Subject: Kryptonian/Unit-G
Code Name: Kal-El Guyver
Host Name: Kal-El Son of Jor-El
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'8/Kryptionian 13'/Guyver
Weight: unknown

This character is not Superman, lets make that clear. Superman is what happened to Kal-El when he came to Earth, and since this Kal-El never went to Earth and was never a part of it's culture he is no way the man that Superman is.

The man named Kal-El was born to the planet of Krypton. His planet was ruled over by a sentient collective that was called the Guyver. This race evolved from an alien armor, which was developed over several planets by a race of advanced aliens referred to only as the Creators. These aliens “ created “ the original armor. Upon conception the guyver units were no more than armor-like devices, but as time wore on these once unintelligent devices became intelligent. For many years they advanced this device to near god-like status. At this point in time not many things are clear, but what is determined is that the creators lost control over the guyver and were subsequently destroyed by what they had made.

As the years wore on the race duplicated itself exponentially and began to crave more territory to occupy. They ( by this time the guyver had formed a somewhat unified collective ) thirsted for knowledge and exploration. Using the technology left by their masters, they began to learn how the galaxy, nay the universe worked. Having already devastated all possible options on Earth, the Guyver moved on using the technology they had developed by applying the Creator technology. Guyver spread throughout the cosmos, assimilating race after race into their collective.

As time moved on it was apparent that the god-like nature of the existing units were no longer necessary. Their battles and wars won the Guyver felt confident enough to lower its ability to further extend its existence. The collective of Guyver slowly began to extinguish the existing mechanics of the creator units and move to a new plane of control. As time continued to pass, certain developments in the spawning caused a mutagenic factor to flood though the existing units. This was a fatal blow to the massive empire as a plague of the likes, which had never seen before, began to wash over their thriving civilization. This plague killed many, sending ripples through the entire collective. As a result of this fatal mistake, an operation was put into order to end this disaster.

At the turn of the 2 million year mark of the Guyver collective, a new breed was formed that was soon to replace the older, no longer sufficient, units. This new unit was referred to as the Controller unit and was meant to end the threat of the plague and prevent any further instances from happening again. The only way to ensure this was to end all individual thought. By gaining control over the now nearly unnecessary host, they were able to better advance themselves into a more unified way. Only a few individual beings of thought survived this genocide of individuality. These few were spared due to their being unaffected by the plague. The rest were not so lucky.

As time went on, the collective began to settle back into a new routine, and soon was once more a ruling and unchallenged dominion. Several thousands of years past without incident of conflict. Then on a far and remote planet once called Krypton the unthinkable happened; someone broke free of the Controllers hold. This man was the one named Kal-El. Kal-El was able to break free by his increased will power. Sensing he had not much time, he exited his home world and called out to the only trace of spirit he had left. His mind reached out calling to out to the Creators, though unknown to him the Creators no longer existed on his plane of reality. He was, however, able to contact an ancient gate. The gate allowed him travel through the rift in reality that the destruction of all races had caused, sending him into the universe of Ayenee.

On coming to the realm of Ayenee, Kal was confused and thought he was alone in this reality. Though this was far from true, he remembered that he had called out to the creators and bounded forward into space on this conclusion alone. Though his time in space was long and monotonous, he was able to hold off the tide of mind control forced on him from the controller type unit. His will power seemed to be the only thing that kept him going through this extended space flight.

Coming on a small quadrant in the Milky Way Galaxy, he identified a Creator marking somewhere amongst the chaos, which makes up the natural realm. He sought out this disturbance believing it to be one of the famed Creators, which were mentioned in the ancient memories of his kind. Coming upon a small globe, identified as Earth, he found what he thought was once lost to him. Though not the Creators whom he had imagined, he was able to find an alternate facsimile. He spotted a Creator type craft lurking behind the Earth's primary satellite. With further examination he was able to gain entry and seek out the controller of this vessel. Though only one of the millions, he was delighted to find one of the famed creators, this one known simply as TheGuyversWill (The Creator known as TheGuyversWill is sometimes only refereed to as Will). He soon explained his situation and his fears of the Guyver collective finding his whereabouts and sending others to kill him. He told of the unit that they had forced upon, and asked for its removal from his body.

TheGuyversWill carried out this request and offered him a new life on the globe below. He told him of the evils, which seemed to rule over the people of this planet he refereed to as Earth. Kal-El could not resist the temptation to aid these people where he had failed with his own. He agreed to let the Creator to implant him with another unit to further his weakened state. Unaware of the powers which he would gain from being under a yellow sun he was infused with an advanced G-1 type unit, and has since taken up residence on this rotating orb known as Earth.


Time passes throughout the cosmos as beings become gods and gods become dust. The Guyver had sent back one of their many slaves in the chance that perhaps another of like powers could defeat Kal-El. They were wrong in their attempts and Kal was able to sway this equally powerful being under his caring hand. Mon-El became a great help through the years that followed as Kal learned of the evil that TheGuyversWill spoke of.

Several demons had raided this once semi-peaceful place and taken it as their own, oppressing those which did not follow their ways, and killing those, which opposed them. These demons belong to a grouping of Guyvers known as the Guyver Elite. This seemed too close a cry to the horrid acts oft the Guyver of his own realm, to Kal. Returning to TheGuyversWill, Kal found solace in his attempts to make sense of true evil. The caring hand of Will leading him towards the side of light until Kal’s eventual meeting with Will’s Strike Forces.

TheGuyversWill himself called Kal, so that he could take lead. The once leader, The Warrior Guyver, had fallen ill due to the strains of battle itself. Kal took his place amongst this pantheon of hero’s and found it appropriate to assume the roll as leader of this Strike Force. Through his careful planning and determination he was able to create a prosperous foundation for which Will was to strike down the Guyver Elite.

God will always be God and Man will always be man.

Once the fallen leader had reawaken he wished to reclaim his thrown as High General of the Guyver Strike Forces. Kal, thinking him not fit to lead, persuaded Will against this, sighting the violation made on The Warrior Guyver’s part. The Warrior Guyver claimed he was no longer the man he had once been and gained favor in Will’s court, taking the newly formed position of Field Marshal, and changing his name to reflect the change which had occurred during his time of stasis, now calling himself the Kousotsu Guyver. The Guyver Strike Forces now being lead by two god like powers, Will thought it time to begin his final strike on the Elite’s…

The columniation of the time Kal had placed into this team all followed up to a single point in which the newly positioned Field Marshal and a Brigadier General ( Masurao Guyver ), defended off an attack by these greater Elite’s, thus saving a large faction of their own Forces. Within this battle the newly restored Kousotsu learned the true extent of his awakening, becoming a being as powerful as the famed Christian God, but with a cost as the Brigadier General was lost to enemy forces. Though the gaining of these new abilities gave Kousotsu, as well as the GSF, a great lead over their rival’s, the Elite’s seemed to evade their attacks without fail.

Will’s own scruples fell out the window as he made peace with the GSF’s most hated enemies and brought a new era into the, now noteworthy, Guyver Strike Forces. It seemed as though Will had finally understood the futility presented by fighting a group of Gods without boundary, and given up the fight. Though Kal sought to keep this peace he did not fully understand the reasons for its existence, and so planted the first seeds of doubt within him pertaining too Will.

Struggles still continue, even for a force lacking a Major enemy. The fight to secure the next battle makes many men mad, for Kal it only added to the stresses of life. His own reality had sought him out once and most likely would do it again. Preparing for this eventual conflict was seemingly the only concern present on both Kal and Mon-El’s minds. Though this eventual battle is present within the back of Kal conscious thought at nearly all times, this did not prevent him from governing the team as best he could.

An eventual discovery was made in the days following as Kal learned of Will’s devious plans for near world domination. The unit’s which Will had been handing out as though they were candy, were truly a lesser form of the control unit, able to manipulate the dense collective of thought within the GSF. Once again Kal’s own special abilities spared him the factor of control that was present within the other Guyver’s, and his budding telepathic powers allowed him to witness the manipulation of the GSF as though they were marionettes.

Sensing the end of his work, the being once refereed to as Kousotsu came to Kal relinquishing his concerns on Kal’s already burdened shoulders. There was only one thing left to do at this point, stop Will. Kousotsu advised Kal to abandon the Guyver Strike Forces and leave the dirty work to him. Kal, being only brought into this tiny collective due to Kousotsu, agreed and said his farewells to the team.

The Kousotsu took care of the problem by destroying Will in the only manor befitting, purging his temporal signature from that singular point in time, thus ending his control over the masses of the Strike Forces. Newly awaken, the GSF found their first true freedom. Looking for guidance within this new epiphany of light, they found none. Abandoned and left to roam as savage beast, the GSF disbanded in the physical sense, remaining only a spiritual bonded pride. Kousotsu, seeing that his time within this realm was no longer needed, ascended to God hood and left an avatar in his place…

Kal, no longer having to worry about a battle at the next bend, went back to what he loved, his fiancée, Gabrielle Darknight, and his Tavern ( The Tavern of Lost Souls ). Private life the only thing left in his future, he plans on living a comfortable existence with his love, and his passion, Defending Truth, Justice, and the Ayenee way. So when you look up into the sky at night, and remember the deeds of the former High General of the Guyver Strike Forces, remember the Guyver, remember the eventual battles to come, but remember most, this is far from over.

The advancements to the G-1 type unit are as follows:

-Given that host is Kal-EL (Superman’s alternate), and currently under a yellow sun, he has the abilities of said host amplified. We will not go into detail as of what these powers are for it is common knowledge.

-Unit has shown the ability to evolve to Host needs. This varies from anything to storage of needed energies to allowing the control medal to operate at such high energy levels. As it is stated the unit can evolve past its current amplifications without warning during battle. This has yet to be proven since host has only operated the unit once since receiving it.

-Unit has several vibrational type swords, with polymorphic like abilities. The following are the vibrational swords, which adorn Kal-El in Guyver form. Kal-El has a set of forward facing vibrational swords which can be extended at will, and like other vibrational type weapons seem to be able to cut through nearly any structure. Along with the Forward Facing vibrational swords, Kal-El also has a standard set of reverse facing Vibrational swords, along with the additional downward facing vibrational swords (sprout from the ankles). Unlike most vibrational weapons these “high frequency” blades seem to be able to take much more then the standard for such type weapons. We believe this is due to Kal-El’s own aura like invulnerability, which allows him to take unimaginable amounts of stress to said weapons.

-Unit has also shown the ability to channel his great optical energies into the units own control medal. Unlike most units’ usage of the control medal, the evolving factor of this unit type seems to have transferred the task of head beam to the control medal. The result is something refereed to as the control medal burst. By channeling these massive amounts of energy into the control medal, said unit is then able to amplify said energies by some form of magnification within the control medal. The result is an ultra powerful weapon. Though this may seem quite exaggerated, I assure you it is not. Due to the host own massive amounts of optical energy, this weapon is best compared in magnifications of the mega smasher. Best summarized the level of the attack is comparable to warriors mega smasher to the fourth power.

-Unit has also shown he ability to project a very powerful variation on the meta burn. We believe this is a result of the evolving factors, which go into the very construction of said unit. The meta burn has been only viewed once, but is comparable to a massively overpowered meta burn type projection. Although it is not known at this time if the host is able lower these energy levels during boost or extension of meta burn like field, we assume that said unit could. This projection type diversion shielding seems to be able to put off intense heat as well as atomizing energy. The heat factor has been compared to that of the core of the Earth's sun. Although the full power of said meta burn cannot be fully measured to further data is gathered, I have believed that this shielding can take just about anything twice. Though it has not proven that it can do so, the host seems to be a perfect specimen in every way, almost as though he was a “Superman”. Although these findings have not been compared to the recent findings of other such “Supermen” (Kousotsu and Fushichou) we believe that Kal-El may be the most power Guyver as of yet.

-The Guyver also shows the ability to project a bio-armor like shielding which adorns his control medal to protect him from fatal blows. Although we have also not tested the ability of the control medal to repair itself, findings have shown that units with such evolving capabilities, are able to augment their natural control medal function to include reconstruction of said control medal. We believe that Kal-El may be capable of this as well.

-This Guyver has also shown massive Psionic abilities and must not be taken lightly in these abilities. The true extents of his powers are not yet known.

-Kal-El is known to were a black containment suit, which amplifies yellow sunrays. It can also store energy for emergency uses such as lost of critical environment. The suit is meant to bring his energies up to Superman strength

- Foot note - Kal was born onto a red sun and was then raised under this environment. Since Superman was born under a red star and raised under a yellow star. This means that Superman would have absorbed over thirty years of yellow sun light while Kal would only have had the advantage of the yellow sun for a short period of time. This containment suit allows him to absorb an increased amount of the rays to further raise his power levels.