It all started over 700 years ago, an ancient race of creators had conquered nearly the infinite boundaries of existence, and began to further seek out existences to destroy and subjugate. Their most powerful herald, Kousotsu Guyver, had lead them to countless victories, inspiring fear and hatred alike. It is at this time that the primary creator of our tale comes into place.

TheGuyversWill had separated himself from an energy based consciousness known as the advents, and placed his own presiding aspects of thought into a vessel donned "The Ark of TheGuyevrsWill". he thereby took the most powerful weapon of this collective, and fled to a reality they were not likely to look. This new reality was called "Ayenee". Ayenee laid within a portion of reality referred to as fantasia, within this reality all things were possible. Though within Ayenee, a time of knights and dragons existed, waiting for other creatures to venture from alternate realms to join them, and so they did.

It is within this realm, that the creator known as TheGuyversWill fled to, hoping for sanctuary. he had brought with him the ability to create and manipulate life, and had presented the Kousotsu with an empathic resolve to hide his true self from him. This in turn lead to the Kousotsu calling himself GuyverUnit99, a great warrior to say the least. TheGuyversWill would come to earth within the dimension of Ayenee, seeking out some form of refuge from the forces that be. Upon entering its atmosphere, he would discover that he was not the only "Advent" related beast within its midst. Other creations had found their way to this paradise, and had taken up the prestigious title of hero.

TheGuyversWill would journey to interact with these creatures within a corporeal form, taking the guise of a standardized Guyver to interact. His legions would follow, lead by GuyverUnit99 as well as GuyverUnit3 and GuyverWoman. They would join forces with this other group of Guyvers, and come to call themselves the Guyver Elite.

All would be blissful within this world, until evil tormented the hopes of many with but one deed. A conflict, a battle, a skirmish based within the tides of enmity would erupt, bringing to it, the devastations of evil within the form of demons. TheGuyversWill would find himself within a futile war, unable to help against a grouping of dragons that had awoken. Many allies fought at his side, amongst these allies would be a female by the name of rhaina. Rhaina would be lost within the subservient tides of malice. Though such a loss is expected within war, ones mate is not likely to take such occurrences lightly.

The man to which she was to wed was named Ren Shyair. A calm man by most men's regards, though with a hidden secret. He himself was half demon, and upon hearing the news of his bride to be's death, he was wrought with anger and angst. Seizing the moment, the devilish side of him took over, and bathed him within hell fire, transforming this hero of sorts into a hellish demon known only as OmEn.

OmEn would take his revenge upon the Guyvers within this realm, finding no other means to enact his vengeance but through quietus. He would kill all but TheGuyversWill's group. For seeing the destruction that lay ahead of them, their brave leader knew but one thing to do, regroup. He would leave the reality of Ayenee, and journey into a new direction, a new dimension, and eventually back to this realm named Ayenee. Once he re-entered the masses, he was to learn that many years had passed while he was away, and within these years, new evils had arisen to take the place of the old. Only these evils found the physical representation of Guyvers, and seemed eerily as though they were his fallen comrades of the Guyver Elite.

What had he done? Leaving them here to cope with the evil he helped create, now his friends had become demons under the rule of OmEn, and there was but one thing for him to do. TheGuyversWill had to rectify his mistakes, and destroy the Guyver Elite. His own abilities seemed meek compared to the God like power the Elite now possessed. By merging with the demon OmEn, they had gained abilities beyond comprehension, there was but one thing for him to do, fight strength with numbers.

TheGuyversWill would send out his finest warrior, 99, to seek out other Guyvers within this realm and sway them under his control, as though to confront this blightful scourge. Through much searching, 99 would come upon a newly arisen group of Guyvers called Guyver Force Alpha. Guyver Force Alpha had taken the place of the Elite, and fought the war to rid the world of the demons who claimed their names. Though they too fought a losing battle. Unable to cope with the god like abilities of the Elite, the GFA would fall, and become of no use to TheGuyversWill. Through their own inner conflicts the GFA would kill one another off, until only the Elite and TheGuyversWill's forces remained.

It is at this point that TheGuyversWill took it upon himself to form a new group of Guyver to defeat the evils that lay all around him. This new team would be called The Guyver Strike Force, consisting originally of GuyverUnit99, Guyver Prototype, ReaperGuyver, and an unlikely ally, The Shrike of Endymion. Though such small numbers could do nothing against the great powers of the Elite, more units would be required. From this The Strike forces would amass a large army of Guyvers and swell within ranks.

Around the time of this incursion did a new hero join the realm of Ayenee. One known as Kal-El Guyver. he had sought refuge from a massive collective of sentient organisms merely referred to as Guyver. Upon arriving within Ayenee he sought out its only creator, in hopes that he could free him from the device that had controlled him for so many years. TheGuyversWill graciously accepted the proposal, and removed the Controller Unit from Kal, offering him a sort of advanced standard called the "Advanced G1". Though unknown at the time, this advanced G1 was nothing more than a formulation of the original controller unit, and thusly had once more placed Kal under the whims of another.

As the ranks of the GSF grew, each Guyver would be outfitted with one of these "Controller" likened units, and placed under the masterful powers of the creator known as TheGuyversWill. Wars would follow, for as the Guyver Strike Force grew, so did the demand that they be destroyed. The Guyver Elite would bring to it new demons to fight off this newly arisen force, but with no avail. Many Guyvers were lost within these conflicts.

From this great tempest of deeds, would new powers come into play, for as The Guyver Strike Force neared the numbers and strength they require to defeat the Guyver Elite, the GFA would be rebirthed. Though this time under their previous commander in a new form. The Guyver known as The Shadow Guyver, former leader, would take the mantle of an angel, and tempt fate once more, fighting along side the GSF in order to rid the evil of the Guyver Elite. Along side him would he carry Guyver Zero, the Guardian Unit, and the Zephyr Guyver. Though they too would fail. The Guyver Strike Force officers were then given upgrade to allow them to further combat the evils of the Elite. Unit99 would become a Warrior type, and call himself simply "The Warrior Guyver".

The Elite then created Zoalords to combat the ever rising numbers of Guyvers. One such skirmish lead to the demise of The Warrior Guyver. He would be confronted with two Ultra powerful Zoalords, and likewise be defeated, his control medallion damaged beyond repair. He would enter a form of status. Within his absence, Kal-El Guyver would be asked to lead the GSF. Kal-El brought the GSF into a new era, giving them the power and abilities they needed to confront the Elite, it would seem as though the battle was nearly won.

Though such hopes would be quickly eliminated by the introduction of a God, a demon of sorts, brought forward as the lord of the Guyver Elite. Even the powers of Kal-El found no comparison when scaled with the abilities of this God named Yoku. It is at this point that The Warrior Guyver would awaken from his stasis and find out that he was no longer in command of his own team. He would fight brutally against the Elite, devastating many of their armies, and all the while trying to understand the dreams that had accompanied him in his rest. He would earn his merit, and be brought up within rank to the title of Field Marshal.

Within this surmise, one will find that many ages pass within the flicker of an eyelash, such can also be said for the Warrior Guyver, for he himself is the basis of our story. The Warrior Guyver would find new powers coming to the forefront, and attempt to comprehend them, and through this comprehension, break the empathic hold TheGuyversWill had placed upon him so long ago. Finding out that he was the greatest Warrior the advent collective had ever known, he once more donned his original title, and called himself Kousotsu Guyver.

Though not fully understanding his potential, Kousotsu Guyver would battle alongside Kal-El Guyver, devastating the forces of the Guyver Elite, into near extinction. It is at this point that their God would rise again, battling Kousotsu Guyver into a near stale mate. Unlimited potential is an absurdity within a finite universe, some would say, though within this moment, such abilities were realized, and accomplished, as Kousotsu Guyver would join himself with existence, and become an omnidimensional non linear being, known only as The Kousotsu. It is at this point that the wars amongst Guyver would end.

Without cause to press them on further, these Strike Forces of Guyver would lash out, decimating beings for even the most simplistic crimes. Many years would pass, as anarchy enriched the world in which they lived. Within this passage, would discontent arise amongst the ranks of the GSF. Generals warring amongst Generals, each trying to gain more power than the next, and perhaps make themselves the next hiarchy amongst the masses. Such powers within premise would ultimately lead to their demise, but not before the truth about their creator was to be revealed.

The Guyver known as Kousotsu would be the first to learn of the betrayal enacted by TheGuyversWill. It would seem that the original unit taken from Kal-El Guyver, had been processed and cloned. It's use merely to make marionettes out of the Guyver Strike Forces. Each Guyver would think themselves master of their own will, but behind the scene's, TheGuyversWill would tamper with every aspect of their being, turning them into the murderous defilers that they had become. Through this aspect, it would seem as though he was to continue the research of the creators, attempting to wield enough power to over come any opposition that may arise.

It is said that with great power, comes even greater responsibility. This is true for Kousotsu, for as his powers steadily increased, so did his rage over what TheGuyversWill had enacted. Something had to be done. Kousotsu Guyver would meet with the other High General of the Strike Forces, going over his plan, and bestowing a few words of wisdom to his confidant. These words would include the idea that their time within the GSF was over, and that they had won their wars. Both warriors would part, leaving the GSF behind forever. With this accomplished, he would move onto his true goal. He would confront TheGuyversWill, and destroy him within the very instant, denying him the ability to revive himself in any form or fashion. Though Kousotsu Guyver did not merely leave it at this, he knew what was to come in this world, and so would leave behind a surrogate Creator, in hopes that perhaps his once mentor, would make a better life for himself the second time around.

This new Creator would be called TheGuyverWill. Though not without his downfalls, though he retained the memories of his predecessor, he was without the monumental abilities. His own form, was that of a humanoid, lacking the energy based consciousness of his past. He would remain in this world, but not without a cost. For his sins, he was forced to pay dearly, and banished from his ark for all eternity, leaving behind seven Warrior Kavzars. It would be their responsibility to guard the ark from any evils that may wish to hold the secrets is possessed.

Would this be enough? It would seem that Kousotsu Guyver's works were not done, for before he was to leave, he would have to bestow some form of hierarchy upon the Force he had built. His first feat would be to resurrect a past ally, Masurao Guyver, giving him back the life he had lost within combat. Though Masurao found no reason to return to the Guyver Strike Forces.

Kousotsu Guyver's next act was to create separate entities, that would observe existence, in his absence, in the form of avatars. These avatars would consist of alternate forms, representing Kousotsu himself throughout his struggles within Ayenee. The first was to be Kousotsu-Guyver, a replacement for Kousotsu Guyver, created to lead the Guyver Strike Forces. The second would be The Warrior Guyver, an admirable facsimile of his mindless rage. Another of these Warriors would be GuyverUnit99, created before the advents had even formed their first human construct, pressed into fruition so that he could observe all of time, and learn from histories mistakes. Finally, Revyug Roirraw, formed upon Kousotsu Guyver's ascension into the absolute that is everything, he was to be the first Revyug.

With this Kousotsu Guyver would relinquish his title as a Guyver, and merely be known as Kousotsu. Ascending into a God like state, to be forever, and always, one with all of existence; a true Omnidimensional Non-Linear being.

Time would drag ever forward. Though Kousotsu-Guyver had been created to replace Kousotsu Guyver, he would not take his place immediately, for other powers that be still presided over the Guyver Strike Forces. Namely, the remaining generals who had seized power upon the retreat, and demise, of their leaders. Mon-El Guyver would become High General, and Fushichou a Field Marshal. Their numbers grew steadily, eliminating all foes set before them. Until, a revolt would be sounded by the lower Generals.

Lead by no other than GuyverWarrior himself, the revolt would consist of teams, Bravo, Alpha, and Archon. Though still having Beta, Zeta, and Delta, Mon-El and Fushichou were steadily becoming outmatched. The war would continue, having heavy losses on both sides of the battle. GuyverWarrior's premise upon the battle field, had won over three of the other generals by this point, Senpai Guyver, Guyver Sakari, as well as Phoenix Guyver. With the help of these mighty Guyvers, GuyverWarrior was able to overthrow the forces of Mon-El and Fushichou. Mon-El Guyver, and Fushichou Guyver, would not go quietly into the night, they would turn to their last remaining hope, in the guise of an avatar. Kousotsu-Guyver.

Their forces decimated, as well as on the break of desertion, their only hope was to turn to the one force that they had so feverantly protested. Kousotsu-Guyver would be called upon, and with him, the awesome might of the Kousotsu. Kousotsu-Guyver would be known as the direct avatar to this God like being. Able to call upon the power he represented on a whim, and destroy anything that lay before him. This would spell disaster for GuyverWarrior's force.

GuyverWarrior's Strike Forces, would be obliterated, Kousotsu-Guyver himself doing the deeds, without help from any of the other Generals, Lieutenants, or otherwise enlisted personal of Mon-El and Fushichou's Strike Forces. GuyverWarrior's own life left to but hang in the balance, he was forced into banishment, and so it was, the last remaining original member of the Guyver Strike Force would be forced to leave that which he helped create.

The remaining members of GuyverWarrior's GSF, would all but be disassembled, being ordered off into the vastness of Ayenee, never again to join a group consisting of such purposes, as to unite the Unit-G's. Though these members would not go into Darkness alone, for Mon-El and Fushichou's forces would also be disbanded, and forced into the same fate. It would seem that the Guyver Strike Forces had finally met their end, but this too, is untrue.

Kousotsu-Guyver would take the remaining generals under his wing, forming an army of sorts, consisting of only the most powerful Guyver within this dimension. Those of which were, Mon-El Guyver, Fushichou Guyver, Senpai Guyver, Grakken Guyver, as well as Zoalord-Guyver. From this would an empire arise. Not one ruled through collective dignity, but through hate, and the supreme authority of but one man; Daniel Aureus, aka Kousotsu-Guyver.

From its humble beginnings, the Ayenee Guyver Empire would rush out, and seek to end the chaos of this realm, by usurping control over all its major clans and kingdoms. Their motto, "Join us, or die by us". Though many clans would crumble, and quickly accept that they were overly outmatched, others would not be so wise. They would stand up, hoping to win against insurmountable odds. None did though, and the Empire continued to prosper, gaining hundreds of Kingdoms under its figurative grasp.

Time shifts within the irreverent gaze of gods and men, as new lords fall, and old ones rise once again. Kousotsu-Guyver had been displaced from his own congruent holds on spatiotemporal standings. Finding himself 500 years from the first fall of the Guyver Strike Force, and his initial rise to power, he would run out into the world, seeking out the talents of other Guyvers.

The Kousotsu-Guyver would find himself nearly de-powered, the Kousotsu trait failing him when it seemed he needed it most. The loss of power considered punishment for his own previous misuse. Though he would not be left without all forms of power. The Kousotsu had saw fit to gift to Aureus the power of a Matrix Enhanced Warrior Guyver Gigantic. This would allow Kousotsu-Guyver to continue onward in his endless journey.

Other powers, that once lain dormant, had gathered under them massive armies. A resurgence of power almost mirroring this form was Guyver Sakari's own Guyver Strike Forces. Sakari had been the only general to keep the dream alive in sight of the menace and plague known as the Revyug.

The Revyug in themselves had formed a rather vast empire, running rampant over the globe and acquiring near planetary domination. They sprang from the remnant of the Guyver Strike Force themselves, feeding off the mutated factions of the once plentiful Strike Forces. The numbers once representing hope and freedom now turned into distraught and sorrow. No force could sequester them it seemed.

Daniel Aureus' own Guyver Strike Force would encounter Guyver Salari's from time to time. Their interactions usually resulting from the need to possess further unit's and thusly gain the upper hand in the overall conflict that was to come.

Even the fiendish forces of TheGuyversWill's own Advent collective would be brought into this conundrum. They would send various warriors including a Matrix Enhanced Enforcer Kavzar, and the end all of the Kavzarian line, the Matrix Enhanced Warrior Kavzar Gigantic, otherwise known as TheKavzarsWill.

More to come…