Guyver_Synderix A breeze awakened him. Sleep having overtaken him, or was it sleep? The dead pile of the Neo-Zektole lay before him. Standing still, sensory orbs moved around on their tracks, sending data to the control medallion. An endless stream of data showing itself to the host. The vibrational blades having slide back into the forearms, hidden from view. Eyes blinked within the armor, vents feeding lungs fresh air. Moving now,<C>
Guyver_Synderix the Guyver made his way back to the trail. Dense foliage littered the ground, covering the path. A breeze swept through the foliage, creating tiny whirlwinds. Turning his head to the right, then the left, the Guyver pondered which way to go. Control medallion pulsating, sending billions of commands out to the various parts of the armor. Leaves crunched as the Guyver moved down the path, sensory orbs viewing the path,<C>
Guyver_Synderix before it. Nothing was out of the ordinary, all seemed in order. As the Guyver treaded lightly upon the path, night creatures stopped to stare at the new creature that had invaded their territory.

RevyugX Various values of solid ebony cascaded the majestic structure of "X". Hyper sensory units scoured the organic area for the pitiful bio-armored unit; codenamed: Guyver. Digits curled to develop a tightly clenched fist, each minute ebony groove moving -- slightly. The armored structure of ebony sluggishly traveling upon foot, ruslting the drab leaves which engulfed the surface..
RevyugX Through the main visual units, colorations remained intact, along with a perfectly formed view; equality betwixt contrast and blur, transparent computations lay upon the visual -- showing such words as "Hyper sensory orbs overlay of area (Diameter of thirty meters). Please wait...Results: No Guyver's within the selected diameter." Alas, "X" grew utterly tired of his endless scour...
RevyugX Now, within the unit -- sensory blazed with a continuous flash of the text: "Guyver within diameter, directly eight meters east of current position." Artificial emotions portrayed a sadistic expression, the time was at hand -- a time of complete destruction, a current time to lead a nemesis into the eternal flames of oblivion. "X" began his rambunctious journey towards the target: "Guyver"..
RevyugX As he came into a main visual distance, he viewed the Guyver with low caution. "X" came to a halt, his bio-armored foot causing motion within the fertile soil below. A moment of pause occurred between the two units, but the silence was broken by the harsh, deepened vocals of the Revyug -- "X" being capable to speak due to the 'Sonic Emitter orbs'. A grunt emitted...

Guyver_Synderix Continuing the walk, leaves stirring beneath the cladded feet of Syn, sensory orbs picked up something. Unknown the message was relayed to the host as. In the next few moments, sensory orbs relayed the image of the thing, a named appeared upon the screen, but it made little sense to the host. The growl was heard, the sound echoing off the bio-mesh chamber. The control medallion once again flared to light, pulsating signals<C>
Guyver_Synderix to the gravity control orb. Energy would be needed in order to fight. The breeze blew leave across the metallic flesh of Syn. Crouching once more in the defensive stance, the gravity orb responded to the control medallions signal, sending a reply. The orb began to glow and hum within the Armor's lower abdomen area. A faint hum could be heard, the sound of the surroundings dampening greatly. A link with hyper space<C>
Guyver_Synderix being created. Gravitational particles being manipulated, creating an event horizon. A tightly shape orb is created, the link established to the sub dimension. Energy floods the link, filling the reserves of Syn. Sensory orbs locked onto the other, no response made to his grunt.

RevyugX Through ominous vocals, "X" called out; "Identify yourself, Guyver." The identification would be sufficient data after the upcoming battle -- which "X" knew would outcome in his overall victory. He expected a callsign, current number of the unit (class), and maybe a hosts full name. It would be useful in identifying the Guyver and host in which was destroyed..
RevyugX It was simplistic: the pitiful orb in which readied the Guyver would be useless. "X" may sound ego-centric to the farthest extremes, but he can able to enforce his words with sheer power. Alas, he despised the silence of this area. The nature, the fresh and fertile soil -- it was all praised because it gave precious humans the element in which they live..
RevyugX Without this nature, he though, there would be no worship of man-made materials -- in fact, there would be no physical 'men' or 'hosts' , as he referred to them, to develop these things.

Guyver_Synderix Guyver? What the fuck was a Guyver? The control medallion reacted to the thought, words pouring onto the screen. The words weren't seen by the host, eyes closing, concentrating. Fluttering them open, he responded simply, using a nickname his old friends had given him. Sonic emitters repeated the words out, a rich english accent being heard." I am Syn. I am not Guyver." Stepping back, the sensory orbs locked<C>
Guyver_Synderix onto the Revyug, carefully studying it. Energy build up was not apparent, no information regarding this thing had yet surfaced upon the screen before the host. Fear begin to grip the soul of the host, he wouldn't walk away from this, he could tell already. Hopefully a miracle happened within the next few moments. No defensive measures had been taken yet, except for the crouching, what else could he do?

RevyugX The Revyug sluggishly shook it's head, the evil ebony visage emitting a cold glare which seemed to pierce through the bio-armor and to the host's soul. "Lies.." He responded, and immediately set himself into a mode of combat, in which would be fueled by the impurities of the soul -- anger, aggression, and on occasions a sudden moment of frustration..
RevyugX The mission was now clear, and "X" viewed it as pellucid crystal. The umbraic rage 'within' allowed the quality of combat to increase. Instantly, duel bio-armored sabres retracted, giving off a ominous glint. As his outstreched arms drew closer together, the armored digits opened, exposing the grooved palm of the Revyug. Through twin cylindrical tubes which protruded...
RevyugX ...at the palm area, a spark ignited. Betwixt each massive palm was now a spherical orb of blazing ember, continuously flocculating in enticing ways. This ember was manufactured due to the intensity that was placed upon the selected diameter of air -- manipulating and speeding up the graviton particles and thus developing fire...
RevyugX Each slender sabre made contact, passively remaining in it's position. Yet another spark ignited at the end of the twin sabre's, yet it obtained a cyan glow -- which soon evolved into an orb of electricity. Finally, competition was at hand. The endless vacillation of both spherical orbs was magnificent. The ember resembled magma, which was probably at it's pinnacle of heat.
RevyugX Each flare of diagonal lines within the electric sphere gave off a hue of transparent cyan, which slowly faded away into the air. <End>

Guyver_Synderix The sensory system of the guyver took everything in, storing it within mental data files to review later. The images were displayed before the host, pointing out that the glowing embers were a prelude of some sort. The bio mesh continued to look forward, eyes darkened, control medallion flaring a brilliant yellow now, issuing orders out to the gravity control orb. The pressure cannon being prepared.<C>
Guyver_Synderix The gravity control in turn began to direct energy into the energy compressors, located on the underside of each wrist. The compressor begin to hum, beginning the process of making a pressure cannon shield.. The fingers and compressors begin to focus and compress the energy into an controlled mini-black hole. An even horizon being created, the singularity sucking material into itself<C>
Guyver_Synderix compressing it under high pressure. Lies? There were no lies, he was no guyver, he was now Syn. Anger begin to swell within, he might die here, but did it matter? Hopefully he could damage this thing, even though it seemed impossible.

RevyugX Now, as he viewed the Guyver and it's current structure, he was sure that the assault would be weakened upon collision if there was gravity manipulation. Thus, activation of his own gravitational devices were at hand. The device manipulated the targeted area of the upcoming 'thick' gravity. The device would single the properties of the shield, weakening it so it would not appear..
RevyugX The blazing sphere of ember was propelled forth, most likely due to an electromagnetic force within the wrist area, darting passed each sabre and potently colliding with the sphere of electricity. The sphere of ember was now a slinder beam, whose head was a potent sphere of electricity. The outcomes would result in severe damage due to the extreme force.
RevyugX The probabilities are, if the Guyver happened to be a standard unit; the mixture of elements would utterly rip through the bio-armor. Therefore depleting it's structural integrity, and then tearing through the host's structure. If there was direct collision with a vital organ, there would be instantaneous and immediate death to both the Guyver and it's host..

Guyver_Synderix Fingers dipped into the event horizon, pulling forth the compressed orb of gravity within. Pulling it out, the hand whipped it forward, where it expanded, manipulating the gravitational particles to erect the shield. Spreading it suddenly stopped, weakened by some force used by the Revyug. Sensory orbs observed as the beam was sent forward, time slowed, the beam hitting the weakened pressure cannon<C>
Guyver_Synderix shield. A bright light could be seen for miles around, filling the forest with it's strange hues. Both the beam and the shield vanished, the beam successfully deflected. The control medallion began to pulsate, the gravity control orb humming as well, more energy flooding through the link, to replace that which was lost. The mesh covering the eyes begin to glow a dim yellow, showing the anger and frustration<C>
Guyver_Synderix of the host. Sensory orbs enhanced the vision of the revyug before it. Status was functional, the eyes of the host narrowed. A growl could be heard coming forth, voice emitters making the sound louder than it was, filling the canopy of the forest with the growl of the host. No doubt he would lose, but he wouldn't go down without a fight.

RevyugX Quickly, an alert was quickly manufactured and displayed upon the main visual units of "X". Two Guyvers were illustrated, and ominous warning alerting him that now was the time to fall back, though he was confident about his abilities. "X" would regroup and return to obliterate this infidels. Now, the cloaking devices were activated, he fell back..
RevyugX His cloak happened to be an enhanced version, which granted him invisibility to hyper sensory orbs, and the main visual units...now, all that was left behind were tattered and torn foliage... ripped and burned -- scattering the soil with their ebony ashes.

Spider_Guyver Spider-Sense...tingling, no literally, it was going off mad, like fire, as he felt images flash through his head. Just...random images. Irou Hida aka Spider-Vengeance aka Spider-Guyver had been having odd flashes lately, as if he could see into the future for only a brief second...it was helping him, and also confusing the blazes out of him. It was nuts, but it felt just like his Spider-Sense.. it was a jacked up Spider-Sense to say the
Spider_Guyver least. The small Guyver (Small by normal terms...he is a small mofo o_O) Could be seen jumping from tree to tree, his crimson and azure armor reflecting what little light exists within the dense foolage. Making his way towards the cave Area, something in the back of his head just said.. 'Go there...'. And so, his sense never failing him..he does, and he's almost there. But then...the sense leaves, and he is left hanging, not knowing exactly what is going on

Guyver_Synderix As soon as the vision of the revyug was enhance, it disappeared from the sensors, from everything. Scanning for it, the sensory orbs moved about their metal tracks, trying to locate the 'hostile.' Upon scanning of the area, the sensors pick up a new thing. Jumping from tree to tree, hanging just as soon as the revyug disappeared. Turning, the guyver crouched once more. Not again, hissed the host.<C>
Guyver_Synderix The sensor system locked upon the shape and signature of the other guyver. The control medallion reacted to the hiss sending out more signals to the already part drained armor. A thrumming could be heard breaking the silence of the forest. The vibrational blades upon the forearms of the guyver protruded forward, extending over four feet long, reaching over the digits of Syn. Minimal energy was used in<C>
Guyver_Synderix completing this operation. The blades pulsating making a low humming noise. Crouching low, arms were moved into a defensive position, awaiting the arrival of the new threat. The control medallion had reported it as an 'unknown' not declaring whether it was friendly or not.

Spider_Guyver Slight pings started to bounce around within the midst of his mind...odd feelings, to say the least. He saw a Guyver, one not familiar to him, and HF blades poised to attack, And then, a scoping out of the area he's in, from an aeriel view...what was up with this new Spider-Sense? It sure did beat the crap out of the sensory orbs and gave him basically, what some spiders have, precognition, a psychic like ability that some spiders
Spider_Guyver and other insects have. It was an odd feeling and he was trying to adjust, this Spider-Sense happened within the blink of an eye, but it felt like time slowed down itself to register and show all the new information. Obviously.. it seemed like this Guyver was tracking down or with the creature he had felt, the strange presense...the organ on his back pounds slightly, he can feel it, and the communication begins
Spider_Guyver says, <I bring no harm, you can call me Spidey, I'm from the GSF..> He was blunt and clear. If the guy was an enemy of the GSF, he would most likely attack, if not, well, he might gain some scraps of information as to what the hell was going on here. Spider-Guyver stayed within the foliage of the trees, hanging upside down from a thing string..it looked like a rope of a web.

Guyver_Synderix The communication was heard, reverberating off the metallic mesh of the head. The host hated that part of it, why did it have to echo? A headache was beginning to form under the stress. The sensory orbs confirmed the thing as being non-hostile, but the vibrational blades still stayed out, he didn't trust anyone, not after what just happened. Replying, the voice was once again amplified by the<C>
Guyver_Synderix sonic emitters located within the mouth region of the guyver."I know not of the GSF. I am glad you bring me no harm Spidey. This... this armor... I don't know what it does, or why it has attached itself to me... It appears to me that you have the same problem... Perhaps we can help each other out?" Moving forward now, the guyver stopped within a few meters of the hanging guyver. Why had all of this<C>
Guyver_Synderix happened? Why was he chosen? All of these questions plagued his mind as he awaited the response of the other. Arms went down to the sides now, hanging there, although ready to defend should anything happen.

Spider_Guyver He seemed to hang easily from the thin line, not even the large tree limb, which you think would break, does. He had stopped swinging slightly, gaining his balance as he stared forward towards this new...Guyver. He hadn't seen that many in his life, but what ones he has seen had a dramatic impact in some way or shape. Weither they be out to kill him, or whether they're his allies. It was just a common fact, you meet a Guyver,
Spider_Guyver your life has changed. Spidey seemed to study the figure for a brief second, speaking without the use of the organ now, as seeing nor sensing no one besides him around "Well...I'm not exactly a Guyver expert myself, I only know of this units workings. "The line begins to grow longer as he slides down it, now on the same level as the Guyver infront of him, but still upside down. He had a good look at his face and body overall as his large white eyes seemed to stare
Spider_Guyver says, ."I do, on the other hand, have a friend who might be able to help you, I'd have to contact him though" Spidey speaks, once again. His voice sounded...young."

Guyver_Synderix Stepping back, the guyver recorded the words, displaying them upon the screen for the host to read, the control medallion obviously taking in consideration of the host's dislike for the echo within the bio metallic mesh. The words shocked him. So he was a guyver after all, that is what the thing was after. What exactly could a guyver all do though, and how did it come off? Replying to the thing dangling before<C>
Guyver_Synderix him, the voice came out normal, actually sounding much like the host's now, which was also young."I would very much like to know the capabilities of the Guyver... So if you could contact your friend? I am Syn by the way..."Scolding himself mentally for not introducing himself before. Sensory orbs scanned the guyver before him, taking in every detail. Very different from his look. Where they all unique?<C>
Guyver_Synderix The control medallion pulsated once more, sending signals to the vibrational blades. The blades retracted into the forearm, the thrumming of the blades ceasing to be heard anymore as it was stopped completely. Stepping back now, he gave the spider room to drop to the ground and talk with him. Hopefully this was a friendly person, not a hostile tricking him.