Zentai_Guyver enters a plain of battle.. suddenly appearing upon the field as if he was built from atoms on the spot.. his Sensory Orbs then pick up two other Guyvers, one seems to be a rather dull G1 type unit and the other he senses is a Warrior Type Guyver.. he knows this one should be eliminated 1st.. since it posses the biggest threat to his existence.. then with little to no thought he thinks of him self a bit
Zentai_Guyver higher as his CM gives off a few strong pulses sending a wake-up call to his GCO an with that call it then lights up flicker as if it had not been in use for years and the GCO then pushes slight amounts of Gravitation energy out from it propelling him into the air at a slow rate so he can possibly get a view of his Opponent

GuyverUnit66 he then lowers his head as his eyes gaze at his waist where the gco is he then feels the power building as the control medal pulses glowing through the room reacting as he feels the power building gathering on the out side to form an orb of energy.....
GuyverUnit66 .the orb continues to gather as the orb pulls out that needed power to excel all this power that continues to gather yet will only be sucked to the preset powers that dwell within the gravitation control orb reaches a near completion as he then drifts toward that which will be the next assault weapon to be used on this prey known as zentai...the sensor orbs begin to rotate then swiftly carry through the allocated slots above his skull as he picks up the others that grace the fields

Zentai_Guyver with his body now lightly floating above the earth he feels a slight gust of wind pick up swirling between his legs slightly making them sway back and forth from his pelvis.. and his thought the pours into his Head Beam, his CM begins to rapidly pulsate with a nice beat to it as his Head beam then begins to be filled with Energy being sent from the CM into it.. the Head Beam lighting up with a delight of brilliant Colors as he then Smirks over at the now clear view of his Warrior Friend

GuyverUnit66 now with his thoughts dwelling he knows that this enemy need to be taken from the fields at a quick pace as he then lightly chuckles as he knows what must be done....then control medallion pulses out bursting across the area lighting all in the radius as the flash calls out the pressure cannon this weapon rather lethal and handy in battle....
GuyverUnit66 he brings his right hand out in a punching like style yet he then opens the palm as if he was a saiyajin he then feels the power within as he channels it through his right arm to be out put at his fist...the power gathers at the palm as a light mist of power can be seen setting in his palm his eyes then peer at zentai as he looks down at the unit ready to attack him at any moment...
GuyverUnit66 the misting power pulls together to form an orb this orb being the pc the power continues to build in his palm till it reaches the full size of around a tennis ball this attack now ready to be used within the battle field

Zentai_Guyver his Arms then are drug out from their relaxed position as he brings them to a 45 degree angel from hi chest.. holding them around and away from his body , but not in front of it but merely to the sides of it.. his Arms then flexed greatly as eh concentrates his mind upon his Elbows.. his CM then quickly emitting a few strong long pulses of light.. blasting two sets of energy down each arm.. the energy flows
Zentai_Guyver through his veins and down to just below the elbow on the beginning to the For arm as it slowly begins to make a connection to the bone it's self and with the link made to the structure of his arm he then begins to Will the forming energy into a rather large blade.. as at each elbow point.. slightly below it.. a small object of a blade begins to seep out of his skin.. as if growing from the bone it's self
Zentai_Guyver at a rapid rate.. and soon the Blades reach a long length of 4 feet where they then stop their growth and are now what are to be called HF Blades.. they hang out his Elbow area on each arm .. then another Smirk plays across his face looking to the Warrior Guyver.. seeing his Attack soon to come..

GuyverUnit66 he then knows the other basic weapon that he shall introduce that being the poly morphic blades that he request his control medal pretty much saying let it beas the control medal then flourishes through the area that he is in ....a slight hum can be heard as the four blades he possesses are heard they jolt from the slots as he possesses forward and reversing blades on either arm...
GuyverUnit66 he then swings them in front of himself as he smiles beneath the bio armor that lathers to his body...with the assistance of the gravitation control orb he begin to elevate orbiting from the ground as he looks toward zentai sensing with instinct the fight will soon be on the way....the sensor orbs running over zentai is he also picks up the g1 has gone for his blades as he lightly chuckles he also feels the one known as omega as he watches his movement just in case

Zentai_Guyver then knowing what he will have to do as he lets the smirk fall from his face knowing this fight will not be an easy one and he it out powered by far.. his mind then focuses upon his Pressure cannon as his CM sends a signal for it to be awaken.. as it wakes his Right hand it brought down to his Side.. held turned around. his Palm facing backwards.. and being held open as if he was gripping an
Zentai_Guyver Orange that was not there.. his hand holds it form.. as the GCO then flickers slightly pouring energy into the Palm of his right hand.. and with these Actions the CM lets out a few more brilliant flashes while the GCO continues to push energy into his Palm.. as if the energy were pouring out his finger tips into his palm.. a small light bal is created from the particles of energy within his hand.. and he focus on the ball..

GuyverUnit66 orbiting in the air as he watches on he lowers his head as he looks to the ground that is beneath him with a few thoughts in his mind he decides to call out the head beam that he process....
GuyverUnit66 the control medal pulses as a chain reaction calling out this weapon that he possesses known as the head beam he then lifts his head as a small orb can be seen present that begins to take up an pulse of its own.....this small orb is rather weak but still with the power to pierce a control medallion of the enemy the small orb pulls the needed energies present within to build this structure that has a brilliant glimmer which is only compared to that of the control medallion that he has beneath

Zentai_Guyver he then sees his Opponent use his Head Beam and shrieks.. knowing his opponent now has some power to let loose.. his right arm then Clenching tightly.. allowing a larger Flow of Energy to come pouring out of the GCO through his Veins.. as the ball forming in his palm seems to be seeping through his fingers.. and the gap they form from one another.. his palm being filled with the energy from
Zentai_Guyver the GCO almost needing to be expanded it's self to let the Ball expand to greater sizes for his attack.. then he looks down towards his opponent as he then smirks.. and he then thinks of his Head Beam letting loose the previous energy gathered from his CM as it lets off a small sound then it let loose.. a small thin practically
Zentai_Guyver weak beam.. but being able to do damage if needed.. the Head Beam heading for the opponents CM trying to damage or shatter it.. hoping to save his as from extinction..

GuyverUnit66 think he rather chuckles at this idea as the space between them rather far and the sensor orbs working rather well telling him of the dangers as he is already within the air orbiting his speed will be assisted...he then uses the help of the gravitation control orb to rush of to the left about 20 foot where he then orbits looking to zentai as he decides he may call on another pressure cannon

Zentai_Guyver seeing ass his attack was a failure.. he smirks knowing it was never meant to be but then looking down to the ball in his right palm.. as it is ready to be let loose upon his opponent.. and then with a slight thought upon his GCO it flickers madly then propelling him along with energy sent from the CM.. he floats in the way of the opponent Guyver.. his Sensors now picking up another Guyver.. one he
Zentai_Guyver knows from past battles.. then it fades away as if he cloaked.. he simply shakes it off and continues on his path heading for the Enemy Guyver as he pours some thought into another Head Beam letting the CM flash charging it with Energy filling it's tiny Orb like feature up till it is brightly sitting atop the CM.. then as he is a good 15 feet from the Warrior Guyver.. he smirks.. then throwing his Right
Zentai_Guyver arm out like a Punch.. letting the Pressure Cannon fly at the Warrior Guyvers Head beam knowing if it hits it would probably kill him unless he moved.. to possibly avoid this movement as the Ball of energy flies at him he then Pours a lot more thought into the GCO propelling him at the Warrior Guyver at a speed of near 400 MPH as he brings his Left HF Blade up in front of him hoping to Jab right
Zentai_Guyver into Warrior Guyver's GCO eliminating most of his Threats towards him.. knowing this will never work... but wanting to go out with a small bang

GuyverUnit66 as he senses the incoming guyver he lightly chuckles as the sensor orbs excel picking up this movement he then sees the g1 take of at a full speed yet the warrior does not worry at this time knowing his reflexes exceed his....
GuyverUnit66 the pressure cannon comes toward his control medal as he finds the easiest way to dodge this attack is to pivot his neck to the right as he does this the pressure cannon skims across his sensor orb on that side of the skull yet the small scrap having no real affect....having the blade that flies down low at his gravitation control orb he uses his left arm and the forward blade to tangle with the blade holding it up in that position using his superior strength to just hold it steady.....
GuyverUnit66 with the right handle shoves it forth at the chest of zentai like a punch but as it then nearly connects he lets the pressure cannon fire out at the center of the chest where it is a large target and easier to hit as this orb flies out at a blistering speed the fastest the warrior can get it....
GuyverUnit66 with his head tilted to let the pressure cannon past at is put on an angel where the head beam fires non stop at an angle to connect with the control medallion as he knows the zentai has been held up by the blade

Zentai_Guyver seeing the Pressure Cannon come for his Mega Smashers he knows he cannot help but get hit.. as it slams into him.. only giving him time to bring up his free arm as it is blown off at the Elbow .. his arm taking most of the fore.. but still his Mega Smasher are take from his body as his Weak form then as fast has he can Pours his full Will into his GCO.. letting it Pull him back while letting loose his Head Beam to possibly push the on coming Head Beam away or get it away from the CM as to not let it connect..

GuyverUnit66 with his body on this light lean he chuckles as the two head beams connect he knows that he must pour all his power into the head beam to fight off the head beam and finish the job ....he uses his power advantage to continue to push toward the control medal of the weakened version remembering his head is on a tilt (so your beam would be going straight past)

Zentai_Guyver trying to move his head out of the way of the on coming Head Beam but still in his weakened state.. his reflexes not near fast enough as the Head beam shoots strait through his CM and out the back of his head.. with the CM gone and nothing to control the Armor.. it then turns on the host as it begins to quickly consume the Host.. and kill it.