Subject: Unit-W/Aceaer, Homosapien Host
Code Name: Lacus-Caedo Guyver
Host Name: Nathanial Redwing
Sex: Male
Age: 576
Height: 6’2
Weight: 210 lbs.


The precarious manifestation of will and mentality known as Lacus-Caedo is but a mirage to conceptual being. Born a red blooded American of upper middle class origins, he would join the military upon coming of age and earn the rank of sergeant before being honorably discharged after the original incursion into Iraq known as desert storm.

After leaving the military he did what all good soldiers do and tried to reincorporate himself into the normality of society. He found the process rather lack luster and yearned for those days of order amongst chaos. Attempting to join back up with the armed services, he was turned down due to mental instability, a farce in his mind. Determined, Nathan Redwing would try six more times before finally giving into the futility of the overall situation.

Life would not be easy. Forced to take odd jobs without proper training a sort of downward spiral lead Nathan into the arms of narcotics to try and cope with his inability to acclimate to society, until one day he attempted to take his life via an overdose.

The Doctors didn’t ask many questions. There was usually "What brought you to this point son?" the expected "Are you currently having suicidal feelings?" by this point though Nathan knew how to manipulate the system enough to get by these simple queries and told the doctors exactly what he wanted to hear. His life continued to spiral out of control.

It was until his next bout with depression that the boy would find himself in an actual near death situation. This time he was a bit more direct, taking one of his old service arms to his head and letting lose, hoping, just hoping, that this would be his way out. Luck would have it otherwise though. The bullet was a few millimeters off from its primary target, sparing Nathan’s life once more.

It is at this point that the lad’s journey through life would take a drastic change. While comatose in an intensive care unit, a voice would resonate in the sub conscious of Nathan; calling him to a point in the open wilderness he was well acquainted with. Once he was well enough to leave the intensive care unit Nathan sought out this particular stretch of land in order to make sense of the strange dreams he had experienced during recovery.

What followed was something out of a science fiction story line. Within the darkness a strange light would descend from above calling to the young man on a psionic level. First they were just whispers of his name followed by a more direct set of order to stand down and allow for extraction. Perhaps this was merely a flash black from his more daring experiments with narcotics, perhaps not.

The ship was actually a scout vessel from the creator craft known as the Ark of the Guyver’s Will. Upon it was one of TheGuyversWill’s main Generals, GuyverUnit99. Unknown to Nathan at this point in time, GuyverUnit99 was rounding up possible host for a hand full of Guyver Unit’s he had acquired.

The ship landed and instead of some strange alien being, a simple man walked out into the wilderness. Nathan was in awe, but how could he not be. His time in the armed services had prepared him for much, but this was something out of the ordinary for sure. The man introduced himself as David Golden, leader of the Guyver Strike Force, whatever that was.

Many days would pass as David explained to Nathan exactly what  a Guyver was, and how they had been used in the dimension of Ayenee to bring death and destruction to the masses, he tried to explain how the Guyver Strike Force was to be a force for good in an otherwise chaotic land, and that he wanted Nathan to join them in their journey to retake this land. This was something out of science fiction for sure.

Nathan accepted the offer and was given an "Advanced G1" unit, a latter day adaptation of the Unit-G and the Controller Unit from Kal-El Guyver’s dimension. With this gift he would also receive his new name, Lacus-Caedo Guyver, meaning out of control tank killer. But could he live up to the name?

It is said that at some point in life you have to accept your place in life and just go with the overall ebb and flow. If this was to be Nathan’s place in life he was more than willing to accept it.

War followed soon after. Even with the incredible power the Guyver allowed him, Nathan Redwing would find it hard to keep up with some more of the advanced power present around him. Ayenee was a world of great myth and fantasy and a little bit of Saturday morning cartoon all rolled into one. This dimension was a boiling pot to say the least. Creatures from all walks of life and undead roamed freely here, and it was up to him and his comrades in arms to form a type of peace keeping group.

Though peace was not easily kept and lethal force was often required to subdue the majority of his targets. Lacus-Caedo was being groomed to take the lead of his own strike force, to fight the evils all around him. Yet to this point he had yet to face off against any of "evil guyvers". Instead he started to see the evil in himself more and more each day.

No matter how often he was told that he was actually fighting for the good guys, he questioned their motives. This was a strange world to him though, and it was explained to him by David that the concept of morality changes from culture to culture, and to put it bluntly, he wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

Conflict continued all around him, though he would not relent. Other guyvers joined the fold until the numbers of the Guyver Strike Force swelled to the point that the singular force was required to break up into multiple units. By this point Nathan had yet again earned the rank of sergeant, only in the Guyver Strike Force this time around. Hopefully they wouldn’t discard him as easily as his last troop. Upon reaching Sergeant he would be granted the use of a non bio booster armor that was called the Aceaer.

It wasn’t much more than a power boost to his primary unit, and allowed him power levels 25% greater than previous in most confrontations. Though it was no where near as powerful as other guyvers had received by this point, nonetheless Lacus-Caedo continued with his training and attempted to perfect his use with both devices.

Upon perfecting his use in these devices he would be promoted to the prestigious rank of Lieutenant. The rank of Lieutenant allowed him the use of a Unit-W, also known as a Warrior Guyver type, though the loss of his Aceaer unit would accompany this. It is around this time that the Guyver Strike Force would become the Guyver Strike Forces. Each Lieutenant was supplied their own squad consisting of no less than ten Unit-G’s. These would be composed of 8 privates (unit-g) one corporal (unit-g) and one sergeant (unit-g with aceaer upgrade).

Lacus-Caedo Guyver would instruct these fine men the way he had been instructed and teach them in the way of the Guyver. His force would come to be known as Guyver Strike Force: Alpha and would consist of the "A" team of recruits. With so much pressure on his head it was getting harder and harder to tell right from wrong. Interpretation of order was out of the question, and his overall sense of morality would become all but moot in the face of such adversary.

The war with the "evil guyvers", known as the Guyver Elite and Guyver Force Alpha, would go into full swing, calling in all the Strike Forces to go against far more powerful units. Casualties would follow, but Lacus-Caedo would not be among them. Instead he would earn himself many kills and be offered yet another promotion to the rank of Captain.

With the rank of Captain he was awarded the use of an Aceaer unit once more and given a 40% power boost to his Warrior Guyver abilities. The Guyver Elite was eventually defeated by the Guyver Strike Force. Guyver Force Alpha would all but disappear, their primary membership being all but absorbed by the Guyver Elite before their downfall.

It is at this point that the Guyver Strike Forces would be put to the ultimate test. It would be revealed that the creator known as TheGuyversWill was secretly using the Unit-G to manipulate the overall masses of this comprised army to do his bidding. One of the high General’s known as Kousotsu Guyver was forced to end the existence of this creator upon learning of his treachery. Kousotsu Guyver would then take it upon himself to ask for the removal of another high general, Kal-El Guyver.

Both men left the Strike Forces in the hands of a manifested consciousness bestowed to the world upon the ascension of Kousotsu Guyver to "godhood". The being would be known as Kousotsu-Guyver and take the human name of Daniel Aureus.

Aureus was the rightful "ruler" of the Guyver Strike Forces at this point. Other high ranking Generals did not see this as beneficial though and refused his rule, banishing him from the army he was created to lead. They would then begin infighting over the overall position of leadership within the army, splitting the various strike forces up based on loyalty to specific generals.

Lacus-Caedo’s Guyver Strike Force:Alpha would join with a close friend of his, GuyverWarrior, and go against the high powered forces of Mon-El Guyver and Fushichou Guyver. Joined by Guyver Strike Forces Bravo and Archon GuyverWarrior’s and the assistance of other generals such as Senpai Guyver, Guyver Sakari, as well as Phoenix Guyver, this ragtag group of Guyvers had Mon-El and Fushichou’s group on the run. Though with all things of war, a single ace in the hole and can change things dramatically.

Mon-El and Fushichou, sensing defeat, would call to the man that was intended to lead the Strike Forces after Kousotsu and Kal-El’s departure, Kousotsu-Guyver. Kousotsu-Guyver was a god force onto himself. Tapping into the "Kousotsu force" as a direct avatar, he decimated the forces of GuyverWarrior and end the conflict in a matter of minutes.

The remaining guyvers of GuyverWarrior’s Strike Forces would then be forced into banishment, not to be heard of for hundred of years. This included the guyver we have come to know as Lacus-Caedo Guyver. It would be another five hundred years before anyone spoke his name openly again.

We trail off a moment, neglecting the remaining Guyver Strike Force lead by Kousotsu-Guyver and instead reflect upon the series of events that would lead Lacus-Caedo on his path.

The remaining Guyvers became vagrant to a certain extent. An inherent defect within the Advanced G1 would lead to a mutation in the Guyvers turning them into an abomination of a race known as the Revyug. This fate would not befall all of the banished rejects. Instead only those who would overuse their Guyvers would fall to this fate. The lower the class of the unit the more susceptible the host was to the defect, and so those with more advanced unit’s staved off the mutation longer. Though the mutation would alter the subject irrevocably, their power levels would be suspect, for with each new Revyug born, the overall power level of these monstrosities would increase.

Guyver Sakari would be one of the first of the remaining Guyvers, forced into banishment, to notice the arrival of the Revyug, and feared for his own loss of humanity at this plague. Sakari would prevent himself from bio-boosting except at points where he was near mortal death, either from advanced age, or just your average scrap that got too far out of hand.

Seeing the downfall of the previous Guyver Strike Forces, Sakari would gather up what remaining derelicts he could locate and reform his own Strike Force in secret, this would be a rebirth of the Guyver Strike Force in certain respects and would lead us back to the main character of our story. Nathanial Redwing had survived the onslaught of the Revyug by using his Guyver sparsely in the years that followed the decline of the GSF.

Sakari recruited Lacus-Caedo into his fold and gave him the rank of General, a close second to this newly revitalized Strike Force. They would prepare in secret for the war that was to come, not only the inevitable conflict with the Revyug, but the promise of the return of Kousotsu-Guyver, and the devastation he was to bring.


Subject: Unit-W/Aceaer, Homosapien Host
Code Name: Lacus-Caedo Guyver
Host Name: Nathanial Redwing
Sex: Male
Age: 576
Height: 7’1
Weight: 789 lbs.


Physical strength: at least four times greater than that of a normal Guyver and equals the approximate strength of 400 men. The unit also possesses unlimited stamina due to an HSL (Hyper Space Link) power system that gives subject unlimited energy reserves.

Speed: Running=0-450 MPH with a max. of 600 MPH / Flying=0-770 MPH with a max. of 3750 MPH.

Durability: is roughly twice that of the standard Unit but is further augmented with body shaped energy shields (which also double as a structural integrity field that helps body withstand stress and physical damage), with a secondary shield protecting the Control Medal, and a regeneration / healing factor that is approximately ten times faster than a standard Guyvers recorded norm. The armor has also shown an immune type response to biological attacks. The subject can also use a blast shield, normally produced by all Guyvers upon activation, at will and can combine it with other defenses to ward off even Mega Smasher class attacks.

Head Beam: Infrared Laser Orb has exhibited an energy output ten times greater than that of a normal Guyver and has proven lethal to even hyper class zoanoids.

Pressure Cannon: roughly four times as powerful as a normal Guyvers but can be combined with the energy of unit shields to produce a destructive blast equal to a normal Guyvers single Mega Smasher. The unit has also shown the ability to rapidly fire single handed mini pressure cannons at a rate approaching the capacity of a Zoalord Gravity Bullet attack.

Mega Smashers: able to generate a blast equivalent to twice that of a standard Guyver Smashers but can also fire in half the time and maintain beam for a full ten centars per blast.

Vibrational swords: composed of polymorphic material that allow it to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes at the users will. The full range of these weapons abilities have yet to be determined but they have shown superior strength and tolerance levels than that of any other known vibrational weapons except for the Guyver Zoalord which was able to break them.

Sonic weapon emitters: These have shown greater versatility and power. Radius of attack can range from 15 to 160 degrees and intensity has ranged from a low hum to four times that of a normal Guyvers and has been known to kill any unprepared zoanoid up to hyper class.

Hyper Sensors: range has been estimated as slightly greater than Gigantic Guyver type and have been inferred to give host a wider range of sensory enhancements. The exact range of these hyper sensors have been estimated to be around 500 meters (1640 Feet).

Control Medal: pyramid shaped and is assumed to be composed of four partial C-Units that have been combined to produce a more powerful parallel processing Unit.  This explains how unit can function at such high power levels without the added C-Unit layers utilized by the Gigantic type.

Other Phenomena: ability to turn invisible or like a Chameleon, can appear to be just about anything as well as project holograms.  The Unit has also shown the ability to enter Hyper space without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized. 

Ultimate attack: comes from its ability to use blast field shield to absorb and redirect gravitational energies for an extremely powerful attack and was instrumental in the defeat of the original Guyver Zoalord by allowing the Warrior Guyver to redirect the Guyver Zoalords own gravity attack, combined with power of many other Guyvers and Zoalords, back at him.  Though the strain of controlling all that power nearly destroyed the Warrior Guyver, he has since recovered and has shown the ability to use this attack to deliver Mega Smasher level destructive blasts and is considered the most powerful weapon in his arsenal, though it does take time to charge up unless additional gravitational energy is provided.

Telepathic abilities: as well as other psionic abilities and possibly even the power to time travel as indicated by references to a cataclysmic battle with a Guyver Zoalord during the time of the Creators over two and half million years ago.

Unique feature: of this units special Control Medal type is its ability to handle damage. The Unit-W can reverted to a power downed form while its Control Medal repaired itself from damages sustained seemingly from a power overload, in this form Lacus-Caedo Guyver's powers are reduced to the level of a standard Guyver's. 

Special Note: subject has acquired an Aceaer Unit. Though the Aceaer Unit is a none bonding type Creator armor and normally only adds its power to user's, the Aceaer appears to have partly bonded itself to the Warrior Unit and taken a more streamlined design. This analysis is further strengthened by the fact that Lacus-Caedo Guyver's powers where increased by 40% instead of the estimated 25% that using the Aceaer should have caused.