Subject: Saiyajin Guyver Unit
Code Name: Masurao Guyver
Host Name: Clae ToiMizukara
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown

The Guyver Unit referred to, as Masurao is a hybrid Warrior type. I have had to amplify the already unique structure of the Warrior type Guyver to create an armor capable of taking the stresses a host of the Saiyajin species may put on it. It took me many ages but I was able to come up with a solution to the problems of combining the two types of beings.

Clae ToiMizukara, born to a human mother, and to a half-saiyajin father, was raised in the remote mountains of the China/Indian border. His father was an engineer who headed the research into Nano-cell constructs, and when Clae was a child he was implanted with these nano-cells that helped him to regenerate loss muscle and bone cells. This gave him the ability when he was growing to become a strong fast fighter with the ability to recover quickly and grow stronger as he trained. When he was growing up his father died in an airplane crash, which left him to the care of his mother that died as well shortly after the accident to natural causes.

He was soon taken in by a local Monk who helped him as he grew to learn and harness the power of Ki that his father had once told him of, also the monk guided him in the Zen teachings of life and the universe. As he grew older he was recruited by the Soviet Secret police while he was traveling the world. There he learned and trained to be a pistol and intelligence expert. Shortly after he was dismissed he traveled to a Temple in the Himalayas were he learned sword tech and also his other styles of fighting. The Shoji Temple is now were he calls home.

As he was growing up he learned a great deal about his history as a Saiyajin, also as he learned of the powers they possess. He was also learning of his great Human heritage.... Coming from a long line of great warriors his genes of human makeup are some of the best. Clae as of late has run into the Guyvers ...a group of men and woman that possess a similar past. These people have introduced him to the unit that he now has and is able to call too. He hopes as he continues to learn and train with the unit to become a stronger being than he is now (partly because his genetic history, being a warrior is in his blood).

Clae has also learned to use his own telekinetic powers to reflect his one mind and body, an ancient style that was taught to him by his adopted monk. In his pursuit of telekinesis, he has found that the elements around him can be manipulated to his will, and also the natural magnetic pulls and polar gravity are affected by this telekinetic power (telekinetic reflections). Clae is also interested in the universe around him...looking into the theories of Chaos and the super string theory; he is interested in metaphysical and temporal realms.


Guyver Unit-

The Warrior type used on to merge this host was modified in several ways to interact with the host appropriately, and to sustain the power output of the host. It is also capable of amplifying this said power. The modifications and unit energy level findings are as follows.

-Unit has shown the capability to evolve to match the Host energy levels. By doing this, it allows itself to take the furthering bombardments of rising energy output. Due to the fact that SaiyaJins also have this ability, and seem to grow in power as time passes, I would estimate that the Guyver will continue these evolutions and further it’s own ability to cope with this changing environment.

-Due to the evolution status ability of this warrior type, I am unable to exactly measure the strength of this unit, as it will very with the energy (and strength) levels of the host. All I am able to do is make a gross estimate on the magnification of the host own strength, which when equally measured out, appears to be somewhere in near an amplification of nearly 450 times. As I said this is my best estimate and nothing more.

-Host has also shown the ability to focus his own Ki energies through the Guyver Unit and by doing so amplify their effectiveness. I am unaware of why this is, since the form of energy should not be transmittable through the unit. My only conclusion is that the evolution factor of the unit has allowed this to occur. My findings can not be fully documented as I have not seen the Guyver and host interact at full levels, but at my best guess I would rate the magnifications of this “Ki” energy at a rate of 100 percent amplification of supplied energy.

-The unit possesses two pairs of vibrational swords that are composed of polymorphic material that allow it to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes at the users will. The full ranges of these weapons abilities have yet to be determined but they have shown superior strength and tolerance levels than that of any other known vibrational weapons. The vibrational swords have also shown the ability to fuse with the “Ki” type energy to even further improve their strength and ability to “slice” through other objects. We have observed these improved vibrational swords have the ability to damage other, lower, vibrational type weapons.

-Host has also shown the ability to draw energy from his “Ki” energy, and refocus this said energy into the Guyvers Mega smasher. Although this too appears to seem quite mysterious, we believe that he is able to accomplish this task due to the similarities in life force and Ki type energies. These combined energies allow the mega smasher’s power levels to be greatly improved upon. Due to the influx of Ki, the power levels appear to be unimaginable. Though I am only capable of speculation at this point I would range these rating somewhere near the Saiyajin’s own “SSJ6”. Although these reading were only viewed at pre Super Saiyajin levels of the host, the data leaves me to believe that the Guyver is capable of much more. How much more I am unsure of at this present time, due to the lack of testing.

-Unit has also shown the ability to project a Meta burn, blast field as all Warrior types are capable of. Though this meta burn shares many similarities with an average type projection field, it too seems to have been strengthened by the fusion of the Ki and life force energies. Due to the volatile nature of these energies I am unable to estimate the full power of said shielding. In further examination of this phenomenon, I am able to speculate that this too has the evolving characteristics, which have been shown in all other devices related to this hybrid.

-Unit has also shown advanced usage of the gravitational control orb. Coupling his own gravity manipulating abilities, I believe the evolving abilities of the unit have allowed him to combine these to traits to further his own mastery of said skill. Host has also shown the ability to combine the Pressure Cannon like attack with attributes of hi Ki abilities, to form a volatile sphere capable of a destructive force relative to the average warrior type, mega smasher. Though further testing is required to substantiate this, I am under the impression that said host is able to further these levels due to his own rising energy levels. Unit has also shown that with the coupling of these two abilities he is able to push said unit to speeds near light. Though we have only viewed 0.8 light speed, we suspect he is capable of much more, due to the saiyajins natural speed levels.