Subject: Unit-G/Human Host
Code Name: Kashi Guyver
Host Name: Rika Hanaseru
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'6
Weight: unknown

   Rika was born to a poor family on the East Side of Los Angeles California. When she was a youngster she became quite fluent in the ways of the street, picking up the habits and bad traits that follow with such situations. Her crimes were many and by the time she reached adolescence she had already been involved in several felonies. Her parents tried to sway her from her life of crime, but were unable to as she continued on her destructive rampage.

By the time she reached adulthood she was institutionalized in a state prison. She thought over the sins of the past and decided to make a better life for herself, but as many which had come before her she could not. Once she reached the streets she went back to her old ways and it was not long before she was in trouble with the law once more. She had murdered a family in their sleep so that she could grab a few dollars in change.

Rika was then sentenced to death. Her family had already abandoned her to her deeds and had left her to fates hand. She was a lost cause with no where to go. As the other inmates fell to their fates she hoped and prayed to an unknown god, which she heard mentioned by her school friends. This was not the god who many refer to in times of need; instead it was an alien, which she had once seen in a dream many, many moons ago.

Miraculously something answered her prayers. A beam of light shot down from the heavens in the form of a massive “Bug” like creature. It offered a caring hand forward and sought to free her from the prison, which she had put around herself from a young child.

Later she would find out that this was not a god but merely a god among men sent from the heavens by a “god” called a creator. He offered her a new life to replace the one she had destroyed. Rika gladly accepted and took this “Guyver” into herself to form a new, better, life for herself.

The one once known as a delinquent and a burden to society was now a defender of justice and truth. She was a Guyver, the Kashi Guyver.

Powers and Abilities

          Subject: Advanced G-1, Human Host
          Code Name: Kashi Guyver
          Host Name: Rika Hanaseru
          Sex: Female
          Age: 24
          Height: 6’5
          Weight: Variable


          Control Medallion: As in most standard Guyvers, the control Medallion is comprised of three Layers, each controlling a different aspect of the boost armor. They are as follows;

     -Host Interlink
     -Dimensional Transceiver
     -Armor Controller

     -Host Interlink: This section of the control medallion allows the host to use the unit as though a natural extension of her body. Connecting the physical brain of the user with the super computer like crystalline structure of the Control Medallion. It is also responsible for the exchange of alpha waves between host and boost armor, and therefore would be considered the primary structure of this unit.

     -Dimensional Transceiver: The Second layer of the control medallion. A hybrid manifestation of a “Zoa-Crystal” like formation. It allows the Guyver to access differing planes of existences, and is theorized to be the tool in from which the creators would consciously interconnect with the Unit-G. This has been shown once before in Ayenee, such as in the case of the Creator known as TheGuyversWill. Attached to the inner portion of this crystalline structure are two metallic rings, which act as a primary memory buffer, and allow the Guyver to quickly ascertain information from its inter-dimensional communications. Though within most Guyvers, the allotted bandwidth of this device is rather limited.

     -Armor Controller: The Third Layer of the Control Medallion acts as a governor between host, boost armor, and actual thought. Through the interaction of these three facets, the host is able to manipulate the boost armor through manipulation of quantum energy fields, as well as sonic vibrations. The degree of control is based solely on the boost armor itself in most cases.

     -Sustainable Consciousness Apparatus: The Control Medallion is also Capable of defending itself, if or when the Guyver becomes unconscious, and is no longer able to actively control the boost armor; Thusly causing the boost armor to become out of control.

     Gravity Control Orb: One of the primary devices of the boost armor. The Gravity control orb is used from everything from functionality, to the creation of the pressure cannon and flight. It acts as the primary contributor of energy within the Guyver.

     -Power Regulation: By acting on an ever present gravimetric field, the orb warps time/space and creates a quantum singularity, where by it accesses an energy rich dimension and accumulates and manipulates energy fields within this dimension. For the uses of this transcription, we will refer to this “Energy Rich Dimension” as “Hyperspace”. Once the connection between hyperspace and the gravitational control orb have been met, the orb creates a funnel, for which it uses to coerce the hyper kinetic energy into the Guyver Units own gravimetric field. Through these interaction the Guyver is sustained, and powered.

     -Inter-Dimensional Travel: The Gravitational Control Orb is also used as the inter-dimensional transportation of the boost armor. It enacts itself upon time and space, creating a spacial warp, which the boost armor uses to travel while within inactive states. Within the case of Kashi Guyver, this same spacial anomaly can also be used as a form of transportation, accessing the ability of the gravity control orb to convey her across time and space, via a hyper dimensional rift.

     Anatomy: The Guyver itself is merely a provocative collaboration between advent technology, and the biological weapon known as man. A precarious manifestation of both will and mentality, in the form of a technological organism. Thusly, upon transformation from Human/Unit-G to Guyver, certain aspect of the human physiology are altered in accordance with the advanced properties of the Unit-G, giving the human abnormal cell structure, as well as organic composure. Such cases are represented within this section.

     -Homosapien Construct: While within Boosted form, The human’s own organs are replaced and revitalized with supplementary formations of the guyver’s advanced organs, and extra configurations of organic composites, while the organ structures of the homosapien are regressed and placed into a state of suspended animation. The Guyver is also capable of deactivating the Unit, by “de-boosting”. While within the transformation process from Guyver to quasi-human, deactivated organs are once more progressed to a point of functionality, and the human returns to her “normal state”. This process allows the Guyver to be both man or Guyver, depending on the circumstances he is presented with. This of course is another aspect of the host/unit interchange, in which mentality acts as a buffer between necessity and ability.

     -Telepathy Growths ( Trans-Dimensional Summoners ): While within “human” form, these growths used to communicate with the Unit-G across a dimensional barrier and thusly activate it. Within most unit’s this is the extent of their abilities while within the “de-boosted” status. Though such communications are only interpretable by Guyver, it is theorized that this is somehow inlayed within the organics themselves.

     -Lungs: As in most organs within the Guyver, there are supplementary lungs as well. The primary lungs being located just behind the breast plates. These of course are used primarily for oxygenation of the blood supply. The second set of lungs is compacted, and located just below the first set. This extra set of lungs is inflated while the mega smasher is in use, just as the primary set is deflated at this point in time. Breather units, located within the mouth region, are used to collaborate oxygen and expel waste. This allows the Guyver to accumulate oxygen in any enriched environment ( I.E. Low atmospheric, or aquatic, conditions. ).

     -Ocular Characteristics ( Armored Eyes ): The Guyvers eyes are a thin layer of material, located in conjunction with the host own represented eyes. This thin layer of booster material, has the ability to gather in increased amount of light, due to their formative size and shape, allowing them to see where others could not. They are also capable of emitting small particles of photons, as to supplement such fields of light, when none are present.

     -Regenerative Abilities: The Guyver is able to easily regenerate portions of its anatomy, based on the necessity of those organic structures required. Kashi has shown the ability to nearly instantaneously regenerate limbs. Though this rate is only relative to the hyper kinetic energy supply within host, it is expressed that this varying degree of hyper kinetic fields can be pressed beyond expectation of limitation when it becomes a necessity.

     Strength: Though only a figurative glance at the abilities of this Unit, her strength is derived from the complex muscle structures involved within the characteristics of her standardized self. An alternative form of representation would be the comparable stature of a mammoth beast. Equaling to an ever-present 15 tons, or 100 men ( being that each represented human has the ability to lift 300 lbs. ). Though this surmised equation can only be equated to her customary regulations. Through manipulation of various instruments, Kashi has the ability to augment this characteristic. An example would be shown in the Guyvers ability to manipulate graviton particle fields, and thusly supplement the characteristics of those fields with ones lacking the strenuous forces of gravity. Another such instance would be Kashi’s ability to increase and decrease her own mass while within movement or maneuver, adding force behind a precarious deviant of attack.

     Durability: Though limited by the booster armor’s ability to absorb contact, the guyver armor has been compared to materials more potent in durability than any other known to modern man, Kashi has been able to supplement her own limited resistances by non-conventional methods. Either by strengthening her own gravimetric structure, to amplify her molecular density, or by creating a protective shielding device to further amend these amalgams of ability. Though these variable instances are somewhat immeasurable, they do have their limitations. For example, they are predominately centered upon the energy conversions ratio, and likewise can succumb based on the Guyvers inability to accumulate the required energy to sustain an unsurmisable force. To place durability within an understandable concept, one must regard the Guyvers strengths in levels of awareness and preparation, rather than a figurative glance of possible travesties. For if the Guyver finds herself unprepared, some of the most simplistic forms of ammunition may pierce her shell.

     Speed: Another figurative glance at the possible implications of energy conversion. For as the Guyver is able to reach speeds of nearly 350 miles per hour unaided, with the use of the power amplifiers the booster armor can greatly increase alacrity. Another augmentation would be the ability to alter gravimetric forces, and thusly lower her own resistances to those forces of gravity that would inhibit such progressions of advancement. An additional state would be the Booster Armor’s ability to fly. By creating a point of zero gravity within the gravimetric field of the Booster armor, the gravity control orb is able to ascertain the ability of atmospheric travel. Within these states of limbo, the booster armor uses the gravity gyro’s to control direction and elevation, as well as speed. Through manipulation of molecular density, the booster armor can further aid these instruments, giving the Guyver a effortless command of speeds relative to the resistance of atmospheric stress, comparatively; 200 miles per hour while within flight. Those these statistics can be further distorted through manipulation of gravitational fields to varying degrees. Though these instances are yet again regulated by the Guyvers ability to supply the hyper kinetic energy required to achieve such states.

     Stamina: Shown to of a limited amount by such standardized Units as Guyver’s 1-3, Kashi has found this to be a falsity. The ideals of limited stamina being based within the concepts of mentality, as are all things Guyver, Kashi has been able to ascertain unlimited stamina, due to her connective circumstances with the hyperspace dimension. Thusly, this unit has found that he no longer has the need to de-boost, unless such formidable woes are presented, such as in the case of an energy overload, or her inability to sustain an active hyper dimensional link. Nevertheless he is still susceptible to deregulated states of fatigue shortly after her transmutation from Guyver to homosapien construct.

     Megasmasher: Overall, it has been stated that this is the most powerful weapon a Guyver holds in its arsenal. The Mega Smasher acts in many ways as a Graviton Particle Cannon of immense power. Though not entirely comprised of graviton particle fields, a certain aspect of transmuted hyper kinetic energy is involved in this expulsion. Located beneath the Chest plate, the Guyver is capable of open them through physical exertion from the arms, or through a psychological command system, via muscular fixtures located at the lower extremities of either breast plate. When activated, the mega masher cells conglomerate into spherical entities, that depress the primary lungs, and force the secondary set to compensate for this deflation. The charge of the smasher is relative to the energy reserves of the unit.

     Vibrational Swords: Another useful weapon within the ways of woes and war. Kashi has the appearance of a standardized Guyver-1, yet with ultimate modifications to the weaponry systems. Such an advancement within these weaponry systems is represented through the virbational swords. Two back swept blades, located at the rearward point of the forearms. These High Frequency swords are extended on will, and likewise have the ability to augment their length based upon this concept. Upon activation these mirrored blades emit a vibration that allows them to tune into the frequency of materials they come into contact with, thusly allowing them to easily slice through dense materials.

     Power Amplifiers: Located at various points of the Guyver, notably the forearms and calves of the booster armor, these devices allow the Guyver to increase momentum at points he would otherwise be forced to cautiously approach a situation. Governed by the gravitational control orb, the energy amplifiers work by interchanging energy and mass, thusly increasing the molecular density of the Guyver. Though a subconsciously controlled aspect in most units, Kashi has the ability to augment her own molecular density at will, via these devices. Their operational characteristics are analogous to Einstein’s theory of relativity, and work by coupling hyper kinetic energy to presiding molecular bonds. This allows Kashi the ability to compensate for a mid air maneuver, or merely to add a monstrous amount of force behind a kick.

     Energy Compressors: Perhaps one of the most powerful weapons a Guyver holds within its arsenal, the Energy compressors act in correspondence with the gravity control orb, to create a quantum singularity of immense pressurization, otherwise known as the “Pressure Cannon”. Located on the back of each wrist, the energy compressors manipulate excess graviton particle fields derived from the overflow of the power accumulation, presented by the Gravitational Control Orb. By warping space/time, and creating a tiny worm hole, the pressure cannon forces accumulative molecular structures, and energy, into a spherical composite. This amalgamation can then be given direction by dipping into the composition’s event horizon and pulling/throwing it forward. Though this act is oriented with the use of the hands, the actual practice is a collaboration between three structures within the unit, the gravity control orb, the gravity gyro’s and the energy compressors. All of which find themselves associated at their derivation by the control medallion. The Sphere of pressurized gravity/energy can be range greatly in power, depending on the amount of preparation it is presented with. A standardized Guyver may only be able to create a pressurized sphere equaling in amplitude to an ultra large caliber, armor piercing shell.

     -Pressure Cannon Shield: Another derivative of the energy compressors, the Guyver is capable of augmenting the presented gravimetric disturbance, into a spherical shell, which it can use to deflect objects or force of a varied degree. Though the amount of stress this spherical embodiment of protection, can deflect varies with the amount of power the pressure cannon is presented with, at its highest levels it is capable of blocking a 50 kiloton blast.

     Gravity Gyros: Another useful tool within the Guyvers armory. These organic structures, located upon either side of the Gravitational Control Orb, acts as a stabilization method for the Guyver while in boosted form. By using the accumulative energy of the gravity control orb, the gravity gyro’s allow the Booster armor to control its relative position in space/time, and thusly give the unit ease of flight, or likewise hovering.

     Head Beam: Through manipulation of the ever present hyper kinetic energy reserves, the boost armor is able to convert these energy arrangements into a soluble form, that can be used to power a “green zoa-crystal” like formulation. This orbic structure is used within the production of a laser like instrumentation, that can be used to fire intensely concentrated currents of light at a target. Given the advantage of an almost instantaneous charge rate, the head beam can be rapidly aimed and fired at any given target. Its range of intensity can only be directly related to the state of these energy reserves.

     Sensory Orbs: Situated amongst various portions of the cranium, three separately functioning orbs act as a sort of hyper active sensory system. By scanning at points past the visual spectrum, and visual acuity, the Guyver is able to augment her own optical characteristics, to quickly alert her of possible threats. These sensory devises are capable of penetrating through solid structures, and even alternative spectrums of light or dimensional obstructions. Though the orbs do have a limited range, the degree of range varies in accordance to the form of awareness sought. The Guyver can create an indomitable shell of omniscience around her for 100 meters, her ability to incorporate variations of quantum particle fields digresses after this point, allowing her the infamy of sight, without the ability to easily perceive any understandable form within her vicinity.

     Sonic Oscillators: Yet another tool of numerous uses, the sonic oscillators act as both weapons, and tools of communication. By augmenting hyper kinetic energy into a soluble state, the sonic oscillators, two orbs located within the respective pallet of the booster armor, act by creating sonic vibration to various degrees. These many amplitudes include the ability to manipulate sonic vibration to a point of contextual speech, thusly allowing the Guyver to communicate within a linguistic repose, allowing it to converse with other biological organism, without the use of the telepathy growths. Also, the sonic oscillators can be attuned to create a devastating attack of sound. By acting on the internal resonance of any structure, the “Sonic Busters” match these vibrational characteristics, and thusly shatter them the same way an opera singer would a wine glass. There ability to attack a ranged target is limited only by their inability to harm their user. With this fact in mind, they are capable of attacking at a 180º angle, with a range of 50 yards.