A New Beginning posted 12/29/00 11:12:02 PM

Guyver_Grakken he walks into Senpai’s office looking about it with care seeing a man sitting in his chair....he comes to the front desk looking down upon his face....his bug like eyes glimmering in the light "sir we have to go find the warrior"

Senpai_Guyver As he notices the entry of the warrior , That of the one known as Grakken he has found out the profile that which is known on the guyver from the supplied files he has within his small office...
Senpai_Guyver standing from the chair the huge figure arises as the aligned control medalians glimmer within the reflecting light the guyver stands at a mammothing size that only just allows him to stand in this vertical stance ,
Senpai_Guyver using the new found speech device he relays through the newly acquired language that these people within this new realm use " I Know of the plans a shall escort you " ... his looming eyes peer beneath the armor that lathers to his figure

Guyver_Grakken he nods to the words of the warrior turning around facing the entrance of the office taking a few steps heading out the entrance of the office....he then looks to the side of the wall where a suit case of a sort leans....the warrior then stops leaning over with one of his massive hands and picks up the case...securing it with a tight grip as he heads off down the hall....once he makes it outside
Guyver_Grakken says, :...he then waits for Senpai to accompany him to find this guyver and deliver the contents of the case to him

Senpai_Guyver with that he prepares to leave this place as he watches the man move through he automatic door, He lightly chuckles as he feels happy to be leaving the office for a small brake the large Guyver lowers arching his back as not to hit his head on the door ways....
Senpai_Guyver Making his way to the end of the hall he looks to Grakken he notices that he awaits him he think allows his Gravitation control orb to tinker his thoughts, racing across the tendrils the singing medal allows a burst of energy to slash through the unseen...
Senpai_Guyver This in turn allows a small orb to emit from the darkness building within power and size although the size halts the power odes not he Link within hyper space allows the bio power to rip through his form ... " Lets go then " he says after he feels the flying device is now unable

Guyver_Grakken he chuckles slowly looking over to Senpai who seems to be happy for some unknown reason but shrugs it off only by nodding him as a few short pulse from his control medallion comes forth....sending his gravitational orb into a sputter as it comes to life pulsing....the warrior then slowly lifts from the ground looking about himself and then to the case that lay firm within his grasp making sure nothing
Guyver_Grakken ...happens to its contents....he then darts a gaze back over to Senpai and then to the heavens below as he rockets off high into the sky in search of this guyver

Senpai_Guyver Watching Grakken now tacking off he feels excited as he will attempt to use the new found power that he had found within an encounter with another seeming superior being ... the Sub Atomic Manipulation Medallion begins to flicker as the back up for this Medallion begins to glimmer
Senpai_Guyver The SAMM layer now pulsing steadily as he feels the Negative force that moves him within a higher ability, the alteration of the flow of reality is felt as he now knows that he is within the position to pursue the building blocks of like the microscopic atoms...
Senpai_Guyver With his ability to fondle the atoms and also the molecule he begins a new power that he has absorbed within a grueling fight he occurred several days before ... He allows his power of manipulation and control to place him within a balance with the particles that surround him as he now feels that is he can hold this the friction will not occur allowing him the ability of a far greater speed being Sub light and light speeds...

Joining of the Candlebaine's by Guyver Sakari posted 2/14/01 12:59:09 AM

Guyver_Sakari yawns tossing a few strands of flame into the air about his poly morphic skin.. beneath the monstrosity presented to the crowd stands a single warrior.. one in harmony with the flame.. the god of plasmatic doings.. he smiles beneath his hidden disclosure as his eyes peer forward from beneath a veil of squirming bio flesh..

Sorvic_Candlebaine rips in, in his car. the 79' Camero speeding over the ground. the engine roars as he pushes the car further. he touches the brakes and begins to slow...he drives the car into a stall and revs the engine a few times as it shakes the windows. he shifts to park and turns the car off. the armor gleaming under the black paint as he opens the door. he reaches and takes the dark sword from the back seat and sheathes it. as he looks about..

Guyver_Sakari eyes flash forward with crimson flares matching the hues of the presented flame markings that fall from every inch of his form.. smile creeps over his lips under the veil of bio flesh as it is portrayed the bio armor queer chasm of bio flesh.. he nods allowing the centralized control medallion to let off a flare of his own as his right toes curl into the soil below.. his fist slowly mashing into formation as he prepares for the worse..

Meridian_Paratwa steps in a being of one mind but three bodies... the first body of this tripartite assassin steps in is rather tall seemingly average for Ayenee though his clothing is simple...boots, shirt, loose pants...he holds a staff with wires that travel in and out of the metal core of the strange stick...the other two bodies walk in behind the taller one...all three are identical except for the one being taller...

Sorvic_Candlebaine sits there leaning against his car....he looks up to the guyver....looking a bit confused...another seeking him out....he wonders what it is this time....everyone looking for him....he wonders if he has a price on his head or something....he remains there....he nods to the stranger...waiting for a cause of him being here....the seal of the candlebaine flashing on the breast plate of his armor

Guyver_Sakari ponders the meaning for his call to this location as the poly morphic flesh that makes up his armor constantly reformats its structure, twisting the bio armor into new manipulations of form.. the guyver takes a step in the direction of the human looking form as vocalization points sound off within the host of facial plate…
Guyver_Sakari … the chasm that has been presented to show the markings of a smirk, fading from view as sound waves are emitted from this beast.. "You are of the Candlebaines?"

Meridian_Paratwa the two smaller of his tripartite body quickly move in front of the larger one...simultaneously they flick their wrists one his left the other his right...into both hands slides a black shiny egg with a purple needle protruding
Meridian_Paratwa ...clamping both jaws down he activates the bicuspid mounted switches tied into his belt mounted crescent webs... a flash ensues and a hum begins to grow in intensity as the crescent web begins to spread out from it's belt mounted generator...

Sorvic_Candlebaine says, I am a Candlebaine....And you are here for??...*he looks at the man...his midnight blue wings cross over his chest looking at the man....the Candlebaine seal hides from view under the chest plate as he sits there....wondering still why so many seek him out....he is but a person trying to live on with his own life*

Guyver_Sakari tilts his helm to the right of his stance as his eyes peer further forward through the thin mist of the day.. the sensory orbs located within the dome like structure of his head, twitch and turn within their predestined grooves as he raises his right hand and places it to his chest,
Guyver_Sakari , allowing the elbow to bend at this point so that he may make contact with the structure of his chest plates… poly morphic webs of flesh constantly squirming within the tapestry of bio armor that makes up his form.. "To offer you the opportunity of a lifetime, to join with the Empire of the Guyver.."

Meridian_Paratwa the tall one taps chris on the shoulder and points at the guyver, " who is that? " The crescent webs on Ty and Jy complete there powering up and the hum slightly subsides though it can still be heard...the crescent webs are called this because they form two crescents in front and behind of the wearer with a gap between them to allow me to move and such...

Sorvic_Candlebaine says, And what is the Empire about??....*he stands there....knows another one is coming to seek aid or something of the sorts....and wonders why they always know who to come to....*

Guyver_Sakari chuckles within his monstrous form as his eyes seek further over the form of the one he addresses.. he tugs on the chest plate, pulling a mesh of bio armor from suit as his head raises from its incessant bow… the constantly changing bio armor seeming to tilt the centralized head fin farther back on his helm…
Guyver_Sakari "I must ask first of your position within the candlebaine before I continue this discussion."

Sorvic_Candlebaine smirks...."I am the Head of this Family of Course...."....

Meridian_Paratwa Ky and Jy jitter from foot to foot anxious for battle since it is, after all, their favorite form of entertainment...one of the tways turns his head to look at Sorvic while the other one never takes his eyes off of the rather large guyver standing in front of him...Ky turns to continue to stare at the guyver and a sadistic smile spreads over the face of both tways simultaneously...

Guyver_Sakari allows his head to fall into a succession of nods as he grows further closer to the form of the head of this family.. the smile presented over his hidden lips seeming to increase its tug over his non-visible facial features as he continues his vocal context.. "Then I may continue, we wish to unite the greater powers within ayenee to form the most powerful force present within this realm, "

Guyver_Sakari "I ask that you join us in order so that you may continue your crusade, whatever that may be. If you protest, I will have no other choice but to end you at this moment in time."

Meridian_Paratwa upon hearing the final comment the tways smirk and a twitch plays upon the two smaller ones faces as they slightly tighten their grip on their cohe wands as both wands spit sparks and a small purplish blue rope slides out about 4 inches and sits there dangling and hissing slightly as neither tway moves...

Sorvic_Candlebaine says, And who is that I serve.....*his eyes never shifting...simply looking at the guyver....never removing his eyes from it....the cold dark silver eyes...much rage is still in them....but he still listens....very diplomatic about such things...*

Guyver_Sakari the incessant nodding comes to an end as the guyver crossing his mighty forearms over one another and stands still within the surface of the earth.. the control medallion letting off several flashes of crimson hues as the vocalizations continue to spring forth from their mechanism.. "You will serve the great Emperor Aureus, through indirect rule."

Maximus_Null_Avatar makes a gash in the heavens, splitting reality asunder for him to make entrance into the material realm, he has been away to long, brooding on the hazardous plane of Null and he feels the need to return to check on the family he is part of. Gash stretching, widening he emerges, a ball of furious Null, crackling, hissing, erasing...

Sorvic_Candlebaine says, Hmmmm...So You want us in your Pocket so to speak...so You have us around...SO you know we are not against you.....And to put things simply you basically want an Alliance .....*scratches his goatee thinking it over in his own mind....hoping another was here to help him decide...he may be head but he is but one man of a family....as he looks to Max...he smiles....* Max...Come here and listen to this man...

Meridian_Paratwa the taller of the three tways mutters something incoherent under his breath, then the smaller two shift their weight onto the balls of their feet as they shuffle sideways and back slightly drawing closer to Sorvic because his monarchial consciousness seems to think that is best...

Maximus_Null_Avatar hovers off the ground, looking down at Sorvic, his form silhouetted in the sphere of crimson rage, he nods his head, not out of subservience but, of respect, he sees Sorvic as a comrade, not as a leader for much has changed in the past years. Descending, his glow begins to die down.

Guyver_Sakari thinks over the proceedings as the smile dims within his helm.. his fist flex further within their own mote points as the poly morphic flesh continue to squirm under constant stimulation of the control medallion… strands of flesh beginning to bunch over this primary medallion as once more speech echoes forth from this guyver..
Guyver_Sakari .. "An Alliance would not be the correct term, rather rule over your clan through yourself, and complete protection of your people by the forces of the Guyver Strike Forces."

Meridian_Paratwa Both of the smaller tways turn in unison, fearing no attack from the back because of the crescent webs and the taller tway watching for them..., " Sorvic, We must leave...Alliance sounds good though..." The tways take turns speaking each word but it still sounds as though one person was talking...As one they turn leaving sorvic to handle the matters of diplomacy...as one they look to the taller tway as he summons a ride of their own...and with that they exit..

Sorvic_Candlebaine looks over to Max...his trust friend and Brother In law....he thinks to himself then looks to Max...Hoping for some guidance of him....the candlebaine flashing softly as he waits underneath his wings....

Maximus_Null_Avatar 's fiery body smolders now, and goes out, leaving behind his Wood Elven self, brandished in crimson full plate, his long raven hair cascades over his chest, unmoving and sheen. Looking to the creature and then to Sorvic, he keeps a stiff upper lip and crosses his arms, having a hard time drawing on the 'Guyvers'" thought pattern , his empathic output.

Sorvic_Candlebaine continues and waits for a reply from Max.....his eyes shift to the Guyver.....still trying to decide....he speaks now...."So if we join...everything stays the same...But If a task need to be fulfilled you will come to me and ask me...Other then that there is nothing that has changed.....May I ask what happens if it is a Task which I feel we should not do for I feel it is wrong...."

Guyver_Sakari allows the manifestation of a smirk to form over the facial plate of his guyver as he begin to tinker with the ideologies of the presented question.. the slowly forming chasm of biological flesh seeming to form the formation of a smile… he nods lightly and continue to convey the ideas which were presented to him by his lord and Emperor Aureus..
Guyver_Sakari .. "Everything stays the same, except for the fact that you are expected to fulfill any task we ask of you, if you refuse then we will take actions to make sure you never do it again, although I do not believe we will ask you to do anything you would not agree with. Another benefit of this act is that you will gain protection through the Guyver Strike Forces, as before mentioned."

Maximus_Null_Avatar nods his head, keeping quiet, finding nothing to say right now, nothing that bothers him as of late in this conversation, his mind trails off and he thinks of other things, picking up on other life in the vicinity, smirking as he sees all is normal in this plane for the time being..

Sorvic_Candlebaine looks to Max.....he waits for a reasonable resonspe from him...a bearing of a yes or no....he leans back farther onto his car....listening for something from him....for he feels that only himself and his brother are fit to make the descision....as he sees the nod...he loosk to the Guyver....he gives the final nod...he offers his hand to him....

Maximus_Null_Avatar uncrosses his arms and lets out his hand as well, looking to the 'guyver' his eyes flashing crimson as he glides them over his form, marveling at the techno-organic plate and medallion in his forehead. He smiles and clears his throat to make way for speech, "Sounds fitting, this will be most charitable i assure both sides of this.." Nods his head..

Guyver_Sakari digresses allowing his form to slouch as he presses his forearms once more to his chest.. the poly morphic flesh seeming to squabble about placement before reformatting to allow the placement of this structure.. a hiss of air vents forward from two port located on either side of where his cheeks would be as he bows his head and allows his eyes to peer forward, the slits growing tightly together as he continues his questioning..
Guyver_Sakari "Are these terms acceptable?"

Maximus_Null_Avatar nods his head yet again, retracting his hand, seeing as it wasn't taken, frowning some but, all in the mannerism of the 'Guyver' he thinks. Speaking once more, his ochre skinned lips moving slightly, his voice low and hushed, tinged with the elven accent of his people, his body giving off soft warmth..
Maximus_Null_Avatar says, I see no fault in your terms, or logic.

Sorvic_Candlebaine holds his hand out still waiting for the hand shake to seal the deal...he is of the old ways and this is how you seal the seal so to speak....he nods again...."Yes it is as soon as You shake my hand though"...

Guyver_Sakari raises one of the slits that present the peering entry to his human formed eyes… though as he was raising a brow.. he tugs one of his arms free from the manashery of flesh that covers his form.. webs of bio flesh still bound to the arm from the chest plate seeming to not wish to free their hold on him before slowly slithering back into the correct placement within the bio flesh… … he allows his right hand to extend in intended meeting with the candlebaines own extended hand.

Recindling the Flame by Dave posted 5/5/01 9:53:00 PM

Guyver_Grakken he walks into the field as the host observes what is before him as a slight grin slowly begins to play across his parched lips as he looks into the horizon...his control medallion beginning to send out a spectrum of beautiful light that screams out into the vastness of space before him....a slight chuckles slowly then occupies the facial expression as a thought dangles in the back of his head

ErasureGuyver ominous latencies push through-out this distinct tangent core of anew, the obvious insatiably large power pours throughout the dismal carcass of the guyver, the spectrum of the abyss found within each concubinial defense set upon his fortify. Footfalls come in a desolate flagrancy sound only to the piercing gaze, found easily into the orbs. The control medallion flickers within the opal glint of light, shimmering as he steps through.

Guyver_Grakken his sensory orbs begins to move about their delicate tracks as they begin to take in every little detail that is present....he also gets the feeling that he isn’t the only one within the vicinity as the smiles across his face fallowed by a dense smirk.....he grips his fist even tighter at the thought that another guyver is around as he just stands and waits for this guyver to approach him

ErasureGuyver the 0-forge structure of the HF blades pearling across the stretch of his form, 2 sets at each elbow facing backwards and outwards, 1 set facing forwards, 1 pair at the knees and another pair at the shin area. Each of this rippling isolated in their confines, moving from the bushes, pushing hesitantly through the dense ground towards the new guyver, one which he has never seen before. The almost chaotic edge glazes him much like an aura.

Guyver_Grakken he chuckles as this guyver comes into plain view of him as the smirk plays heavily on his face scanning the guyver from head to toe his sensory orbs beginning to take in information about this new guyver....the host beginning to quickly process this new information as he decides to make communication with this unit... his organs on his back begin to lightly beat making viable communication (( seems i have run into yet another guyver )) his voice seeming to fade slightly

ErasureGuyver the dismal stance that comes to an abrupt assumption shows gesture of respect, almost? To that of this new Guyver h plays heavily upon the desolate black fortitude, the stealthy conceived status begins to respond, the same actions elapsing within, the "speakers" as most will say, create a gentle hum, amplifying the words spoken (( Seems so... Wouldn't think much about it though, haven't seen a lot around lately.. )) as well as parting.

Guyver_Grakken the guyver head nodding to that of which the unit has spoken as the smirk slowly diminishes from his face (( yes that is true... what brings you here unit? ))

ErasureGuyver the malice standing comes to an almost rest as the pads continue to elapse within themselves, the efflux of faded and almost robotic words rippling between himself and the other (( agreed, but I had heard of this "GSF" and found it to be more of a sanctuary than most other choices.. in the setting to be recruited or join if you wanna call it that.. ))
ErasureGuyver the unit's head turns slightly, looking mostly off to the side, rather annoyed by his past, yet looking only unto the future (( understood ))