Back Story: The Jacmus-Prime Guyver is an offshoot of the Advanced G-1 Unit, also known as the Controller Unit of the Guyver Collective. The basis of it's powers and abilities were drastically altered by entering the mythical land of Jacmus-Prime. Within this land the Guyver was forced to rely on sources of mystic power as opposed to it's previous scientific resources. As is the case, various abilities have found themselves changed due to this dimensional trek.


Powers and Abilities:


Speed Running: 70 miles per hour ( note max speed ). As will be explained below, going max speed will have it's disadvantages. Some Guyver's have been known to run up to 80 miles per hour on the land, and are believed to be using the power amplifiers within their legs, notably hamstring area. Researching this, we have found that doing this causes massive energy drain and cannot be done under 75 percent, as doing this will use up 25 percent of the energy reserves, and that is just instantly. The energy decreases by 2 percent by every 15 miles doing this. This is not recommended and highly dangerous. This is only to be used in extreme situations, one were running is vital to survival, for it is likely that the host will need to de-boost for 48 hours or even 60 to bring the energy level back up to normal status.

Flight: Max Speed 120 miles per hour. Flying at max speed will severely drain the energy reserves of a typical Guyver. Going max speed is not recommended when in combat situations. The only time this is authorized, is when exploring or trying to get somewhere faster than normal, for whatever odd reason. Information is rather short on why the energy drains more than normal, or why there isn't a 'limitless' supply of it. More information will be gathered and analyzed and appear here, upon the main database.

Strength: Max, 33.3 times the strength of a human. Once more, probably the cause of the travel to the planet, or the planet itself. The reason will probably never turn up, but if it does, it will be reported here in due time. As it stands, the Guyver unit used to have the strength of 100 men. It has been reduced as clearly seen and noticed by all functioning Guyvers. With this significant loss, new counter measures and offensive tactics are being advised and practiced.

High Frequency Blades: Due to some 'unknown' cause, the blades can no longer go through anything. Although it can still go through a lot. Blades and other weapons, such as iron and steel swords will stop it. Wood, or anything weaker than iron will be shattered or broken. This also applies to armor and such. Dragon scale takes a max of 5 hits to penetrate the weakened portion of the skin The blade has also been known to go through Adamite. Mythril repels the blade more than any other known metal, thus giving the blade a hard time in getting through. Although the blade can get through, it takes 6 hits with both blades, not just one. Stabbing, or a piercing blow would embed itself within the armor, getting stuck obviously. Due to this weakness of the blades, other methods of destroying an enemy are being researched at this time. More information will be available within a couple of months, once suggestions and training have begun.

Armor: Able to be pierced by a simple blade, though only cut into. In order to slice, the blade would have to be made of some high level material, such as Adamite. Projectiles embed themselves within it, but are also slowed. Arrows are the only one's able to pierce the bio-booster armor of a Guyver, the high speeds enabling it to do so. Spears and other projectiles will merely glance off of it. Although, it has been known that the closer one is, the more the chance it pierces the armor.

Mega-Smasher: No longer works. A account has come across the readings and findings that a Guyver managed to pull the mega-smasher off, but most believe it to be a lie. Most have tried and come up with nothing. The weapon simply does not work. All that we can think of, has shown us that the planet must be cause for the displacement of this weapon, or perhaps it was going from plane to plane.

Head-Beam: The crystal has been weakened severely. The intensity has weakened beyond doubt. The reason for this, is still unclear, although people are researching into it, trying to come up with ways to bring the lost intensity back. The beam can no longer be fired in one flowing stream, but rather short bursts of energy. It still functions the same way, the green zoa-crystal converting the energy instantly into the laser. This takes up no charge time, and cannot be used when the Guyver unit is below 35 percent energy, as it would take to much energy from the Guyver. The materials the head beam can go through are blades and such not made of mythril, or adamite. All armor it is able to penetrate except for Dragon scale, Mythril, and Adamite. Dragon scale, being organic matter, can be pierced, but it must be targeted at least 5 times, the exact same spot. Mythril has been known to reflect the beam back upon the owner, making a nasty effect. All other organic material, or lesser metals it can penetrate. Another thing that was weakened due to some 'unknown' force, was the range of the head beam. It used to be limitless is now reduced to 6 feet and short little bursts of energy. Currently, the minerals located on the continent of Sargaso are being looked into, to see if they could help enhance the beam back to it's original intensity.

Regeneration: Regeneration is equal too four turns for a simple heal. Healing other damaged parts of the Bio-Booster armor would require more time, depending on the severity of the wound inflicted. If the wound is fatal, the Bio-Booster armor will go into protective mode and do everything it can to protect the host and itself. Once out of protective mode the Control Medallion will begin to repair the host's body. This process will take the better part of a day, 24 hours. Or if the entire body needs to be reformed due to some blast or something, it will take a max of 5 days to complete regeneration completely.

Gravity Control Orb: It still functions as it used to. The only difference is the energy output, it is no longer 'limitless', but is now limited. Of course the energy keeps coming in, but not as much as it used to. The gravity control orb, and the functions of the Gravity Gyro's can no longer manipulate the gravity into forming a shell of condensed gravity and firing it. This can no longer be accomplished, as it would take up all of the energy reserves, and possibly even more. The entire host would be eaten alive for it's own energy to compensate. This would be bad, although the Control Medallion would reinstate the host's body, it would never have enough energy for it. So this weapon cannot be used, and should not be used.

Weakness: The control Medal, as always. Protect it always. This is the only known weakness of a Guyver, although there have been other ways of killing a Guyver, as I'm sure all who read this know. Nothing else will be discussed about this, since this information will likely be read by the wrong eyes.

Drawbacks: A Guyver uses a mixture between bio-kinetic energy and hyper-kinetic energy reserves. This energy flows in a normal Guyver, allows the Guyver to stay in "boosted" form for an extended period of time, while also only suffering a slight lay over in exhaustion after use. Within the JP Guyvers, this is maxed out.

A Guyver can only exist within max limitation of boost for a short period of time, and then will not be able to boost again for 24 hours. The shorter the period of time between boost and the less energy the Guyver will be able to use before having to "de-boost"

For instance; If the Guyver boosted after 24 hours he would only be at about 25 percent as effective as if he were at full power levels. In order to recover to such levels host would have to remain dormant, and relax, getting plenty of rest and food for four days, before regaining full strength in boosted mode..

The Weakness is pretty much as it stands, except for the fact that if you destroy the Gravity Orb. The Guyver will lose energy much quicker, lose the ability to fly, and run at such high speeds. The strength issues go down with this movement as well. I could

I stress the Max levels and the strain it puts on the units energy reserves. If the unit uses its max levels it will have to de-boost within minutes and leave the host completely drained and defenseless. While within these max levels of the traits, full concentration, must be placed on each maxed out trait. Meaning that if the character is within maxed state of one form, he must ignore his other abilities.



The Guyvers of Jacmus-Prime took a localized land mass as their home. They named this continental land mass after the theological figure Apollyon, the spiritual being named as the destroyer in Christian apocalyptic theology. It's description is as follows:

Apollyon, this lush utopia of greenery, is harsh to some, and beautiful to most that inhabit its surface.  It is located on the eastern most island of Jacmus-Prime, absent from the majority of civilization. One of the predominate features of this secluded place, are the mountain terrains that surround it on all sides. These mountains range from 1000ft in height to its highest point on the northern seaboard 150,000ft. It's jagged and perilous surface, make it's peaks an insurmountable climb. The mythical ranges prevent most other worldly creatures from entering its confines. Within the outer sectors of the island, passed the mountainous ranges, large masses of vegetation grows.

Vegetation and tree growth within these sectors make the Sequoias of the red wood forest seem as though dwarfs.  Vines in these forest hangs from hang from trees, making for easy travel through the harsh fauna and flora that stalks the ground. The ground in itself is predominately made up of volcanic soil, highly nutritional, and able to support many forms of plants life with relative ease. Various forms of vicarious plant species dwell within the confines of this forest as well. Including certain species that are drawn to the infrared spectrum as well as heat signatures. From there massive fields dip inward dropping  into massive valleys, and highlands. Filled with water ways rich in life.

The main attraction an inactive volcano that resides within center of the continent. The dark skinned structure astonishes the eye. Known to refract the sun's as well as the stars' light at such intensities as to create the lush jungle landscapes previously mentioned in an otherwise artic geological location. The mouth of this volcano is over 10,000 feet in width. Animals that strive in this Island, are mere wild dogs, bears, carnivorous cats, and some form of reptilian life form. The insects are merely Mosquitoes, flies, and bees, ants, and beetles, though they are known to be exaggerated in size. The weather in this region, is mostly sunny, with occasional cloud cover. Artic winters are converted via the refracting effect of the volcano, creating seasons of thunderstorms and massive monsoons.