Azonic_Piranha Shadows masked normal visibility, his form packed within the darkness before him. Visual optics on the other hand had greatly induced his sight by using thermal imaging capabilities. The smoke grey visor upon his helm producing pings of green if sought to see. Many of lines were marked upon the Internal HUD display, as the motion trackers clocked every movement within a 10 kilometer radius.
Azonic_Piranha : No weapons were within hand, not as of yet, though creeping through the foliage, he kept a hand strayed to his pistol For any advancement in attack. What he was about to bout was not of this earth, but he must take the task at hand, it was a worth while experience. After a long walk, he neared the edge of the forests tree line, a plain of green and gold laid before spread out upon many of acres. With mental commands givin'
Azonic_Piranha to the Artificial Computer onboard his combat suit, he quickly accessed the surrounding area, through a visual With a sub-orbital geosynchronous satellite around this frail world. Suddenly images adorned the HUD as he quickly glanced through pictorial data feeds that were placed before his eye's. He now understood the range, and distance of this field with ease. He stay crouched, body hidin' behind a rather
Azonic_Piranha large and gnarly tree of oak, as he awaited his fellow opponent with open arms...Or lack there of. It was his intention to finally put a stop to these other world creatures from afar. A virus that needed to stop...No matter the cost of lives that was brought.

GuyverUnit99 dust enshrouds the possible implications of night, as dusk seems to entangle itself about the obstacles of photonic impedance.. how awkward it was that he had entered this dense foliage, in search of supposed battle.. arms would clasp about out reached branches, trying to find balance among the chaos of obscurity.. ocular ridges would commence with the gestation of a moment..
GuyverUnit99 .. compacting as though to give an eerie effect to this prestigious hero of sorts... he would leap forward, using the power amplifiers as an interlude to speed, exchanging mass via accumulative energy reserves, as though to lighten and heighten his mass with but the temptation of a sub conscious regression.. what was it he came here for..
GuyverUnit99 .. this forest reminded him of so many long past, and yet there was a new element amongst its refuge.. digits would interject, finding brace amongst a teetering after image of leaves.. he would seem to lean close to the ground, close enough to outstretch his hand and touch the earthen soil below..
GuyverUnit99 .. but with no avail, for he would relinquish his grasp, and plunge ever forward into the encroaching darkness.. hyper sensory orbs would flare into upheaval, sensing the disinterred of an ever present evil all around him... had his telepathic repore warned him of some premonition before he had even found it within his presence.. those tiny orbs, located within various regions of his cranium, would pivot within their allocated slots, ever searching, ever scanning...

Azonic_Piranha Crouched, still behind the oak of a forgotten era, his motion trackers clocked a singular being approaching. Through a relay command switch, he was able to communicate with the Satellite, causing the on-board video equipment -placed directly in center with the microwaves-, adjust it's Automatic transmission and measurement of data from remote sources by, vocal commands. The constant video feed was a great tool to have.
Azonic_Piranha His right hand moved towards the HF-Sword that rested snuggly within a black scabbard, slung across his back. Beneath that, and the battle fatigues was the Hyper-Alloy chassis, it control processed by a Micro-Processor that was in direct contact with the Suit on board computer system. Hydraulics, though not heard moved the hand towards the hilt of this weapon. A scratching noise emanating as it was pulled away from it's resting.
Azonic_Piranha The waning moon light struck the straight singled edge sword, the cast of characters, parallel with the blades length were engraved upon the blade. Dropping the edged weapon upon the damp sod, motion trackers clocked a singular being gallivanting across the dense forest. The inhuman speed was only capable of such a being of un-earthly origin. This must have been the foe that he was prominent to attack.
Azonic_Piranha Standing to his full height of 6'4", his weight displacement units adjusted to the slightly inclined course of this forests bed. Holding the blade vertical with his right leg, his targeting scanners locked onto the forth coming animosity that ravaged through these woods. More hydraulics pressed onwards as he sprinted from his spot, only to hope he meet his vigilant problem at the center of this inhume world that he now thrives upon.

GuyverUnit99 sensory orbs would not lie, this was some form of biological machine, bent on destruction by the means of weaponry he carried in his permutes.. perhaps it was best to back away, and not confront the vestige of angered demi gods, then seek ever forward, in the hope of gaining some sort of ethereal vestals of pride within his wake.. yes, yes, better to boldly go forward into the fray,
GuyverUnit99 then to slink away and dismiss the possible applications of blight that found their inklings ever over inflated.. the third layer of the control medallion would sound with but the mimic of a sonic vibration, as the inter dimensional transceiver would activate, and allow the guyver to triangulate the exact coordinates of an "energy rich dimension"... a smirk would hold to the sub conscious guise of this unit, as the tiny orb,
GuyverUnit99 located within the center of his waist, would sound with but the impending hope of a photonic pulse... how sweet this day had become.. within the tiny ordainment, would graviton particle fields be pooled and forced to copiously unlock the facets of spatiotemporal.. an event horizon would be match, and within this lineage, would it be tuned to the coordinates of a hyper dimensional rift.. from this rift, would an interconnectivity,
GuyverUnit99 be obtained.. and through this would the guyver manipulate hyper kinetic particles, via his manipulation of graviton particle fields, through the rift in space/time, and allow the guyver to super induce these hyper kinetic feeds into his own gravimetric matrix, thusly powering the guyver.. a given side effect of this process would be the ability to freely manipulate and control such particle fields as graviton..

Azonic_Piranha Triangulating the exact location, he found the most adjacent distance that could lead him to his opponent. Darting between tree's he adjusted his forward movement with ease, as the bearings within the joint component's disregarded the amount of speed and friction. With a swift motion of his left arm, his hand slammed into a stout tee limb that hung to it's death.
Azonic_Piranha Finger's grasped and the wood splintered but the limb did not break beneath the amount of pressure exerted upon it. Through mental commands to the On-Board computer system, he activated the motion distortion field. The thermal imaging shut down, as the HUD became the blackest of black, not even with the ocular enhancements could he see what was before him. Though, thin wisps of white, started
Azonic_Piranha to pip around, as the surrounding area became clear. It was only motion of things that he was able to perceive now. Before his body was passed the limb he gripped, : he let the forward momentum lift him from the ground, his body lifting from the earthly visage beneath. Releasing his grip he swung upwards higher into the branching limbs, feet still pumping hard. His form bounced around, as he jumped from limb
Azonic_Piranha to limb, almost like a sadistic pinball machine. In meters he watched them decress as a small amount of number within the left upper corner of his HUD counted down the distance. : A single minute passed, before his opponent was crusted with white, the motion of wave distortion's from this being sought. He paused quickly, looking beneath him, watching the figure, then it came, the moment of attack. He released
Azonic_Piranha his footing, as he feel towards the dirt beneath, the world rushing before him in a flurry of white against black. His feet struck the ground hard, the earth caving in as the weight of this Biological being landed. The coaxial motor's though reduced some of the impact, as he now in crouched position, swung his blade before his face.
Azonic_Piranha The glinting of the blade from the waxing moon rippling against the biological structure of this well balanced un-human life form before.

GuyverUnit99 idealism within the fanatic applications of death, would seem to imbue his own distaste with the non organic.. the guyver would spat, from within a vestal of conscious reprisal.. arms swinging to grasp at a vertical endowment of foliage, as thought to pivot his current stance, to a digresser counter balance upon another limb, situated amongst the branches of another tree... legs would be outstretched,
GuyverUnit99 as thought o further proliferate the need for situation amount the forest... eyes would glare, as the sensory orbs would keep a close eye on the impending desecration of natural site.. it would appear motion sensors had gone into effect, catching only the alignments of kinetic out put.. very curious how cautious this non organic composure had found himself to be..
GuyverUnit99 .. thought would focus on the need for weaponry to match the advanced fornication of his soon to be disassembled foe.. the host interlink would twitch the accumulation of alpha waves, as the armor controller would send out another kinetic out put, in the form of sonic waves, allowing the guyver to perceive the need for the vibrational swords..
GuyverUnit99 .. such swords would spout openly outward from situated joined, just above the elbow, but below the sectionated mass known as the biceps, or deltoid... they would extend to four feet, and create a sort of sub sonic hum, until such hum would expand to a point past human recollection, far past the sonic.. the gravitational control orb would realign the gravimetric field as though to sustain the ever impending presence of said field,
GuyverUnit99 without allotment to the previously compact blade.. such field would intertwine about the integrity of the high frequency blades, as though to endow their structures with a forth right advantage.. the interdimensional transceiver would pulse, but once..

Azonic_Piranha He kept his weapon adjacent with his facial components, even they they were, obscured beneath a visor of grey and a helm of black. As hydraulics extended, he arose from his crouching position, shifting the blade's direction, arm extending outwards. The tip of this weapon pointed directly at the bio-organic composition of his opponents facial obscurities. With the thumb, a small switch was depressed, as a vibrational force started to come over the blade itself.
Azonic_Piranha The power cell within the hilt of this sword was able to last 5 years before completely depleting it's main power supply for this vibrational effectiveness. Moving his thumb away from the switch he wrapped it back around the signal handed hilt once more, letting it lower back to his side. Once dropped, a single static displacement of vocal transmitters occurred through a series of communication wirings within his helm. The voice was raspy, and deep.
Azonic_Piranha Once the static cleared, he spoke " I've been waiting to meet you…Ninety Nine." The static came once more and vanished, as he took a small bow to acknowledge that the fight is now to begin. Did this Mechanical Construction disregard the thought of being torn apart? No, he did not…all assumptions of the outcome were welcome. His right foot stepped outwards as he then began a walk around the formidable warrior before.
Azonic_Piranha The blade never left his side, he was waiting acknowledgment from the his opponent to commence this act of futile violence that will besiege this forest and it's dwellers for years. Blood, and other organics were about to spilled randomly upon this quiet floor.

GuyverUnit99 was this to be enough? were but blades and the ability to control gravitons to be enough to destroy this little insect of a machine but with one mighty move.. Ninety Nine did not think so.. he would have to act fast, for as the challenge had be presented, to further delay the impending conflict would only show his own cowardice in light of the situation... he would of course have a plan, for once more the inter dimensional transceiver would activate,
GuyverUnit99 in accordance with the gravity control orb.. energy compressors, upon the lower and upper portions of the wrist, would begin an organic orchestra all their own, warping and bending ample supplies of graviton particle fields, supplied by supplements from the gravitational control orb, and eaked from excess feeds within the gravimetric field, as though to create a subsidiary within normal time/space..
GuyverUnit99 .. from this normality would spatiotemporal placements be forged into an event horizon, at which point the quantum singularity would be manipulated thought to give the accumulation the formation of an orb within the province of the three dimensional world... though of course, in order to create this malformation, we would note that the guyver stood atop his branch, with but feet,
GuyverUnit99 altering his own molecular density, via the power amplifiers, as to not teeter ever so chaotic, and to allow the branches to sustain his weight.. his height would well compensate for the tiny machines stature, amassing 7 feet eight inches into the nearly night sky.. he would speak, but not with lips, not with vocal cords, but through the manipulation of quantum energy fields, and their transmutation into soluble energy fields,
GuyverUnit99 therefore being forced through the sonic oscillators and mutated into variable fields of sonic vibration, known as sound.. though tone could be a tricky feat, his own malicious conspiracies would triangulate within the formulation of a mechanized aspects, speaking as though human, with that ever present robotic after glow..
GuyverUnit99 says, "I am at a loss, you know of my name, yet I am lacking yours.. Do you fail to introduce yourself to your prey, or do you just have limited programming?"

Azonic_Piranha He watched as his opponent stood perched upon that branch, as an owl looking through the forest. No emotional properties were even programmed within his command sequences so the lack of laughing was not there upon this in-human's joke. Stopping, he continued to look upon this being, as if looking for weakness' within it's bio-armor. Static came through again, and that voice that could chill the night air
Azonic_Piranha pushed forward " For you're curiosity, I shll let you know of my name so to say." The static came then left, then came once again as the pause was caused by trying to find the right words to let this one know of him. "My designated name is Azonic Piranha, Fourth Cybernetics Assassination division. Serial number 2789-235. And just for more of your curiosity to filled…My programming is abundant with informational properties."
Azonic_Piranha The static left as he cleared the air, another mental command giving to scan, and determine. Upon the HUD a small thermal imaging of this alien construction was presented upon the right side, a lattice work of lines working over it, discovering it's molecular density and composition. The scan complete within several seconds as several weakness' were presented upon the HUD. He glanced
Azonic_Piranha upon them before they vanished keeping them within his memory chip's sub-standard files. With no hesitation he quickly moved forward. : With aggressive tendencies he poised his bladed weapon above his head, as his feet pounded upon the earth in a run. Reaching the underneath branching of his opponent his hydraulics constricted then extended with great force, a jump. He slashed quickly, as the vibrational blade
Azonic_Piranha sliced through the bark and wood as if butter. His form dropping back towards the earth, tiny flakes of bark dropping upon his bent kneed position.

GuyverUnit99 the blade would slip, shattering the branch upon which he stood, though as the branch crumbled under step, the gravity gyro's would take effect, triggering the gravitational control orb to subsidize his own gravimetric field, as though to allow him to float within the heavens.. the gravity gyro's working in super accompaniment,
GuyverUnit99 as to quickly ascertain his position in comparison to time/space, and thusly allow him the ease of a situated stance.. a smirk would endow itself upon the conscious surmise of the unit, as he would lower to the ground at a stalled pace, coupling the "pressure cannon" within his left palm, as his eyes would align with the supposed ocular processors of this machine.. this was to be fun..
GuyverUnit99 .. ocular ridges would digress from their former position, raising as though to imply the shock that such an openly presented attack would manage no damage.. the third layer of the control medallion would yet again signify the indefinite abnormality of an action.. the boost armor would reply by processing hyper kinetic energy through a two crystalline structures,
GuyverUnit99 which would act as a storage center for a highly concentrated weapon of light.. a green crystalline structure would pulse, just above the control medallion, igniting a hue of vermilion within this monstrosity of advent technology.. hands would fall within the formation of fist, as energy compressors would further compensate for the lack of space their with allotted with,
GuyverUnit99 compressing the orb of destructive intent.. "Very well, Azonic.. I believe the first move is yours" the guyver would utter, once more in his mechanized tone, now landing upon the earthen texture known as soil..

Azonic_Piranha Hearing the snap, he could feel and hear the branch fall behind, though no other noise was present. With out turning his head his motion trackers were able to signify the current location of Ninety Nine. Ah yes…he had not forgotten their advanced system workings, but he did not think they would be so quick in working. With that he turned, and then faced his opponent, standing back up, as he watched win wisps of white the form touch the earth.
Azonic_Piranha Another action took place within a matter of seconds, he advanced with a jolt, thrusting his edged weapon at the chest cavity of Ninety Nine. His speeds may not be as fast as his prey's but it was quit faster then a normal human could do.

GuyverUnit99 with but the movement of a moment, would the guyver perceive the hydraulic accumulations, the represented the impending movement of this machine.. his thrust was an accumulation of programming, and lacked certain aspects of desperation, and skill.. the guyver would merely lift his right arm, bending it at the joint of the elbow, as though to allow the right, reverse facing, virbational sword, to combat against the assaulting vibrational weapon..
GuyverUnit99 .. one will note at this time, that even though the machine had found himself within the possession of a weapon of the virbational type, Ninety Nine had assumed such applications of high frequency weapons, and thusly added an extra lay of gravimetric protocol around his own vibrational weapon, allowing his blade to easily cut through even the most advanced of vibrational weaponry... so as the two swords would come into contact,
GuyverUnit99 99's blade would easily over come azonics, thusly slicing right through it? but this wasn't enough, no, no , for as these two blades would come into contact with one another, 99 would outstretch his lengthy leg, placing the toes of his left leg just behind the heel of Azonic, as though to impede any possible tepidness.. an exaggerated beam of light, would pulse forward, not once but five times..
GuyverUnit99 .. the first bolt aimed at azonics right optical processor.. the intense beam of light striking with the potential to cut even through titanium alloys.. the second beam would be a mirrored effect, aiming for the left optical processor this time, the third aimed further forward, this time to the right as though to destroy any cybernetics held behind the right eye,
GuyverUnit99 and destroy any processing units located therein.. as for the 4th and 5th, these are simplistic means, merely aimed at the joints within the machine, that would serve as a wrist, aimed within a horizontal fashion to cut them off at the points of interconnectivity.. but was this enough? was it enough that these beams pulsed forward at 186,000 miles per second?
GuyverUnit99 one would think not, for within this same moment, the left hand would outstretch, and grasp for the center of this beast chest, for but an inch away from contact, an orb of pressurized gravimetric fields, as well as kinetic intent, would be plunged into this machines central cavity.. one will note, that such a device is meant to rip apart graviton particle fields,
GuyverUnit99 and their accompanying sub atomic structures, as though to cause chaos within a subjected area.. it would rip forward, unimpeded in its ways, aimed to tear an ever expending hole in the Machine.. gravity gyro's would continue their definition of states, as energy compressors, held upon the allocated orb, as for future reference of an ascertainable aspect of control.

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