' came the echo of her voice through his mind. She then walked into the control room as if nothing had happened and exited the station heading towards the lab itself to see if perhaps they had managed to successfully complete a boost pack for her to leave this wretched realm.

As she passed various buildings she remembered the first time she'd found them. Two of the aids to the Leader had fallen to her blades. The leader herself would have succumbed to the power of her Mega Smasher but she was able to manipulate the air around her to create a guard that prevented their deaths, but they did suffer repercussions from the attack in the way of broken bones. At first she thought of using them for their technology but assumed that the other Guyver Units would probably have knowledge that vastly outranked them. She then informed them that she was there to kill the one named Archer Vance, the leader of Trinity.

After seeing her in action for the brief time she was in it they knew that if she were to try she would eventually succeed so the group bartered with the sapphire Guyver, offering her instead, a way to escape the realm and seek out the Guyvers that were able to escape. So as they worked on the boost unit she spent her days taking in fine details of her surroundings and training to better hone her skills as a threat to anything that was perceived as an enemy.

As she walked into the Labs the air suddenly became mildly tense. Apparently word had gotten around quickly about her bout of training, but they never fully trusted her from the start. Not that she blamed them. She'd be suspicious of someone sticking around that was hired to kill the leader of the GSF. She ignored them, appeared to anyway, though her ocular sensory orbs continued their quiet humming as they took in all movement made around her as she approached the director of the Labs. 'You have information?' she asked, watching as the man shuddered against his will.

No one really liked having her voice being heard in their heads, something about a fabled ability to read ones mind or something along those lines. "Y..yes.." he stammered slightly as he adjusted his glasses. He then turned from her and beckoned for her to follow. He then began explaining that they were able to complete a boost unit that would safely take her from the realm. The only reason that it had taken so long...was because the bio armor was extremely heavy and they needed to get her safely from the pull of gravity. Through trial and error they were able to make it no bigger than a standard pack, able to be slung over both shoulders and fastened around the chest just above the split of her midsection cavity where the energy for her Mega Smasher would gather and fire.

He explained to her how it would work and how long the power cells would last. "Once you get out of the pull give yourself enough forward momentum and shut the boosters down to conserve resources." he told her as he assisted her in putting the pack on. She just nodded, feeling her bio armor adjust to the slightly snug fit but at least it wouldn't come off....

A small group including Archer followed her outside to an open area of the base but as she reached the place she would launch from only Archer followed her out. "A strike team has been dispatched to deal with the group responsible for putting out the hit." The two exchanged other words, each ending the conversation with a nod. As she sought out the best direction to run the Lab Director approached and she turned her head towards him as he handed her a belt that held three additional power cells.

"Just in case." he said before rejoining Archer once more with the rest of the group. Kashii again nodded her head as several of her sensory orbs focused upon a suitable path and after fastening the belt around her waist she turned and with a kicked up cloud of dust she was gone, nothing more than a blue blur flowing across the landscape. When she achieved her max speed she leapt into the air, and as she did that, activated the boost pack. She felt the sudden jerk of movement as she was sent towards the emptiness of space. It didn't take long to breach gravity's hold and once she was far enough away she turned off the boost pack, having enough forward momentum to continue forward at a good clip.

Now started the search for those she had begun to grow close to.








Mon-El flies point in front of the Alliance of Unified Dimensions ship, Worthington. He has been tasked with guarding this ship from the Alliance of Unified Dimensions enemies, the Ralaruru. They have been trying to crack the dimensional codes on the jump gates for quite some time now, but the duty to guard those has been left to someone else. Mon-El can’t help but feel like he is given a token post, he feels worthless flying through the openness of space, leading a ship on it’s rounds.

Annoyed at the Alliance of Unified Dimensions, Mon-El can only do as he is told, how he is told to do it, and ignore everything else. Spending his time scanning the emptiness of space that surrounds him, his thoughts always drift back to the Guyver Strike Force. If it weren’t for GuyverWarrior he wouldn’t be in this mess. Shaking his head clear of old memories, he continues his monotonous scanning of his immediate environment.

Blasted asteroids, broken glaciers and sizable sheets of metal block the
Worthington's path, using his ocular lasers Mon-El dispatches the debris out of the way. In this universe, Guyvers have been outlawed, it has been quite some time since he has activated his unit, since the revolt caused by GuyverWarrior in fact. Cursing to himself, Mon-El signals the Worthington to change course, in order to avoid a nebula which could damage the ship. As it stands the nebula doesn’t affect the Omega Suit’s shielding, so Mon-El decides to fly straight through it, too lazy to alter his heading in accordance with the Worthington.

During his travels, Mon-El isn’t normally affected by the Guyver, but since its lack of use, and Mon-El’s boredom grows he sometimes hears a voice in his head. The voice tells him to boost and wreak havoc, to rain destruction down upon everything. This has caused uneasiness in Mon-El, which seems to make him exhibit anti-social behavior, being fearful that one day he will lose control. Emerging from the nebula, Mon-El’s sensors detect that the
Worthington is still making its way around, and halts, awaiting its arrival. Trying to keep his mind occupied, Mon-El begins to scan space once again, and receives a weird reading to his right about a mile out.

Shrugging to himself, Mon-El decides to go check the reading out since it is not showing up very well on his scanners, which is quite peculiar. Arriving at the disturbance, it seems to be a pinhole of light, about the width of his finger. A strange temporal reading can be detected, yet the exact time it connects to cannot be determined. Wondering what could have occurred to cause a rip in space/time, it doesn’t take long to figure out it could’ve been a skirmish with the Ralaruru.

Sending a report to the
Worthington, Mon-El says (( I have detected a spatial anomaly in grid 42, log this into the report and continue along your projected course. )) Mon-El sends the ship new coordinates, and begins to fly back to the Worthington when the time hole erupts open causing a massive surge of energy. Fortunately Mon-El is up to the task, and isn’t harmed by the blast. Spinning around his sensors probe the anomaly, and acquires the exact temporal signature. Mon-El is taken aback as he looks at the read-outs, it seems this rift in space/time is a direct link to his past, shortly after the discord involving the Guyver Strike Force, but how, and why?








Kashii continued floating through space, her course straight, her ocular orbs sliding through their grooves as they searched out anything that might tell her which way she should go. The vacuum of space was a different realm for the young Guyver, there was no sound, no air, but somehow she still managed to survive. Though her curiosity had picked up, she remained ever vigilant and it was that attention to detail that led her to a strange reading.

The flux was to her right so she managed to flip backwards and turn on the boost pack to stop her self. Turning her head in the direction indicated by her sensory orbs she studied the oddity of the reading. It was nothing like what she'd seen since she'd jumped and was coming from empty space. Turning on the boost pack she made her way towards it though she was almost tempted to just dismiss it entirely given the fact that it was so small, but, this could also be something that could help her find the rest of the Guyvers. Either way, it was worth investigating.

She maneuvered herself carefully over, under and around floating rocks, diverting her attention long enough to look at a star as she passed by it. Such wonders were held out here but she had more pressing issues to attend to. As she moved towards the small rip it suddenly exploded outward with a brilliant flash of light, a light bright enough that all of her ocular orbs rotated to the backs of their grooves. While this was happening she was being pulled towards the opening but she couldn't feel herself move so she was unaware of her new found plight until she was mere meters from the mouth of whatever lay before her.

She turned the boost pack to its full capacity but with the pull of the anomaly she only found herself backing up mere inches compared to how fast she normally would have gone. The energy given off by whatever it was intense and her Control Metal began feeding off of it just as she caught sight of several asteroids flying rapidly towards her due to the suction exerted against them. She moved as best as she could while the laser charged but once it was several beams of light shot through as many rocks as she could, their shattered remains pelting her bio armor. Her laser orb wasn't really cutting it though and she was nearly broadsided by another asteroid and when she unleashed her High Frequency blades one of them became lodged and as she fought to free herself she was bombarded and hurled into the suction.

As she was thrust into the wormhole she felt the boost unit being ripped from around her along with the belt containing the three spare power cells. She was now at the mercy of the elements and they were being none too kind. As she thrashed around she managed to grip the split down the center of her armor and pull it open. She was going to use her Mega Smasher to try and keep herself from being clobbered but as she hovered, exposed while the Smasher was charging a large asteroid smashed into her exposed chest cavity. Her body lurched, folding almost in half as passing chunks of rocks continued their never-ending assault against her, one even cracking one of the reflective plates where her human eyes would be located.

She didn't even realize she'd been spit out the other end and was now floating through space once more, wrapped around a slightly smaller hunk of rock though her chest wall was now wrapped around it since she'd lost her grip after she'd been hit. Her armor was littered with scuffs, scratches and a few cracks, and all of it happening just after she'd managed to get the blasted mutations under control. What else could possibly happen?








Running continuous scans of the anomaly for his records, a few asteroids, one larger than the others emerge from the singularity after which it closes. Approaching the stellar rocks, Mon-El dispatches each of them with a few straight punches, creating clouds of pebbles and dust, and as he is about to rid the universe of the last one, like so much stellar garbage, it rotates and a form can be seen lying on it.

Once again Mon-El sends a message to the
Worthington, finally some excitement... (( I’ve found a body, it seems to have come from the anomaly, I’m going to check it out. )) A communications officer on board replies to him (( Acknowledged Mon-El, confirm it’s not a hostile and report it’s status, over. )) Approaching the body, it seems to be slender, like that of a female and then his sensors give him a report about the armor covering it’s body. A red flag appears on his heads up display announcing that there is a problem, and already a signal is sent to the Worthington with the data, and before Mon-El has a chance to check for life-signs the same communications officer sends him a message.

(( Mon-El we’ve just received data from your computer that the life-form is a Guyver, can you confirm? Over. )) Grabbing the form of the lady Guyver, Mon-El confirms that she is alive, and replies to the communications officer. (( That’s an affirmative on life-signs
Worthington, do you want me to bring the female guyver aboard? )) Chattering can be heard over the communications system as Mon-El waits for a reply, it’s strange, but there is something about this woman that is familiar, even though it has been quite a long time since he has seen a guyver, something is tugging at his memory.

A reply is sent to Mon-El’s query, by the Captain of the
Worthington, (( Guyvers are outlawed Mon-El you know this, by law she should be obliterated no questions asked. What assurances do I have that she will behave herself? You are taking a rather large risk. )) Gnashing his teeth as the Captain obviously makes his opinion on the Guyvers known to everyone on the bridge, let alone to everyone listening in on this channel, Mon-El replies.. (( I myself will personally take responsibility for the female Guyver, and if she gets out of line, I will destroy her. ))

The Captain obviously uncomfortable with this situation says to Mon-El (( If that’s how you want it, fine. But on two conditions, you will be her personal baby-sitter, she will not be allowed access to critical areas of this ship, and she will be bunking with you, in your quarters. I trust you have no arguments. )) There are ooohs and laughter over the intercom, and Mon-El only replies with (( So be it.)) Mon-El is very curious as to how this guyver came to be here and why. She will be asked a great many questions, but for now, she is taken onboard the

Mon-El emerging from the air-lock, and dragging the female guyver behind him mutters to her to de-boost, and takes her to his quarters. (( Here you will stay until I get off duty, it’s only in a couple hours, and then I will have a great deal of questions to ask you, and you will answer them. I stuck my neck out for you, and I won’t get stabbed in the back. Behave and don’t boost, I will return. )) And so Mon-El returns to his duties, all the while distracted by the questions rolling around in his head.








She heard someone’s voice and it was the first sign of anything that she'd come out of the wormhole in one piece, battered though she was. As she was dislodged from the boulder that was sticking from her chest the covering snapped back like a vice upon her right side though several of the elastin tendon like organs that drew the walls closed were cut and nicked on the left and closing on that section came much slower and even after it closed it was only partially and would gap open on occasion. As she was spoken to or about, the ocular orbs that weren’t damaged rolled forward to focus upon her would-be rescuer.

'Out of line?...Destroy?.....Me??' she thought to herself as she was able to detect pieces of what was going on. She'd just had a boulder make its temporary home in her chest cavity and doubted very much that she was going to be in the position to cause any form of problems. Besides, all she wanted to do was find the remnants of the GSF and forget that this nightmare was even happening. Once she was taken through the air lock the Unit was confident that the atmosphere was safe and just as she was ordered to de-boost the Unit began retracting itself from around its host, sinking and disappearing into her forehead so that it might heal.

Rika was now left in her human form, bruised but not broken, being drug across the floor like she was some savage. Just where was she exactly that a woman would be treated with such disrespect. The least he could have done was take her to the medical ward to get checked out. She said nothing though, still trying to feel out her surroundings and those who inhabited them. When they reach his room he announces his intentions for her, declaring that he stuck his neck out for her and that she now owes him. 'I never asked you to...' came the echoed sound of her voice through his mind, tired, soft and broken between words. He gave her no reaction though and exited the room and she managed to turn her head in enough time to see the door close behind him.

She then rolled her head from side to side, taking in the contours of the room, the objects that resided within these walls and then, with some effort, she rolled to her side and pulled herself to the bed. 'What would he want to ask me?' she asked herself as she crawled into the bed, her head hitting the pillow with a muffled rush of escaping air. The thought of how she ended up here was probably what he wanted to talk to her about, but how could she explain something she didn't know about. She released a ragged sigh and shook her head. She'd worry about that when he returned, but for now, she would rest. She needed it and within minutes the young blonde was sound asleep, her ribs expanding in shallow breaths to prevent too much pain from interrupting her much needed rest.








Finishing the last 5 hours of his escort duties, Mon-El returns to the Worthington, and immediately heads to the chief of security’s office. Requesting security officers to accompany him to his quarters in order to interrogate the female guyver, the security chief refuses saying, “I won’t have my men put in jeopardy just because you want to satisfy your… ahem... curiosity.” A few crewman laugh at the chief’s remark, and Mon-El can only scowl at the officer in return, whom he outranks no less. Rolling his shoulders, Mon-El ignores the looks he receives from the crewman around him, the whispered remarks, and heads towards his quarters.

Entering his room, Mon-El can see the strange woman sleeping in his bed, and so he takes the time to remove his armor and get prepared for the questions he will soon bombard her with. One thing he must know is whom she was allied with in the Guyver Strike Force. Mon-El picks up his computer pad from his coffee table, and begins to write down information. He begins with the information of the anomaly, what time the anomaly opened to, and how she emerged from it. Even though it has been a long time since he has seen a guyver, Mon-El can recognize a Unit-G without difficulty. He records this information, but leaves the file open just in case he is wrong.

It is at this time however, that Mon-El tires of waiting. The female guyver is not a guest; she is a prisoner until such time as she is no longer deemed a threat. And so Mon-El walks over to her and turns on the light above his bed. Not receiving a noticeable response Mon-El nudges her and mutters quite gruffly, “Wake up! This is not a pleasure cruise, it is time for you to answer my questions!!” Mon-El stands over her, looking over her with scrutinizing eyes, he wears a peculiar black suit, similar to what a diver would wear but there are what looks like diodes all over it. A black cape trails behind him, shifting with each movement he makes.

Mon-El moves to a chair, and sits facing the female guyver. He looks to her and picks up his computer pad, fully prepared to proceed with the interrogation. “First things first, I want to know your name and who you are allied with. And don’t try to lie to me. Depending on your answer, I will know how to deal with you. A piece of free advice, boosting is illegal in this universe. The Alliance of Unified dimensions outlawed Guyvers since the Guyver Strike Force wars. So I’d suggest you refrain from using the Guyver unless you want to die.”

Waiting a moment for the female guyver to absorb this information, Mon-El punches a few keys into his computer pad, reviewing information before continuing, “Second I want to know why you are here, were you sent on a mission? And if yes, by whom? We have enough to worry about with the Ralaruru, we don’t need an assault from another time. I can quite easily take care of you myself if you turn out to be an enemy, nor will I hesitate.” And so, Mon-El crosses his arms over his chest and patiently awaits the answers to his questions, his muscles seem tense, as if he were expecting trouble, but being a member of the Alliance of Unified Dimensions causes you to suspect an attack from anywhere.








It didn't seem like she'd been asleep that long and the rest had slowly begun to do her some good though she was still bruised and found it hard to take deep filling breaths. She lay upon her stomach, sleeping when a brilliant light soon loomed over her but as she tried to stir she felt herself being nudged, her form rolling to the side, her body tensing with each movement as bruised ribs pressed against the mattress. Her shirt moved enough to reveal these marks to him though with the light now shimmering into her visage she could barely make out the form though as he moved she caught sight of a uniform.

Immediately she was taken back to the time she'd spent in prison, awaiting her execution. Guards would constantly bombard her with questions, demanding information, answers, whatever they thought they needed, things they assured themselves that she knew. This made her hesitant to even contemplating answering his questions, but even under the cover of light she could feel his eyes drilling into her very being. The first words that fell from his lips were words of warning, a warning of what would happen should she attempt to boost. 'How can I boost?' she thought. 'My bio armor is too damaged for me to even consider boosting, he had to have seen that!'

She then shifted her head, her gaze following the sounds of his voice as he began asking questions he wished to know of her. She felt trapped, fearing that if she didn't answer him that he would in fact harm, maybe even kill her. so what choice did she have but to answer him

"First, I want to know who you are and who you are allied with."

His voice was so...demanding and his threats were real enough. She couldn't since much outside of her Unit but she knew he meant business. Her voice was hesitant, soft and submissive. She didn't want to relive the past she'd managed to put behind her, but her voice echoed clear within his mind. 'My name is Rika....Rika Hanaseru, better known as the Kashii Guyver. I'm allied with the Guyver Strike Force, what remains of them anyway.'

"Second, I want to know why you are here. Were you sent on a mission? And if you were, by whom."

Her? A mission? Was he serious?? They wouldn't send her on a mission alone. She was still too green to be on a solo mission. Again though, her voice whispered into his mind. 'I am here because I was sucked through a worm hole. I am on no mission. I only seek to find the members of the GSF that were able to boost from Ayenee during the Guyver/Ayenee Wars.'

She honestly had no idea why he was asking her such odd questions. And since when was being a Guyver against the laws. Where was she?








Mon-El sits, listening to Kashii talk and begins to grow annoyed. Either she is an extremely well trained warrior, or she is a rookie. A sour look passes over Mon-El’s face. Rookies. They always get in the way, stepping on everyone’s toes. A sigh passes through his lips as the questions continue. She knows nothing of the anomaly that brought her here, perhaps her sensors aren’t as sophisticated as the ones he has at his disposal. Punching numbers into his computer pad, Mon-El activates his workstation, and begins to pull up data on the Ralaruru and other relevant enemies of the Alliance.

Mon-El looks to Kashii and says, “On my computer there you will find some interesting information about our current situation, and it is part of the reason why you as of yet cannot be trusted. I will give you basic clearance to browse information about the
Alliance amongst other things, so that you may be brought up to speed. It might take you a while, but you’ll manage.” Frowning, Mon-El punches in a few more numbers, and places his computer pad back down on his computer table.

Smirking slightly, Mon-El rises from his chair, his cape flowing regally behind him, and moves towards Kashii saying, “I’m afraid now you must come with me, there is something that must be done before I can allow you free passage to the living area.” Kashii seeming apprehensive, Mon-El slumps his shoulders, hoping this part wouldn’t be difficult and mutters to her, “Look, I don’t care what you want, I have a job to do, and I shall see to it that it gets done. Forgive me if I seem uncaring of your situation, but you are a stranger, and to be blunt, you shouldn’t exist. Maybe to ease your mind, I shall tell you where you are going. You are being taken to one of our labs, where our techs will remove your guyver unit, and glean whatever information they can out of your little unit-G. There does that make you feel any better??”

Kashii tries to run, but has nowhere to go, furthermore Mon-El merely grabs her by the throat and lifts her into the air as if she weighed nothing. His strength is amazing, even by Guyver standards. All of her struggling proves fruitless. Consequently this is how Kashii is led to the lab, undignified and angry. Entering the lab with Kashii still in hand, Mon-El calls to one of the techs to have the equipment ready before he releases her. Feeling the deck plating vibrate slightly, Mon-El places Kashii in a chair, and straps her arms and legs down, ignoring any insults or pleas hurled his way. When this task is completed, Mon-El stands and walks out of the lab, willing himself not to hear Kashii’s screams of agony. Grabbing a tech out in the hallway, Mon-El instructs him to return Kashii to his quarters and restrict her there until proper accommodations can be arranged.

Striding to the bridge, his face contorted in anger Mon-El gives his report to Warren Worthington the third, or
Archangel to some. The Admiral nods satisfied with the information, and bids Mon-El to return to his duties. Narrowing his eyes at “Admiral” Worthington, Mon-El turns to leave, only to almost run into Aureus. “What the Hell?” is all Mon-El can say before one of the bridge officers shouts, “Admiral we’ve detected a disturbance….” It is then that Aureus approaches the Admiral and says dryly, “It would seem your staff need more training.. *Admiral.* They should’ve detected the subtle shifts in the dimensional fabric before I set foot on the bridge.” Aureus grins at the Admiral not bothering to hide his resentment, and Mon-El merely smiles as he returns to his quarters to clean up and get some rest, it seems his day has only just begun.








The look she caught upon his face, the look of disbelief. She knew in that instant that she was not believed. But why, why wouldn't he believe her, why would she lie. His gaze was too intense for her to lie. She had no idea what was going on or where she was. She wanted to go, she wanted to be around those she was familiar with, she wanted to be back....with, him. 'GuyverWarrior...where are you?' she thought, her piercing gaze now settled upon the approaching man. She wanted no access to what was going on, just....out.

As he approached, he mentioned the horrid plans he had in store for her, his words echoing like thunder within her mind. Remove...the Guyver? Her eyes widened to a distance never before reached and her ebony pupils became nothing but pinpoints. "NO!" she shouted but she was simply shoved back onto the bed as if she were nothing to him. She was still badly injured from passing through the rift so there was no way she could successfully fight back, but she would be damned to let them take the Kashii Guyver, her namesake, her pride, her second half from her. 'Run you fool!' Her mind shouted it over and over in her mind. Get somewhere so that she could boost, even if Kashii was damaged she would be able to at least fend them off long enough to get out of the ship.

But, as she tried to rise and use what strength was left in her legs to push her from the mattress she felt his fingers wrap around her throat. "Leave me alone!" she shouted within his mind. She clenched her jaw and pried at his hand with the tips of her fingers as she was carried through the halls, unaware of those around her, her thoughts only on preventing the destruction of her Unit. It was then that she found herself being carried into the room...this...lab. He could hear people being ordered around before she was thrown into a chair. The force of her back hitting the back of the chair shook her slightly, but the pain of her aching ribs was enough to slow her movements.

She felt her arms and legs being bound, ceasing her ability to struggle and free herself. Was this to be the ending of the young Guyver? Her head snapped to the side as she heard the order being given to take her back to his room once they were done with her. He then left, leaving her to their whims. 'I have to boost!' she thought to herself. 'I might be killed, but I won't just sit there and let them take her from me!!!' Her eyes shone with a wild fire never before seen, her voice now echoing within the minds of all those within her presence. 'I will not let you have her!' yet just as she was about to boost a guard from behind her yanked her head back, smacking it against the back of the seat.

It gave the lab techs enough time to secure her head as they began the task of pulling the Unit from her forehead. It was the first time in centuries that her voice filled actual space, her throat constricting in an audible scream that echoed against and through the walls of the lab. As the remaining millimeters were drawn from her forehead her eyes dulled as if feeling a part of her life being separated from her, a pain dulling any she has ever felt to this point. It was told that once a host was separated from their Unit their life was over so in her eyes her end was eminent. Her mind was numb and her body fell slack, slacking forward as blood trickled through her right eye.

"Take her back to his quarters so that we may go about our business." one of the techs said to the guards. The guards bind both her arms and legs before hurling her over their shoulders and heading in silence. Stares resonate from all who pass by, the drops of blood creating a trail telling in silence where she had been. She was nothing now, worthless to those she served with such pride. She did nothing but stare at the floor passing beneath her. 'I have failed you all...' she thought, picturing in her own mind what they must be going through. Her heart once burned with the passion for helping them, but now there was nothing but a hollow void as she waited for certain death.

She then found herself once more at the door of her captor’s quarters, listening as the guards knocked upon the door to alert him that the task had been completed.








Returning to his quarters, Mon-El refreshes himself by meditating. His schedule being more hectic than usual, it has caused unduly stress on his psyche. Feeling better, he cleans himself up, dons a clean containment suit and accesses his computer terminal. Contacting the lab technicians to determine their progress with Kashii, it would seem she is on her way, so Mon-El begins to review the information of Kashii’s separation from the Unit-G; it would seem that she was horrified that she would perish from the experience. Quirking a brow Mon-El sighs, and hits a few keys, looking for quarters where he could place Kashii.

Finding none for civilian personnel, Mon-El decides to kill two birds with one stone. He will add to the ranks of the
Alliance, and get her out of his hair. Finding a rather Spartan room reserved for military personnel, Mon-El begins to send data pertaining to training and military etiquette to the computer terminal in the spare quarters and stands to exit his room when a chime sounds. Mon-El strides to the door and presses his thumb against the locking mechanism, opening the door to reveal two guards, one carrying Kashii over his shoulder. Dumping her unceremoniously into Mon-El’s arms, the guards nod to him and leave, their job done.

Placing Kashii down upon his bed, Mon-El can see small traces of blood on her face. He says, “I see they didn’t take it easy on you, but you shouldn’t worry, they won’t do anything like that again.” Kashii doesn’t respond, and when Mon-El raises his voice and stands over her, she remains silent and turns her head away, avoiding eye contact. Grabbing her shoulders, Mon-El leans down and whispers into her ear, “If you fear death from your separation, your fear is unwarranted, the device was designed to remove the guyver without killing the host.”

Smirking Mon-El stands and walks over to his chair and sits, looking at the still form of Kashii, and steeples his hands in front of his face saying, “Now, I have a proposition for you. Since you are no longer a part of the Guyver Strike Force, and I am a ranking member of the Alliance of Unified Dimensions, I am well within my rights to offer you a commission. It would be in your best interests for you to accept my offer. To refuse it would possibly mean your death. As you should remember, we are at war, and have no need for a civilian on board this ship. However an officer we could use.”

Standing up and walking to the door, once again pressing his thumb against the locking mechanism, which causes the door to iris open, Mon-El says to Kashii, “I know how you feel, lost, like a part of you is missing, but in a way it can be given back, and more. If you want to know more, feel free to follow me. I have prepared quarters for you, as well as having gathered the information necessary to re-educate you.” Smiling Mon-El knowing the re-education is better known as reprogramming, yet he leaves this little bit of information out of the loop. Mon-El stands at the doorway, waiting for Kashii to respond to his proposal.








She heard the door open and knew who would be on the other side. She honestly would rather have spent her time in the company of the guards than having to face that bastard once more. 'I should have boosted.' she chided herself angrily as she continued to watch blood drip from her forehead, spraying out into tiny spheres as the larger drop made its contact with the floor. As she was literally dropped into his arms she was revolted by his touch and if she wasn't bound then she would have slugged him but it still wouldn't bring back the indignity she was just made to suffer.

She could hear the boots of the guards as they left, the door closing as she was carried into the room and set upon his bed. Leaving her body limp, her forms natural reaction was to fall back, the back of her head hitting the wall behind his bed, bouncing once before she fell entirely onto the bed before her binds were released. She was in no state to retaliate, not that she stood any chance without the assistance of her Guyver. She barely heard what he was saying to her, things going in one ear and out the other, rather fast actually. Her mind was focused upon one thing and one thing alone. The GSF, her home, her family, her comrades.

When he advanced to her she said nothing when he demanded answers. When he got into her face she simply turned her head from him in a curt manner. In her eyes, he was not worth the effort of speech even as he told her that they had mastered to find a way to remove the Guyver Unit without killing the host. In that instant, her response was the flying of her left hand towards his face that sailed with the grace and speed of the Guyver. No normal person would react as she had, but she wasn't called the Kashii Guyver for nothing. She was the embodiment of insanity when she boosted, taking on her commanders as if she had something to prove, gaining respect from most of them for her actions.

When he proclaimed that she was no longer a member of the GSF she could feel the rage of his words burning through her soul. She would always be a part of the GSF until she was told otherwise by her commander and she was sure to key him in on that fact. "Until I am released from my duties, I am always, and forever will be, a member of the might Guyver Strike Force!" she snarled. "My commander, GuyverWarrior and he alone may tell me I am no longer part of the GSF!!" she shouted, rising to her feet in defiance, her fingers clenching tightly into her palms. 'They may have taken her from me, but that doesn't make me any weaker.' she thought to herself, not even really listening to him as he offered his proposition to her.

"Join you?" she repeated in a scoffing tone. "I do NOT betray my family like that. You should have killed me when you took her from me!" she howled and with that she dashed to the door, using her faster speed as well as the blood trail on the floor to accelerate herself. She then ducked behind him and between his legs, stopping just before she hit the wall. She then headed directly for the lab, leaping over, around and under guards and other personnel. 'They will not get away with this...' she vowed as she rounded yet another corner, following her own trail back to where her hell had begun. She would rather die than join those who decide that dismemberment of one just because they were different was the correct course of action.








Kashii runs down the corridor, avoiding Mon-El’s first attempt to seize her and dodging various officers who try to nab her. Even sinking so low as to strike at any who are in her way, she causes a few minor injuries to random crewmen/women who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mon-El merely laughs as Kashii runs towards the tech lab and he heads into a nearby turbo lift at a leisurely pace. Knowing he can head her off before she can reach her destination, Mon-El sends a message to the security forces on that deck to stand down and merely delay her.

Entering the turbo lift, Mon-El can only cross his arms and wait as it speeds towards his destination. Timing is critical, and Mon-El counts down the seconds until the doors iris open and he thrusts his arm out, Kashii runs into his arm milliseconds after it appears in the corridor and given the speed she was traveling, causes her to flip into the air and falls to the deck hard. The impact from the clothesline forces the air out of Kashii’s lungs and as she lays on the deck, gasping for air, Mon-El leans over her and laughs at her saying, “Well, that ends your little escapade now doesn’t it?” Looking to the guards, he mutters “Bind her and take her to the brig, we’ll see just how long she last in there before she breaks.”

Smiling as he walks beside the prisoner, Mon-El says to her, “You must’ve known you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere, and as for -our- guyver unit, it is no longer your property, so it would be best if you would forget it completely.” Passing through security scanners, the 4 of them enter the brig, the two guards shoving Kashii into an empty cell, and engaging the force field. If she were to hurl herself at the field, she would be immobilized and fall to the ground unconscious. “Now,” Mon-El begins, “I shall tell this to you a second time, the Guyver Strike Force is no more, I was once a General in the Guyver Strike Force, but I accepted the fact that is was over long ago, the sooner you do the same the better.”

Crossing his arms, Mon-El smiles as he looks directly at Kashii and mutters, “If you do not agree with our standard of living, and continue these violent outbursts, you shall be incarcerated for an indeterminate amount of time and if that doesn’t stem your negative emotions, we will purge them from you. Either way, you will conform.” Grinning Mon-El backs away from the force field, and spins on his right heel, his cape swishing and billowing out behind him as he leaves the brig.

Kashii will become an active member of the
Alliance, whether she wants to or not. On his way back to the spare quarters to program the holographic systems in preparation of Kashii’s inevitable arrival, Mon-El stops by the tech lab and asks a few technicians for neural interface equipment. This will allow Mon-El to access Kashii’s mind and change her memories or fabricate new ones. It will also allow Mon-El to place into her mind 10 years of training and experience, as well as a working knowledge of this dimension. Intent on making an officer out of her, Mon-El decides to submerge all of her memories regarding the Guyver Strike Force, since it is this that causes her to rebel. Grinning, he continues on his way, it seems he will have some fun today after all.








As she tore through the halls she could see that the guards and staff were starting to fall slack in their pursuit of her but that didn't make her any less determined to make it to her destination. One crewman tried getting in her way and she simply let herself fall to the ground, her body sliding between his legs. She then shot her right fist straight up and into his groin. She could only imagine the look on the guys face as he grabbed himself before falling forward onto the ground, tripping the small group that was trailing behind her. She just laughed as she rolled onto her feet and was off once again, back to the speed she had before her fun little detour.

She rounded the final corner, her eyes focused upon the final door that stood in her way. 'I'm going to get you back!' she vowed silently as she closed in on her target. What she wasn't expecting was that Mon El would be waiting for her on the other side of the door and she would be lucky to get just one foot through the spirally opening door. As soon as she saw him she knew it was too late and as she tried to stop she found her throat smacking into his arm. The force was so intense that it nearly stapled her wind pipe closed, something that would have killed her in just minutes, and if she knew what they had planned for her it was something she would have met with open arms.

The momentum was so great that her legs flew out from beneath her and as she hit the ground the middle of her back hit the casting of the door. The audible sound of her back cracking could be heard in the remote area, knocking the wind from her temporarily paralyzed lungs. So now was she not only trying to keep her throat from swelling, she was trying to catch her breath as she rolled from side to side in excruciating pain. As he stood over her and laughed she glared up at him. "Give....her....back!" she demanded in gasping breaths but he only replied to her by telling the guards to bind her and send her to the brig and wait to see how soon she'd break.

'I have no intention on breaking and betraying the GSF' she snarled in her mind. She struggled as the guards approached her, slugging one in the nose as she continued to fight for air. She could feel the warmth of his blood smeared across her knuckles but her actions came with a price, and that price was paid as the other guard dropped his knee full force into the joint of her shoulder, freezing the muscles from movement. Had there not been so many people around the other guard would have given her what for but a lengthy sentence in the brig seemed to satisfy his want of retaliation. She was then hoisted over the shoulders of the guard that kneed her shoulder and carried off once again, receiving nothing but looks of contempt from those who saw her.

Her...host, if he could be called such, seemed to do nothing but push her buttons and she despised him greatly. "Kashii....is mine...." she whispered loudly through hoarse vocals. "You....did not... fight to earn her.." She had more to say to him, oh did she have more to say, but with the roughness of her throat she soon began coughing uncontrollably, her body aching anew as her muscles tensed with each cough. As they entered the mini prison she could feel her bindings being removed before she was thrown into one of the empty cells. She was slightly off balance and before she could regain it they lowered some kind of field in front of the opening and she was in no shape to test it so she just let herself fall onto the cot at the back of the cell.

"I don't know what time you think you're in....." she began as she extended her right hand, curling all but her middle finger into her palm to flip him off. "...but where I'm from, the Guyver Strike Force is very much alive, and I will not abandon them do I make myself clear..." She then laid back on the cot, folding her hands across her chest and staring at the ceiling. If he were who he said he was she would remember him. "I don't remember an ass like you being a part of the Ayenne GSF" she snorted before coughing again. "Stop trying to act like you know me, that you know what's best for me. Give me my Unit back and I'll just go back through that wormhole I came through, and maybe, I won't tell GuyverWarrior what you've done to
Me." she threatened.

The streak that earned her the name Kashii was beginning to come out and she didn't much care what happened if his undies got into a bunch over what she had to say. She watched from the corner of her right eye as he stepped from the guards and told her what would happen if she continued the path she was taking. "Being here would be a blessing compared to being around people who rip things from people’s bodies because they feel like It." she snapped, but when he told her that eventually she would conform her eyes darkened. "I will not betray those who put their faith in me as a Guyver, as a person. You may think that it's fine and dandy to walk out on something whenever you see fit and for that I have no respect for you and you should be killed."

The last of her phrase was spat out in a growl as she turned her back from them. "Get out of my face traitor!" she snarled. She then fell silent, saying nothing to anyone, uncaring of who heard their little.... conversation. The people aboard this ship were nothing but meat in her eyes now and she was all too happy to let them know where they stood. 'I'll die before I betray them...' she thought as she rested her head, letting her body try to heal itself from her ordeals.








Elsewhere on the ship, Mon-El activates its hologram communication system, and projects his image into the cell with Kashii. It would seem her ranting and raving continues even though the security personnel ignore her, as they were trained to do. Her attention elsewhere, Mon-El says, “I don’t quite appreciate you calling me a traitor. Way back then the Guyver Strike Force was split in two, with your beloved GuyverWarrior on one side, and Aureus and others, including myself, on the other. My analysis of your now defunct sensor systems confirms you were unable to detect its erratic temporal signature. A simpler way of saying this would be, the wormhole that brought you here, connected you to another time, this one. From your point of view in time, you are 600 billion years in the future.”

Saying this, Mon-El backhands Kashii across her face, and says, “That is for the trouble you’ve given me. You cannot betray the Guyver Strike Force since in this time frame they haven’t existed for quite some time. There aren’t very many surviving members of the Guyver Strike Force, most of them perished in the war. They have all gone on with their lives. There is no reason why you shouldn’t either.” Pacing back and forth in front of Kashii, Mon-El says “I once again give you the opportunity to join our ranks, and note that the singularity that brought you here has closed. So you really only have two choices. Stay here, or get dropped off on a planet somewhere, and eek out the rest of your life in a place that is completely alien to you.”

Mon-El chuckles and turns his back to Kashii, looking out through the force field. His hologram shimmers slightly as he inputs new commands into the computer console he sits at. He then turns back to Kashii and says “If you agree to behave yourself, I will allow you to leave and wander out non-critical areas of the ship until you make your decision. Your training in the
Alliance can begin whenever you wish; it is quite a simple thing to give you the knowledge required to become an officer, and even use an Alpha suit. More info can be provided later, please save your questions until then.”

Mon-El then turns and walks towards the field, and just before contact with the field he mutters, “Send me a reply before 1200 hours, or you’ll have to wait in here for another day, I don’t mind waiting, but you might.” Chuckling the Hologram fades from view, and the guards return to their positions.








She knew he was gone but that wasn't coming close to having her stop her bitching, complaining, swearing and anything else that happened to fall from her now pursed lips. Livid was the closest thing that could come close to describing her temperament but even that wasn't accurate. It seemed apparent that she'd learned such speech from the men she trained with. There were few, if any female Guyvers aside from herself and most were like elder brothers to her, and as the old saying goes...Monkey see, monkey do...and she did, anything she was capable of attempting.

She was so caught up in her complaining that she wasn't even aware that Mon El had reentered her cell, well, an image of him anyway. When he started talking to her she immediately took on a mocking expression and with her back still towards him began silently mouthing off to him, mimicking every word he said with a sneered upper lip. She stopped as he started talking about the GSF and was about to spout off at him again but stopped in her tracks when he told her just WHERE the wormhole had taken her. Six hundred......BILLION years into the future?????? 'What the hell!?!?' her mind raced as the blood drained from first her face and then her arms, the freshly pale texture quite visible. She shot up to say something but as she did she felt the full force of a backhand slap connecting with her cheek.

The sheer force of the slap send her head rocketing to the side, her neck popping in several places as a direct result and she found herself on the cot once again. A red hand print was quickly starting to make its outline and it would soon be obvious as to what happen if anyone saw her. She grabbed her cheek and shot her foot out in a swift kick to the groin only to see her foot sail through the hologram. 'Oh how unfair is that!' she protested. He then went on to tell her why he backhanded her and why she couldn't betray the GSF. Her reply? "You deserved being treated like an ass because that's how you're acting. You take me here and immediately begin cutting me up like some science experiment! And you could have TOLD ME, that I was so far in the future BEFORE I started getting testy!"

Irritation was obvious in her voice as she scowled at him while he continued to speak to her for the better part of at least ten minutes. He then left, leaving her to think upon his words, and think she did. She pushed to her feet and began pacing. How could she have gotten thrown so far into the future. "This is insane!" she whispered as her pace increased. Her eyes were intense with focus and she'd dropped her hand from her face, no longer feeling the sting of his slap even though the mark was still clearly defined against her features. "No GSF..." she said again. They were all killed. Somehow she anticipated as much since she was never able to reach any of them before she 'boosted' from Ayenee’s atmosphere. What about there being two sections of the GSF....

This caused her the most confusion because as best she could remember, there was only one section of the GSF. Deciding that that headache was one best left un-debated she continued to mull through the other things that he'd told her. 'The other Guyvers are either dead...or moved on.' "Could that be why I couldn't find him?" she asked herself, her form still gliding across the floor effortlessly. Would he really just...up and leave them...her? She couldn't fathom it....but she never expected herself to be where she was now either. She stopped in the dead center of her cell and stared at the floor, her arms still crossed over her chest. 'Should I go on with my life?' she asked herself. Instantly her right hand went to her forehead where her Unit once resided. What was left there now was a forming scar and dried blood from where it had been removed.

A sharp pain sliced its way through her, chilled to the core. They had made her decision for her. 'Perhaps it is time that I give up and start over..' she thought. "'Cides...." she said to herself as she sat back down on the cot. "Being trained to be an officer?....I can really make his life miserable for not telling me any of this sooner." Well....her decision seemed to be made. She'd leave her old life behind and try to start anew. With a heavy sigh she pushed to her feet, her body feeling heavier for some reason as she shuffled her feet towards the field. "Tell him I've made up my mind..." she said softly, her voice laced with defeat. She needed a shower anyway to get the grime and blood cleaned from her. Now all she could do was wait.








Sitting in the spare quarters, Mon-El receives a message that Kashii wants to talk and has accepted his offer. Her quick response is not a surprise, seeing as she just now realizes what has happened to her. He would’ve figured she’d be asking all sorts of questions instead of making trouble for herself; her behavior however was understandable, yet understanding does not imply acceptance. Mon-El contacts the security forces in the brig, and instructs them to bring Kashii, along with an Alpha suit, to his location for her re-education process, and since she has agreed to comply, she will be allowed to retain her individuality.

As Mon-El waits for their arrival, he begins to input data into the officer-training program, which includes military etiquette and intelligence operations. Completing this task, he moves on to the battle simulator, creating something she will be familiar with at first. Programming the strengths and weaknesses of various Zoanoids into the computer, Mon-El will allow Kashii to use an Alpha suit in this simulation, laughing as he knows she will not understand this extremely advanced device, yet wondering how she will do her first time out.

When she arrives, she looks better than the last time Mon-El has seen her, but she wears a defeated look upon her face. Curious, Mon-El however decides it is better not to press the issue and gestures to her to sit down in a chair opposite of him. Mon-El once again tells Kashii about the
Alliance’s history, what they are all about, and what good will come of her joining its ranks. After all one more soldier can’t hurt their odds of defeating the Ralaruru.

He then explains how the neural interface will work and what will happen. Guiding her through the steps to activate the device, for when he is not there, he then asks if she is ready to try it out. She nods yes, hesitantly, and Mon-El smiles and says, “It won’t hurt, at least not while the program is active, you might get a slight headache after your sessions, but once you get used to it, it’ll be a snap. Don’t worry, during your first few runs through I’ll be right there with you.” Smiling, Mon-El activates the neural interface, and is greeted with a rush as the room they are in fades, and is replaced by a different one, which looks like it belongs at a military academy.

Mon-El and Kashii both stand at the front of the room, looking towards someone wearing a full dress uniform, the front of his shirt covered in pins. Mon-El salutes this man, and stands at full attention before speaking, “Alliance General Mon-El handing over a recruit for training sir!” The man looks Mon-El up and down before nodding and says, “A new recruit you say, well this should be interesting to say the least.” The man, appearing to be a general himself, looks Kashii up and down before returning his gaze to Mon-El. “She’s going to need a lot of work, couldn’t you have briefed her a little more?” Mon-El chuckles at the general before slapping him on the shoulder with his right hand, “That’s what we have you for, lest you forget. If it weren’t for you, a lot of us would be space-dust by now.”

Mon-El smiles as he looks to Kashii and introduces the general, “This is General Ydnac, he will be your drill instructor. He is an artificial intelligence, but be careful what you say to him, if you think I am mean, just you wait.” The two of them share a laugh as he continues, “In this program you will be taught military etiquette. How to act as an officer, how to recognize ranks, etcetera, everything you need to know to operate in the
Alliance. I will take my leave of you now, if you need anything, Ydnac will try to help, and if he can’t he’ll let me know. Isn’t that right?” The general nods and as Mon-El fades away, Ydnac says, “Ahteenshun! Stand up Straight Square your shoulders!” As Ydnac paces back and forth in front of her, she follows his movements and he snaps, “Don’t look at me, look straight ahead!!” Her training has just begun, and what pure hell she has subjected herself to.








As she waited within her cell she listened as the guards talked with Mon-El. 'He doesn't look like much of a Guyver.' she thought to herself as she leaned against the wall. Her mind was still numb from everything she'd just been made to take in and it was definitely a hard pill to swallow. At least if she were to join them, she could search out other wormholes and such that might lead her back to her own time, to the GSF, and to GuyverWarrior. Her thoughts were disrupted when she heard the humming of the field that kept her separated from the outside world cease and a side glance from the corner of her left eye showed that the field was in fact, gone, and her two...babysitters, were standing in the doorway.

"We've been instructed to take you to see Mon-El." one of them said as he stepped aside. The other motioned for her to exit the cell and she did, following behind the one who seemed to be the silent type, while the one who spoke to her followed behind her.

'They still don't trust
me.' she thought, slightly amused by the knowledge of that fact. 'I wouldn't trust me either though if I were them.' The knowledge of that made her rather proud though it was pride she wore on the inside. Her eyes, her facial expressions, all showed 'accepted' defeat and she simply stuffed her hands into the pockets of her now blood stained jeans and followed her lead in silence, picking up bits and pieces of conversations as she passed. One that she heard rather clearly was concerning her and how the head haunchos could feel safe having a Guyver on board the ship even if she'd had her Guyver Unit taken out of her body.

As they entered the halls where the civilian quarters the conversations filtered down until almost none were had and silence ensued. By the time it started to get uncomfortable though they stopped in front of a door, one guard on either side of the threshold. The silent one knocked and after gaining permission to enter, the two led her into the room where she came face to face once more with her host. Their eyes locked for a moment and she could tell the questions in his eyes, something she would remind herself to ask him about when she was settled in. She watched as the one guard approached Mon-El and set down what appeared to be two bracelets but as the snide comment emerged into her mind she kept it unspoken.

For the time being she'd opted to behave. After all, her face still stung a bit from his backhand, and she was sure that his hand print wasn't going to fade from her cheek any time soon. She glanced at the two guards as they returned to either side and just behind her, awaiting their dismissal and they were released with a mere wave of his hand. She watched them leave then looked back to Mon El just as he waved her to a seat that was across from him. Walking slowly to the chair she took her seat and rested her hands in her lap, listening as he explained to her a brief overview of their history and what the goal of the
Alliance was. She took in everything, and tried to remember what she could though she was sure that she'd be able to go over it at her leisure once he was gone and left her to her own devices.

He then began explaining to her how the interfacing worked, giving her the jist of how to do it if she wanted to learn while he was not with her. She nodded blankly as she attempted to understand everything that was now going on, but doing would be the best way to learn anything. It was almost like he was reading her mind though because he rose to his feet and looked down at her and asked if she was ready to give it a try. "Uh....sure." she squeaked out and hurried to her feet and moved to stand beside him as he started the programming. She looked around as the room faded and was replaced by a vast green lawn and several buildings shaded by large trees. She didn't quite catch the name of the place she was because the figure of a man standing in front of them drew her attention and she stepped sideways hiding some behind her host.

As she listened to the two talk she could gather that they seemed to be friends but when his attention turned to her she could feel his piercing gaze. Though it was only a moment it seemed to last much longer than that but then it was gone, and the two were soon talking, but this time about her. She scowled as he made his assessment of her and her interpretation was that she wasn't yet good enough. 'I'm right here ya know.' she protested silently as she folded her arms. Her attention was diverted though when Mon El turned to her and introduced her to the new General. She stared up at him then over to the man across from her. She lifted her right arm slightly into the air, curling all but her index finger into her palm and was about to make a pun on his name when he mentioned that he was by far meaner than he was.

She was left with her mouth agape and thought better of what she was going to say and quickly closed her mouth and folded her arm tightly against her chest. He then told her that he was going to take his leave and her eyes shot open. 'Leave....me?....with HIM????' she thought. Ohhhh this couldn't be good. She looked up at him quickly, her gaze pleading with him to stay, but it was to no avail for he was gone just as the two made eye contact. She suddenly became uncomfortable as he approached her rapidly and began shouting commands in her direction. Startled nearly out of her skin she leapt into the air and snapped to attention, doing everything she was told. His wrath was something she figured she did not want to encure. 'Man, not even Guyver training was this hard.' she thought as she followed every command barked at her to the best of her abilities.








As Ydnac continued to teach Kashii the ways of military etiquette amongst other things, outside of the training program 6 hours have passed. Mon-El has put the time to good use by programming various programs; strangely the thought hasn’t crossed his mind yet as to why he continues to aid Kashii. Mon-El has somehow taken it upon himself to protect her, it could be a skewed form of honor or duty, but it is the furthest thing from his mind. The real reason Mon-El is doing it, he isn’t even aware of this fact, is because Kashii was a member of GuyverWarrior’s team, and despite feeling his actions were well warranted, Mon-El feels bad about GuyverWarrior’s fate. After all, he was a comrade who was only doing what he felt was right, just as Mon-El himself had done.

Focusing on combat practice, Mon-El contacts a few lab technicians to bring up the data that he requires to input into Kashii’s brain, knowing she has rudimentary skills in hand to hand combat, he acquires all the info he needs to bring her up to date on current military methods and applications. Chuckling to himself Mon-El programs Kashii’s final exam, one that is sure to test her to her limits. An avatar of Mon-El waits for her to finish the officer-training program, standing at the end of a series of fighting areas. Her reflexes and manual dexterity as well as her clarity of thought and ability to focus during battle will be tested.

Mon-El then reenters Kashii’s current training program, his image reappearing out of her sight, he watches as Ydnac puts her through her paces. She is forced to march, and turn to salute every 5 steps in order for her to learn to do this action without thought. Her form is constantly scrutinized and she grumbles as she is yelled at to straighten her arm more, or to stand up straight. After another hour in real time, which is 10 times that in the simulation, Ydnac reluctantly walks over to Kashii, who wears a strained look upon her face, and clasps her on the shoulder. “Congratulations soldier, you’ve passed your first trial, one of many.” Ydnac chuckles at this and looks over her shoulder smirking at Mon-El, and gives him an almost imperceptible nod.

Mon-El walks up behind Kashii and placing a hand upon her left shoulder, he says, “Ydnac I hope she didn’t pose too much of a challenge to you, you are supposed to be the best after all.” Mon-El chuckles at Ydnac as he replies, “Yes well she would’ve been done sooner, if she had actually been from this time.” Ydnac gives Mon-El a fake sneer, and says, “No she was actually a good pupil, willing to learn, and she is in fact pretty smart.” Ydnac ruffles Kashii’s hair and salutes her and Mon-El in turn before he leaves the program, going off to perform some critical function of the Worthington, or maybe to train another recruit.

Walking around to face Kashii, he smiles at her as she salutes him perfectly and says, “Cadet Kashii reporting for duty sir!” She doesn’t show signs of hostility, however she doesn’t really like him either. Mon-El salutes Kashii without even thinking about it, his form textbook perfect as he says, “Well then, I think it is about time for you to rest before the next training session. 7 hours have passed since you entered the simulation, you can go to the mess hall and get some food, and then I will contact you tomorrow morning for the battle training simulation.”

Smiling at the progress, and good at that, Kashii is making, Mon-El ends the simulation and grabs the two bracelets that sit on the desk. He then directs the guards to show Kashii the way back to her room, and they chat amongst themselves on the way, even going so far as to asking her questions about her training, how it went and such. It seems these people are friendly enough, if you are a member of their group. When they reach Kashii’s room, the guards give her directions to the mess hall, since most new recruits are very hungry after their first simulation. They then leave Kashii to her own devices.

Mon-El on the other hand planned events for the next couple days. It seems he’s not going to have very much downtime to himself, but he’s not complaining. He likes to be busy; it keeps his mind occupied so as not to dwell upon the
Alliance’s current situation. Rolling his shoulders, Mon-El closes down the current programs, saves his files and shuts down the computers. Returning to his room, he decides to get some well-deserved rest.








Drills, marching, saluting, form...She was put through her paces, being made to do them over should she falter in even the slightest way. Though it still annoyed her she had grown accustom to his scrutiny and the sound of his voice barking commands at her. She stood there as he drilled her on facts she should know but when she couldn't answer any of them, or very few, he would spill out the information, making her repeat it over and over again until it was ingrained within her mind. Then it was back to the marching, turning to flawlessly salute every five steps and as she marched he drilled her on the information he had presented to her earlier.

She was lost to time and how much of it was actually spent training. All that would run through her mind were facts, form, stepping, saluting. So much more different from her time with the GSF. Within the midst of her thoughts he called her to attention and there she stood, stiff as a board as he approached her. She was preparing herself to get yelled at once more but instead he clasped his hand over her shoulder and told her that she'd passed her first trial. She sighed, relieved that it was over but she didn't move. Her sight remained perfectly forward but even as it did she could see just the faintest hint of his hair moving and she assumed that Mon-El had come to check on her progress. Her correct assumptions were rewarded as he clasped his hand on her other shoulder while the two men began talking about her training.

She looked up at him before the General ruffled her hair, causing her to tuck her head down as he complimented her. "Thank you sir." she replied, saluting him as he walked off. She'd no sooner put her hand down when Mon-El walked in front of her and she again snapped to attention and saluted him. She announced herself as the name of her former Guyver Unit, a slip of the tongue maybe? She couldn't tell actually. She'd become so use to being referred to as that name that hearing her own seemed almost foreign to her. But, as the simulation was closed down and the room became normal once more she brushed the thoughts aside and as the hold on her mind was returned to her, the hours that she'd actually spent finally caught up with her. Her muscles were stiff and her back ached from sitting so long in that chair. She watched him pick up the bracelets before turning to the guards that were there and telling them where to take her and to give her directions to the mess.

Food actually sounded good, but she wanted to get cleaned up first. No sense in going to find food looking like you'd just come out of a slug fest on the losing end. She followed them and listened idly as they chit chatted amongst themselves but one of them started asking her questions, first about the sim and what she thought of it. She just shrugged. "It really wasn't all that bad." she answered. "Things are really different then from where I came from, so I suppose it was probably a bit harder for me than for people from your time."

This got the other one talking. "Is your name really Kashi?" he asked

"Kashii." she corrected. "Two i's at the end of the name. But no, that was the name of my Guyver Unit that the Lab took out. My birth name is Rika Hanaseru."

"Much better than Kashii." the guard said as they rounded a corner and stopped before the room. They opened the door and stepped to the side. The one who had asked about her training then gave her very precise directions on how to get to the mess so that she wouldn't get lost and once she got them the two guards bade her a fair evening before going to finish their rounds. They would definitely be the envy of most of the guards once they told them they escorted a former Guyver to her room.

She watched them go before stepping into her room and closing the door. She leaned against it for a bit, her head lowered, locks of blonde hair falling into her face, casting it in shadows. After a moment of silence she pushed from the door and headed to the washroom, peeling off her clothes and dropping them into a pile at the door. She then turned on the water and while it was warming up she looked herself over in the mirror. There was a bruise around her neck from where she'd run into his arm and a squiggly trail of dried blood leading from the center of her forehead. She traced that trail almost in mourning before she began peeling the thick crust from her skin and around her eye where it had ran. "Time to say good bye to your old life Rika." she said as she deposited the pieces of the scab into the trash though leaving the area around the cut so that it wouldn’t scar too badly.

When she could start to feel the room warming up she knew the water was ready and stepped into the shower. The heat was an instant and most welcomed relief to her aching muscles. She stepped under the spray, letting the water soak into her hair then let it massage her back as she shampooed it, feeling the lather run down her calves as it was rinsed away. After a quick soap down she was ready for some food and after turning off the water she grabbed a towel and wrapped her hair in it before grabbing a bathrobe and wrapping it around her dripping form. As she exited the washroom she gave herself a passing glance through the mirror and nodded. "You clean up pretty good kid." she said to herself as she turned off the light and looked around the room.

There was a desk with a chair, a bed, and a closet. "Not much for decorating." she commented as she sat down on the edge of the bed while she dried off. 'Hopefully they at least have something for me to change into.' she thought as she pushed back to her feet and headed towards the closet. When she opened it she was relieved to find hanging on the rack several uniforms and pairs of shoes. "These must be the cadet uniforms.' she said as she pulled one out and held it against herself. "Not too shabby." she commented as she laid it out at the foot of her bed. She then went about changing into the uniform, leaving the top off until her hair was no longer dripping. She then ran a brush through it to remove any tangles then put her top on. Once she was ready, it was off to the mess for some food.

She opted to eat there in order for her to get a general feel for the place as well as the people stationed on the ship. It didn't seem very late, but there were very few people around, mostly guards stopping by for a small something to eat, most giving her more than a first glance. Her bangs now hid the forming scar upon her forehead so she was looked at as just another recruit from their world sent here to go through their paces. When she was done eating she took care of her tray and headed back to her room, nodding to those she happened to pass by but once she was back in her room she felt safe, isolated from those who earlier had wished death upon her. She sighed heavily and fell back onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling. She was going to have to ask Mon El where she could get some regular clothes and how she was going to pay for them since she figured what money she had was no longer useful to her.

She sat back up though and pulled off her uniform, laying it neatly over the back of her chair. Since she had no other clothes with her she decided to sleep in her underclothes and she crawled into bed, curling up into a ball with her arms tucked under her head. Within minutes she was out cold, dreaming of the day she would once again be reunited with her comrades.

Morning came early for the former Guyver. She sat up with a start for some unknown reason and she just looked around. It took her several minutes to remember what happened but as her recollection returned to her she groaned and fell back into the bed. She looked at the clock on the nightstand and figured that Mon El would be coming for her soon so she decided to be one up on him and be waiting for him instead. She leapt from the bed and got dressed, then headed back down to the mess. The only people who were there when she entered were a bunch of guards and she assumed that it was time for them to change shifts. On her way down, she was thinking of ways to get back at him for the hell he'd put her through and she decided on an old fashioned prank.

As she approached the serving line she thought of what she could do. The answer? Not much, but not much was needed, especially if he were still asleep. A simple glass of ice water would do the trick. 'But why stop at a glass?' she asked herself. A slow grin spread across her face as she came to stand in front of one of the servers.

"What can I get you?" she asked

"Um, Mon El asked me to come down here and get a small bucket of ice and then half full of water." she said. It was a lie sure, but small white lies never hurt anyone....well, maybe they did, but ice water sure in the hell didn't. The girl gave her an odd look and all she could do was shrug in response. "I only do what I'm told." she replied to the unasked question. The girl just nodded and disappeared for a few minutes only to come back with a bucket full of ice and half full of water.

She thanked her for the ice water and carried it back to the quarters and instead of heading for her room, headed for Mon-El’s room. With it being so early there were almost no people around except for passing guards and those she managed to avoid rather skillfully. When she finally reached his room she sloooowly pushed the door open but the light from the hall revealed that he was not in bed. 'Well damnit all.' she thought as she sat down on his bed but then the sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom and she crept over but just as she opened the door to toss the water on him he was stepping out with a towel wrapped around his waist and her gaze took in every definition of muscle, and within an instant she felt just like a statue.

'Oh......SHIT!' she thought. She lost all control over her muscles and the bucket slipped from her hands, spilling its contents over the floor. 'What do I do!?!' she squeaked in her head. 'Run you idiot!!!' came the reply. 'I CAN'T!' came the retort.








Lying down in his room, Mon-El is unable to sleep, and so he goes over various bits of data from the previous days activities. Protecting the fleet from attack isn’t a task he would have designed for himself, but he follows his orders as best as he can. Mon-El prefers a more personal battlefield; a one-on-one fight is his idea of honorable combat. Finding the fleet of ships he protects distasteful, Mon-El always travels out in space on his own, in front of or in behind the fleet, enjoying the freedom that empty space provides. Feeling a few hours pass as he is lost in thought, Mon-El decides to burn some excess energy, and remain in tip-top physical shape at the same time by using one of his sparring programs.

Jumping to his feet, Mon-El slips on his containment suit, which acts like his second skin, and heads to the training room. Nodding to the few personnel he passes in the corridors, he arrives in the training room to find a projection of Ydnac sparring with a few rookies. The two fighters seem to fight well together, yet Ydnac merely side steps or weaves out of the way of each of their attacks. His counter-attacks hitting home, one rookie takes a solid blow on the jaw and stumbles backwards, falling to one knee, the other rookie is caught in the chest with a snap-kick and flies back a few feet, landing on his rear.

Ydnac chuckles at them, and reenters his fighting stance, his feet planted firmly, his left hand up by his face ready to pick off a high blow, and his right hand down by his waist, ready to deliver a devastating strike. It is then that he notices Mon-El and motions to the rookies and says, “Alright that is enough for tonight, remember to stay on your guard, or you’ll be feeling a lot more than bruises.” He drops out of his stance as Mon-El walks over to him, and the rookies limp out, and he says to him, “Still can’t sleep eh? I’d chalk that up to your Daxamite heritage, you’re more fortunate than most. While most people need 8 hours of sleep, you need maybe 2.” He smirks and bounces from foot to foot before he says, “So I’m guessing you want to spar. I’m game if you are.” He punches his left hand with his right and Mon-El says, “Oh I’m more than game, in fact you may find you’ve gotten more than you’ve bargained for.”

Mon-El then advances towards Ydnac and snaps a right hook out to clobber him against the side of the head, but Ydnac ducks and sends a strong left uppercut to catch Mon-El on the jaw, which causes Mon-El to weave backwards and regain his footing. Mon-El yet again closes the distance between the two, and sends a low kick a Ydnac’s legs, but he is fast enough to block the kick, and crouch to deliver a sweep trying to drop Mon-El on his back. Mon-El easily leaps over the sweep, and delivers a scissor kick to Ydnac’s neck, which drops him to the ground hard.

As a holographic representation of a human, Ydnac’s neck isn’t broken from the impact, so he flips forward onto his feet and sends a roundhouse kick to impact against the side of Mon-El’s face, causing him to lose balance, twisting his body slightly from the kinetic energy that was released. The fighting goes on like this for what seems like hours, until Mon-El realizes that he must prepare for Kashii’s training. Only having half of a standard hour before she must begin her combat training, Mon-El bows to Ydnac and says, “That is enough for today, I have duties to perform.” Ydnac nods and says, “Well it was fun while it lasted.” He then disappears like he did in the simulation, his work never done.

Grabbing a towel, Mon-El wipes sweat from his forehead, and placing it across the back of his neck, heads to his room to freshen up before he is to meet Kashii. Seeing different officers on duty this time as he walks the corridors back to his quarters, he enters and proceeds to get a shower, intending to be quick he doesn’t lock his door. Finishing his shower, and feeling quite refreshed, he wraps his towel around his waist and walks towards his closet, only to be met by Kashii, who is in his room, carrying a bucket of something. She looks at Mon-El up and down with wide eyes and drops the bucket she was carrying, showering the floor with ice and water.

Quirking a brow at her, Mon-El takes a pair of fresh undergarments from his dresser, and a clean containment suit from his closet, and removes the towel from his waist, the one barrier that hid his dignity. Kashii reflexively looks down, and immediately goes red in the face, she stammers, “M..Mon-El, y..you really shouldn’t…” Her voice trails off and she turns her back on him as he dresses himself. She walks out the door, and is followed by Mon-El a few moments later. He then looks to her and says, as if nothing ever happened, “It is time to begin your combat training, we shall talk about your breech of etiquette later.” He then gestures down the corridor to the room they were previously at, and leads the way, grinning inwardly at Kashii, she still has a lot to learn.








She was stunned, mortified, amazed, and the gods only knew what other array of emotions she was feeling at that instant. The image of his chest was now burned freshly into her mind but she was in no way prepared for the fact that he would just drop his towel and get dressed. She was sure she caught a glimpse of...something, but her gaze went swiftly to the floor and he dressed as if nothing were amiss. During those few minutes her cheeks turned somewhere around ten shades of red or so and when he was done she spun quickly on her heels and exited his room hearing him coming close behind her though he was soon ahead of her, mentioning that it was now time to begin her combat training though he warned her that they would talk about her breach of etiquette afterwards.

"You want to talk about breaching etiquette?" she asked, none to thrilled now. "A harmless little prank pales in comparison to what you did to me. How does a little water compare to body modification!" she demanded. "You didn't even bother filling me in on what was going on until I was in a little cell with your had across my face!" she shot back. "Tell me you're any better than I am for that stunt." she challenged, but her challenge went unanswered as she had suspected. He just continued walking down the corridor until they reached the combat simulation units.

He pointed for her to enter and followed behind her, stepping to the side as he began to bring up the program. "You have a choice between your Guyver Unit, and an Alpha Suit for this exercise." he told her as he brought up the data for who she would be fighting.

"A what suit?" she asked though she got no reply and she nearly slugged him for it though she figured it'd end her back up in the brigg with more wonderful bruises from him to add to her seemingly growing collection. "I'll take my Guyver Unit." she said as she looked away from him.

"As I thought you would." was his reply as he brought up the data from the Labs concerning the Unit that was extracted from her the previous day. "Your first opponent will be Ramotith." he told her as he began the simulation and just stood there watching.

She found herself in a somewhat opened area. There were a few trees here and there as well as some scattered debris. Her orbital sensors hummed once more as she took in the details of the area while she got reacquainted with an old friend. 'It's good to have you back.' came the telepathic link to the Kashii Unit just as two of her sensory orbs focused on a point behind her. 'Must be the Ramo-thing I'm suppose to fight' she thought as she leapt easily into the air as it came charging her from behind. As she came back down she tucked her left leg back and kept her right straight as she headed for its head but just as she was to make contact and nail the side of its head with her cocked foot it grabbed her by the ankle.

As it squeezed she could feel the pressure even through her bio armor and he threw her straight out from him. She went sailing through the air before crashing into the ground, tumbling and skidding to a stop but there was no time to rest as she saw him charging her once again. She leapt out of the way just as he made a leap to land atop her fallen form and as he landed she leapt onto his back, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around its waist. As it tried prying her legs from around its waist she sat up and drew her right arm from around its neck. "Hold still you jackass!" she shouted before she drove her elbow towards the back of its neck.

As it sailed the short distance she could feel the familiar pressure around her elbow joint and welcomed it. It seemed ages since she'd felt such a sensation and just millimeters from contact she allowed the pressure to release itself and it did just that. Just as her elbow made contact with the back of the creatures neck the end of her High Frequency blade was sticking out the other end with goo dripping down its end. As it began to fall she released her hold of its waist and lept back, the blade ripping its way free from and through the back of its neck leaving it partially decapitated. She left the blade out, the ooze now running down towards her fingers as she turned to where Mon-El would likely be standing, leaving one orbital sensor to watch him while the others continued their scan of the area.

There were no words from him, no announcement of her next opponent but she knew that something so easy would not be the only thing she would be fighting and her left sensory orb told her just as much as it caught sight of yet another creature heading her way. 'At least it looks better than the other one.' she thought, though as she charged it she noticed it was visibly slower than the prior target. She reached her top speed easily and lunged forward, drawing her right hand back into a fist and just as they were to pass one another she let her fist fly forward. Expecting to send him flying she was surprised to see that he merely staggered backwards, stunned but otherwise no worse for the wear. "The hell?" she muttered, leaping back several feet as it made a grab for her.

'It's slow, I can use that.' she thought as she lunged forward again but this time instead of hitting him she spun around and proceeded to thrust her elbows into the air, one after the other, each time sending one of her High Frequency blades towards it. She walked backwards with it, her sensory orbs keeping her very well informed to what was going on as far as his movements were concerned until he swatted one of her blades away, causing her to lose just enough balance that it allowed him to charge forward. She wasn't worried until she felt a shooting pain through her left shoulder followed by the numbing of her entire arm as he sliced through one of the main nerves.

With her pierced upon his head he threw it back, sending her sprawling backwards, her arm useless while it regenerated. 'Must be more careful.' she thought, but he'd turned around and leapt on top of her before she could roll away. Now perched atop her form he began mauling her bio armor and she could hear the gouges being etched into it by his claws. "Get off me you freak!" she growled as she lifted her right arm and attempted to slice through his left arm, severing it but the best she achieved was gashing his skin and pissing it off and the creature was soon going for her face, something she needed to avoid. 'Wait...face...that's it.' she thought as she fought him off long enough for her Control Metal to charge and send the energy to the small laser orb located upon her forehead.

It was tough, but she managed, taking some scratches below the plates where her human eyes were located but as it was finally charged she took aim and fired a pulse through it's left eye. 'The point of least resistance.' she thought as the laser shot shattered through its skull and into its brain. When the creature roared in agony she sent another shot into its mouth knowing it would sever blood vessels if it hit its mark. When it began gurgling up blood she knew she hit her mark and as it coughed up the life fluid she found herself bathed in it before the thing fell back and off of her, writhing in pure agony before it finally drowned. Sighing heavily she rolled ot her side and pushed to her feet, feeling the sensation returning to her arm as her gazes returned to the spot where Mon El was watching her.








With Kashii defeating both Gregore and Ramotith, a new opponent is revealed; Vamore, with its bio-laser pods on its shoulders. Just as soon as Gregore falls and Kashii gets to her feet, Vamore fires it’s bio-lasers at her. Her unprotected flank is hit and her armor burns and cracks, allowing blood to flow freely from her body to pool at her feet. She shouts, “Shit” as she dives for cover. Her healing abilities compensating for the damage she has received, her reflexes and speed at present cut in half, she curses again for letting herself be taken by surprise. Her hyper sensors scanning the area, she detects the zoanoid approaching her location, it’s bio-laser pods charging, and looks for a strategic advantage she can use against her foe.

Hoping to take her opponent by surprise, for hurting her ego, Kashii jumps up into a tree, and waits for an opportunity to make a sneak attack. Her hyper sensors reporting that Vamore is slowly taking a survey of the area looking for her, Kashii jumps from tree to tree silently making her way towards it, being followed only by the rustle of leaves. Stopping a few couple hundred feet away from Vamore, Kashii looks around and sees that it is in a clearing, cursing her miserable luck, she scans for a more suitable way to strike at it, and catches sight of Mon-El hovering over the battlefield. Her mind then jumps back to when she entered his room, and he emerged from the shower wearing only a towel. Under the guyver armor, Kashii blushes, and as she tries to jump to the next tree, grabs the wrong branch, which snaps under her weight, causing her to crash to the ground with a dull thud.

The Vamore’s bio-lasers auto-track the disturbance and fire at the tree she just occupied, which instantly erupts in fire and explodes, showering the area in splinters. Knowing it hasn’t hit its target the Vamore decides it is best to get out of the open, and runs to the tree line, providing a more difficult target to hit. Jumping to her feet, Kashii knows now is the time to kill the Vamore, while it’s bio-lasers are charging, and so she takes off after it, even with her reduced speed she catches up to it in short order. The Vamore, showing signs of apprehension and nervousness, as Kashii cuts off its route of escape, she spits out the word “Coward” as the Vamore raises it’s arms to plea for its existence, and she slashes out with her reverse facing right vibrational sword, decapitating it and showering her with it’s blood.

Dusting herself off, her wounds now fully healed, Kashii begins to feel proud of herself and looks up to Mon-El about to boast of her victory when he casually points off to the west. Kashii’s hyper sensors focus in on the area and she mutters under her breath, “Aaaww CRAP!” as she sees a trio of zoanoids. A gregore, vamore, and ramotith come rushing at her and she reacts instantly by charging her head beam and activating her gravity controller. She rushes at the group, before the vamore has a chance to charge and fire it’s bio-lasers and attacks ferociously.

The ramotith is the first to fall, being cut in half vertically by Kashii’s right vibrational sword. Unfortunately, she left herself open for attack, and the gregore uses this to its advantage. Charging even as the ramotith still hangs in mid-air, blood squirting from its ruined body, the gregore scoops Kashii up onto its right shoulder, and slams her into a tree with enough force to nearly crack the tree in half. The wind knocked out of her lungs, Kashii kicks off the tree, flipping over the gregore, and landing in a crouch slashing at the gregore’s waist. As the gregore falls to the ground in two pieces, the vamore fires it’s bio-lasers at Kashii catching her in the chest, fusing her chest plates together, disabling her Megasmasher.

As the Vamore laughs at Kashii, she curses and shouts at the vamore to shut up as she charges her pressure cannon attack. The energy compressors using the energy of the gravity controller, Kashii lowers her hands to her waist as a singularity is formed between her hands. She then shouts at the Vamore, “Die!!!” as she unleashes the destructive power of the pressure cannon onto her target. As the top two-thirds of her target explodes, Kashii’s shoulders droop from the effort she has put forth so far, and makes her way back to Mon-El’s location.

He smiles at her and says, “Very good, but you still have one more task before you can begin to learn to use the Alpha suit.” Smiling Mon-El waits for her response, knowing how much it took for her to defeat 6 zoanoids.








She stood before Mon El after having defeated the trio. Her MegaSmasher was now inoperable, her chest plates now fused together and she was sure she had if not a cracked rib or two, at least bruised ones. He told her she had one more task ahead of her before she could learn to use the Alpha Suit and she figured there was no time like the present to finish the fight, even if she wasn't going to be able to fight at one hundred percent. "I'm up for it." she replied, her Guyver Unit covered in both fresh and dried blood.

He had to admire her spirit at any length. "Very well." he replied, pointing off to the west once more. "You will be fighting a simulation of myself."

"You?" she asked

"Yes." he replied and just as he answered her a simulation of himself appeared. "He's less powerful than I am but he'll still pose his own challenges to you."

"Yeah, power him down because I'm a girl." she said as she waved her hand in a downward sweep before running towards him.

"More because you'd never survive, but we'll go with your answer." he said with a scowl and just decided to sit back and enjoy the action.

She reached her top speed easily enough and drew back her right hand for a slug to his face but he just lept into the air and hovered there. Not missing a beat she lept forward, crouching and pushing off the trunk of a tree, splitting the tree half way through its trunk with the force of her push off. She then headed directly at him once more only to have him drop, grab her by the neck, and throw her several hundred feet in the opposite direction. As she hit the ground she dug her High Frequency Blades into the ground, digging out two mini ditches as the counterforce of the ground slowed her to a stop. She rested in a cloud of dust until her sensory orbs detected his movement towards her. She lept back to her feet, blades of grass falling from the base of her blades and she dashed forward once again.

Once again she reached her top speed and took to a flying leap and once again he caught her by the throat but this time she drew her knees up and wrapped her legs around his waist. While she tried to pry his hand from her throat she drew her left hand across her body like she was going to backhand him only when she let her arm fly forward her left blade gleamed as it sailed towards his neck. He let her go, the blades tip grazing in an arc across his chest and as she fell he used his heat vision, aiming it as her arm. When she hit the ground she lunged forward but as she drew her left arm up his heat vision caught it and it melted and nearly froze her arm in place but she was able to pull it off before it hardened and made her arm useless.

"Damnit.." she growled, watching as he landed, and began walking towards her.

"Rather humbling isn't it." he said, his eyes still glowing.

"No, not really." she replied. Her Control Medallion and Gravity Controller had managed to recharge themselves and she channeled some of the energy to her Head Beam just as he released another beam from his heat vison. She moved to her right, shooting off a pulse aimed at his left eye, knowing that if she aimed for his right eye that he'd move left and she'd be cooked but as she aimed for his left eye he moved right and the pulse grazed the side of his head and a thin trickle of blood ran over his ear. "The next one's going through your eye!" she vowed.

"How can you expect to win." he taunted. "Your Mega Smasher is fused from your prior fight."

"I didn't use it in the last six fights and I still whooped their asses, and yours will be no different!" she snarled as she charged towards him again.

'Time to end this.' he thought as she skid to a stop before him and entered into a spinning backhand with her remaining Blade. He simply shook his head and used his heat vison to melt the other blade down to nothing more than a stub and the lack of contact from her blade caused her to overshoot her swing and the momentum spun her around to face him and his hand swiftly came up around her neck and he lifted her into the air. "You have so much left to learn.." he told her as his eyes began to glow again.

She let her arms fall to her sides as if she were admitting defeat though her palms were extended and facing towards him, gathering energy from the charged Gravity Controller. Her sensors could see the energy begin to leap forth from his eyes and she swiftly moved her head to the side, the beam from his left eye catching her left eye plate and melting the path it made through the left side of her headgear. "I don't think so!!!" she howled as she released the Pressure Cannon. She couldn’t help but get a direct hit but she'd never been so close to her own attack and the blowback through her backwards, damaging her as well as destroying the simulation of Mon El. She hit the ground, her bio armor cracked, melted and smoldering, stained in blood, tissue and whatever else she'd gotten on her but she came to rest on her side, her arms in front of her and parallel to her body. Her sensory orbs continued to move, but her body was too badly damaged to continue, even if she wanted to.








The current simulation running to its completion, Mon-El floats to the ground, and strides over to a broken Kashii. Chuckling at her, he allows her Guyver systems to repair the damage she has received from her various opponents before shutting down the program. Picking her up off her feet Mon-El ends the simulation, and they are once again back in the tech lab. He then takes Kashii over to a curious looking recliner chair, and motions for her to sit in it. The knowledge she requires to correctly use the Alpha suit will be planted within her mind, it is crucial that it be done right away as her mind is currently geared towards combat, makes it easier for the techs. She of course has reservations about sitting in this chair, but Mon-El merely assures her that it will allow the techs to accurately maximize the neural interface, providing them with easy access to her mind.

Kashii gives Mon-El a scrutinizing look as she sits in the chair and various techs hook up machines and tweak their outputs. Her eyelids getting heavy, thanks to one of the devices near her, Kashii falls into a deep sleep, and the technicians get to work, hooking up probes to her head, and taking readings of her brain waves. Matching the data they have to Kashii’s brain waves, they begin to upload 10 years worth of experience into her mind; to go beyond this level in one session could potentially fricassee her neural pathways, turning her into a vegetable.

Although the actual transfer doesn’t take very long, in Kashii’s mind she experiences every aspect of the data she has received, as if living it for the first time, despite the fact that she actually is. The trial and error of using an Alpha suit for example, how to utilize its weapons systems to maximum effect, these are only a few of the things the techs have force-fed into her mind. Even while subconscious Kashii twists and turns in the chair, the experience uncomfortable, but eventually she opens her eyes and looks around the lab and mutters with a croak, “Where am I?” while shaking her head slightly to clear the cob-webs.

Mon-El allows Kashii to regain her senses before he asks her how she feels, she can only grumble as a response as she rises from the chair, holding onto it for support. Shaking her head once more, she looks to Mon-El and mutters, “Remind me not to do that again.” Walking around the lab, taking in the semi-familiar surroundings, she regains her senses and walks over to Mon-El, and looks to him saying, “Alright now I know how to use an Alpha suit, or at least I think I do. What was the point of this anyway? I would’ve preferred to keep my guyver unit.” Kashii gives Mon-El her exasperated look and crosses her arms expecting an explanation.

Mon-El clears his throat and gives Kashii a look of his own; his eyes narrowed showing his impatience with her antics. He mutters to her, “My reasons are my own, however, as you should already know, the Alpha suit is vastly superior to any standard guyver unit, and in order for you to function properly within the Alliance, you are required to be able to pilot an alpha suit with a reasonable proficiency. That is why I am going to test your knowledge.” Reaching behind his back, Mon-El pulls the Alpha suit bracelets from his belt and hands them to Kashii, who notices what they are and gives Mon-El a quizzical look.

Mon-El smirks and says, “You will proceed to the sparring room, and prepare for my arrival.” Saying this, he proceeds to his room and steps into his Omega suit. Meanwhile, Kashii heads to the sparring room and enters to see Ydnac standing in the middle of the room. He smiles at her as she places the bracelets on her wrists and brings them together activating their power nodes, and smiles as the armor plates flow out over her body, connecting seamlessly, forming the Alpha suit. Mon-El then walks the corridors to the sparring room, the crew members all stopping what they are doing to watch him as he walks in full armor, hushed whispers are heard speaking of what is going on.

Mon-El ignores them as he walks into the sparring room, and looks to Kashii in her Alpha suit, he nods to Ydnac and approaches Kashii and says, his voice sounding metallic due to the vocal enhancers in the suit, “This is it Kashii, if you can impress me, I will release you into active duty. Show me your knowledge of the Alpha suit.” Mon-El stands a few feet away from her, and beckons her forward. She complies by dashing towards him, and when Mon-El prepares for a frontal assault, Kashii jumps over him and spins in the air, performing a scissor kick, which drops her right foot onto his left shoulder. Mon-El doesn’t move from the impact, however he grabs her foot and flings her across the room, in response she reflexively flips in mid-air and lands on her feet.

Activating her weapon systems through the neural interface, Kashii’s right hand turns into a wicked looking barbed claw as she rushes at Mon-El once again. Kashii slashes at his chest, but Mon-El moves too fast for the eye to see, and avoids her blows, he then throws a punch to her mid-section, and Kashii’s battle computer tells her to jump, and so she does, avoiding Mon-El’s blow. She then lands behind Mon-El and he raises a hand to stop the sparring match. “Ok that’s enough Kashii, you’ve proven you can use the Alpha suit, and I will put you into active duty, I only hope you are ready for it.” Chuckling Mon-El waves a hand to Ydnac and dismisses Kashii back to her quarters, he himself going to return to his duties.








She was breathing heavily, the small gills upon the sides of her neck opening and sealing rapidly as her Unit repaired the damage she had received for her trials. She felt herself being lifted up into Mon-El’s arms and her head fell against hsi chest from battle fatigue but even as she tried to move it she could feel her face turning red as the image of seeing him in near nothing returned to her minds eye. At least it was after the battle and not in the middle of it this time, but even as the sim ended and her suit faded away from her she was still blushing and tucked her head down while he gave her new set of instructions which she followed obediently, following him to the odd looking recliner but when she saw it she stopped and froze.

"You don't expect me to sit in that do you?" she asked. She could only imagine what she'd walk away without this time around. He then told her that it was nothing and was going to help teach her how to use the Alpha Suit. "Right..." she muttered as she sat down and gave him the evil eye. "..but if I come out of this missing anything...." she began but the techs pulled her head back and began setting her up. He seemed to ignore her, knowing of her newfound lack of trust for the technicians and anyone who tried to get her to work with them but he watched as they began to put her to sleep and try as she might, she couldn't fight it off.

Feeling her eyelids begin to sink she shot them open again but soon it was just too much for her and she finally fell asleep. Once she had, they finished setting everything up before programming the battle information that she would need to know. Though her physical form remained motionless, in her mind she squirmed and shifted. She was growing restless as the information was imprinted upon her mind and after what seemed like hours her eyes finally flickered open. 'How much more of this do I have to go through...' she thought as her mind tried connecting her to the present. She tried to get up and nearly fell back into the chair and her head fell forward into her hand for a moment while she regained herself before giving it a second go.

This time she managed to stay up though she had difficulty doing so and held onto the arm of the chair tightly as she teetered around the lab. When she was finally back to herself she was instructed to meet him in the sparring room. She nodded as she watched him leave, following to a point before breaking from his trail and heading to the sparring room. When she entered she saw the General and bowed her head to him before pressing her wrists together. As soon as she did this the armor began to form around her and once it was done she looked herself over just as Mon El entered the arena. His voice sounded so different, unrecognizable and as he addressed her as Kashii and challenged her to attack him her eyes narrowed. "My name....is Rika! Kashii is dead because of you!!!" she snarled and charged him. She was surprisingly fast, much faster than her old Unit and the fight was underway.

It was so....amazing, this suit. It told her when to jump, or how to dodge an attack. It was amazing. She even managed to make her fingers turn into a set of long claws which she was about to dig into his back when he called the spar. She scowled and the claws retracted back to reform her fingers, her gaze trained on him while he told her to return to her quarters. She then watched him leave without further word and she blinked several times before deactivating her Suit, bowing her head once more to the General before heading silently back to her room. She stopped by the mess first for a quick bite to eat which she brought back with her and sat down at the small desk, turning on the lamp upon it and poked at her food.

The words she shot off at him echoed in her mind. She's dead, he killed her. Not that it wasn't truth. They could have just used this suit thing to further advance her Unit since they were sooooo far into the future. She sighed heavily, taking a bite of her food, absently tracing the scar on her forehead. "At least he forgot about the lecture he was suppose to give me..." she muttered as she pushed back from the desk and removed the bracelets and striped from her clothes and headed into the washroom. "I need a hot soak." she said as she turned on the bath water, filling up the tub and stepping into the steaming water, letting herself sink into it while she laid her head back against the cool wall. It was well deserved anyway. She'd learned so much and the mental fatigue had finally started to catch up to her. "So much has changed.." she said as she sank lower into the water. "I wonder if I can really fit in here." That was the last thought that entered her mind as she began to drift off in the enveloping warmth of the water that surrounded her.

She groaned lightly as she began to dream, her head unknowingly shifting from side to side as she slid into a state of dreams. There she was, standing on the bridge beside Mon-El, overlooking the vastness of the direction they were heading in. She was to go out on patrol with him, as she had so many times before and as the order was given she followed him out after activating her suit, and the small group exited the air lock. Things seemed routine until a disturbance was detected and they were ordered to investigate it. She landed on a floating asteroid, large enough to almost be a moon and was about to make a report that nothing was amiss when she saw a figure moving in the distance. Her scanners told her that it was a Guyver, male in origins and she ran towards it. 'Have they finally found me??' she asked herself in a hopeful tone.

But she was not so lucky. When she reached them she recognized who it was within seconds. "GuyverWarrior!!" she shouted happily and ran right towards him. He had found her and she could finally get out of here, but as she drew near him she was stopped as a rather powerful attack created a crater directly in front of her. "GuyverWarrior, what are you doing? It's me...Rika!" she shouted. "The Kashii Guyver!"

"You lie!" he growled and sent another shot off at her but her sensors told her where it would land and the safest place for her to move and that's exactly what she did. She ran up to him, sidestepping blast after blast until she was directly in front of him. Her helmet cleared, revealing her face as she pointed to the scar on her forehead.

"These assholes took Kashii from me!" she shouted, trying to get him to understand but he backhanded her, sending her flying. He was so much stronger than he use to be and she hit the ground hard enough to jerk her from her dreams. She shot up into a sitting position, water sloshing in the tub and spilling over the side. Her eyes were wide, staring into emptiness, her iris' seeming to quiver with the images replaying in her mind and soon a veil of tears began to well up, pooling into her lower eyelids, streaking down her cheeks to join the water in her bath only after she tightly closed her eyes. "GuyverWarrior..." she whispered softly. Would he really treat her like that if he ever found her again? She hung her head as tears continued to ripple the settling water but she couldn't dwell on it. "Mon-El was right....I need to get on with my life" she said softly and scooped some water into her hands before splashing it over her face.

She then drained the water and stood from the tub, stepping from it onto the bath mat and grabbing a nearby towel. She gently ran it down her form, letting the fibers draw in the water that beaded down her warm and slightly reddened flesh. Once she was dried off she stepped into her room and dressed once more, placing the bracelets of her Alpha Suit around her wrists. She still wasn't very hungry, but she had gotten the food after all and she finished what remained before leaving. She needed to ease her mind and she wanted to learn more about the weapons used in this day and age. As she walked though she received some odd glances from some of the people who had been around when Mon El stated that he would watch over her.

"So, you still bunking with the General?" one asked with a chuckle. "Not that I blame him, you're not half bad looking."

She glared at him and walked past him, paying him no heed though she was relieved when she reached a section of the ship that wasn't aware of her existence on the ship. "New recruit?" came a females voice from behind her, making her jump nearly out of her skin.

"Y..yeah..." she replied.

The woman just laughed and waved her hand a bit. "Only rookies wander around the ship looking lost, so it was kind of a dead give away."
"It's that obvious huh." she asked dryly.

"Just a bit." the brunette replied. "My name's Anna, I'm one of the civilians on the ship."

"Rika...." she answered, introducing herself.

"Well, Rika, what can I help you find?" she asked.

"Well, I was trying to find the library." she said as she rubbed the back of her neck.

"Oh, you still have a ways to go." She then directed her to a nearby map of the ship and her jaw nearly hit the floor. "Not use to seeing a ship this big huh?" she asked, to which Rika could just shake her head no. "Well, this is where we are." she said, pointing to the red highlighted section of the ship. "This, is where you need to be." she added as she pointed to the blue section in a completely different area.

"Thank you." she replied with a bow of her head then headed off. What seemed like hours later, she finally made it to the library. "Bout time.." she muttered as she entered. There was an empty computer terminal and she took a seat, doing a search for all modern day weaponry. The things she saw were things she could only dream of. 'And the A Suit is limited by my imagination?' she asked herself. She knew because of military conduct that she could no longer retaliate against Mon El for what he'd done to her, but the sparring rings were a no holds bar and that's exactly what she intended to do, make him suffer the way he'd made her suffer.

Armed with the information she needed, she headed from the ship and made her way back to he military section of the floating planet and went to the sparring arena. General Yndac seemed slightly surprised to see her back so soon after having such a vast amount of knowledge force fed into her mind. "Are you wanting to train?" he asked, answered only with a nod of her head. Since she had only completed her first level of training he thought it best to send enemies at her that she was familiar with fighting.

"Do your worst..." she growled, and as he looked upon her there was a difference in her eyes that could be easily explained, at least by himself given that he was a part of this ship and knew most everything that there could be known, and he knew about her and the feelings of resentment towards the members of this fleet. He then sent a squad of the creatures she'd fought earlier to attack her as soon as she'd armored up and her sensors began working in earnest, alerting her of things that were surrounding her. It worked and she soon charged head on into the fray before her. She listened to all that her sensors told her, dodging bio blasts, watching as they would randomly take out other members of the attack party.

She landed behind a small group and once again formed her fingers into claws that were nearly the size of her forearms and started thrashing through some of the weaker creatures. She then backed away and thrust her hands towards and into the ground, the Alpha Suit bending to her will as distant eyes focused upon each intended target. Beneath one, blades shot up from the ground, piercing through the base of the unfortunate creature, skewering it. She watched as the tip of the blade cracked through the skull, gleaming with blood, tissue and brain matter. In her state of mind she took an odd delight in the sight. Sensing that others were closing in she retracted the blades back through the ground, feeling as they rejoined her Suit only to have them thread down her legs, spreading out as if it were the root structure of a tree.

She then began forming something that she'd seen, pulse cannons, one on each shoulder and as the remnants of the group advanced towards her she fired off two shots, one from each cannon, the root structure embedded within the ground keeping her from flying backwards with each shot. Once the first shot had been fired she sent off the second shot, craters marking the impact of each pulse. Ydnac just watched, impressed with her growing mastery of her Suit yet as the last of her foes were defeated the simulation ended and her suit began to fall away from her back into the bracelet’s as he approached her.

"You hold a great deal of rage within you." he said as he stopped before her, returning the salute that was given him. "Used correctly it can be a great tool in your fighting, but don’t let it cloud your senses." He then once more ruffed her hair before walking off to see how others were doing with their training.

Emotionally spent she walked back to her room, kicking the door closed with the heel of her right foot. She felt drained, the contents of her dream bothering her in a way that not even the violation against her could. She then let herself fall back onto the mattress of her bed, lacing her fingers against the back of her neck. "Maybe I should try and rest...who knows when that idiot is going to come waking me up." she muttered, kicking her feet back and forth idly against the foot of her bed. "But do I really want to sleep again?" she asked herself. "..and run the risk of repeating that dream..." She turned onto her side, her finger tracing the scar down the center of her forehead. "GuyverWarrior.." she whispered softly as her face fell into her hands.








Returning to the bridge, Mon-El walks over to Warren Worthington III, AKA Archangel, and reports for duty. The Admiral requests that Mon-El keep the ships troops in top condition, in preparation of an attack of any kind. Mon-El salutes the Admiral and acquiesces to his request, traveling to the barracks. Standing in front of the door, Mon-El fixes his containment suit, so that it sits on him perfectly, and hits the activation switch to cause the door to iris open. The troops immediately snap to attention and stand in front of their bunks, as Mon-El walks in and does a surprise inspection.

Walking through the barracks, it would seem the troops have everything in order, and smiling to them, Mon-El shouts to them all, “Move out soldiers, it’s time, for combat practice!!” Most of them whoop and holler, a few growl and pounds their palms with their fists, and few still look tranquil and at complete peace with everything. All of them either run or take their time in their journey to the training chambers. Only when they get there does all hell break lose, they all engage their Alpha suits and partake in a huge melee with each other before formal training begins.

Mon-El can only smile and nod at their enthusiasm as Ydnac walks over and punches him in the shoulder. Mon-El rubs his shoulder as he turns his head slightly to find the person responsible, and chuckles as he crosses his arms across his chest. Mon-El inclines his head towards him and mutters, “Greetings Ydnac, I’m happy to see the troops moral is so high, we might need it at some point in the near future.” Ydnac smirks a Mon-El before replying, “Oh? Are there reports of activity in this area?” Mon-El replies, “I don’t know, I just received orders to keep the troops in full combat readiness.” Ydnac nods to Mon-El, and then shouts over top of the fighting, “All right you maggots! Form up, I don’t want to see a gap in between the lot of your mother lovers bigger than an inch!!”

With this, they all form straight lines standing in front of Ydnac after shouting, “Yessir” at the top of their lungs. They stand at attention, less than an inch between each other’s shoulders. Despite different heights, weights and genders they look the same in their Alpha suits, their backs straight, shoulders squared, and their feet 2.5 feet apart. Mon-El then excuses himself to go check up on a more recent cadet, while Ydnac goes through a few basic drills. In stark contrast to his harsh behavior, Ydnac cracks a few jokes while demanding perfection from his troops, and through yes sirs and no sirs they all laugh politely at their commanding officer, even if it wasn’t funny.

Mon-El in the meantime, travels to Rika’s quarters, and hitting the door chime, doesn’t receive a response. Curious, Mon-El contacts security and asks them if she is in her quarters. Receiving a stark no as a reply, Mon-El bares his teeth, and heads to the security office, intent on tracking her location over the past few hours. Excusing the current officer on duty from his post, Mon-El hits a few keys on the holographic display, and information he searched for is displayed. It would seem that Rika didn’t go directly to her quarters. Smirking to himself as he watches the surveillance video, he overrides the security protocols, which prevent people from spying on others privacy, and records video from Rika’s quarters onto a small disk.

Grinning to himself, Mon-El takes the disk, and returns to the training chambers. Seeing his troops fighting in perfect formation, practicing different maneuvers, Mon-El calls everybody’s attention. They all stop as Mon-El slides the disk into a console and a hologram of Rika appears, she is in her quarters, undressing for a bath, and when she removes her clothing and stands before the tub naked, Mon-El freezes the hologram for all to see. All of the men hoot and holler, and a few of the women whistle and cheer, as they look at Rika naked. It is then that Mon-El shouts over the lot of them, “To the first man, or woman, who lands a punch on Ydnac, they get this hologram!!!” It is then that Ydnac does a double-take in Mon-El’s direction, and does a mad dash for the other side of the chamber, as the soldiers all scramble to attack him at the same time.

Cursing and swearing, Ydnac dodges and parries, but their number is too great, fighting even erupts within their midst, vying for a position to strike from since they crowd each other and block their progress, but all it takes is one man, walking slowly and calmly over to Ydnac, not posing a direct threat, who sends a slow jab out to connect with his shoulder. The rest of the men and women curse as the winner receives his prize, who is then promptly dismissed with the rest of the troops back to their barracks. The soldier holds his prize high for all to see as he walks down the corridors, and Mon-El can only laugh as he returns to his quarters, waiting for Rika to receive the good news.








Her rest was unfitting, interrupted and troubled. She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling, her hands resting over her chest. Her head ached and she was becoming fidgety. Sitting up she gave a rough sigh of frustration, running her fingers through her hair before locking them behind the back of her neck at the base of her skull. Pulling her head down she could feel the pull through her back and she knew that instant she was stiff. "Damn stress..." she grumbled as she pushed back to her feet. Her arms instantly locked as they extended over her head, her body bowing out as she stretched. Her arms fell to her sides limply as she walked over to the desk and grabbed the grey bracelets, fastening them over her wrists before stepping from her room and headed in the direction of the simulation units.

On her way, she happened by one of the now off duty security techs who was getting ready to retire for the night. "Oh, Mon-El was looking for you earlier."

She scowled and grumbled. "Let me guess, he's upset that I didn't go directly to my room like a good little girl." she said sarcastically.

The officer just shrugged as he sipped a piping cup of coffee. "Not sure. He didn't say anything. Just came to view some surveillance records." he replied.

"Well....thanks for the warning anyway." she said, getting a nod in response. The two then bade their farewells and she continued to the sim room. As she walked in she saw a display of a huge group of cadets attacking Ydnac. "Poor
guy." she said with a chuckle as she stepped to an empty platform and stared down at the console, unaware of what they were fighting for. She didn't even realize that Mon El himself was watching the fevered attacks.

"Something I can help you with?" one of the techs asked, keeping a straight face when he saw the annoyance etched into her features.

"Yeah, can you program my old Unit into a sim?" she asked. "I want to see just how great this new Alpha Suit is compared to it."

"Well, we can, but you'd obliterate the Guyver within the first hit." he said, watching as her expression darkened.

"Well damn..." she muttered. "Just send in a bunch of Vamore then I guess, and a hologram of Mon El. I want to see just what I can do in this thing."

"Pushing your limits huh?" he asked as he began to set up her simulation. He set up open areas, rocky areas and forested areas to give an array of situations.

"Something like that." she answered as she pressed her wrists together allowing her suit to flow over her, forming to her perfectly. She waited for the systems to come online and once everything was ready she nodded her head and the simulation was started.

She walked into the center of the grassland and began manipulating the arms of her suit, forming various weapons while she searched the memory banks that the suit had of known weapons. 'Not bad.' she thought just as the system alerted her to a blast coming from her right. Though its directions told her to roll forward to dodge it safely she leapt into the air and fixated upon the direction the attack had come from. When she reached her peak of assent she held out her right arm, keeping it rigid as it formed a sort of cannon type gun and griped it with her left hand. She then popped off a few shots, each sending her arm up several degrees with the recoil. She only got three shots though before she felt herself falling and braced herself for the tender impact, landing in a crouch with her left palm splayed out in front of her to keep her balance.

In the distance she could see the rolling smoke as it billowed into the sky. What she was unaware of was that they were all scattered throughout the region and while she fixed upon one of the groups, the others were watching. Pushing to her feet she darted off towards the direction of the smoke, leaping atop a lone boulder and pushing from it to clear a small knoll. As soon as she cleared it she could hear the warning systems going off and the sky suddenly lit up a glowie green color as a small army of Vamore fired their bio blasts at her.

By now, the fight for the disk was complete and the victor was showing off his prize as they exited their simulation. As theirs ended the techs brought up Rika’s, rather interested in her fighting, especially having just recently acquired her Alpha Suit. While some were intrigued with her skill, others were trying to envision what lay beneath the Suit that hid her from view.

Unaware of her growing audience Rika kept herself focused and as her right foot touched the blades of grass she pushed herself back into the air, her arms crossing over her chest, the Alpha Suit shifting and forming into smaller guns while the bio blasts passed just under her now extended foot while her left leg remained cocked with her calf pressed against the back of her thigh. She held an almost perfect form as she slid her arms over each other and as they began to break she fired off a volley of attacks, watching as most hit their marks. Some went through the bio blasters, sending their owners running for cover while other blasts hit their mark and sending a spray of blood and body parts in all directions.

"Wow, she's great AND hot!" one of the guys said.

"She's way out of your league." another one said as he punched the guys arm.

"That's enough." one of the senior cadets chided, their attention drawing back to the now sprinting form of the former Guyver.

She tended to do her own thing, which had earned her Guyvers name and it rang true even now. She paid enough attention to her tracking systems to let her know there were still enemies out and about and also how much power she had left in her Suit.

The others watched for what seemed like hours, their interest growing more as they watched her take on the hologram of Mon El himself. "That's so intense!" one of the girls squealed as she watched Rika use the suit to create a modded version of her former High Frequency Blades to try and hack Mon El to pieces.

"She doesn't like Mon El very much." one of the other senior cadets stated.

"How can you tell?" another one asked.

"Look at how she's fighting him compared to the Vamore. She obliterated them without a second thought, but now there's true passion in her fighting."

The small group around him nodded slowly as they watched before another junior cadet piped up. "Why would someone hate him that much?"

"Maybe we can corner her and ask." came another reply.

"You'll do nothing of the sort." came the stern voice of Ydnac. "She's training to be an officer and you are still cadets. You will treat her with the same respect you give all the officers." he said before leaving, though most of them were still lost in the images Mon El had put on the screen for them.

Once more on the field, Mon El had Rika by the throat. "You still need more training." he chuckled as his eyes began to glow red, those watching now on the edge of their seats.

"Not this time." she replied with a sneer. She resented her hand and wrapped her fingers around his neck, flexing them to manipulate the fingers of her Suit into a sharp set of claws that pierced the flesh. Startled, Mon El was delayed in firing his heat vision at her which gave her enough time for the palm of the same hand to form a small gun which sent a single shot through the front of his throat sending a spray of blood out around her hand and splattering up her arm and chest. Once she felt her feet hit the ground she continued to hold the form by the remnants of his neck, her attention shifting as she heard the cheers and hollering of the cadets watching her.

Tossing the form aside she headed back to where she'd entered the sim, her brow quirked lightly. "Since when do I have a fan club." she asked herself, wondering just how many people knew she was here and knew of her past. As the sim faded and her Suit deactivated she was almost swarmed around. She leapt into the air as someone pinched her ass and another went for a grab of her chest. Glaring she grabbed the hand by the wrist and began pressing her fingers between the radius and ulna, creating a great deal of pain and soon the wrists owner was on his knees. "I suggest not doing that again." she growled before throwing his hand back at him and walked off, followed by the horde of cadets all trying to get a grab at her while others whistled at her as she walked.

Suddenly one of the seniors grabbed her by the waist and pulled her firmly against him. Startled, she blinked and looked up at him, her left brow arched rather highly. "I'll keep you safe." he whispered to her.

"I'm sure you will." she said in a flat tone as she kicked back and sent her left heel into his groin. The sound of his groan was like music to her ears as he let go of her and fell to the floor.

"Hey, you can't treat him like that!" another cadet shouted and tried to backhand her. She ducked easily enough and sent her fist full force to his gut, having enough power behind it to send him flying back a few feet into another small rush of male cadets.

"Good god what's going on?" she asked as she backed up from them, bumping into someone. Startled, she lept some and spun around seeing another male cadet who was grinning rather intently at her and soon produced a disc.

"I believe this will answer your question." he said calmly.

"I'm sure." she replied dryly.

"Oh it will." called out one of the junior cadets and soon they were all hooting and laughing. This got her attention and she looked back to the cadet with the disc.

As the contents of the disc were explained to her the blood drained from her face and her mind went numb as she tried to fathom what she'd just heard. "He did....WHAT?!?" She then excused herself, running past the cadet and thankfully outrunning the lot as she headed for the officers quarters, bypassing her own room and heading straight for his. When she reached his room she pounded violently on the door demanding that he open it. 'Mutilation...and now violation of privacy and humiliation??' The thought was enough to make her physically ill and as she stood there her body began to visibly shake with growing rage while hellfire seemed to burn in her eyes. 'HOW DARE HE!!!!!' she screamed into her own mind.








Sitting in his quarters, Mon-El enjoys the first bit of relaxation he has had in quite a while, since the war with the Ralaruru, his life has been hectic to say the least. He even attains a state of pure calm as he begins to meditate and clear his mind. That is until there is a loud banging on his door, which breaks him from his trance; he growls at the intrusion and rises from the floor, and walking over to the door, presses the activation switch for the door, which irises open, to show an enraged Rika, standing before him.

Taken aback slightly at her appearance, it was not of course unexpected, Mon-El cannot resist a little laughter, and she huffs and puffs, shaking in anger before she demands an explanation for what he had done. Mon-El nods to her and asks to accompany him to the mess hall, beginning to explain the situation along the way. “You didn’t like the peep-show I gave the soldiers?” Rika only gives Mon-El a sour look and mutters something under her breath as a response. Continuing on without pause, Mon-El says, “Well that is strange, since you didn’t mind the show you got when you entered my quarters unannounced. Granted, what I did was on a grander scale, it was the same thing and I reserve the right to teach you a lesson. However, it is my responsibility to set the right example, and so I am willing to make a public apology to you in front of everyone who was witness to your, ahem, nakedness, and broadcast this message over the entire ship.”

Rika then says, her tone sharp yet low enough that passersby cannot hear, “I did mind that, it’s not like I meant to see you naked!” She quiets after saying this and blushes slightly before continuing, “I’m not used to such a strict command structure, the Guyver Strike Force was completely different.” Nodding in response to her, they enter the mess hall, and Mon-El selects a quiet table in a corner, even though at this time of day it is virtually deserted. Mon-El sits and says, “I guess I came off a little rough on you Rika; with the war going on, and the shit I have to put up with on a daily basis, I guess I took it a little too hard on you. Just to let you know, I’m basically on a probationary period with the
Alliance, and since I had used a Guyver in the past, let alone being a ranking member in the Guyver Strike Force, they don’t quite trust me fully.”

Upon hearing of the Guyver Strike Force, Rika begins to question him about the now defunct group and the
Alliance’s motives towards Guyvers. “You were a Guyver?” she asks with scrutiny, “What part of the Guyver Strike Force did you belong to? And for that matter, what was your rank?” Smirking at her, Mon-El doesn’t feel like reminding Rika that he already told her this information, he merely answers her questions as she asks them. “Well yes, I was a guyver, I had an advanced unit-g to be precise.” Continuing on with her line of questioning, he says, “A strange question, I was a part of the same Guyver Strike Force you were, however near the end, there were two warring factions, GuyverWarrior’s side, and Aureus’s side. I was allied with the latter. It is because of this war, that the Alliance has outlawed the use of Guyver’s within their space. And as for my rank, I was a general.”

Crossing his arms over his chest, Mon-El lowers his head, as he reminisces on memories of so long ago. It is at this moment that Rika once again bombards Mon-El with questions, “You knew GuyverWarrior? How? And for that matter, where is he now? How can I find him?” Mon-El quirks a brow as she seems to be anxious as she asks these questions and replies, “Of course I knew him, we were comrades. And as for where he is, I cannot tell you that, but I can tell you when, and I am sorry Rika, but you cannot find him, Aureus banished him from Ayenee a very long time ago, and he wasn’t heard from since, and to be honest, I do not truly know if he still lives.”

Nodding to Rika, Mon-El rises from the table and excuses himself saying, “I should go, we’ve talked enough, let’s end the bickering now before one or both of us gets thrown off the ship. If I need to, I can survive in space long enough to find a suitable planet to land on, you on the other hand, cannot. I will talk to the soldiers in the morning, good night.” With that he leaves the mess hall, going off to do who knows what.








When he opened the door and started to laugh at her she was furious. She wanted to lunge at him and throttle him within an inch of his life, even if it did mean that she'd end up back in the brig. At least there the cadets wouldn't be able to cop a feel of her. Just the thought of their touch made her skin crawl in revolution. Seeming to ignore the enraged Rika before him he exited his room and walked off though she was quickly in tow behind him. When he mentioned that he'd broadcast a public apology across the ship she nearly leapt onto him to tackle him to the ground. "The whole ship?" she hissed "That's all I need is the entire fucking ship knowing what you did!" But when he said he'd at least talk to the cadets about what happened she fell back behind him, nodded, and fell silent, continuing with him to the mess, her eyes downcast, moving only as he motioned to an empty table at the far side of the mess.

She really didn't know why he'd brought her here, it wasn't like she was hungry. Her stomach felt like it was in a series of knots with how angry she was. The two just sat down and started talking, her interest peaking only when he'd mentioned the Guyvers once more, not that she remembered in her current state of mind. She soon began asking him a series of questions and he answered them in stride. The conversation seemed to help calm her down though when she asked about the possibility of finding GuyverWarrior, his answer was grim at best. "No...he has to be alive.' she said in protest. "I know him, he's tough and knows how to survive. You of all people should know that since you say that you knew him." But, instead of answering her, he just got up and started to walk off, turning only to tell her that he would talk to the cadets in the morning. With that he just left, leaving her in a bit of a daze. She quickly got up and started to follow after him, walking briskly to match the lengthy strides he was taking.

"I said good night Rika." he said without looking forward.

"I know you did, but if I remember correctly, you were put in charge of me and it was stated that I was to bunk with you." she replied with a sneer which elected an annoyed silence from the man before her.

He was thinking about answering her and as he'd opened his mouth to do so one of the men that worked on the bridge came their way, heading towards his own quarters for the evening. Rika watched as the two saluted and the bridge officer gave the two a grin. "Out for a romantic evening stroll?" he asked, more to tease Mon El, knowing of his bad ass reputation.

Still in somewhat of a foul mood Rika made a go for him but got no further than a partial lunge before she felt the swift grip of Mon-El’s hand around her wrist, holding her in place. The man just chuckled as he appraised his would be attacker before looking back to the General before him. "You have good control over her." he said with an approving nod. "I'm sure the higher ups will be pleased to know that their faith in you is well warranted." He then bade his farewells to them and headed off and once they were alone in the halls he spun sharply to face her.

His movements were swift and before she knew what happened she was sprawled backwards on her ass and the side of her face stung. He'd hit her right where he'd hit her the previous day and as she rubbed her cheek she stared at him with a dark gaze. "Don't you EVER lunge at a bridge officer." His tone was so strict that it surprised her to the point she froze and drew back from him. He then wrapped his fingers around the front of her shirt and yanked her to her feet, dragging her behind him as he took her back to her quarters. Once there he literally shoved her into her room and as she turned to face him he looked very cross. "You stay here until I can figure out what to do about your temper." he growled and with that he closed and locked her door. leaving her to pace across her floor








Sitting in his quarters, off-duty for the time being, Mon-El mulls over the dilemma he currently is faced with. If Rika continues along the path she is traveling, she will most certainly be expelled from the Worthington. It is doubtful any other ship in the fleet will pick her up, which poses a moral conflict. Gritting his teeth in frustration, Mon-El slams his hand down on the table in front of him with more force than he normally would, and with a squeal of metal, and a grimace on Mon-El’s part, almost folds it in half. Shaking his head, hoping to rid himself of a few negative emotions, Mon-El contacts a repair crew to come fix the problem he is having with his furniture, and removes himself from his room.

Not knowing at this time how he can fix the problem with Rika, Mon-El walks to the training room, and casually strolls over to Ydnac, who luckily at this time is not busy with trainees. The two exchange words, discussing the options Mon-El has, and they reach a conclusion. Frowning, Mon-El clasps Ydnac on the shoulder, and gives him an appreciative nod before leaving, returning to his roaming of the ship and becoming lost in thought. Finding himself in front of Rika’s quarters, without even realizing it, Mon-El hits a panel by the door to announce his presence to her.

Knowing who it is outside her quarters, Rika takes her time in opening the door, once again trying to irritate Mon-El. He doesn’t notice however, and looking at her with a serious look upon his face, he asks rather politely and to the point if he may enter, so that they may have a serious talk. A surprised look passes over her face before she mutters, “Uhm ok, please come in.” She motions for him to sit in a nearby chair, as she sits on the couch, but Mon-El declines with a raised hand and paces back and forth, trying to come up with a way to put his thoughts into words.

Sighing, he stops pacing, and stands facing Rika, almost as if he were standing at attention, and crossing his arms in front of him, he says, “We have a rather large problem Rika. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, but your induction into this time and place is a rough one. Since I had pledged myself to take responsibility for your placement within the
Alliance, I felt it was right to come to you to have this discussion. Before you blow up at me, let me just say, I know it is extremely hard on you. Coming from a time and place you knew and had deep connections with, and being thrown into one so completely different, even alien by comparison, I just want to say I am sorry.”

Smiling at her, Mon-El begins to pace once again; all of his life had been a struggle, a fight to survive. He had never gotten used to pleasantries, and now being forced to resort to them, causes Mon-El no end of discomfort. His skin almost seems to crawl as he continues, albeit sincerely “I don’t know if I had said this before, but I’m sorry for how I acted towards you. You came from a time I also had deep connections to, you reminded me how it was way back then, and I guess I sort of started acting a bit like I used to. I am going to try acting the way I should, and I would ask you the favor of trying to do the same. We are in a military outfit you know, we should try to act like it. Maybe once I get to know you a little better, we can play those pranks you are so fond of, but for the time being, let’s try to keep it within the guidelines.”

Chuckling a little, Mon-El takes a seat finally, and awaits Rika’s response, but from the look that is on her face, which seems to be mainly surprise, Mon-El assumes she needs some time to absorb all of what he has said.








What could she do. She was literally trapped. She rushed her door again, pressing the button to open it only to see it not work. She then pounded the flat of her palm against it and shouted in frustration though there was no one to hear her protests. She then spun around quickly and rested her back against the cool surface behind her. She wanted out so desperately. She wanted to be back with the Guyvers, but now that the Kashii Unit was removed, she wasn't sure even They would take her back. Her head fell forward, her bangs and strands of blonde hair casting her face in light shadows. She felt in limbo, unable to go back, unwilling to go forward, but she had to do something. She couldn't just give up, not this easily. He had officially managed to break her...or as close to breaking as she was going to get.

She was heavily damaged. Not physically per say aside from the removal of her Guyver Unit, but more inside than anything else. How could they expect her to just adjust to such a militaristic hell hole with the mere snap of a finger...or was this their way of doing it. Which ever it was, she didn't like it, but if she was going to stay alive long enough to find GuyverWarrior then what choice did she have. With a heavy sigh she finally pushed herself from the door, accepting that she wasn't getting out any time soon, and sloughed her way over to the couch that sat opposite her bed and literally just fell into it. She slung her right leg onto the cushions, leaving her left food planted upon the floor and she rested her hands upon her abdomen and just stared at the ceiling for a few moments before finally letting her eyes close.

She was nearly asleep when she heard someone knocking on her door. Her eyes slid open and she just looked at it. She knew there was really only one person it could be and she really wasn't in the mood to talk to him...but, she had to make changes, and do things now that she would rather not, and that included being civil to Him. So with a protesting grunt she sat up and pushed herself from the couch and made her way slowly to the door. Taking in a deep breath she lifted her head and smacked the flat of her palm against the button to open the door, watching as it finally responded, though she wasn't at all surprised to see Mon El standing on the other side of the door. She remained silent as she looked at him and the seriousness on his face before he finally spoke, asking if he might come in so the two could have a serious discussion.

A slightly stunned expression briefly crossed her face at the fact that he was finally being polite, but it quickly faded to the somber expression she'd had before and she stepped to the side of the doorway and moved her arm to the side, motioning for him to enter. As he did, the door hissed closed and she walked back towards the couch, moving her left arm haphazardly towards the chair, offering him a seat while she herself took a seat upon the couch once again, this time drawing both feet onto the couch, wrapping her arms around her legs as she touched them to her chest and rested her chin upon her knees. She wasn't too surprised though when he just stood there and merely shrugged her shoulders while he talked to her, though she made as little eye contact with him as she possibly could, listening to the heavy steps of his boots as he paced back and forth across the floor.

<“We have a rather large problem Rika. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, but your induction into this time and place is a rough one. Since I had pledged myself to take responsibility for your placement within the
Alliance, I felt it was right to come to you to have this discussion. Before you blow up at me, let me just say, I know it is extremely hard on you. Coming from a time and place you knew and had deep connections with, and being thrown into one so completely different, even alien by comparison, I just want to say I am sorry.” >

Sorry? What did He have to be sorry for. It's not like he planted that worm hole to drag her into the pits of hell. "You don't have any clue how hard this is. You weren’t plucked from your time and thrown an ungodly amount of years into the future, mutilated with no explanation, treated like some feared anomaly and expected to change with just the mere snap of a finger. This is your time....not mine." she muttered, still facing the back of the couch as her fingers griped the fabric of her pants. It wasn't even about the connection to the time she'd come from. She could have cared less about that. It was the way she'd been treated ever since he'd found her that she had issues with. As much as she hated to be here though, there was really no where for her to go so she would have to learn to adjust to what would now be expected of her as a future Officer of this military company.

She heard him start pacing again and she knew he wasn't comfortable talking to her like this. She would have asked why he bothered doing it, but as he'd stated earlier, it was something that concerned her, so she was the first person he'd come to to discuss what was on his mind. She was going to ask him why he was being so nice when he obviously disliked it, but he's stoped pacing again and started talking.

<“I don’t know if I had said this before, but I’m sorry for how I acted towards you. You came from a time I also had deep connections to, you reminded me how it was way back then, and I guess I sort of started acting a bit like I used to. I am going to try acting the way I should, and I would ask you the favor of trying to do the same. We are in a military outfit you know, we should try to act like it. Maybe once I get to know you a little better, we can play those pranks you are so fond of, but for the time being, let’s try to keep it within the guidelines.” >

"You did apologize...but I doubt you meant it..." she mumbled to herself under her breath. Yes, yes, she knew she was in a military outfit. They seemed to enjoy reminding her of such truths every chance they got. "Pft....guidelines..." she snorted as she sat up a bit straighter, folding her arms across her chest now as she stared down at her knees. "Fine....whatever." she said dryly as she heard him finally take a seat, feeling his eyes watching her and gauging her answers.








Sitting in the chair almost completely motionless, Mon-El listens to what Rika has to say, how she has to say it, and shakes his head sadly. He mutters, “Look I know we’ve had our differences, but that doesn’t call for you to hold a grudge against me, not even the Alliance deserves that. What they did was well within the confines of their laws. You were a victim, I know this, but it couldn’t have happened any other way. You were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and it sent you here.” Going silent upon saying this, he purposely doesn’t mention the other way it could have went, had she resisted, the Alliance would have terminated her.

Rubbing his temples with his hands, Mon-El tries to alleviate the pain that is causing his head to pound. His efforts unsuccessful, he rubs his eyes and holds his head in his hands. Shaking his head once again, Mon-El gets up from the chair, and mutters at her, “I’ll leave you now, you can come and go as you please, go train, whatever you want, I’ll remove you from the active duty roster and give you some leave until you decide what it is you want to do. In fact I think it best if we don’t talk for a while.” Mon-El then strides over to the door, and punches the button which cause it to iris open, and with that he is gone, his cape trailing quickly behind him.

The decision now in Rika’s hands, Mon-El returns to his quarters to get cleaned up and to prepare for his next duty shift. He is to patrol the entire fleet, and check in with the commanders of each vessel. This job in and of itself will take up a sizable chunk of time, but Mon-El doesn’t mind, it gives him an excuse to leave the
Worthington. After all, he has been holed up there for quite a while, and now with this mess with Rika, all he wants to do is get away and forget it all.

Immersing himself in preparing for the next day, Mon-El mental exhaustion gets the better of him, and laying a uniform out on a chair, Mon-El retires to his bed. Falling asleep quickly, he however has restless dreams, which forces him into a state of semi-consciousness. Spending the night in this state doesn’t do much for his sour mood, and upon awakening the next day, it hasn’t improved much, if at all. The only difference being, he seems more at ease with his position in the alliance, he has more of a commanding presence.

Deciding to act more like an officer of the
Alliance, and less like a general of the Guyver strike force seems to be the best way to handle things. Treating others as is appropriate for their rank, keeping it an impersonal as possible, makes it easier to associate with those around him. Donning his uniform Mon-El leaves his quarters and heads immediately to the docking bay, where his spare Omega suit is kept and puts it on, slipping out into space, to flit around in emptiness. He then begins his inspection of the fleet, preferring a personal visit, over hologram based communication.








Mon El seemed less than thrilled with what she had to say, not that she cared anymore. She didn't even seem to gain her usual satisfaction from the fact it seemed that he was getting a migraine because of her. When he told her that it was not appropriate for her to be holding a grudge against him her right brow nearly disappeared into the blonde bangs that had settled over her forehead. She bit her tongue though because she really didn't want to discuss things further. They wanted her to be a mindless puppet with no sense of self. 'How retarded are these people..' she wondered as she watched him get up. She knew he was about to leave, and she couldn't be happier at the moment, but she was in no way prepared for what he was about to tell her.

<“I’ll leave you now, you can come and go as you please, go train, whatever you want, I’ll remove you from the active duty roster and give you some leave until you decide what it is you want to do. In fact I think it best if we don’t talk for a while.”>

It was probably the first thing he'd said that actually got her attention and her eyes followed him as he made his way towards the door and exited, keeping every comment she had to herself until well after he'd left her. "Active duty roster?? The hell??????" Only here a few days and already they expect service from her. "Like I'm suppose to be grateful that they used me as some failed science experiment or something...." she growled though she did let her legs slip from her chest and rested the flats of her feet on the floor. And to top it off, he just...abandoned her. "This is perfect.." she muttered as she pushed herself to her feet and stood there in the middle of the floor for a while.

If Mon El was really part of the GSF then he of all people should have understood her, but even though he said it, she didn't think he meant it at all. "Sellout..." she spat at the closed door. She already knew her fate if she hadn't gotten her Unit removed. Finding that information wasn't all that difficult. Walking to the desk she flopped down into the seat Mon El was previously in after turning out the overhead light. In the darkness she sat for a few moments with closed eyes before opening them again and leaning over to turn on the lamp over the desk.

She then retrieved a sheet of paper and a pencil, scooting herself into the desk before going to work. Hours seemed to fly by but fatigue never set into her but when it was near three in the morning she sat up to look at her completed work and a sad smile crossed her face. On the paper was drawn three figures, GuyverWarrior, Fushichou Guyver standing side by side, with Kashii standing in front of them. Beneath the three it read simply this "The age I learned to fly I took a step outside" These three she considered her family given that her parents were killed so long ago. GuyverWarrior had brought her into the GSF and it was under these two that she trained so heavily to become who she had been. But now, she didn't even know if Fushichou was even alive, and she hoped against all odds that GuyverWarrior was somehow on his way to find her, but she was very cautious in her optimism.

"Fate brought me here for some reason..." she said to herself as she leaned back in her chair. Tilting her head back she laced her fingers against the back of her neck and stared at the dark ceiling above her. She felt so unmotivated and listless and upon tilting her head back further she saw that it was nearly four. "Guess I should get some shut eye.." she said as she pushed her chair back and stood up. She looked down at her drawing once more and smiled. "I will find you again..." she vowed before shutting off the lamp and making her way to her bed, striping down, leaving her clothes in a pile beside her bed and crawling beneath the blankets.

She wasn't sure when she had fallen asleep but when she awoke and glanced at the clock it was some time in the afternoon. "What a way to pass the day." she said through a stretch and a yawn. Rolling out of bed she shuffled her way to the bathroom and splashed some water on her face before staring at her reflection in the mirror. In the few days she'd been here the incision where they'd ripped her Unit from had healed over and turned into a white scar who’s tissue now protruded from the otherwise flawless features of her face. "With this scar I'll never forget you.." she whispered. She then ran a quick shower and got cleaned up, walking back into her room wrapped in a towel. Grabbing one of her less formal uniforms she got dressed, heading back into the bathroom to brush her hair before pulling it into a tight braid that swept across the middle of her back, leaving her bangs to wisp over her upper eyelids.

Happy with how she looked, she headed out to explore some more of the ship, stopping at the level map to figure out where different places were...and just how she'd get to some of them. She made a face and spun around when she nearly ran into the guard she'd spoken to the other night. "Oh...sorry.."

"Quite alright." he said, looking over her shoulder at the map. "Trying to get somewhere?" he asked.


He motioned for her to follow him and she did without question, not too worried where he was leading her. When they stopped she looked quizzically at the thing in front of her then looked back at him as if to ask what in the Gods names that was. He just chuckled and gave her the explanation and a brief description of how exactly to use it, finding the dumbfounded look on her face rather amusing.

'At least someone around here has a sense of humor..' she thought as the two bade their farewells once more. She then decided where she wanted to go and like a flash she was off. She felt her stomach wrench and it suddenly reminded her of the worm hole she'd come here through but as she emerged where she wanted to be she was no worse for the wear and decided that it wasn't all that horrid. She did the exploring and gathered the things she needed before returning back to the military level and heading to the supply section where she requested a weeks worth of pt gear. As she waited she realized she was catching on quicker than she'd like to admit, especially around Mon El and as she was given her request she saluted and headed to the mess for something to eat.

She happened across the same cadet that had wrapped his arm around her and she just nodded to him, which both confused and excited him. That other cadet might have the disc, but if he could have the actual Officer....he'd be the envy of the entire barracks and he quickly caught up to her.

She grimaced and sighed as she got in line to get something to eat and nodded to him. "Something I can help you with?" she asked.

"No ma’Am." he replied. "I was just wondering if you needed help carrying that stuff back to your quarters is all." he said with a grin.

She rolled her eyes and shot him a glance. "Nice try.." she muttered "..but you are a cadet, I am an Officer and there is not fraternizing between ranks...especially with that big of a gap." she scowled. "Besides, cadets aren’t allowed near the Officers quarters." she said as she again turned her back to him to get her food.

As she left the mess she was surprised when she felt his arm wrap around her again, holding her firmly against his chest. "You'll warm up to me eventually." he whispered.

"In your wet dreams maybe." she replied calmly. She then freed herself from his arm and headed back to her room, shaking her head as she dumped pretty much everything onto her bed save her food and a small bag which she took to her desk. Sitting down she opened her food and took a couple of bites before setting it aside and withdrawing several of the colored pencils she'd gotten. She then made stroke marks in certain areas of her drawing, giving them wonderful detail. Between eating, it took another couple of hours before she was done but when she was, she was quite proud of the finished product and taking some tape, she taped it to the wall above her desk.

"There, that way I'll know why I'm suffering through this." she said before pushing back from the desk and began putting things away, save one shirt and pair of shorts. She'd found the perfect place to be alone and run and that's what she wanted. So she changed and headed out, using the teleporter once more but the quiet that surrounded her was wonderful and the view....breathtaking. She wished she could reach out and touch the stars. All the ones she saw were so far away from her and even reaching for them they only seemed to get further away. Shrugging the thoughts from her mind she just started running, pushing herself far past her limits.

She let time pass her as she continued pushing herself. It was the best way to just get rid of pent up energy and frustrations, pouring everything into what she was doing. The better she made herself, the stronger her Alpha Suit would be, and when she realized how much time had passed she had sweat nearly pouring from her. What skin was exposed seemed to glisten and she gathered part of her shirt to wipe her face down, revealing her well toned abdomen until the damp material fell over it once more and she was at it again, pushing herself to the point where she would have passed out. Not really wanting to go to the infirmary she decided to call it quits and downed yet another bottle of water to keep herself hydrated before going back to her room.

Her legs felt like jello her lungs burned and her heart was racing to the point she could hear it pounding in her ears. She couldn't have reached her room fast enough and as soon as she was through the door she just fell into a sweaty heap on her bed, drained, and exhausted. But overall, she felt much better although she knew when she woke up that she was going to feel everything she'd just done....but it's not like she had anywhere to go or anything to do. This was 'her' time and she was going to do as little as possible and just keep to herself.








Immersing himself in his duties, Mon-El finally finds solace and begins to relax. By the time he returns to the Worthington, all of his pervious worries have been forgotten, at least temporarily, and he begins to go about his business with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. Heading towards the training area, Mon-El passes a few cadets, whom he salutes to rather happily, and as he continues on his way, the cadets turn around and look at him with a puzzled expression before one of them shouts, “Excuse me General, you seem rather happy today, is it possible you finally broke Rika in??”

The group of cadets chuckle amongst themselves at what seems to be a rather funny joke, funny that is until Mon-El stops in mid stride, his cape slowing to a halt behind him, and then whipping behind him as he spins and looks towards them, as if asking who spoke, his facial expression torn between disappointment and anger. The cadets all take a step back, except for the one that spoke, who realizes then what his friends are doing and gasps as a blur rushes towards him faster than his eyes can follow. Stopping directly in front of the cadet, a rush of air blowing past him, Mon-El looks him directly in the eyes, his own eyes narrowing, and glowing a deep crimson as he reflexively begins to channel energy into them; A good sign he is quite angry. He mutters angrily, “What the hell did you just say to me?”

The cadet shrinks back against the wall, shaking like a leaf, yet Mon-El presses on, and begins to raise his voice, “I am a superior officer BOY! Perhaps you should be taught a lesson in military etiquette?” Mon-El punches the wall beside the cadets head in anger, denting the wall with a groan of metal exceeding its stress tolerance. Regaining his composure, Mon-El shakes his head at the cadet, and mutters, “Get out of here before I bust you down to a crewman, and have you scrubbing carbon off the outside of the ship.” The cadet salutes rather shakily and runs off down the corridor, following his buddies back to their barracks.

Growling, Mon-El rolls his shoulders and cracks his neck, trying to unleash a little frustration, yet he fails miserably. Returning to his trek back to the training area, Mon-El enters the sparring room without any further “distractions” and begins to call up a rather rigorous training program using the holographic controls, when he hears someone approach him from behind. Turning around, his face portraying his irritation, Mon-El is relieved to see Ydnac, he smiles and shakes his head saying “Ydnac, you sneak, I thought you were another cadet or young officer wanting to make a smart remark, I was about to get violent.”

Ydnac quirks a brow, and says, “What’s the matter Mon-El, you look like you’re about ready to grind iron with your bare teeth.” Mon-El nods and mutters, “We’re having a problem with a random element.” Gritting his teeth, Mon-El flexes his muscles involuntarily, and Ydnac nods in understanding before saying, “She’s still giving you problems eh? Well she’s a smart one, she has a lot of potential, and it’s up to you to show her.” “Me?” mutters Mon-El, “I couldn’t care less if I ever saw her again, I apologized to her for everything, I was civil and I tried to be polite, and she basically spat in my god damn face.” His anger increasing, Ydnac opens his mouth about to try to calm him down when a holographic message appears in the air, calling Mon-El to the bridge.

Cursing under his breath, Mon-El nods to Ydnac, and makes his way to the bridge, trying to avoid all personnel along the way, yet he has no such luck. Hushed whispers pass between crewmembers as Mon-El walks by. Apparently word of his outburst to the cadet has spread around the ship, at least in part this deck, and this only causes more frustration to leak into his mind. Seeing as his day grows steadily worse and worse, Mon-El makes no more attempts to hide his anger or his expression of such, and stalks onto a teleportation pad, almost shouting the command to transport him to the bridge.

Almost at the point where his eyes begin to glow, Mon-El literally marches over to where the Admiral sits, surveying the bridge, and reports his arrival. Looking at a nearby holographic display, the Admiral lazily turns to look at Mon-El before saying, “I’ve heard you had some excitement today General, I hope you haven’t caused any, shall we say, trouble??”
Archangel smirks evilly at Mon-El, obviously referring to his checkered past, and awaits a response. Mon-El, growing uncomfortable at the continued talk on this subject, sighs before saying, “I will write a formal report Admiral and have it transmitted to you as soon as I return to my quarters.”

The Admiral laughs and says, “I already know what happened and how General, let’s just try to prevent any further problems in the future, is that clear??” Mon-El salutes and mutters, “Yes Admiral.” Archangel nods to him and says, “You are dismissed, and oh by the way, Rika is still your responsibility, this fact has never changed, I know you have taken her off active duty, this is a shame, however she is still your charge, and I want you to make sure she doesn’t cause conflict between the other officers and cadets. It would seem you two are more alike than you wish to admit.” Grabbing hold of a nearby railing, Mon-El squeezes it hard enough to leave a negative of his handprint as he walks by, and leaves the bridge.

It would seem no matter what he does, Rika still seems to be a bother. What the hell can he do? She is a wild card, unpredictable and acts negatively towards authority, or at least authority she doesn’t recognize. It will take a lot of thought to puzzle this one out, but as he tries, he realizes he really doesn’t give a shit at the moment. She can rot in her quarters, and Mon-El wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Hopefully this will blow over very quickly, or Mon-El will do something he will regret, but will find quite enjoyable.








As she slept, the troubles of the outside world faded and she was secured and safe in her own place of the world, protected by these walls even if she did feel like a prisoner at times. Her dreams were even more settled, times much happier, reunions and freedom. But as things go, all good things must come to an end, and this dream was no exception. As she moved the strain she'd put on herself the previous night finally hit her with full painful force and a sudden cramp in her left calf jerked her from her dreams. She sat straight up as her entire leg locked up and she hissed in a brath of air. "Damnit.." she seethed as she ran her fingers down the now rock hard muscle. It wasn't flexed yet felt that it was and then some.

It took several minutes for the muscle to finally give into her massage and relax, the pain finally ebbing and allowing her to get up only to have the rest of her body protest in suit. "What'd I do to deserve this..." she groaned as she hobbled into the bathroom and splashed some cool water on her face. Drawing up the front of her t shirt she patted her face down only to wrinkle her nose at the scent of sweat. "Ugh...I'm never falling asleep without showering again...even if I'm dieing." she said in near disgust before looking at her face once more in the mirror. She looked rested this time, but different. It wasn't the scar, that had become a permanent and accepted. There was something much more drastic but at the same time subtle. Her eyes, those once vibrant sapphire eyes that sparked with pride and cunning were now dull and listless, now hiding everything where before so much could be seen in the once vibrant orbs. It was something that could possibly mark her as a bigger danger than before because it gave her a bigger edge in unpredictability. However, it was that unpredictability that made her such an odd asset to the GSF

She really didn't pay too much attention and stood up straight again, making the short trek to the tub and turned the water on as hot as she could stand it. She then got her clothes off as quick as she could, holding her breath as she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it into her room. She then turned on the shower and stepped into the steamy water, yelping slightly at the heat. She then adjusted it to a temperature that she could handle and stepped under the spray, wetting herself down before turning and ducking her head beneath the water. Running her fingers through her hair she let it soak through completely before globing some shampoo into the palm of her hand and rubbing it into her hair, scrubbing her scalp and inhaling the faint scent that the soap gave off. After her hair was rinsed she swirled some conditioner into the same palm and ran it through her hair, making sure it was worked through before she began the task of soaping down her tender frame.

By the time she was done and rinsed it was time to wash the conditioner from her hair and as it ran down her back her flesh became slick and the light shimmered against it through the sheeting water. When she was cleaned up she wrapped her hair up and turned off the shower though left the water running. Heating the outflow more she filled the tub with steamy water and slid into its depths. "This feels so much better..." she sighed. As she looked around she couldn't help but think just how different things were here compared to where she'd come from with the GSF. Where was the camaraderie, where was the light heartedness that made teams flow effortlessly. These components were all missing. Things were so strict, black and white, cut and dry. Not what she was use to at all so adjusting was definitely going to be a chore....if she even survived that long. With a sigh she sank deeper into the water. She knew that those who knew how she was brought here looked at her differently. She knew that they looked at her with suspicion and would keep a close eye on her in passing, even though her Unit had been ripped from her and she literally posed no threat to them as a whole.

After a time the water began to cool and she let the water drain before standing up, looking like a semi-cooked lobster. Her skin held a reddish tint to it but she felt refreshed and most importantly, she felt relaxed and her muscles were lucid once more. After drying herself she wrapped herself in a dry towel and walked into her room, flopping onto her bed and kicking her clothes to the side in a small pile to be dealt with later. When her hair was dry she walked back into the bathroom and brushed it out, opting to leave it down this time and dug through her closet for her uniform and changed into it. She then grabbed the two bracelets from the desk and fastened them around her wrists before exiting her room. She hadn't looked at the clock so she didn't know if there were going to be a lot of people out or not. She hoped that there wouldn't be. She wanted to avoid as much contact as possible with the members of this ship for the time being until she could figure out just what she wanted to do.

As she walked down the halls however she could hear whispering and discussions going on around her. Assuming it was about her she chose to ignore it until one of the other officers in training approached her. "Hey, what'd you do to piss off Mon El." he asked.

'I'm sorry?" she asked, stopping in her tracks and turning to face him. "What are you talking about." she said as she started walking towards the training sims again, the soon to be officer walking alongside her.

"Word has it, that some of the cadets were asking about you, and he dented the wall in a state of fury." he told her

"And that has what to do with me?" she asked as they passed the wall that now had workers surrounding it so that they could fix the dent.

"Well, he has been put in charge of you hasn't he?"


"Look.." he said as he stepped in front of her, stopped, and turned to face her. "A lot of us look up to him. He's a hero in this era and a great man. So if you're giving him undo grief I'd appreciate it if you'd stop being such a snob and just grow up."

Her brow twitched, but she was determined not to follow in her charges footsteps, but that didn't mean she was going to let him talk to her in the way he just had. "You look" she said, her voice holding an icy bite to it. "His issues are his own. I'm not his mother and if he goes off and has a tantrum it's because of his own lack of self control. Maybe he should try anger management." she snapped at him. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some training to do." and with that she stepped to his right and walked past him.

"They're watching you closely you know, waiting for you to mess up." he called after her in a tone that denoted arrogance.

"Tell me something I don't know." she said in an uncaring tone without looking back over her shoulder.

Within a few minutes she'd reached the training sims and walked in. The sim techs were talking about Mon-El’s foul temper and she just ignored it as she programmed her training. Since she felt comfortable training in a gravitated area, it was time to try her hand at training in space, since if she ever got put back on active duty, she'd be patrolling outside most likely, and she had no idea how to make this thing work in space.

"Training hard?" came a voice behind her.

Caught off guard she turned around and straightened up, saluting the man behind her. "General Yndac" she squeaked out. "I...really wasn't expecting to see you."

He chuckled at her state of surprise and shook his head. "At ease Rika.." Seeing her relax he looked over her shoulder to see what she'd programmed into her sim. "Training for space already?" he asked, quite surprised himself that she was taking such a leap so quickly.

Looking over her shoulder she shrugged and nodded. "Yes, I suppose so." she answered, not that it would make much difference really. But it would help give her something to occupy her time.

"That's quite a big step for being here and training with your Alpha Suit for such a short time." he said as he stepped beside her and added a few things into the sim to see just how good she'd be.

"Well, it's just like an advanced version of my old Guyver Unit." she said with a shrug of her shoulders "so it was really easy to get use to using."

"I see." he said with a confident grin upon his face. He could see that what he had told Mon El about her potential was correct and as she began her sim he took his leave though he was never really too far, for her first experience of training in a space like environment was something he definitely wanted to see.

As her simulation began she found herself floating in what looked like a vast emptiness, endless in which ever direction she looked. It was almost like when she'd left the atmosphere of Ayenne. To her right a comet streaked through the silence and several asteroids seemed to hang in the stillness. Righting herself she began running through the diagnostics, actually paying attention to her Suit for once and learning where the boosters were and how they worked. 'It's just like the pack that Trinity Labs gave
me.' she thought as she did some basic moving around to get use to the sensations and readings. It took about an hour before she was comfortable enough with her movements that she began working with more advanced movements and what better way to do it than by jumping between asteroids. 'Heh, this is kinda fun.' she thought as she hoped from one floating hunk of rock to the next.

It couldn't have been more than a few minutes before she heard her sensors going off that something was approaching in the distance. Though it was only one thing approaching, she was still cautious given the new environment she was training in. Settling upon a nearby asteroid she read over the details that were coming from the scan though she really didn't pay too much attention to the advisable actions she was being given. This was where she did her own thing entirely. She'd come up with an easy enough plan to dispatch of her little pest until her sensors alerted her to a mini army of drones behind the lone drone that she'd first seen. "Should be fuuuuun..." she said, her eyes blinking several times. "I must thank General Yndac for his little present afterwards." she added as she began manipulating her armor. Spiles shot from the bottom of her boots, sinking sturdily into the rock and as she crouched down some she activated her boosters which sent her rocketing forward. Acceleration was slow at first given that she was now rooted to a large rock, but once she got going she soon reached a good clip of speed.

"Hey, this is kinda fun." she grinned. With a slight shift of her muscles she was soon moving from side to side, just as shots were being fired at her. With a bit of clumsy maneuvering in the beginning she manages to dodge through the blasts, finally seeing the head of the drones coming up in front of her. Drawing her knees to her chest she kicked her lower legs out, feeling the drag that was now created though it didn't slow her down too much with as fast as she was going. At the proper time she let the spikes reform to her armor and cut the boosters, her armored form slowing to a stop as she watched the asteroid collide with the drone, plowing a path through a large grouping of them. "Sweet!" she exclaimed as she formed two cannon like guns on her arms and began firing, keeping a small booster going to keep her from toppling end over end and letting her move from the path of enemy fire, one of which grazed her right arm. "Fuck.." she muttered as she spun around and popped off the drone that hit her.

Her battle lasted well over an hour with Yndac checking in on her periodically to check her progress. Being a Guyver had definitely given her an edge that not many others had. She was as quick a learner as Mon El it seemed. By the time the last drone was disposed of she could see that her power cells had gone down considerably since it was also combined with the maneuvers she had done earlier and soon the sim was over and she stepped from the platform as she was returned only to see General Yndac standing in front of her, smiling rather broadly. "That was underhanded General." she said with a light scowl.

Yndac only chuckled as he always did and clasped a heavy hand on her shoulder. "I had to see just how good you were and how well of an asset you would be to the alliance."

She slowly shrugged off his hand from her shoulder and looked up at him. "Begging your pardon Sir, but nothing's written in stone about my staying. I see how people look at me, and don't think I don't know about the whispers of distrust that go on. I'm sorry, but if GuyverWarrior manages to find me, I'm going with him. This isn't my world." Before he could reply, she'd saluted him and headed back to her room, the area where she'd been nicked tingling slightly. It was definitely an interesting session, and one she would most likely have to repeat several times to become more proficient at it. On her way back to t he Officers Quarters she stopped by the mess for a small bite to eat and something to drink. From the looks of things, it was about time for a shift change...which meant more people and she knew she wouldn't make it back in enough time to miss them. Instead, she settled for an out of the way table near a window overlooking the star spotted darkness.








Returning once more to the training room, Mon-El succeeds this time in avoiding any personal conflict with any passersby. It could be the fact that every muscle in his body is tensed as if he is ready to strike out, or it could be because his eyes glow crimson, irregardless it is everything the other crewmembers and officers of the Worthington can do to avoid Mon-El completely. Taking a small amount of satisfaction from the fact that everyone now knows his limits, and is smart enough not to press him further, Mon-El enters the room to find Ydnac resetting the simulators.

Mon-El doesn’t approach him, he merely waits to be acknowledged, and while he does so, he stretches in preparation for a simulation of his choosing. He has a rather dire need to unleash some of his pent up fury, otherwise he himself with be thrown off the ship for what he fears will be increasingly inappropriate behavior. It took all of his willpower not to crush that young cadets head for mouthing off at him like that, and were this the old Guyver Strike Force days, he most certainly would have. Mon-El knows that he doesn’t fit into this place; there is too much conformity, too many rules. It was why he aided Aureus.

Shaking his head clear of everything except his aggression, Mon-El clears his throat loud enough so as to be heard by Ydnac, who looks up in Mon-El’s direction and smirks. He laughs before saying, “I heard you had a confrontation with a cadet, in fact he was in here right before you met him in the hallway. All this over that girl, I’m surprised you’re letting her get to you after everything you’ve been through.” Mon-El narrows his eyes at Ydnac as a response, and crosses his arms over his chest. Ydnac frowns and says, “I crossed the line, I’m sorry, and I’m just not used to seeing you like this. If you were to look at it from my perspective Mon-El, you would find it amusing as well.”

Mon-El pauses, and ponders this before replying, “It doesn’t seem to fit Ydnac, and you couldn’t be in the position I am in. I find no humor in this situation at all. So here is what I suggest. You set up a simulation, whatever locale you want, and you will fight me. Oh and make sure the safety protocols are disengaged; I want you fighting at your fullest potential.” Ydnac quirks a brow wondering why Mon-El has made such a request of him, yet he shrugs as he closes his eyes, his mind connecting to the main computer in the training room, and programming the simulation faster than the blink of an eye.

The room shimmers and disappears to be replaced by outer space. Mon-El stands upon the outer hull of the
Worthington, and Ydnac floats listlessly in space a couple hundred feet away. His view obstructed by the Worthington in all directions except up, Mon-El looks to Ydnac and smiles nodding his head. Ydnac nods back and says, “You do remember that I possess the knowledge and skills of every person I have data on, right Mon-El? When in a simulation I can use any power or ability I wish.” Mon-El laughs and responds by saying, “Do your worst Ydnac, I have been looking forward to this.”

Baring his teeth in a smile that could have hidden sarcasm, Ydnac flies directly towards Mon-El, his arms outstretched, attempting to ram him with both fists and drive him deep into the
Worthington’s hull. In less time than it takes to blink an eye, Mon-El uses his power of flight to “sidestep” out of the way, and watches Ydnac impact against the ship, creating a hole the width of his torso, which causes the atmosphere inside the ship to vent out into space. Picking himself up out of the hole, brushing fragments of metal off of himself, only to watch them drift away into space lazily, Ydnac smiles to Mon-El, knowing full well the attack wouldn’t work. In fact he was counting on it.

The best strategist always made a move that caused his opponent to underestimate him, and then he struck with full force. Ydnac tenses his body as if to move towards Mon-El, which prompts him to guard his front, and then Ydnac flies towards Mon-El with such speed that he can barely be seen, in fact it would almost seem he was in one spot one moment and then in another the next. Knowing Mon-El guards his front, Ydnac comes in from the side, and catches him by surprise. Ydnac throws a full strength punch, which connects with Mon-El’s jaw and sends him hurtling into a spire. The force of the punch much greater than any Alpha suit could hope to attain, sends Mon-El hurtling through the spire and out the other side, impacting against the hull of the ship, gouging a path into the metal.

Rubbing his jaw with one hand, Mon-El uses his momentum to his advantage, and does a back flip to land in a three-point stance. It would seem Mon-El still possesses the failings of any other normal man, yet one would wonder why he hasn’t learned a lesson after all of this time. Rising to his feet, Mon-El doesn’t waste time, and fires an optical beam from his eyes towards Ydnac’s chest, who in turn pivots to avoid the blow, which prompts Mon-El to fly towards Ydnac at high speed as he himself once did. Throwing a punch, which should have clobbered Ydnac upside the head, Mon-El is surprised to see him turn around just in time to catch the punch in an out-stretched hand. Mon-El’s eyes grow wide as Ydnac snaps a kick out to connect with his midsection, causing him to stumble backwards a few steps.

Regaining his composure, Mon-El stands up straight and motions for Ydnac to make his move. Ydnac approaches and begins to hurl various punches and kicks, perfectly executed, at different vital points on Mon-El’s body. Mon-El deftly blocks most of the attacks aimed at his person, and forces Ydnac off-balance by deflecting a punch aimed for his throat, using his momentum against him. Seizing his chance, Mon-El lowers his right hand to his waist, and tightening his hand into a fist delivers a devastating uppercut to Ydnac that sends him soaring out into open space, flipping end over end. His holographic matrix fluctuates slightly from the force of the blow, yet his systems stabilize and he slows his motion and rights himself to float once more.

Nodding in approval, Ydnac decides to use Mon-El’s tactics against him, and fires an optical beam of his own, but Mon-El merely swats the beam out of the air with a hand, deflecting the shot into the hull of the
Worthington, which heats up the metal until it almost glows white. Mon-El and Ydnac then both fire their beams at each other at the same time, both beams colliding and wavering slightly as each beam tries to overcome the other. It would seem the battle at this point is a stalemate, however both of the combatants have plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

During the battle, technicians record the event, as is standard procedure and tell their fellow officers of the simulation that is currently taking place. Soon after a crowd begins to form in the technicians booth until the crowd grows too large to accommodate the small room. The spectators are ushered to the mess hall, where a hologram of the simulation is run where everyone can see. Between various attacks, Mon-El shouts at Ydnac, telling him not to talk about the problem again, and that he will address it when he feels it is the right time. Ydnac shrugs at him and tells him about the “girls” progress, and how she performed a space simulation earlier on that day.

The only causes Mon-El to fight with more fervor, delivering multiple blows to the body of Ydnac, sending him careening into the hull of the
Worthington as Mon-El once had been. The battle continues in this fashion for quite a long while, without any signs of it ending soon, and so various officers and crew members depart for duty shifts, or to rest for the next one to come, all of them asking the technicians for a copy of the battle.








As she sat there picking at her food she saw a strangely large group heading in the direction of the training sims and she quirked a brow. She assumed that perhaps a test or something was going on and dismissed it, returning her attention to her half eaten food. She thought back on the sim she'd just completed and propped her cheek against the curled knuckles of her left hand. It was definitely fun, and there seemed to be more that she could do, but even so, there were drawbacks and limitations, such as firing a gun that would flip her end over end and make her motion sick. To this thought she made a sour face and shook her head, sitting up and taking a sip from her glass. It was then that she saw a larger crowd being ushered into the mess and she sighed and shrank back as far as she could to avoid as much contact as she could with those who knew of her presence upon this ship.

All around her there was excited commotion and heated talks about what was going on in the simulator. 'Must be impressive whatever it is.' she thought as she took another bite of food. No sooner had the thought left her mind, a holographic screen appeared and she got her first glimpse of what everyone seemed so excited about. 'General Yndac and Mon El?' This was definitely something that appeared talk worthy and she assumed that such an intense battle was either rare or completely unheard of. Propping her chin in her left hand she gave in to curiosity and watched just as Mon El sent Yndac flying and spat off something about a problem and him dealing with it when he pleased. 'Wonder if he's talking about the confrontation in the hall..' she thought. She was soon to get her answer as Yndac retaliated with a volley of attacks of his own. He went on to tell Mon El about her progress, and of her first space sim and she grimaced instantly, knowing now that it was her that they were discussing. But the mere mention of her name seemed to set Mon El off and she watched as Yndac was thrown into the side of the ship for the mere mention of her or her progress.

This hit her harder than she thought it would and she sat in silence watching the never-ending battle. Time was again lost until she saw that most of the group was disbursing and realized that shift changes were now happening. Pushing to her feet, she no longer wished to be out in the open and exited the mess. She stopped long enough to ask one of the techs for a copy of the session when it was over and then walked back to her room. She didn't bother telling him that she wanted to see if anything else was discussed about her, but it seemed that her choice in actions was becoming increasingly clear. As an outcast she knew she was not welcomed on this ship and leaving now became the forethought of things to do. Reaching her room relatively unnoticed she sat heavily upon her bed and leaned forward with her arms draped over her knees, eyes fixated upon the floor. Could she really leave and not get caught? There was really only one way to find out, and that was to try.

And that's just what she was going to do. Pushing back to her feet she pulled her bracelets off long enough to rub her wrists then exited her room again while she refastened them. Finding a group that was heading for the air locks she just followed them, blending in as best she could. She stayed out of the way and unnoticed, activating her suit with the rest of them before depressurization occurred and the door from the air lock was opened. She waited for everyone to file out, following behind the last man out then diverted off and just floated around. As she looked around she knew that actual space was much more different than the sim had made it out to be. For one, it was much colder and she shivered a bit as she got use to such a drastic temperature change. She did though, find a piece of the asteroid she'd come through the worm hole on and took a seat on it, floating silently alongside the ship.

She listened to everything going on around her, reports being given, communications transmitted, findings, lack of findings. It was complex and simple at the same time and still she went happily unnoticed, which was just what she wanted. Letting her mind wander, the voices coming through her com system seemed to jumble together into a murmur. Her head shifted every few seconds as her gaze sought through the vast emptiness. Could he really be here? she wondered, 'searching for me.' Though it was highly unlikely, she held out hope that they would find each other again. He'd managed to boost with the others so his chance of survival was extremely high, but she wondered if he held out hope of her being alive. All of the other Standard Guyver Units had either mutated or were killed by the time she'd been able to leave. But even if he did find her, would he still accept her as the Kashii Guyver. That, was the thought that plagued her mind the most. There was only one way to find out though, and that would be to find him. And if she could get by this unnoticed, getting out would be much easier than she thought. For now though, she was content in just watching things unfold before her.








Floating in space facing Ydnac, Mon-El rolls his right shoulder, having once again landed rather hard on the Worthington’s surface, he tries to work out the kinks before his opponent can utilize his momentary weakness to his advantage. He is smart, very smart but Mon-El doesn’t lack in combat prowess. Up to this point, they have been on equal footing, however Mon-El is a living breathing person, whereas Ydnac is a computer-generated hologram. Despite his super-human stamina, Mon-El will eventually tire, and then he will have lost, so he either has to fight smarter and more efficiently as Ydnac does, or give up.

Ydnac chooses this moment to attack, while his opponent is on unsure footing, attempting to retain his strategic advantage, however Mon-El chooses to fight defensively hoping to find an opening to exploit. Ydnac sends a round-house kick towards Mon-El’s head, but Mon-El flies up and over him, avoiding the kick, and throws one of his own, hitting him on the right shoulder blade, sending them both flying off in different directions. Landing on the
Worthington of his own volition, Mon-El looks up only to see Ydnac flying towards him again, firing an optical beam and drawing back his right fist.

Laughing, Mon-El ignores the energy attack, which hits him in the chest and burns holes through his containment suit; This throws Ydnac off guard momentarily, and right before he connects with his punch he hesitates, giving Mon-El enough time to grab his outstretched arm, and hammer-throw him into the side of the ship. His matrix fluctuates yet again from the sheer force Mon-El exerts upon him, yet he maintains cohesiveness and continues the battle. Chuckling at himself Ydnac acknowledges Mon-El’s skills, yet refuses to give up, and slowly rises to his feet, giving Mon-El another opportunity to attack.

Mon-El complies, seeing an opening, and rushes in to deliver yet another crushing attack but Ydnac has prepared for this. Wanting Mon-El to come as close as possible before he responds, Ydnac begins ticking off nanoseconds in his mind, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Mon-El’s eyes burn with a passion he hadn’t felt in quite a long time, and right before he can deliver a punishing overhead hammer blow with both hands, Ydnac executes a “meta-burn,” a tactic often used by Warrior class guyver units and higher. A red sphere of energy begins to extend outwards from his form accompanied by an explosive force tearing an ever-expanding hole in the hull of the

Mon-El, caught off guard, hits the sphere with full-force, only able to raise his arms to protect his face; the explosive energy playing over his torso tearing off the upper half of his containment suit, exposing his flesh to the rigors of outer-space. He is blown back to land in the hole Ydnac had previously made, and rights himself only to see an optical beam heading straight for him; raising his hand in a flash, Mon-El deflects the beam with his palm and growls in irritation. Ydnac is smart indeed, no wonder he is in charge of training the troops, if they could fight half as good as he can they might be able to win this war.

Grabbing a portion of the hull plating, his fingers piercing the metal, Mon-El exerts his full force and begins to tear a section of the ship off. His feet denting the ship from the pressure he is applying to it, Mon-El begins to slowly stand, his muscles bulging and rippling from the sheer effort involved, until he stands holding a square section of the hull 20 feet wide, 20 feet long and 1 foot thick. Hoping to blind Mon-El temporarily, Ydnac fires his optical beam yet again at his eyes, but Mon-El counters by interposing the piece of the
Worthington in front of him; the section of hull plating glowing a bright red, Mon-El charges Ydnac, who’s only option at this time is defense.

Running would do him no good, since Mon-El is as fast as him, maybe even faster, a meta-burn wouldn’t stop him this time either, and as he tries to come up with a way to counteract Mon-El’s attack, he seems to disappear from view. Ydnac looks around worriedly until he hears Mon-El say, “Here I am Ydnac!!” he then turns to see the hull plating being swung at him at full force, and can only brace for impact. The collision hurls Ydnac away with enough might to crash through the doors of the training room, and amidst a shower of wreckage and shouting technicians, Mon-El strolls out, his containment suit ruined, to aide Ydnac in extricating himself from the mess he is in.

Ydnac stands, cables and rubble covering him and clasps Mon-El on the shoulder saying, “It’s about time you beat me.” Smiling proudly, he continues, “I await for the day when your prodigy can do the same.” Mon-El scowls at Ydnac before saying, “She is not my prodigy Ydnac, she is GuyverWarrior’s, or couldn’t you figure that out? She is fixated on him; he is all she talks about. Every time I try to help, she rubs him in my face. She refuses to accept her reality as it stands, preferring instead to fight against it and cause grief for all those around her. It is why I refuse to speak to her until she realizes this.”

With that Mon-El stalks away heading to his quarters so he can clean up and put on a new containment suit. Ydnac shouts to him, “She is out there, right now Mon-El, in space hoping and looking. She forgot to realize her Alpha suit is tied into the main computer.” Mon-El raises a hand and waves to Ydnac as he walks away, not paying attention to what he has to say. Smirking at Mon-El’s back, Ydnac closes his eyes and sends a message to the team nearest Rika. They are to tell her in person that Ydnac wants to talk to her, instead of him sending a message to her. He wants her to feel as if they don’t know where she is for just a little bit longer.








It was true, she had forgotten that her Alpha Suit was tied into the main computer, and if she had realized it she would have contemplated the trouble she would probably find herself in once she was figured out. For the time being though, she didn't care. She was outside, away from Mon El, alone, unnoticed, and she was learning. Well, that's how she saw it anyway. What better way to learn, she'd finally reasoned with herself. Watching what she could possibly be doing in the future. She watched the different weapons being formed for asteroid removal, and as they were formed she would mimic them, forming them with her own Suit or adapting her own modifications to them. This was definitely a lot better than having to suffer through the crap she received from Mon El, or being shut away in her room for hours on end, running or training in the sims.

The hiss of escaping air from her suit drew her attention and she watched as the moisture formed a fine layer of crystallized frost over and around the vents. This soon held her attention as she traced her right index finger through it, gathering a small mass upon her finger pad and bringing it in front of her face. She watched the faint sparkle as the crystals caught the faint light of distant stars and even the light given off by the
Worthington. She then ran the pad of her thumb over her finger, scuffing off the gathering of crystals, watching them as they floated away before returning her attention to the various crews that were working around her. It wasn't long though before she heard one of her sensors going off, alerting her that she was being approached. Turning her head she saw one of the workers approaching her and she heaved a heavy sigh, her shoulders slumping now that she'd been caught.

"General Yndac would like to see you in the simulation room." came the voice over her com link. He didn't seem upset that she was out there with them, or if he was, he was hiding it really well.

Disappointed, she nodded, waved her thanks to him, and pushed off her perch, floating back to the air lock where she'd exited from before. Once things were depressurized she allowed her Alpha Suit to return to the bracelets around her wrists, leaving her in the informal uniform she was wearing. Frowning some she gave another sigh, her cheeks puffing out some as she shuffled her way towards the training area, her gaze fixated upon the floor nearly the entire time. She was sure she was in for it now and as she entered the training area she straightened up only to see the techs finishing the repairs on the General. 'Wow....he really took a whollop.' she thought.

One of the lab techs caught sight of her and told her that a copy of the fight had been sent to her room and she nodded before returning her attention back to Yndac and giving a salute. "You...wanted to see me?" she asked, unsure of what was to happen next.








Supervising the repairs of the training room, Ydnac looks up from a pile of debris to find Rika striding into the room. Telling the techs to continue with what they were doing, Ydnac strides over to Rika and stops directly in front of her. She doesn’t salute, since she is off-duty and mutters, “You… wanted to see me??” Ydnac nods to her and pulls her into a separate room where they can talk without anyone hearing. “Yes Rika, I think we have a few things to discuss, well it would have been better if Mon-El could have talked to you, but given the circumstances we experienced today just brushing the subject, I didn’t think it was wise.”

He chuckles before continuing, “Before Mon-El erupted in righteous fury, and almost obliterated the training room in the process, he mentioned the talk you and he had, where he tried as hard as he could to be nice, and you shot him out of the air. I must say I honestly didn’t believe he was serious in the beginning, but he just shot me one of his dead serious looks and that was that. To think, Mon-El apologizing without it being forced upon him, I think it’s quite amazing.” Rika’s eyes widen and she almost lets out a laugh before stopping herself, and says, “Why is it so hard to believe he would do that? It’s common courtesy isn’t it?”

Ydnac shakes his head sadly and replies, “Well Rika, you have to understand, Mon-El has been at war with one thing or another his entire life, and let’s not forget how long he has been around. I’ve never seen a soldier use manners when trash-talking an enemy, in fact I am quite sure you know the opposite is true, and when you do that long enough, you start to get used to acting like it, even when you aren’t fighting at the time. Mon-El is a soldier’s soldier, tough as nails, and he takes no guff. When he is given an order, he follows it as if it is his life’s mission. He is also very honorable, despite his rough exterior.”

Pausing for a moment, allowing Rika to grasp this information, Ydnac then continues, “You never really gave him a chance Rika, and now that you’ve been rather harsh on him, it’s only toughening his skin and making it worse. What happens to someone when they take a punch to the gut?” Not waiting for an answer he says, “They protect that spot from further attack. This is what is happening with Mon-El, when he is nice it’s best to be nice back. I’m not trying to force you to do anything contrary to who you are. If you really believe in common courtesy, it would be best for all involved if you were to show some to Mon-El, I’m sure he has shown you some, and that IS contrary to who he is.”

Nodding to Rika, he says, “Well I think I have said enough for now, I hope you have some things to think about, but I am afraid I have to get back to work.” He salutes her before he lets himself out of the room, leaving her there alone to ponder on what she has been told. Ydnac however, has his plate full. He never should have allowed the safety protocols to be taken offline, now he has to rewire the entire damn training room, he is fortunate that the systems that regulate his hologram matrix weren’t damaged in the fight, or he would really be royally screwed.

Meanwhile, Mon-El rests in his quarters, tired for the first time in ages, it has been a long time since he has been challenged in a fight like that, but at least he came out on top. The tattered remains of his containment suit rest on the floor in front of his closet, waiting to be repaired while Mon-El looks lazily at his Omega suit, he chuckles thankful he didn’t decide to wear it in the simulation, he would’ve caused more damage than he did. Wondering how well the repairs are going, Mon-El lays on his bed and passes out, thinking of his next duty shift.








Rika was worried some when Yndac pulled her aside so that they could talk and as she walked into the room her eyes darted about in a quick survey of her surroundings. Finding a place to settle in she got as comfortable as she could in preparations for the unknown. When Yndac mentioned why he felt it better to talk to her instead of Mon-El she knew he was pissed and things just kind of halted for her as she listened. He told her about the incident that happened in her room, not that she was surprised. She figured he knew everything that was going on in the ship but when he said it was amazing for him to willingly apologize she was slightly surprised.

"It's not that I wasn't ungrateful for the apology...but I don't trust him. I mean...he found me floating in space with part of an asteroid sticking out of my chest, barely conscious. Instead of carrying me through the halls like a normal person he decides to drag me across the floor, toss me about like a rag doll, and threaten me that I would be killed if I boosted. My chest plates were so damaged I couldn't have boosted if I wanted to. He didn't explain anything to me...and then hauls me off to have my Unit ripped from my forehead....Just how am I suppose to take that. Do you really know how frightening that is? And to later find out that he use to be a Guyver....he could have handled things a little better."

She was visibly upset about what had happened and he waited until she was done before he explained to her why things had happened the way they did. "Mon El had his Unit removed in the same fashion that you did, only his was on less friendlier terms. In a time of war, people are treated differently, unfairly even and most of what you were told afterwards was not deemed pertinent for you to know at the time you were found and brought aboard. Guyvers have been banned for quite some time now, and with you having been one, you were instantly classified as an enemy, unfair as it may seem. If a guyver is found and they don't cooperate they are forced into submission. If they fight....they're destroyed. Mon El was the one who kept you from being killed. He might be tough on the outside, but he's not that terrible once you get to know him."

Hearing this quashed any further arguments on the topic and she wished that she'd known that sooner. There were some other things that she wanted to ask him and he saw that and nodded for her to continue. "It's...about GuyverWarrior, my old commander. Mon El seems to hate the mention of his name, and despises the fact that I'm trying to find him. The thing is...is that GW is the reason I'm alive right now. He saved me from being killed by bringing me into the GSF. I trained closely under him and fought alongside him. We horsed around and he put up with my constant attacks to better my training. Out of the entire GSF he was who I was closest to and I would have followed him to hell if he'd asked me to."

He offered her a seat and actually frowned when he heard this. "Mon El and...GW, as you call him, were probably as close of friends as you and he. However, something happened and he sacrificed part of that friendship to save his squad and he's lived with that for seven hundred billion years."

She couldn't even fathom living that long, even as a Guyver, but things were beginning to make more sense to her and she knew she'd screwed up on a major level, resting her chin in her hands while he continued upon what he'd originally started before she'd brought up her concerns and questions. He told her about the endless wars he's been involved with, one after another it seemed and after dealing with such harshness it took it's toll by giving him an irritable disposition and cranky attitude. When he finally finished his say with her he smiled and motioned towards the door telling her that he must take his leave to supervise the repairs and that she had much to think about after their conversation.

She nodded, watching as he left, sitting there for a moment. She was rarely, if ever, so far away from him and she was terribly insecure and frightened. So she did what she was known for, being a hard ass, and fight with everyone. Pushing to her feet she silently made her way back to her room sitting heavily on the foot of her bed after finding the copy of the fight that she'd asked for. Fast forwarding through most of it she reached the part that had shown up when people were ushered into the mess and she got a close up view at just how pissed and enraged Mon El was at the mere mention of her presence. This really made her want to leave, but she bit it back and continued watching. His anger game him an edge she rarely saw before in a fight and she shuddered at the thought of what he could have done to her if he wanted....and she was sure he wanted to.

She felt so sorry for Yndac and what he'd had to go through because of her. After a while things were coming to an end and she saw Yndacs swan dive through the wall of the training room and she went wide eyed. What hit her though was what Yndac told Mon El as he was leaving and how he replied. She just wanted to curl up somewhere and not come out for a while. Though she still didn't understand his reasoning, she did owe him an apology, and she wanted to clear things up between them. So, sucking up her pride, she pushed to her feet and walked out of her room, heading through the silent halls until she reached his room. She stood there for several minutes trying to find her voice, her hand resting over the buzzer but she quickly drew it away. This, was a vulnerable time for her, it that was a side of her she vowed never to show, so the flat of her palm rested against the wall above it and with her head lowered and staring at the floor she spoke.

"I don't know if you're awake, or even there, but if you are and you can hear me I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be such a brat, but...you never took the time to ask why certain things were as important to me as they are, or understand that the way you treated me since the time you found me was frightening to say the least. I'm not expecting you to understand or even accept this...so...I guess I'll see you around the ship some time..." she said after a brief pause. She then straightened up again and turned to head back to her room feeling emotionally drained now. On the way to her room she wondered why apologizing had to be so taxing.

She attributed it though to the fact that so much had gone on and she'd been apprehensive throughout most of the day and the conflict that had been brewing between herself and Mon El since she'd first step foot upon the decks of this ship. There was no need to dwell on it now. She'd apologized and put her cards on the table. Things were now for him to do as he pleased...though she was glad that he hadn't woken up...or wasn't there. The last thing she wanted him to see of her was her vulnerability. She cringed at the thought and pressed the button to allow her into her room. With a heavy sigh she just flopped down onto her bed, clothes and all and just curled up into a ball to fall asleep.








Still sleeping in his quarters, Mon-El is unaware that Rika had visited and that she wanted to talk. She did not hit the door panel, which would have sounded a tone in his quarters, announcing her presence outside waiting to enter, because she did not quite feel comfortable yet expressing how she felt or why; Thankfully it is safer this way, since Mon-El’s first reaction to being woken up by Rika would have been to succumb to his anger and to take it out on her. This would have caused the rift already existing between Mon-El and Rika to widen, while he has been trying to mend it.

Mon-El sleeps through the entire night, and awakes feeling groggy. Even though he slept, he doesn’t feel quite rested; there is something nagging at him from the back of his mind, and it was this that prevented him from resting completely. Pushing the feeling away, Mon-El gets up and goes to refresh himself, and when he is cleaned up a little, he puts on a new containment suit, kicking the damaged one to the side, and goes off to meet with Ydnac. Arriving at the training room without any problems, it appears as though the crew act differently towards him, a combination of fear and respect. Mon-El however doesn’t let this go to his head, and salutes those who make eye contact, and greets those who don’t.

Shaking his head, Mon-El enters to see Ydnac talking to a few technicians who stop in mid-sentence upon seeing him. Ydnac dismisses them and walks over to him, and says, “Well it seems you are no worse for the wear. That is good news, the bad news is I have a few ground rules for you Mon-El. Safety protocols will always remain active on this ship, or any other for that matter, and you are to tone down your strength during training unless the opponent you are fighting is extraordinarily strong. Seeing as this won’t happen again, you know the drill. These came straight from the Admiral. Personally, I think you fought spectacularly, and would like to have the opportunity to fight you again, but as it stands now, it’s not going to happen.”

Ydnac grumbles something under his breath about the “bloody admiral,” but it is lost due to the whine of a few machines that are finishing their work. He then ushers Mon-El into an adjacent room, where there is more quiet and says, “I talked to Rika on your behalf” and before Ydnac can explain himself further Mon-El’s eyes go wide and he half-shouts, “You did WHAT?!?!?” Ydnac raises both of his hands defensively and says hurriedly “Calm down Mon-El, it had to be done, the situation was only growing worse by the day, and I didn’t want to see two of my friends put into the brig, or worse, put off the ship. You have to look at it from my point of view, I did what I thought was right.”

Mon-El narrows his eyes at hearing this, yet he calms himself, knowing full well what Ydnac means. Crossing his arms, he sighs and says, “Alright then Ydnac, what exactly did you say?” Seeming to be on the point of exasperation, Mon-El listens only because it was Ydnac who is doing this, there are only a few select people he would allow to meddle in such a way.” Ydnac smiles and says, “I explained to her a few things about you, and answered a few of her questions, and thankfully it took the edge off, in fact she almost seemed apologetic when I left to supervise the techs repairing -my- training room.” Mon-El smirks and clasps Ydnac on the shoulder saying, “Yeah sorry about that, but you hit a nerve or two, and well, you know what happens when someone does that, in fact you now know first hand.”

The both of them share a laugh before Mon-El says, “I have to report for duty, but we’ll talk again later. I’m still not sure about Rika quite yet, but we’ll see what happens.” The both of them salute, and go their separate ways, Ydnac back into the main training room, and Mon-El to the cargo bay. Donning his Omega suit, Mon-El slips out of an airlock and goes about his duties, wondering what Rika will decide to do.








Her sleep was strangely restful though she didn't dream much if at all so when she woke up she was oddly happy, especially after being able to express her concerns to Yndac about the few days she'd been here. She even felt better after apologizing to Mon El, even if he didn't hear her. She just wished that he would have tried to understand where she was coming from and why she felt the way she did before flying off the handle at her. But it was all behind her, delt with and it was time to start looking at things with a more positive outlook. As she got up though, she realized that perhaps she shouldn't have slept curled up so tightly because as she straightened her back she felt it pull and strain with her movements. She wrinkled her nose some and ran her fingers over the small of her back, working out the tension before she walked over to her desk where she kept her bracelets.

She looked up at the picture she'd put there the night before and smiled. "I know you guys are watching over me...where ever you are. I'm going to make things work so I can find you again." she promised. She then walked into the bathroom to clean up, running a brush through her hair, teasing her bangs so that they covered the corners of her eyes. She then walked back into her room and changed her uniform. As she slid her shoes on she rested her arms on her knees and looked down at her feet. "Wonder what I'm going to do today." she mused. She figured that the training area was still off limits for repairs and she didn't know if she wanted to go back outside or not for fear of running into Mon El...and as far as she was aware of, he was still extremely pissed off. Shrugging helplessly she decided not to let it bother her and she headed out, looking more like an officer of the
Worthington than she had since the day everyone laid first eye on her.

"First things first though...." she said as she rested the flat of her right palm over her stomach, feeling it rumble. "time for some breakfast." she said with a nod. As she entered the mess though she heard a couple of the security officers talking about Mon El and she stopped briefly, listening to what was going on, though to all who saw her it simply looked like she was deciding what to eat. Apparently, Mon El was in a pretty good mood and was even seen....smiling and laughing??? 'The world has to be ending..' she thought with a smirk before moving in line to get her food. She then headed off to an empty table, eating in silence as she watched people go about their day. For some reason, things just had a lighter atmosphere and it was the most welcomed she'd felt in days. About half an hour later she finished her food and took care of her tray, deciding to head down to the training room to see how things were going with the repairs.

When she entered, things were being cleaned up and Yndac looked like he was running diagnostics on things. "It cleans up pretty nice." she said with a grin, her hands clasped behind her. Since she was still off duty she simply bowed her head as he turned around.

"The repairs are finally finished and ready to be used again." he said as he approached her.

She just grinned and lifted her right hand, curling all but her index finger into her palm and shook it lightly from side to side. "I'm not going to be the first guinea pig." she said before having a small giggle fit.

He just looked down at her with a blank expression before her ruffed her hair some, chuckling himself as he saw her tuck her head down and shift her gaze up to watch his hand. "It's perfectly safe I assure you. And to prove it, I'll join you in a simulation of your choosing."

She straightened back up and attempted to fix her hair and stared up at him. "Thanks." she replied, still smiling. "..but I was going to go back outside and watch everyone." she said with a quick glance over her shoulder before glancing back up at him. "But, I will take you up on it later on though." She was glad she had someone that she felt this comfortable with.

He nodded and she watched as he went back to his duties and she headed down the hall once more, looking to see what all was going on, paying attention to the details around her until she reached the air lock she'd gone out of the other day. Using her bracelets she reformed her Alpha Suit and stepped in, feeling the depressurization as she began to float off the floor. She then heard the hiss of the door as it opened and she headed out, happy to see that her asteroid was still there. So she settled back down onto it and swung her legs back and forth idly, her keen sapphire gaze watching everything that went on around her, mimicking what she saw and just taking whatever mental notes she could as to their duties. She still thought it was too stale though, cold and lacking in excitement, spice and just overall fun. She'd change it if she could, at least things she was involved with...until they got sick of her. The thought made her laugh to herself and she fell onto her back, tilting her head back as far as it would go as she watched the group behind her.








Mon-El floats in space, issuing orders to various officers as they practice combat drills in a real zero-g environment. His Omega suit gleams against the starry backdrop as he directs officers to move squads in formation to different waypoints, and at each one they are instructed to perform different tasks, switching to different formations, falling back and regrouping etc. Surveying the troops, Mon-El notices that one is off alone somewhere, not moving, or barely moving at all. Curious as to why the officer isn’t with the others, Mon-El signals to the squad leader to take over for now while he goes to check it out.

The call sign the Alpha suit is transmitting is one he isn’t familiar with, but there is something about it that he can’t shake out of his mind. Enhancing his vision with the heads up display of the Omega suit (Ignoring the fact he himself has telescopic vision), Mon-El sees the officer, sitting comfortably on a small asteroid. It would appear that he or she is looking around at the other troops, and is mimicking what they are doing. Pondering to himself, Mon-El messages Ydnac, who is currently still in the training room; Ydnac hears his name, and turns from the console he sits at to see a Hologram of Mon-El in his Omega suit floating in space.

Ydnac smiles and says, “Hello Mon-El, is there something I can do for you? Is one of the officers having trouble with his Alpha suit?” Mon-El shakes his head and says, “No Ydnac, it’s nothing like that, I am just checking in to see if you sent someone out to watch over the officers, or for some other reason that doesn’t make any sense.” Ydnac quirks a brow and says, “No I didn’t send anyone out, why do you ask?” Mon-El inclines his head and says, “Well there is someone out here, in an Alpha suit, with a call sign I do not recognize, and this officer is watching the others. I figured I’d ask you before I sent a request for identity over the communications network.”

Ydnac then remembers what Rika told him, about her going outside to watch the others, and he stammers as he tries to tell Mon-El in such a way so as not to set him off, “I .. err uhh.. That is to say.. hmm..” Mon-El shakes his head and says, “Spit it out man, quit beating around the bush!” Ydnac sighs and mutters, “It’s Rika, she came to see me after you went for your duty shift, and she told me she was going out to watch the others perform their duties.” Mon-El turns his head to the side slightly upon hearing this, not knowing how to take this information yet he looks back to Ydnac and says, “Alright, I’ll just go check on her and see how she is doing.” Ydnac shakes his head, and ends the transmission, hoping Mon-El doesn’t do anything rash; on second thought he hopes Rika doesn’t get angry that he told Mon-El she went outside the ship, her wrath would be far worse to bear than Mon-El’s.

Mon-El, severing the connection with the communications network, engages the stealth systems on his Omega suit with a thought and approaches Rika’s location. It would seem, as he hovers 20 feet from her, that she mimics what the other officers are doing, almost as if she is trying to learn on her own, without any help. This intrigues Mon-El, making him curious as to her motives. Watching her for a short time, Mon-El receives a message from the squad leader he left in charge, and asks for an update on his orders. Mon-El replies saying he will return to continue the drill, as he has located the errant officer and approved his/her business.

Returning to the others, and deactivating his stealth systems, he leaves Rika to her business, and informs the squad leader of Rika and how she mimics the other troops, and grinning he nods to Mon-El before returning to the troops and going through a few more drills before returning to the ship. Mon-El commends them all on a job well done, and pauses before entering himself, takes one last look at Rika; He shakes his head before entering the ship and writing his formal report to the admiral.








Perched upon her asteroid she continued watching the drills that went on around her, studying them with intense interest. Though she heard the conversations that were going on, she really didn't pay them too much attention, but instead focused on the groups movements and practice of battle tactics. Though she didn't practice their movements, she committed as many of them to memory as she could, though as a Guyver, they had more or less done their own thing. She saw formations as making one a better target. She instead focused on weaponry, battle stances, and defense. Lifting her left arm up she imagined a form of shield and as soon as the image entered her mind her armor formed it. With her arm raised she then formed a mid sized gun along her right arm and pretended to fire as soon as she lowered her left arm.

She was engrossed to the point that she almost missed a strange feeling shooting its way up her spine, the feeling that she was being watched. Oh how she wished she still had the optical sensors of her old Kashii Unit, especially since nothing was showing up on her scanners. 'Well...why not.' she thought as she closed her eyes. Her helmet suddenly began to shift and mold around her head and if sound could be held through the vastness of space there would be a low hum as for small orbs began sliding through formed grooves. She then drew her arms close to her sides, bending them and sending out the plasma High Frequency Blades that she'd used during one of her first training simulations with her Alpha Suit. Still, even as the small sensory orbs brought up on her display what was found, there was nothing shown of something, or someone watching her.

Soon enough though, it was gone, and she allowed the helmet of her Suit to return back to how it was and looked behind her, again, seeing nothing, but she kept the radiating blades emerged from the joints of her elbows. How it unnerved her being watched by an unseen presence and by the time she'd finally gotten over it she realized she was alone...very alone. Jerking her head from side to side she realized that the shift had ended and everyone that she could see had gone back to the ship. A chill raced up her spine, making the fine hairs on the back of her neck stand on end and after pushing from the surface of the asteroid she made her way to the air lock. Once back on the ship she was grateful for the warmth that wrapped around her and she headed down the halls to the training room to talk to Yndac about what she felt while she was out there.

On her way there she ran across various people and nodded to them, but not really paying attention to much. She was just a bit off from what happened and as she entered the training room she saw General Yndac setting up some programs for a group of cadets. Seeing that he was busy she remained by the door and leaned against the wall, watching as the group entered their sim and began practicing whatever it was that they were working on. He then went about with the final checks to assure that things were in fact one hundred percent and when he was satisfied that they were he turned to tend to something else only to see Rika resting against the wall. "Did you have a good time outside the ship?" he asked.

Pushing from the wall she saluted him, out of courtesy and shook her head. "It was alright. I watched them do some battle tactics, attack and defense maneuvers. Stuff like that. But, the fact that they move around in such a big group like that...wouldn't that make them a bigger target?" She then thought about just where they were and shook her head. There was nothing to really hide behind like there was back home which was why she could sneak around as well as she use to.

"They don't actually fight in those formations." he said with a chuckle. "They're just exercises to see how well they can move as a unit, follow orders and things of that nature. The only formation fighting that they might experience would be if they were to go against a ship"

She still thought training like that was odd, unless they frequently fought against ships while they were out here. It was strange though that things were so quiet since she'd been here and wondered just how often conflict arose.

He could see something else was on her mind and drew her from her thoughts. "Is there anything else?" he asked.

Snapping her head back into the present she nodded quickly. "While I was out there, I suddenly got a feeling like I was being watched, but when I looked around, there was nothing there, and nothing showed up on my sensors. It was really creepy."

He just smiled and rested a hand upon her shoulder. "Your instincts are impressive." he said. "But there's nothing to be worried about. Mon El saw you and said that you were watching the officers pretty intently and mimicing some of what they were doing."

She smiled faintly and nodded at having been figured out.

"No reason to be embarrassed" he said. "He didn't recognize the signal of your Alpha Suit so he went to check on you. I'm assuming he used his Suits stealth settings which would be why you didn't see him or why he didn't show up on your systems."

"I see." she replied with a slow nod. "Well, it's good to know that it wasn't anything to be worried about." she said.

He nodded and returned his arm to his side as he looked down upon her. "Was there anything else?"

She shook her head and smiled. "No Sir, that was all." she answered and gave him another salute before heading off. As she walked she thought about what he'd told her, how it was Mon El watching her. Was he really that concerned about her being out there? Or just curious as to why she was out there on her own. Well, since she really didn't have much planned she headed to the mess and got two drinks, sipping on one as she made her way to the officers living quarters. Bypassing the hall that would take her to her room she headed down several more before making her turn, stopping again in front of Mon-El’s room. She wondered if he did hear her the other night, and if he did, if he still didn't want to see her. If that was the case then she should honor it, especially since he didn’t say anything to her when they were out there. He confused her and she wondered why men had to be so strange. Furrowing her brow she made up her mind and pressed against the buzzer thing with the backs of the knuckles of her right hand before taking a slow draw from her cup, holding the other in her left hand.

'What's the worst that can happen.' she thought. 'Just him yelling some more...so why not chance it.'








Completing his report and transmitting it to the Admiral, Mon-El leans back in his chair and relaxes. For such an uneventful day, it wasn’t that bad. The troops did a good job during their drills, but Mon-El won’t know how they will fair until they do battle with the Ralaruru. Stretching his muscles, which have become cramped from sitting at his holographic computer console, Mon-El rises and begins to change from his formal uniform into his containment suit, not in the mood to walk around the ship in formal clothing. Pulling on his pants, Mon-El hears his door chime, and says to himself, “Who would be bothering me at this hour?” Normally as long as he does what is required of him, he is left alone to do as he pleased. Mon-El grabs his cape and the top half of his suit, and hits the door panel to open his door, arranging his suit and cape making sure it fits right.

Seeing Rika standing in his doorway, with two glasses in her hands no less, causes a surprised look to pass over Mon-El’s face. Sticking the straw from the glass in her right hand in her mouth to drink, Rika idly extends her other arm to offer Mon-El the other glass, and waits for him to say something. Accepting the glass, Mon-El peers in it to see what it is, and shrugs taking a drink from it regardless. Seeing Mon-El eye the glass, Rika sticks her tongue out at him for being foolish. Mon-El smiles at Rika and says, “Uh, thanks for the drink, I was just heading to the mess hall, would you care to accompany me? I’m hungry, despite floating in space I have worked up an appetite.”

Rika grins back at Mon-El and nods, and as Mon-El shuts down his computer Rika stands waiting chewing on the end of her straw. Hitting the door panel to close the door to his quarters, which irises close behind him, Mon-El and Rika walk to the mess hall, Mon-El acutely away of the awkward silence that accompanies them, which Rika breaks by saying, “So Ydnac told me you were watching me while I was outside the ship, and you had your stealth systems activated. I thought I sensed something but couldn’t place it. Were you cloaked because you weren’t ready to talk to me yet?” Mon-El shakes his head and downs his drink before saying, “No I didn’t want you to think I was coddling you, or to bother you with my presence.”

Leaving it at that, they enter the mess hall and choose a random table. Mon-El gets some food to refresh himself and is followed by Rika. Mon-El and Rika both sit at the table and eat in silence until Mon-El says between bites, “So you watched a few training maneuvers, what do you think you would have done differently?” Returning to his plate, Mon-El waits for Rika to respond, idly poking at his food. Rika stops eating, and swallows before saying, “Well not knowing what I do, I would have suggested not to train in formation because it has a tendency to make your forces a bigger target; In my case most of the battles I have been in have been one on one. But Ydnac explained to me the reason why you do it and it makes sense.”

Nodding to Rika, Mon-El looks down to his plate and notices his food is almost gone, so Mon-El finishes his plate and gets up, noticing Rika is done as well, so he takes her plate with his and dispenses with them both, and gets two new drinks and sits back at the table, sliding Rika’s drink over to her. Mon-El says, “Thanks again for the drink, I appreciate it.” He then leans back in his chair and almost downs the entire glass; Rika on the other hand transfers her straw from the empty glass to the new one and drinks quietly, still chewing on her straw from time to time.

“Well,” Mon-El says, “I think I should go see Ydnac, and then head to bed, I have a duty shift early in the morning. Thanks for the company.” Smiling at her, Mon-El excuses himself and makes his way to the training room, feeling better now that he is alone and able to contemplate with any accuracy. Rika sure is acting strange, could what Ydnac have told her really changed her attitude so drastically? Shaking his head clear, Mon-El strolls past crewmembers that greet him, oblivious to everything around him, lost in thought.








Dinner was...awkward at best. Though Mon El seemed comfortable enough with talking to her, she still couldn't help that he would rather just not be there entirely. 'I wonder if he's got any close friends that he talks to.' she wondered, but things between them were still too shaky to ask such an intimate question she continued their idle chit chat throughout the course of their meal. She thanked him as he set down a new drink before her and put the chewed on straw in the glass before going back to chewing on it between sips of her drink. Within minutes after, Mon El mentioned that he was going to turn in for the night because of an early duty shift he had t he following morning. She nodded, rose to her feet with him and watched him leave. Once he was gone she sat back down and stretched, staring at the table aroudn her cup.

She didn't realize that it was so late and contemplated turning in herself, eventually pushing from her seat at the table and making her way back to her room, her cup held in both hands and the end of the straw wedged between her teeth as she chewed upon the plastic. She was relaxed for the first time since she'd been here and though it was an odd feeling, it was definitely a welcomed one. When she reached her room she pushed the button that let the door slide open and she stepped inside, locking it behind her as she flipped on the overhead light. Striding over to her desk she sat down, setting her glass down before pulling off her boots and striping down to near nothing before bed. As she finished the contents of her glass she stared up at the trio now taped to her wall and smiled. "Things are getting better steadily Sir." she said quietly.

"I only hope that your endeavors are going far smoother than those dealt with here." She then leaned back in her seat for a few minutes, letting her food settle before finally being tired enough to sleep. With that, she slid into bed and turned off the light, falling asleep soon after. Her form sank into the bed, her head nuzzling into the pillow as she slid her right hand beneath her head and her left against her chest with her fingers curled into one another and there she rested until the morning was near half over and her eyelids flickered open.

Lazily, she stared at the couch across from her, allowing her eyes to adjust and refocus before getting up and heading into the bathroom to clean up. Once showered and dressed she decided that she should just stay inside for the day and decided that it would be a good idea to get her laundry done and out of the way. So gathering her dirty clothes she stuffed them into the bag and headed off to the laundry area, having found it completely by accident through some of her earlier wanderings. As she waited for her clothes to be cleaned she perched atop the machine with a book she'd checked from the library, and there she stayed until her clothes were done.

Once they were, back into the bag they went and she headed back to her room, her nose still in a book though she would occasionally glance up to assure that she wasn't going to run into anyone or anything. Once she was back in her room she set the book down on the desk and folded her clothes, putting them away before hanging up her uniforms. Now that her room was spotless again she grabbed her book and once again flopped onto her bed, turning on the nearby lamp and continued reading, lost in the images that the words created within her mind.








Entering the training room with only a few occasional glances by other officers, Mon-El nods to Ydnac and activates a holographic console, setting up a simulation. Ydnac, finishing his business, walks over to Mon-El and chuckles saying, “You do remember the rule don’t you?” Mon-El quirks a brow at him and says, “No, what rule was that??” Ydnac shakes his head and laughs before punching Mon-El in the shoulder, and replies “You know damn well what rule I am talking about.” Mon-El chuckles and says, “Yeah, about that, I know the damn rule. I won’t disobey the Admiral.” Shaking his head, Mon-El continues to hit keys on the holographic console, and Ydnac wishing him luck, returns to running diagnostics, keeping the systems in order.

Programming a generic Ralaruru into the simulation, Mon-El shrugs his shoulders and tenses his muscles, preparing for the inevitable beating he will receive. Ydnac looks over his console and reviews the options Mon-El has chosen for his simulation and says over his shoulder, “You do realize, that even with the security protocols on, you will receive quite a big beating, right? I don’t suggest you battle the Ralaruru, you just aren’t up to the challenge.” Knowing Ydnac means well, and doesn’t intend this as an insult, Mon-El waves away Ydnac’s warning while saying, “I think since we haven’t been attacked for quite a while, I would demonstrate to the entire crew just how deadly our enemy is. I won’t be permanently damaged, and some scrapes and bruises won’t hinder my ability to perform my duties.”

Hitting a few more buttons on the holographic console, Mon-El configures the simulation to be sent to a few areas on the ship, such as the mess hall, and crew quarters and then starts the simulation. The training room once again dissolving to a view of outer space, Mon-El stands in front of an open airlock, and immediately begins to scan his surroundings looking for the Ralaruru. His Omega suit enhancing his already formidable powers, Mon-El floats out into space and is immediately bombarded by energy blasts by the Ralaruru. Getting hit in the chest and his right thigh sends him careening alongside the
Worthington, spinning wildly. Righting himself, Mon-El checks his suit’s integrity, which seems to be at 80% and slowing rising as the suit itself slowly repairs the dents in his armor.

Spinning around as his sensors alert him to a presence behind him, Mon-El raises an arm reflexively and blocks a blow with his forearm that would’ve cracked his helmet. The armor on his forearm almost buckling Mon-El is hurled backwards to impact against the hull of the
Worthington, the hull plating collapsing in on itself as if it were made of aluminum. Emerging from the wreckage his landing has caused, Mon-El checks his suits status once again, and curses under his breath, down to 75%, damn! Scanning around, Mon-El detects the Ralaruru, and engages his suits stealth systems, hoping to by himself some time. Flying at near the speed of light, Mon-El points both of his palms at the Ralaruru’s back and unleashes dual blasts of energy from them, hoping to hurt it as it hurt him.

Unfortunately, propelling himself at near the speed of light causes his stealth systems not to function properly, and the Ralaruru detects the subtle fluctuations in space/time; The Ralaruru moves just as fast as Mon-El but leaves an image of himself behind to fool Mon-El. The beams penetrate the fake Ralaruru, just as the real one grabs Mon-El from behind. It’s arm snaking around his throat, the Omega suit creaks and groans as the Ralaruru exerts more and more pressure, the integrity of the suit dropping rapidly. Struggling to get free, Mon-El propels the both of them backwards to strike into the Worthington, but the Ralaruru doesn’t show sings of damage and responds by twisting it’s grip around his neck, breeching the suit and wrenching the helmet off of Mon-El.

Finally kicking free, Mon-El shakes his head as his suits systems begin to shut down one by one, and tearing himself free of his now defunct armor, finds himself under attack once again, this time without the protection his armor provides. The Ralaruru laughs as he rushes Mon-El, sending a punch to connect with his jaw. Almost losing consciousness, Mon-El rubs his jaw and shakes his head clear once more, flying back towards the Ralaruru at high speed to punch it in return. It’s reflexes faster than his own, the Ralaruru spins away from the punch, and responds by kneeing him in the gut; hearing his ribs creak from the blow, Mon-El doubles over only to receive a double-fisted hammer blow to the back of his neck.

Stunned, almost unable to move, Mon-El’s body twitches as it tries to respond to his commands, yet he can do nothing as the Ralaruru grabs him by the neck and picks him up off the hull. Struggling as best as he can, Mon-El watches as the Ralaruru draws its arm back and delivers repeated blows to Mon-El’s midsection. Coughing up blood, Mon-El swings his right arm and hammers the Ralaruru in the face. Shaking it’s head, the Ralaruru narrows it’s eyes and brings its hand down to punch Mon-El in the throat, before punching him in the face repeatedly. Coughing, and bloodied, Mon-El croaks the words necessary to end the simulation, and falls to his hands and knees on the floor of the training room blooding dripping from his mouth and from various cuts on his body.








Stretched out on her bed she continued reading through the book she'd picked up, twirling the fingers of her right hand idly through the locks that spilled over her shoulder. Things were peaceful and she was relaxed enough that she had almost started to fall asleep when a bleep echoed in the center of her room, subtle enough not to scare her out of her skin, but loud enough that it made her heart skip a couple of beats. Sitting up she tried to figure out what it was only to receive her answer as a holographic screen appeared in the center of her room. "That's odd..' she said as she reached out her left hand to poke at it, only to have her hand go through it. Intrigued, she sat back and rested her arms on her knees, leaning against them as she watched what was going to be one of the most horrific things she would see to date.

She sat there as things began to unfold, watching Mon El leave the ship and being immediately attacked. Why he was broadcasting this everywhere she had no idea, or even if he was broadcasting it everywhere. She couldn't really be sure, but she was sure that she couldn't be the only one watching the ass beating that was being given to him. She flinched, squeaked and cringed with every beating he took and as his Omega Suit was destroyed her face went pale. She remembered being told how dangerous these things were and here he was, fighting one....alone no less. "Is he insane!?!" she shouted as she leapt to her feet at the sight of the blood being spit out. She may only have an Alpha Suit...and she might not be that well trained...but he looked like he was going to get mauled to death out there, and for some odd reason, she didn't want to see that happen.

Grabbing the bracelets that contained her Suit she darted from her room, forming as much of a plan as she could. If he couldn't survive against one...what chance did she have, but all she had to do was be enough of a distraction for Mon El to get out of there. She paused briefly when she reached the mess, only to see people gathered in awe as Mon El was gripped by the throat. 'He's going to get himself killed!' she thought as she ran off again. But then, so was she if she entered into that simulation. But what else would be new, she was known for pulling stupid stunts like that in the past, which earned her Guyver Unit the name of Kashii, which literally meant insanity. It was with that thought that an maniacal grin crossed her lips as she delved into her haphazard plan. She was sure she'd been in worse circumstances before anyway, so this distraction mission wouldn't be too bad.

So caught up in her thoughts she nearly missed the turn that would take her to the training room and she skid across the floor, nearly hitting the wall before finally making it to the entrance. When she finally emerged, ready to just go in and do what ever she could, she saw Mon El return from the sim and fall instantly to his hands and knees, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth and various cuts that he'd sustained. She watched as General Ydnac tried to check on him only to be pushed away, listening to Mon El protest that he was perfectly fine. "You pompous idiot..." she muttered under her breath as she knelt down beside him and rested a hand on his shoulder only to have him try and push her away as well.

"I'm fine.." he said again, in a voice that held agitation.

"You're not fine." she retorted in a voice that told him she wasn't going anywhere. "Just what were you trying to prove out there." she chided as she held him enough to let General Ydnac check him over. "You could have gotten killed."

He just looked at her and before she would have backed down, but she just stared right back at him then looked up at Ydnac. "General, where would you like me to take him"

"Nowhere!" Mon El grunted.

"To the infirmary." Ydnac corrected then proceeded to tell Rika just how to get there.

Nodding, she hoisted both herself and the still protesting Mon El to their feet and headed off, sighing heavily as he continued to protest his need to go. "I told you I'm fine!" he growled.

"Yes, and that's why you're leaving a trail of blood behind us." she said, turning him around and pointing it out to him. She then proceeded to take him the rest of the way to his destination, and oddly enough they were already awaiting his arrival, having caught a glimpse of what he'd done.

Some of them gave her an odd look as she pulled the still protesting General into the infirmary and handed him off to the attendants. "You got him here rather quick." one of them commented with a bit of astonishment in his voice.

"He'd have gotten here if I had to knock him out to do it." she replied as she took a seat in the waiting area while they checked him out and tended to his wounds.








Limping over to an examination table, and shooting a glare back at Rika before leaving the waiting room, Mon-El merely orders the doctors to close his wounds and then release him back to his quarters. The head doctor however says, “I’m sorry general, but in cases where your health is in question, our authority overrides yours. I’m afraid we’re going to have to perform a full physical examination, and possibly a psychological examination as well, since this recent stunt of yours is the worst yet.” Growling, Mon-El reluctantly does as he is told and lies down on the table as the doctors prepare the equipment necessary to examine Mon-El’s internal organs and other tissues.

Gritting his teeth, hating doctors, Mon-El says, “You people don’t need to be doing examinations on me damnit, I heal faster than you do, or have you forgotten that part of my medical file??” The head doctor shakes his head and replies, “No we haven’t forgotten that general, however procedure remains the same. You know all about procedure don’t you, now you just lie back and let us do our work, and you will be sent on your way soon enough.” With each passing second, Mon-El’s irritation grows, which isn’t helped when machines whirr about him and take readings of his injuries, projecting a holographic image of himself in the air, complete with areas marked in red where he had suffered physical harm.

Growling under his breath, Mon-El grabs the armrest of the table he lays on and unconsciously begins to increase the grip pressure he exerts. After a few seconds an audible squeal can be heard as the metal brace that holds the arm in place begins to bend. Letting go abruptly and looking down to see what he had done, Mon-El chuckles and looks to the head doctor saying, “Look my injuries aren’t life threatening, I’m sure you know that by now, can’t you just let me go and call it a day?” The doc walks over to him and replies, “I’m sorry but no. We’re going to close your wounds, and put dressing on them, and then we’re going to ask you a few questions.”

Mon-El tilts his head questioningly before asking, “Questions? What sort of questions?” Sighing, the Doc says “If you were to let me do my work in silence you could be out of here sooner. We will be asking you questions that will help us determine your mental health. If we find you have become too irrational, we will relieve you of your duties pending a more rigorous investigation.” Taken aback, Mon-El shouts, “You are worried about my mental health? What are you crazy? I haven’t been this relaxed and focused for months!” The doc smiles at Mon-El before saying, “I’m not crazy, I will be attempting to find out if you are.”

Gritting his teeth, Mon-El lies back on the table and lets the doctors go about their work. They speak in hushed tones over his condition, which isn’t serious at all, and begin to argue over which wound should be sealed first. His impatience once again growing out of his control, Mon-El sits up on the table, still feeling quite stiff, but not as bad as before and grabs a medical instrument from one of the doctors. It contains a biological compound that seals cuts and protects abrasions and dissolves back into the body when the wounds heal. Mon-El applies this himself to his own injuries, ignoring any pain he feels, yet his eyes blaze a deep red as he looks between each doctor. Finishing the application of the compound, Mon-El thrusts the device back into the hands of one of the doctors and mutters, “Alright, that wasn’t too damn hard was it? Now ask me your god damn questions, and let me get the hell out of here.”

Standing up, with less of a limp than he came in with, Mon-El stretches and groans slightly as he works the kinks out of his system. The head doctor coming over to him and asking, “Alright Mon-El, what caused this behavior of yours to surface?” Quirking a brow, Mon-El replies “Behavior? I was performing my duty as a General in the
Alliance to the best of my ability. I felt the troops on this ship, and on the others in the fleet have grown lax. So I decided to show them exactly who we were fighting against, and why we cannot lose. I used myself as an example of what they will do, and worse to anybody they come across.” Turning his back to the doctor Mon-El spits out, “You are a fool, you have no idea how I think, or why. I will be taking my leave of you now, and I dare any of you to try to stop me.” Saying this, Mon-El strides out of the examination room, leaving the doctors speechless, and walks into the waiting room. Seeing Rika sitting there waiting for him, Mon-El walks over to the door, his limp getting better with each step, and waits for Rika to follow him. Mon-El mutters, “I need some food after that, battles usually make me hungry.”








Watching Mon El go into the exam room she caught the glare that he gave her and returned it with one of her own as she watched him disappear behind the curtain. Sitting in the waiting area Rika could hear Mon El shouting at the doctors and each shout made her squirm and writhe in her seat. She was sure she was in for it once again, especially since he outranked her and she disobeyed him out of concern for his well being. She could just see it all now and she released a heavy sigh, closing her eyes as she heard the loud echo of his voice as he yelled at the doctors for the incompetence in the treatment of his wounds. 'Why can't he jsut settle down and let them check him over...' she groaned to herself, resting her forehead in the palm of her right hand as she continued listening to the bickering and shouting.

Hearing his heavy footsteps though she shot straight up in her seat and caught the scowl that seemed etched into his features and closed her eyes as he continued to grumble. Pushing to her feet she followed behind him, stepping out of the door as he muttered something about being hungry. As they walked she couldn't help but notice just how well he'd come out of this when before she knew he had massive internal injuries as well as external ones. How could he come out of it so well, she wondered as they headed in silence to the mess hall. Once there, more silence ensued as he brooded over how he was handled and treated, and she just sat there not really wanting to say something to further set him off. 'And I thought we'd finally gotten on the same page..' she though with an inward sigh.

Time seemed to drag on and all Mon El seemed to be doing was getting more agitated so she was grateful when they were both done, their trays disposed of, and they were once more on their way to their quarters. She really couldn't keep quiet. She'd never seen anyone so upset about having others care for their wellbeing as he was. "I don't know why you're so upset." she said, finally breaking the silence.

"Because I said I was fine, and I'm fine now aren’t
I." he answered.

"You didn't look fine when that thing was cracking your innards." she retorted in her own annoyance at just how stubborn he was.

When I say I'm fine, I mean it. I'm not exactly what you call human. I come from a planet called Daxam, which is located in another dimension. Plus I hate doctors. I've never needed one because I've never gotten sick and rarely get myself injured. Besides, warriors take care of their own wounds."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Warriors also know when to suck it up and just learn to accept help from a worried comrade." she popped off, feeling her own temper beginning to flare. "Would it kill you to accept some help every now and again?" she asked as she cast a side glance to him from the corner of her left eye. To this he had no reply and as she neared the hall that would take her to her room she stopped in her tracks, put her hands on her hips and just stared him down. "I don't get you, you know that? I apologize for not being more understanding of you, and now you get pissy because I thought you were going to DIE! Make up your mind." And with that she started to storm off down the hall.

"What apology" he said with a quirked brow which made her stop where she moved once more and spin around to face him.

"The one I gave your door the other night after talking to General Ydnac." she answered, folding her arms tightly across her chest.








Mon-El stands in the hallway, facing Rika as she gives him a skeptical look. Feeling the awkwardness settle over him again, Mon-El clears his throat before saying, “I had heard you spoke to Ydnac about a few things, but I was either not in my room at the time when you were there, or it was after one of my rigorous simulations and I was quite asleep. I really don’t know what to say Rika. You surprise me, but I suppose Ydnac had a hand in this, he always meddles.” Clenching his right hand into a fist, Mon-El strikes his left palm with enough force to cause the resulting thud to echo down both hallways. Closing his eyes, Mon-El mutters, “I guess this is what I get for causing all that damage to -his- training room.” Grunting as if he had been struck, Mon-El looks to Rika and says quietly, “I’m not experienced in these sorts of situations. I find them harder than any battle I have ever fought.”

Frowning, Mon-El turns his back to Rika and continues, “In my home dimension, we were ruled by a collective of sentient beings, the Guyvers, but they are completely different from what you know of them. They took from us our individual rights, emotions everything. They controlled us so that they might rule the universe. I was one of a very select few that were able to resist The Guyver collective’s control and it was in Ayenee that I began to learn how to interact with humans and live among them. I was, and always shall be a warrior Rika, you must understand this, and everything else is alien to me which seems quite ironic as I am an alien myself.”

Shrugging off his frustration, which does nothing to calm his nerves as his muscles tense, Mon-El continues, “So you see, I am not intentionally trying to confuse you or hurt you by how I act or what I say. It is ingrained into my psyche through years of discord. I can’t explain my past to you in any further detail, you’ll just have to accept me for what you see, and treat me in the way I expect to be treated, or treat me the way you think I should be treated and cause awkwardness and discomfort.” Turning his head to look at Rika, Mon-El produces a rugged smile and says, “You never know, you may get used to my mannerisms.”

Waving goodbye to Rika, Mon-El heads to his quarters, breathing easier. He loathes being put in such a predicament, at least in his eyes it is such, and he feels even more adamant in keeping his past to himself. He has already told Rika more than he should have, and as he enters his room to write a report about the Simulation, he vows not to do so again. If she were to ask him about previous battles he has fought, how the enemy performed in battle or other such pertinent information, he would gladly give her the details, but anything of a… “Personal” nature Mon-El decides to keep to himself.

Writing his report, which takes significantly less time that he would have liked, Mon-El’s curiosity gets the better of him, and he messages the security officer currently on duty. The officer crouched over his console concentrating, he is startled back into reality when a holographic image of Mon-El’s head appears in front of him. He inhales sharply in surprise before saying, “Yes General, what is it I can do for you this evening?” Mon-El smirks and says, “I require the security hologram of the corridor outside my quarters for the last three nights. I need to check on something.”

The security officer hits a few holographic keys calling up the information that was requested, and asks, “What is it exactly you are looking for?” Mon-El frowns and replies, “It doesn’t matter, send the required information to my quarters please so I can review it at my leisure.” The officer nods to Mon-El and says, “Is there anything else I can help you with General?” Mon-El shakes his head and says, “No thank you, you may return to your duties.” Hitting his own console to end the transmission, Mon-El watches the hologram and shakes his head smiling as he watches Rika approach his door and speak her feelings.








She couldn't believe that Mon El would actually accuse Ydnac of meddling. "He's trying to keep us from getting into serious trouble!" she protested. He was such an infuriating man sometimes and she really didn't understand how so many people could put up with it. Of course she wasn't surprised at all when he said that she surprised him. She was full of surprises and surprised quite a few people with either things she would say or things she would do. However, she took it as quite the insult when he turned his back to her as he continued talking about his life and past experiences with the a string of Guyvers hell-bent on universal domination. He then told her about his escape to Ayenne and how he had learned to live there amongst those that inhabited the realm.

After a bit more of him talking and her listening he just waved and walked off, seeming to relax more as the distance between them grew. She was irritated now, spun around and stormed back to her room so that she could clean the now dried blood from her skin and get a clean suit on. She stood in the shower, staring at the falling spray as it soon pooled in a pinkish flow around her feet. He really didn't want anyone getting close to him, but how was that any way to go through life. She couldn't imagine going through life alone, unwilling to get close enough to anyone to even call them a friend. "That's not living..." she muttered as she turned off the shower and dried herself off. Walking back into her room she gave a dirty look at the suit piled on the floor. "..and I just did laundry.." she grumbled as she put on a clean uniform and refastened her bracelets around her wrists.

Too wound up she decided to go out. She wanted to talk to General Ydnac, but she seemed to run to him so much, that she was beginning to feel too dependant on him and that she was taking him away from things that he had to do. She just decided to go outside with the night shift officers and that's what she did. She headed to the air lock and activated her Suit. When it was formed she exited the air lock and just floated around, watching as they went through their maneuvers and whatever else it was that they did. Perched upon another nearby asteroid she manipulated her armor once more, watching as her fingers grew out into the set of claws she used to try and thrash into Mon El and began carving random nothingness' into the surface of the rock. Solitude seemed to wrap its welcomed embrace around her once more and she would occasionally glance up at the groups of officers as they trained, or watch the ones who patrolled around the ships in the fleet.

By the time she finally started to get tired, she realized that everyone was heading inside and her eyes widened some. She realized that she'd been out there the entire shift. She laughed some to herself and followed behind everyone, stretching as she deactivated her Suit and headed to the mess for some breakfast before she caught some sleep. After getting her food and some juice she walked over to an out of the way table and sat down. Arching back she felt her back pop as she stretched her legs out in front of her, yawning before leaning forward and picking at her food, taking small bites as she rested her head against the curled fingers of her left hand. She'd been up for almost an entire day and it was finally starting to sink into her. Finally finishing her breakfast she got another glass of juice to take back to her room and as she started chewing on her straw again she headed back to her room.

Once she was there she finished her juice, tossed the glass into the trash and began getting ready for bed. Laying her uniform over the back of her chair she crawled into bed, falling asleep atop the blankets with her arms tucked beneath her pillow and her head laying to the left, overlooking her room which happened to be the last thing she saw. 'Maybe he was right about us not having too much contact..' she thought as she finally gave into fatigue and fell comfortably asleep.








Finishing watching the security holograms, Mon-El shakes his head as he begins to view Rika in a new light. In his life, the closest thing to a friend he had was a comrade in battle, and thinking back to GuyverWarrior he remembers why he decided not to form close relationships with people. Friends provide a weakness that an enemy can exploit; and seeing as Rika is pushing to be very close, Mon-El refuses to let her become a pawn of the enemy to be used against him. Growing irritated, Mon-El decides to do something with his time instead of brooding. His wounds almost completely healed, Mon-El rises from his chair almost heading back to the training room, but he stops himself and instead decides to go to the cargo hold and retrieve his Omega suit.

Even if it costs him his life, he will make sure the fleet is prepared for an attack that may come at any instant, from any angle. Hitting his holographic computer console on his way out of his quarters, Mon-El sends a message to a random Alpha squad, and orders them to prepare for drill practice, they are to assemble at airlock 129 and wait for Mon-El to arrive. Walking through the corridors with a forbidding look upon his face, Mon-El acknowledges other officers with a nod of the head before continuing on his way, his cloak rippling in the air behind him at his brisk pace. Entering the cargo hold, Mon-El requisitions his Omega suit and puts it on over his containment suit, and then once more briskly makes his way to his destination, this time however it is airlock 129, where a squad of troops wearing alpha suits await him.

Rounding a corner, Mon-El catches a glimpse of the troops, the last one engaging his Alpha suit, and stands at attention, waiting on them to acknowledge his presence. One of the troops snaps to attention, and salutes him saying, “We’re all ready sir.” The other troops turn to face him and salute hurriedly, however their form is perfect, back straight and shoulders squared etc. Mon-El looks them over and shakes his head before bellowing, “Fall out soldiers, it’s time for some drills, I’m going to keep your fairies on your toes even if it kills you!! And believe me, you’d thank me for it, now MOVE IT!!” The troops quickly rush into the airlock, followed leisurely by Mon-El, he hopes his constant drilling will be viewed with less skepticism in the near future, and he may see this yet.

The airlock depressurizing, and the gravity plating deactivating, Mon-El and the Alpha squad float in a vacuum as they wait for the outer doors to part, allowing them to exit the ship. In this session, Mon-El hopes to instill at least in part a sense of teamwork. They can follow orders together just fine, but that doesn’t mean they know how to really work as a team. They need to be able to anticipate what their allies will do next along with what the enemies will do, and take the correct course of action, aiding each other while devastating the enemy. Taking the troops to an area of space away from the
Worthington, Mon-El chooses two random officers and asks them to fight. The officers both look at Mon-El and one of them says, “But what is this going to teach us General? I don’t think this will help us against the Ralaruru.” Mon-El huffs at the officer and mutters, “Your job is to follow orders, not to ask questions or think.”

The two officers comply and begin to fight, knowing the first officer he chose was a better fighter than the second, he sees the first land a few blows to the second, and then calls for a third officer to help the second fight the first. The first officer shouts, “But this isn’t fair, two on one is unfair odds!” Mon-El laughs and replies, “You are right, the odds are unfair, but if you want to have a chance at defeating an opponent that is stronger than you, you need to team up with one or more people and attack your opponent. That is the lesson I want to teach you today. From now on, I want you to get comfortable with the people you work with, learn how they think and act, I want you inside each others head!” Crossing his arms Mon-El watches the troops train and breathes a sigh of relief; everything is so much easier on the battlefield.








Finally asleep she drifted into the land of dreams. She wasn't asleep long when the voice of Mon El shouting drifted into her dreams. Though it was faint, it was harsh enough to make her flinch involuntarily. It soon faded but she'd already begun to be drawn from her restful state only to hear the pounding on her door several minutes later. "What the...." she mumbled. "Just a second!" she shouted and pulled her clothes on, leaving her top only partially buttoned as she opened her door, only to see a young officer in a state of panic. "Uh...what's going on?" she asked, slightly confused.

"Mon El has called a few officers for a surprise drill exercise and I can't find my Alpha Suit. I was wondering if I could borrow yours."

She furrowed her brow in high irritation. "What makes you think I have one..' she asked, none to thrilled that this was the reason she was being woken up.

"Well...cause you're Mon-El’s...." he started.

"Mon-El’s what." she interrupted in a more demanding tone.

"N...nothing." he stammered

"That's what I thought." she growled before striding over to her desk and retrieving the two bracelets. She then walked back to the door and handed them over. "You'd better make sure you give them back in one piece." she said before shutting her door and going back to bed, now highly agitated.

Meanwhile the young officer makes it to the air lock just before Mon El shows up and starts giving commands, watching as the squad commander questions and is then told, along with the rest of them to move. Following orders they go through the motions before they are stopped and the rest watch as Mon El chooses two officers to fight one another only to have a third join in shortly after.

As Mon El watches them fight he catches the same unrecognizable signal from one of the officers in the back of the ranks though he remembers this as Rika’s Alpha Suit and approaches the officer, intent on figuring out why Rika is out here when she is officially still on leave of duty. Reaching his destination he pulls the officer aside to speak to her. "Rika, what are you doing out here. You're not on active duty and you should be asleep given that you were out for the entire night shift."

'I knew it!' the officer said to himself before hearing Mon El clearing his throat as he awaited an answer. "Sorry General, this is Officer Ados."

Irritated, Mon El glares down at the officer in Rika’s Suit. "What the hell are you doing in that Suit. That suit was issued to Rika Hanaseru, not you Ados!" he shouted.

"Uh... well, you see, I uh... I couldn't find my Suit in all the commotion of the sudden drill." he stammered.

There was a long pause as Mon El tried to contain his temper. "When this exercise is over you will return Rika’s Suit to her and find your own. You're lucky that I don't write a report about this incident but next time you won't be so lucky!" he bellowed. "A persons Alpha Suit is like their lifeline, their only defense. The Suit becomes accustom to the wearer and if anything were to happen to you, they would prepare things to treat her instead. Do you now understand the serious implications of your actions?" he asked.

"Yes sir!" Ados replied quickly.

Nodding, Mon El went back to the exercise that was going on, making comments, giving direction and adding and taking away members of the fight so that everyone Now to make his day longer he was going to have to give them a lecture on why it was so important for them to keep their Alpha Suits always in their possession and where they would not be misplaced.

Ados' attention was drawn when Mon El called him to face off against another officer. Still shaken from the lecture he was slow to respond which didn't do well for Mon-El’s demeanor but when he finally made it to the front of the ranks to take his turn at fighting. 'Lets see what her favorite weapons are to use.' he thought as he brought up a list of her most used weapons. When he stumbled upon the plasma frequency blades he stopped for a moment. Only Guyvers were so proficient in such weaponry and his eyes widened. 'NO WAY!' he thought, 'She's a Guyver...or was one.' but he selected them nonetheless. The fight started against his favor as he tried to do a backspin to send the heated blade through his opponent only to be flung several yards away from the attackee.

Giving up after some time of using the blades he finally decided to use weapons he was more proficient with and the fight was soon more evenly matched. Mon El switched it after several moments and continued to cycle through until everyone got their chance to fight. When it was over, a debrief was given as well as an evaluation on their performance. After the eval he then lectured them for several minutes on the importance of keeping track of their Suits, eyeing Ados in particular. He then dismissed them and Ados returned quickly to Rika’s room, knocking lightly, the fact that she was once a Guyver still making his head spin. 'How wild..'

A very sleepy and rather irritated Rika opened the door looking rather disheveled. "Exercise over already?" she asked as she yawned.

"Uh...yeah." he answered as he held out her bracelets. "I wouldn't use them for a while. I kinda got my rear handed to
me." he admitted

She just sighed and set them on her desk. "Fine, thanks for returning them." she said before shutting the door and going back to sleep. Hopefully she wouldn't get anymore interruptions until she woke up.








Returning to the Worthington, following the alpha squad, Mon-El ponders over what Ados meant. When he was mistaken for Rika, it was almost like Ados suspected it would happen, it’s not like he could forge Rika’s alpha suits call sign to bait Mon-El into mistaking him for Rika, so what exactly was he planning? Could it be that Ados thought there was a relationship between him and Rika? Shaking his head muttering, “Absurd,” Mon-El dismisses the alpha squad back to their quarters with a chuckle from Ados and a few other officers, and stows his Omega suit before heading back to his own quarters. Immersing himself in his work, Mon-El loses track of time preparing a drill schedule for each day of the week.

Finally realizing what time it is, Mon-El gets up and stretches running his fingers through his hair and yawning before feeling a pang of hunger in his gut. Departing his quarters, Mon-El heads to the mess hall, his eyelids heavy, yet his eyes burn as bright as ever. Walking down the corridors, Mon-El is the subject once again of hushed whispers, and quiet conversations that stop as he walks by. His heightened sense of hearing however circumvents the other officers attempt to keep the information they speak of to themselves. One group can be heard saying, “So I hear General Mon-El and Rika are together…” While yet another says, “Lieutenant Ados got caught using Rika’s alpha suit, but since Rika and Mon-El are so close, he didn’t write a report because then he’d have to include Rika in it.”

Hearing these rumors the entire way to the mess hall, Mon-El avoids eye contact with the passersby, and tries to ignore it. A vein bulges at his temple, which belies his state of mind and tells of how well he is putting it out of his mind. Entering the mess hall, and sighing as hardly anyone has arrived for breakfast yet, Mon-El grabs a tray and gets a plate of food only to turn around to make a motion to move to his regular table, and noticing that Rika sits there. Pursing his lips slightly, the vein at his temple trembling, Mon-El once again wonders what the hell is going on, but takes it in stride and does something he wouldn’t normally do. He walks over to the table, holding his tray and looks to Rika saying “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” He gestures with his elbow to the seat sitting across from her.

About to put a fork-full of food into her mouth, Rika almost drops her fork, surprised, but instead drops the food that is on it back onto her plate. Nodding to Mon-El, Rika says, “Sure, be my guest” before she continues to eat. Placing his tray on the table, Mon-El pulls out the chair and sits, arranging himself and his clothing before he begins to eat. Taking his fork, Mon-El begins to eat, and Rika then quirks a brow, gesturing with her fork while speaking, “One of your Alpha squad officers came by and borrowed my Alpha suit and mentioned something about you and me, do you have any idea what that could be?” Chewing on his food, Mon-El inhales sharply, and coughs as food goes down his windpipe; turning his head Mon-El hits his chest quite hard, coughing all the while as he tries to clear his air pathway. Succeeding at least partially, Mon-El shakes his and takes a drink of whatever is available, or sitting on the table.

Clearing his throat Mon-El looks Rika in the eyes and says with a coarse voice, “It would seem that Ados thinks you and I are romantically involved.” Mon-El’s eyes drift away from Rika, looking at anything and everything else. Rika stops eating and catches Mon-El’s gaze and says, “Well, what is everyone else saying then?” Mon-El mumbles a few words, and then says quietly, “Everyone else thinks the same.” Frowning at how her life is anybody’s business but her own, Rika says, “Alright then, tell me. Do you have feelings for me then??” Mon-El’s face goes flushed and he almost shouts, “No! I mean it’s not that I don’t want to, I… err…” Mon-El looks down at his plate of food, losing his appetite immediately, hoping there is no one around to watch this, and wanting to return to his quarters.








She was so exhausted after being woken up so many times that night that she nearly fell asleep with her head resting on her hand. She was poking at her food, eating slowly when she heard footsteps approaching her. Sitting up she was suprised to see Mon El, who looked a bit irritated and when he asked if he could join her she motioned to the empty seat across from her. She probably could have chosen a better time though to start asking questions though because as soon as the first one left her lips he started choking. This only furthered her curiosity into the subject and when she asked if there was any truth behind what was going around he just turned beet red and started averting his gaze from her. This, she found both irritating and a sign of disrespect and so she pushed the issue further until he nearly shouted at her but managed to keep his voice under control.

Mon El wasn't hungry at all now and he stared at his plate with extreme disinterest and pushed his tray away as she stared at him intently wanting an answer. "Well?" she asked, her fingers curled against the edge of the table.

"I don't want to talk about it." he said flatly as he got a carton to take his food back to his quarters if he managed to get hungry later.

"Well I do." she shot back. "Now what's going on."

"Nothing!" he snapped back.

"It is so something!" she retorted as she got to her feet and followed him to his room. As they walked everyone watched them and she could have sworn she heard something about what a cute lovers spat they were having. She growled and eyed them with distain but she didn't miss a beat in keeping up with Mon El.

When they reached his room he went to open it only to find her standing in the way, hands on her hips and her eyes boring straight into his. "Nw what's going on!" she demanded. "This just isn't about you ya know. They're talking about me too here, and I've got a right to an explanation."

Mon El felt like the vein in his head was going to burst. "Fine!" he said through gritted teeth, just to shut her up. "I have fought alongside one woman, she was a comrade, that is it!" he said. He was not about to tell her that he was beginning to see her in a different light but that the logical side of his mind was fighting against him because of what could happen. Inhaling deeply he managed to calm himself so that he could continue. "Besides, if anything were to happen it would just be something that the enemy would be able to use against me so it's better just to not give them that opportunity."

"So I'm a liability then." she replied, obviously hurt. She was only recently aware of what was being said about her and she was none too keen about it but it was easy how people could create stories like that given the situation of how she'd come to be a member aboard this ship.

"I didn't say that." he shot back then wrapped his hands around her shoulders, literally picked her up and set her aside and walked through the doorway into his room, talking to her without looking over his shoulder. "You're being rash and I'll attribute that to your lack of rest. We'll discuss it later when your demeanor has calmed down considerably." though he had no intention of doing such a thing. "Now go back to your quarters and get some rest. That's an order." he then closed his door and walked to his desk to lay his cape over the back of the chair. "Besides..." he muttered. "..there’s still the issues you have with GuyverWarrior." she said beneath his breath, heaving a heavy sigh.

Rika just stood there outside his door, as confused as ever. "What the...fine, be that way." she grumbled. She was not going to let this go though. She had a right to know what was going on, especially if it involved her. She then stormed off back to her room and flopped down onto her bed. It was true, she was exhausted from the lack of proper rest. "What do I do.." she mumbled through closed teeth as she rested her chin on the backs of her hands. "I want to find GuyverWarrior because he's my commander." and even though she no longer had the Kashii Guyver Unit, she still considered herself a member of the GSF. Sighing in frustration she tried to relax to get some more sleep, though it was apparent that he didn't get her apology otherwise he would have understood the reasons behind what she was doing.








Laying down on his bed, Mon-El runs both of his hands through his hair and sighs, resting his head on his hands and staring up at the ceiling. Despite all of his powers, all of his combat experience, Mon-El is no match against a woman. Closing his eyes trying to get some rest, Mon-El fails miserably, and so he lays there pondering over his predicament. Not matter how hard he tries, Mon-El cannot separate himself from having feelings for Rika, perhaps it was the circumstances where they met, her being a guyver when there hasn’t been one around for such a long time or maybe it is just who she is that appeals to him. This poses a problem, and cold logic forces his mind to acknowledge the fact yet again, that caring for someone would only provide a target for his enemies. Maybe running this thought around his head would help alleviate the pressure he is under. No, it doesn’t work, and he wonders why he keeps thinking it.

Mon-El ponders on whether the fact he has feelings for someone frightens him. Such a thought is curious, since nothing else causes him fear. Why would it frighten him he thinks to himself, it would just be a harmless relationship. Shaking his head Mon-El grits his teeth, conflicting thoughts and emotions preventing him from making a permanent decision. He then thinks back to GuyverWarrior, remembering Rika was on his side during the Guyver wars, and wonders if they had anything together. Not wanting to betray GuyverWarrior yet again, Mon-El has in the past pushed Rika away, albeit subconsciously, but recent events have caused Mon-El to be nicer to Rika at least to a degree. His thoughts a jumble where she is involved, he wonders if every woman is as confusing as Rika. One moment she is worried about your health, the next she is yelling at you for telling her not to be so damned worried.

Maybe she doesn’t realize that treating a warrior in such a manner detracts from his honor, he should be able to take care of himself, as well as anybody he is responsible for. Nodding to himself, he ponders on this, wondering if this adds to his reservoir of feelings for Rika, taking responsibility for her. Sighing once again, Mon-El slowly slips into unconsciousness, his mind still a jumble as he worries over what to do about Rika. Sleeping for a few hours, Mon-El awakes feeling groggy and suffering from a lack of rest, dark circles formed under his eyes. Unable to sleep any longer, his dreams edgy, Mon-El rises and walks to the mess hall, to grab himself a cup of coffee.

The caffeine surging through his system, Mon-El brightens slightly, and sits quietly at a table to watch people go about their daily business. While he was sleeping, his subconscious didn’t have any more success at solving his conundrum, and so Mon-El ponders over his cup of coffee what he should do. Noticing as he sits there, that people still talk of him in a way that implies they speak of a secret, or a rumor, Mon-El sighs and gets up from his table, walking out of the mess hall, wandering the corridors, trying to shut out the speech of everybody around him. Shaking his head and closing his eyes, Mon-El turns a corner and finds himself standing next to Rika’s quarters. Curious how he found himself there, Mon-El shrugs and decides now is the time to get everything off of his chest.

Hitting the door panel, which would attract Rika’s attention, Mon-El stands outside waiting for her to answer, growing more nervous and impatient as time passes. After a few moments, the door irises open to reveal Rika standing there, and she gives him a curious look and says, “Good day Mon-El, would you like to come in?” Mon-El shakes his head, and Rika asks, “Why not??” Mon-El clears his throat before saying, “It wouldn’t be proper, and its reasons like this that people are talking about the two of us in a way they shouldn’t.” Coughing slightly, covering his mouth with a fist, Mon-El continues, “I just came by to give you a few answers, it won’t take long. This is very awkward for me you must understand. I am most certainly not accustomed to talking so openly of my feelings.”

Sighing deeply, Mon-El says, “Look, I kinda like you alright, in a romantic way, all of my training is telling me this shouldn’t happen, so I guess I have been pushing you away with my behavior. I don’t want to tread on any toes either, just in case you and GuyverWarrior had anything, or potentially could have, since I really do believe he is still alive out there somewhere. There are rules that safeguard against this, and they are there for a reason, so I just thought I would get this off my chest, and maybe then I can operate normally without freaking out all the time.” Scratching his head feeling quite awkward, Mon-El finishes by saying, “I uh think I better leave before the crew thinks we’re doing something we’re not, have a good day.” Saying this Mon-El salutes Rika, and goes about his business.








Sleep didn't come without a protest this time and she dreamt peaceful dreams for once in a great while. No dreams of attacks, no confrontations and attacks from her Commander. In fact, when she woke up a few hours later she was rather rested, and defiantly in a better mood than she was earlier with Mon El. Stretching, she decided it would be a good idea to just stay in bed, lounge about and read, so she turned on the lamp beside her bed and curled up with the book resting beside it, flipping to the page she'd left off, propped herself on her elbow and continued reading. She gave a contented sigh at how relaxing this was, no worries, no duties...just, her time.

That was, until she heard the buzzer to her door and nearly fell out of bed. "For the love of..." she mumbled as she untangled herself from her blankets. "Just a second!" she called out and raced to the closet, grabbing a set of her pt gear instead of trying to fight with a uniform. Hoping on one foot and then the other she got her shorts on, nearly falling into the door before regaining her balance and as she pulled her shirt over her head she pushed the button to open the door with her elbow, hearing it iris open as she smoothed out the t shirt she was now wearing. Seeing Mon El on the other side was a bit of a surprise and trying to be polite she stepped aside and motioned for him to come in, only to have him decline. When she asked why he told her that it would lead to more rumors though she didn't really see that.

"You were put in charge of me from the moment I arrived into this timeline." she said. "It'd only be expected that you'd check on me periodically." especially since he'd never been inside her room though he'd stopped by a couple of times even though she wasn't there.

"People still talk." he said abruptly. Giving up on further discussion on the matter she just nodded and leaned against the circular door frame with her arms lazily across her chest.

"So...what do I owe the pleasure of the visit." she asked. It was apparent that the extra sleep had done her some good.

"I'm just going to get things off my chest." he said and proceeded to give her the answers she'd been pressing him for earlier, much to her surprise. She'd honestly expected to have to force them out of him and here he was just spilling everything, and a lot of it caught her off guard and she could feel her cheek bones warming up and could only imagine how she looked at the moment.

When he mentioned GW though, she closed her eyes and exhaled slowly as she lowered her head. "GuyverWarrior is my commander. He is responsible for me being alive, before you right now. I owe him my life and would follow him anywhere if he asked me to. He got me out of being executed, brought me into the GSF, trained me, looked out for me....He was always there for me. I won't lie that I thought in the beginning that something could happen...but he became more like a big brother as time and instruction went by. So yes, I do talk about him a lot, and I do think of him fondly, but it's because I owe so much to him for what he's done."

It was only after her explanation that she opened her eyes once more to see his reaction only to have him clear his throat once more and tell her that he was going to leave. This caught her very off guard and she quirked a brow quickly as he saluted her and walked off rather hurriedly. "Yeah...nice to talk to you too...." she said quietly, more than a little confused at what had just happened. She stayed there in her doorway though for a bit longer, her arms still folded across her chest before she pushed from the doorway and going back into her room. It was strange to say the least as to how he was behaving, but she guessed now that he would increase the distance between them and she flopped down once more onto her bed though she didn't retrieve her book and just rested her head on her pillow in deep thought as to what had just happened and the severity as to what could happen.

She thought something seemed strange, but she didn't think it was something so intense. "But it does explain why he's acting so strange.." she said to herself, rolling onto her back and lacing her fingers behind the back of her neck. She cast a look to the bracelets on her desk and frowned. She really wanted to train, but her Suit wasn't quite repaired and she would rather have it one hundred percent operational before she did anything 'stupid'.








Returning to his duties, which he has neglected for the last day, Mon-El heads to a different training room, this time however, he will not be going over battle drills, or fighting an enemy to show an example. He will be working in a classroom with the troops as an instructor, teaching them how to think strategically. Striding into the classroom, his cape billowing out elegantly behind him, Mon-El sees that there are very few officers present at the time, and sits at a desk located at the back of the room. Pulling up a holographic console to prepare for the lecture, Mon-El checks the time seeing there are still a few more minutes for everyone to arrive.

Shrugging his shoulders, getting comfortable, the last of the officers enter the room, and sit in their assigned seats, a few of them yawning quietly, their bodies acting out in retaliation of the early morning. Standing up and walking out in front of his deck, Mon-El raises his voice so that all the officers can hear, and awakening those who have fallen back asleep, “Good morning class. As you all know I am General Mon-El, and today we will be learning a little bit more about strategy. Hopefully with these lessons you will all learn to fight as a stronger force, and a smarter one. As most of you have no-doubted seen or heard about, I have recently fought a simulation against a basic Ralaruru warrior, and I got my ass handed to me. I want all of you to keep this in mind, since you will most likely be forced into a situation like that one day; the only way to defeat this enemy is to be smarter than they are.”

Bringing up a hologram of the battle in question that Mon-El partook of, and subsequently lost, he begins to instruct the troops on ways he could have fought in order to have been more effective. A head on approach is the wrong one, he says first off, baiting the opponent with one action and then switching to another tactic would have worked better. Secondly, allowing his opponent any chance to prepare an attack puts the defender at a severe disadvantage, and taking any chance to prepare a big attack of his own only lets the Ralaruru attack first. Mon-El then stops giving the troops his own strategies, and asks them for their opinions on how to be more strategic.

Smirking to himself, Mon-El is actually encouraging them to learn for themselves by citing his own perceptions and opinions, knowing this is by far the best way to learn, it is more easily accepted by the minds of the troops. The troops ask various questions, and offer their own ideas on what to do, Mon-El praises each one for his or her idea, and accepts some but not others. He changes a few of the suggestions to make them more effective under certain battle conditions. For instance, as there is no gravity in space, jumping over someone’s attack and using body weight to counterattack, using a dropkick for example, wouldn’t work, but would work on a planet. Furthermore, as everything is weightless in space, objects do not have a momentum per say, their weight plays no factor, nor does friction, since there is none, only the force placed behind the object propels it in any given direction, and without sustained force, the energy used to move the object would slowly bleed away to nothing.

Ending the discussion there for now, Mon-El dismisses the entire troop back to their quarters or their respective duties, and shuts off the hologram aides, leaving the classroom. Heading to the training room which Ydnac runs, Mon-El enters and walks over to Ydnac, who once again is training officers in physical combat. Mon-El being unseen to those officers who are focusing on perfecting their combat art, dodges a few kicks he walks in front of, swaying backwards away from them, only to receive startled glances from the officers who threw them. Chuckling Mon-El waves a hand to the officers, letting them know he is not upset and smiles to Ydnac and says, “Just thought I’d let you know, the class in strategy today went well, and it’s all thanks to you.” Saying this Mon-El stretches out his hand to shake Ydnacs hand, who smirks back and shakes Mon-El’s hand aggressively. Ydnac, holding up a hand giving them pause, allows them time to rest before resuming, and says, “You know me, I’m always glad to help in any way I can. You seem like you are in a good mood today, how is everything??” Mon-El then begins to tell Ydnac of what has transpired over the last couple days, and Ydnac looks like he is about to have a heart attack, despite this being impossible.