Subject: Transmuted Unit-G/Humanoid Hybrid
Classification: Revyug
Host Name: Variable
Sex: No longer relevant
Age: At least 700 years
Height: 7'0 (Average)
Weight: 900 lbs. (Average)



Malformations within gestation lead to the deprivation of species and races alike. Sometimes such genus is forced to reconcile with a past they had all but misplaced. Or perhaps a kismetic karma based alteration is more the congruent principle to which justice applies itself. Whatever the purpose/cause, these events have lead to the creation of an independent entity from the guyver, one that has brought calamity upon those around them. It all started over seven hundred years ago. A simple deed by something far removed from simplistic.

An energy based consciousness referred to as an advent journeyed to the dimension known as Ayenee in order to conceal the herald of warfare of his race. Through this provocation he came into contact with another extra dimensional unit-g that had been augmented to allow a hive collective to thrive within the expanse of their race.

This unit was called the controller unit. Through an amalgamation between the standard unit-g and this controller unit would be birth the advanced G1. This was the start of our woeful tale in truth. For the Advanced G1 was laden with alterations to its base programming to allow that advent, TheGuyversWill, to freely manipulate the mentality of any who were to possess the unit.

Further alteration would made to the initial principles of unit allowed the controlling aspect to be integrated into more advanced units. The progression would continue. Hundreds of beings were granted the use of these units and allowed to flourish within the realm. Their deeds would become legendary as the Guyver Strike Forces.

The strike forces would defeat untold evils, war amongst themselves, and even become gods in their own right. Though these deeds would be overshadowed by a final conflict that was, all truth be told, the undoing of the Guyver Strike Forces.

One being who became a god like entity would discover the devilish deed perpetrated by TheGuyversWill and bring his existence to an end. The remaining controller unit based guyvers would then be cast into a new rendition of their continued existence, eventually making war and coming to a final conflict.

Two massive powers each claiming entitlement to the mantle of the Guyver Strike Forces would make war with one another over this prestige. One force would be lead by two guyvers, Mon-El Guyver, and Fushichou Guyver. They would make war against GuyverWarrior's forces.

The conflict would ultimately be decided by a third power, Kousotsu-Guyver, who decided it was in the best interest to banish the remaining combatants. Though banishment meant the end of the primary tale of the Guyver Strike Forces, other would take the name of days to come. The remaining guyvers wandered the lands, unchanged in their regiment of truth and justice for some time.

The advent, TheGuyversWill, was a rather mischievous creature at its root. For not only had he designed the controller based units to obey its every command and dictation, but the advent had also instilled within each unit a core program defect that allowed the units to lapse from harmony of primary programming upon the event of his passing.

This defect allowed the units to slowly mutate through use of the unit. Each time they bio-boosted into the guyver construct, their genetic patterns, in and out of the unit, would change ever so slightly. After hundreds of years, and thousands of bio-boost, the units started to shift from the harmony they had once experience and lapse into a degraded state that was far removed from guyver.

Some called it a plague, others, justice. To those afflicted, as well as those in peril of becoming afflicted, it was living death. These newly arisen genetic mutations of the guyver lost their ability to transmogrify their primary forms back into the homosapien construct, and therefore were no longer human within the base of their design.

Instead they became something more than human, something more than guyver. They became what was called the Revyug. For as the guyver was an out of control organism, in the eyes of the creators, these monstrosities were to be in control. The guyver had completely taken over their systems, their logic, and their ability to discern any form of morality.

Instead base instincts took over, and they became a force of harm rather than one of good. They would sweep the land, killing any who came before them, and seek out those who would hide in fright. The more of them that congregated in one place, the more their power seemed to flourish.

Though they were unaware of it, they had developed the hive mind of the primary controller unit, thinking in near unison. This hive mind created a collective among the afflicted, forcing them to flock to one anotherís company. Through this interaction the revyug would grow more powerful. Not merely through number, but through physiological characteristics.

It seemed as though the base function of the controller unit had manipulated the consciousness apparatus of the unit-g into a malformed construct, enabling these revyug to not only share thoughts, but power as well. As though a flock of migrating birds, each revyug drew power from the next, making each figurative flap of the wing less exhaustive to the revyug near it.

The constant depravity of this situation would inspire the reforming of the Guyver Strike Forces yet again. This act would lead to the eventual downfall of the mainstay of the revyug. For as the guyvers rose back into the limelight, they would combat the revyug with all their awesome might. Though powerful beyond their pre evolutionary forms, they were still no match for some of the more robust guyvers within the realm.

Most if not all the revyug would perish at the hands of this war, leaving only a scattered few to carry on the plague. Eventually the Strike Forces would fall again, and in doing so, allow the revyug to reemerge into the world. Eventually Ayenee would be theirs once more. Eventually the plague would be embraced and they would gain back the extended hive mind. Eventually.

Powers and Abilities:


Subject: Transmuted Unit-G/Humanoid Hybrid
Classification: Revyug
Host Name: Variable
Sex: No longer relevant
Age: At least 700 years
Height: 7'0 (Average)
Weight: 900 lbs. (Average)

Revyug: The revyug is a heavily mutated form of the Advanced G1. An apparent flaw within the original unit has caused these mutagenic factors to continue unchecked creating a plague upon the once proud Guyver Strike Force guyvers. Through countless bio-boosting procedures the core programming of the inter-dimensional transceiver has been altered as well as lost. Alterations to the original unit have been severe and non-calculated as a result. Though the revyug have retained various abilities associated with the majority of guyvers, these abilities have been fundamentally altered.

Chaos Medallion: The chaos medallion is a result of continued mutagenic factors associated with the revyug plague. The original formation of the control medallion has been abandoned in lieu of a skewed version. The medallion does however hold many properties associated with its predecessor.

-Host Interlink: The primary layer of this unit; the host interlink allows the revyug to communicate directly with the higher functions of their armor. It also controls all non-essential functions and acts as an extension of what could be considered the brain of the malformed guyver.

-Armor Controller: This layer of the chaos medallion acts as an extension of the users will, allowing it to freely manipulate the properties of the revyug. Interaction between the host interlink and armor controller is fundamental within this parameter. The armor controller acts by receiving orders from the host interlink. Once these orders are ascertained, the armor controller directs various portion of the revyug to cooperate accordingly, allowing the host free range of control.

Adaptive Properties: The revyug is a highly mutated monstrosity. Its ability to freely manipulate various portions of its anatomy allows it to progress and adapt on the fly. This ability allows the revyug free range of acclimation to any environment or stimulus it was previously incapable of handling. This can range to a change in overall physiology to allow for introduction into a new environment, or the rapid acceleration of muscle growth to overcome a stronger adversary.

Strength: The physical properties of the revyug makes assumptions of overall capabilities within this field insurmisable. Being such, each revyug will reflect varied levels of strength. Advanced muscular characteristics, as well as other organic augmentations, places the average range of these creatures within the span of seven thousand men (1,050 tons) with an extreme of thirty thousand men (4,500 tons). Though, the revyug is capable of altering its own genetic structure to allow for further advancement within this field.

Speed: The revyug is capable of great feats of speed both on land and in the air. Through manipulation of their own muscular structure, as well as limiting the output of their gravimetric field, the average revyug is capable of reaching land speeds up to 2,750 miles per hour low range and 40,000 miles per hour within the peek of their performance. Their inherent ability to manipulate their gravimetric fields allows the revyug to reach speeds averaging 7,500 miles per hour and up to 900,000 miles per hour while within flight. This can vary for each revyug though, based on the advancement of their genetic alterations, as well as the placement of various mutagenic traits within their physiology.

Stamina: The revyug has the ability to draw energy from outside sources, ranging from their own emanating energy fields, to manipulating the inherent energy within matter within their direct proximity. This ability allows the revyug a nearly inexhaustible stamina; as a result degradation within their vigor is unheard of within the history of the malformity.

Durability: The overall durability of the revyug armor allows the subject to withstand a variety of high intensity radiating fields. The adaptive properties further aid within this augmentation, quickly alerting the overall physical properties of the armor to withstand current outside stimuli. Though at base levels the armor is only capable of withstand stressed up to 680,000 pounds per square inch. These properties are quickly transmuted based on the host affinity to applicable energy sources.

Regeneration: Mutagenic properties within the subject are responsible for an increase in their overall ability to regenerate damaged tissue. Through this, the revyug are capable of near instantaneous regeneration of all but the most severe wounds. The only exception to this is the chaos medallion. When the chaos medallion is damaged it enters a pre-regulated safe mode that allows for repair. The medallion however is of an advanced crystalline structure and can require up to several weeks to fully regenerate its higher functions.

Enhanced Sensory Capabilities: The revyug have a variety of organs that allow them heightened senses. These organics vary from revyug to revyug but usually allow for extra sensory perception as well as highly advanced base senses. The applicable range of these organs is variable based on need and range. All base senses are drastically modified, other senses are added such as thermal detection, x-ray like abilities, and spatiotemporal alteration perception. Other organics within the revyug can work in conjunction with this modified sensory systems by means of the host interlink to allow for a formidable beast like amalgam of abilities, making the revyug a pronounced tracker/hunter.

Power Regulation: The revyug is capable of drawing energy from its graviton alterations organics, which allow the subject a full range of potential targets. Though incapable of drawing from energy rich dimensions as most units, the revyug makes up for this lack of ability by drawing accumulative energy sources from raw materials within its vicinity. Based on the Einsteinian theory that states E=MC2, the revyug is capable of interchanging raw material with that of base energy that it uses to power the unit.

Polymorphic Armor: Through mutations within the base code of the previous construct, the revyug have gained complete control over the overall structure of their armor by means of the armor controller section of their chaos medallion. As a result, the revyug have incorporated a sort of polymorphic revyug construct. This allows the revyug to freely manipulate the revyug armor into a variety of formations. These can range from the ability to contort any portion of the revyug armor into a vibrational blade, or creating a varied assortment of crystalline devices at various points on its body.

-Vibrational Blades: The revyug are able to create vibrational blades upon any portion of their physical form. These blades can be manipulated into a variety of shapes of sizes as well as number and placement. Upon activation these blades emit a vibration that allows them to tune into the frequency of materials they come into contact with, thusly allowing them to easily slice through dense materials.

Larynx Amplification: Through alterations within the primary physiological structures of their former selves, the revyug have gained various mutations. One of these mutations allows the revyug to greatly amplify the sound waves they emit during normal speech. They can further tune these amplified sound waves into a devastating weapon that works by matching the resonance frequency of an object and then creating a counter frequency to destroy said object.

Gravimetric Alteration Organs: The gravimetric alteration organ systems allow the unit to freely manipulate its surroundings as well as a host of other functions, from flight, to generating the primary energy acquisition necessities of the revyug. Communities of organics interact as one to accomplish such feats.

-Gravimetric Alteration Organic: This organ can be located within various portions of the revyugís anatomy. It acts as the primary buffer that controls and regulates various gravimetric fields in and around the subject. It acts as an energy regulatory device in many regards, siphoning power from various systems and integrating said power into differing organics to provide optimal use. This device also allows the revyug to obtain the ability of flight through these gravimetric manipulations. Its primary control is regulated by the host interlink, rather than the host directly.

-Graviton Procurer: A separate organ from the gravimetric alteration organic. This organ acts as the primary acquirer of graviton particle fields in and around the revyug. It is also one of the primary power systems of the unit. Through the acquisitions of varied gravimetric fields, it can contort and control alternating forms of energy, interchanging available mass/energy into soluble forms of energy for the revyug to feed off as well as channel into other organic systems.

-Force Manipulation Regulator: Perhaps one of the most powerful weapons the revyug holds within its arsenal, the force manipulation regulators act in correspondence with the gravimetric alteration organ and graviton procurer, to create a quantum singularity of immense gravimetric potential. The force manipulation regulator organs manipulate excess graviton particle fields derived from the overflow of the power accumulation, presented by the gravimetric alteration organic and the graviton procurer. By warping space/time, and creating a tiny worm hole, the force manipulation regulators accumulative molecular structures, and energy, into a spherical composite. This amalgamation can then be given direction by dipping into the compositionís event horizon and pulling/throwing it forward. Though this act is oriented with the use of the hands, the actual practice is a collaboration between three structures within the unit, the gravimetric alteration organic, the graviton procurer and the energy force manipulation regulator. All of which find themselves associated at their derivation by the chaos medallion. The sphere of pressurized gravity/energy can be range greatly in power, depending on the amount of preparation it is presented with. For instance, while a standardized Guyver may only be able to create a pressurized sphere equaling in amplitude to an armor piercing shell, the revyug are capable of increasing the complexity of these gravimetric fields, and thusly can intensify its destructive capabilities exponentially, only being limited by the amount of time it takes to prepare such an assortment of annihilation.

-Quantum Singularity Shielding: Another derivative of the force manipulation regulator, the revyug is capable of augmenting the presented gravimetric disturbance, into a spherical shell, which it can use to deflect objects or force of a varied degree. Though the amount of stress this spherical embodiment of protection can deflect varies with the amount of power the pressure cannon is presented with.

-Power Regulation: These systems are responsible for regulating power within the revyug. Through the acquisition of outside energy sources via the graviton procurer as well as the gravimetric alteration organic, the revyug receive their primary sources of energy. As mentioned before, the unit uses mass/energy interchange to draw upon outside sources of material to allow for this transaction.

Muscular Enhancement Compound: With use of the overall adaptive processes of the revyug, another enhancement has been added to the menagerie of alterations to the revyug. One of these such alterations is the ability for the revyug to create a surrogate to the adrenaline produced within humans. The compound is exponentially more powerful, and acts in different ways than the aforementioned compound. It actually enhanced the overall structure of the musculature to a point relative to maximum levels before decay proceeds. Through the every increasing adaptive properties of the revyug, this level of maximum efficiency can be further offset and regulated by the host interlink to create a nearly infinite amount of potential.

Bio-kinetic Compression Organs: Though the revyug lack the use of a megasmasher, their physiology has found a substitution. The bio-kinetic compression organs are not necessarily located within the chest cavities. Instead, these organs can be placed at any needed portion of the body in accordance with the polymorphic associations of the overall armor itself. The organs work by interchanging soluble energy fields, already present in the revyug, into a assortment of energy fields ranging from the base, bio-kinetic, to the more extreme variations of gravimetric or thermal-kinetic. The output ratio is relative to the amount of time given to allow the organs to fully charge, which differs based on presented stimulus.

Bio-thermal Sphere: Through use of the polymorphic armor, the revyug are able to create bio-thermal spheres on any portion of their anatomy. The spheres work by manipulating present energy and gravimetric fields and converting them to thermal based energy which they focus and fire from these spheres in concentrated beams. The range of this ability allows the user to amplify the beam from that of two hundred degrees Fahrenheit to nearly twenty thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The extent of these abilities can further be adapted through use of the mutagenic properties of the revyug itself.

Communitive Adaptation: The revyug lack telepathy growths. Instead they used their heightened sensory ability to utilize an organic system that allows the fundamental malformity, the revyug, to communicate. This communication can not be directed at a single target, and instead targets the alteration to the host construct that differentiates revyug from guyver. This form of communication also creates a sort of hive mind among the revyug that appears to strengthen their overall potential with each new addition to the collective.

Infectious Compound Generation: Through mutations within the primary construct of the boost armor, the revyug have gained an additional ability that allows them to pass an altered form of the primary defect to any living or advanced technological receptacle. This is normally inserted as either a bio-organic or techno-organic viral agent by means of a hyperemic type syringe that can be generated at any point of the overall armor by means of its polymorphic attributes. Once infected, the compound will begin rapid alteration of DNA or RNA. Attacks upon technological structures use the base compound as a form of regenerative tissue that alters the technology into its own structure. Infection of any receptive subject will result into their transmogrification into revyug within a matter of minutes.

Altered Mutagenic Properties: The ever evolving state of the Revyug makes any aforementioned ability nearly moot within the speculative gaze. Each revyug is different at its core due to the overall mutagenic process of their creation. Thier overall existence was intended, as a result, one could surmise that their ultimate form, sociological stature, as well as mental capacity, has yet to be reached.