Subject: Enhanced Humanoid Guyver Unit
Code Name: Suterusu Guyver
Host Name: Eric Williams
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5í11
Armored Height: 6í10
Human Weight: 147 lbs
Armored Weight: 567lbs
Status: Unknown

Hostís Bio Kinetic Enhancements: Using a combination of Bio Kinetic energy and a unique energy out put of the host. His Enhancements work with the Host mind set rather against it. This allows the Armor to feed off the raw energy produced by the host unknown Bio Kinetics. Seeing as it is somewhat unlimited, the unitís strengths, speed and all sensory weaponry and adjustments are continually enhanced depending on the hostís energy.

The Host is able to trick the Guyver into thinking that it is being fed an abundance of Kinetic energy. The host, unwilling sends it own unique energies via his Kinetic. In doing so, the hostís energy itself, acts as a Gigantic Armor Upgrade, where as it doubles, or triples the hostís abilities but with out the additional hulking armor. Upon activation, the Guyver thinks its is linked to Hyper Space and new advances take place.

For instance, the Unit is able to match the Warrior Unit in raw power and the Agility of a Ninja unit. Known advances are the ability to create a somewhat unknown barrier that enhances the gravity control orbís barrier shield. Known tests have confirmed the shields ability to defend against simultaneous Gravity attacks while generating another shield with near equal strength.


Powers and Abilities:

Strength: Slightly 2 times that of a standard unit. Stamina is above normal. Activation of Hostís enhancements increases strength 4 times more. Making it close to 800 men. Stamina becomes unlimited.

Normal Speed: Running 0 Ė 500 mph/ Flying: 0 Ė 850mph
Activation of Enhancements: Running: 0 Ė 1000mph / Flying0 Ė3400mph

Armor Durability: Armor is equal to that of a Warrior, but slightly less. The unit is equipped with Stealth, Time manipulation and a phasing field that allows unit to be put of phase with time and reality for moments. The unit is able to somewhat slow time making it invulnerable to physical attacks, but stunned and put back into normal space with energy attacks. Upon activation of the Hostís enhancements, the armor is surrounded by a body shield, which is equal to that of the Giganticís force field. The makes the unit invulnerable to all but the most powerful attacks.

High Frequency Blades: Unit contains 3 pairs of high frequency blades. One on each elbow. One on each fist and one each ankle. Units high frequency blades are equal to that of a Gigantic unitís. Using hostís unknown energy, Units high frequency blades are covered by a plasmatic energy. Each blade surpasses that of an XT unit or Acer battle armor.

Mega Smasher: Attack level is equal to 2x that of a standard unit. The usage of the Stealth technology enables the unit to penetrate any shield once out of phase. Activation of the Hostís enhancements boosts the level to that of a gigantic unit also allowing for better focus and a 10-second burst.

Head Beam: Units inferred laser orb is twice as powerful as a standard. Using the units more advanced targeting system makes it able to accurately hit any target no matter the distance. Using the Hostís enhancements enhances power to 5x.

Sensory Systems: Using the enhancements, the units sensory systems are equal to a warrior. Its makes it able to track multiple targets as well as avoid most detection methods.

Gravity Control Orb: Using its enhancements, the unit is able to created time dilating pashed abilities. This puts subject out of normal space and is what to believed Hyper Space. All that can be seen is a blur or the unitís form, making it undetectable to even the most highly sophisticated tracking devises. Normally this puts the unitís host in strain, but with activation of the Hostís enhancements, the host can deal with it indefinitely. Also this boosts units Gravity powers to match that of a warrior unit.

Sonic Weaponry: Units sonic weaponry is slight more effective then a standards but with a much more deadly effect. It is able to focus on a living beings metabolic function. The unit can kill with out signs of struggle. This makes the unit able to kill a subject normally resistant to the sonic attacks by focusing on one single vital organ. Using the Hostís enhancements increases effectiveness to about 50x.

Control Medal: Unit CM is of compressed design but with an advanced interface. This provides host with more advanced and complex sensory enhancements and improved weaponry, Activation of the Hostís enhancements adds a thin translucent ring around the CM. This allows better control over Hostís enhancements thus adding unimaginable power.

Other Enhancements: Unit possesí special attack such as instantly killing most of its opponents. This include cloak/phase/stealth abilities to parts of its body threw a target to fatally disrupt the molecular and cellular structure. Another ability is its power to focus its gravity to magnify the power of its punches. Lastly is ability to focus its Mega Smasher into a laser like energy for better accuracy.