Subject: Unit-W2/Grakken Hybrid
Code Name: Grakken Warrior
Host Name: Unknown
: Male
Age: 526 years
Height: 12'4"
Weight: 2,750 lbs.




Grakken Warrior comes from an alternate dimension where the advent empire used his race as test subjects for their ever advancing research into the controller unit, also known as the Unit-G. Through their experimentation, they destroyed the culture of his people and set their defining sociological characteristics back thousands of years. Through this interaction the Grakken lost million of their populace to the research, this resulting in an undying blood lust for anything even remotely associated with the creators.

Unlike the majority of possibilities in relation to the Grakken and Creator races, the advents were able to further their research upon the Grakkens via Unit-W tech medications used upon the Terran home world. Integrating advancements learned through these trials they were able to augment the Grakkens into beings beyond the majority of their dimensional counterparts into warrior class guyvers.

His people went to war with that form of the advent collective, attempting to bring at least some form of retribution to the race that had damned their own. These wars lasted thousands of years and resulted in further deaths for the Grakkens and only a slight hindrance for this particular advent collective.

Grakken Warrior actually journeyed to the dimension of Ayenee by means of a intergalactic navigation malfunction that steered his space fairing vessel into a gravimetric disturbance. This disturbance it would seem was actually a worm hole, leading not to another portion relative to that dimensions space, but rather to another spatiotemporal construct.

After reaching this dimension the Grakken found itself lost and unable to locate the gravimetric disturbance that had led him to this far off land. As a result he was forced to enact his vengeance upon the advent race within his current spatiotemporal construct. The being however was aware that any advents he may encounter within this particular dimension were surly not to the same ones that brought devastation upon his own race.

With these facts in mind, Grakken Warrior was still determined to avenge his people in anyway possible. The instrumentation within his vessel allowed him to investigate the current dimension for signs of creator related activity. The primary source of these disturbances appeared to be situated within the vicinity of a single star system that resembled the Terran system of his own dimension.

The creator based technology turned out to be a cauldron of Guyver that referred to themselves as the Guyver Strike Force. He initial sought combat with these individuals, but was quickly defeated. The situation of his current scape was quickly explained, as well as in the inability of these Guyvers to transport him back to his own dimension. The Grakken was offered a position within the newly reformed Guyver Strike Force and became a valued member.

His own blood lust eventually relented and allowed the Grakken to fully integrate himself into his new found hive. At some point the primary purposes of the Guyver Strike Force shifted into that of a conquering nation by the name of the Guyver Ayenee Empire. Lead by Daniel Aureus, who was also known as Kousotsu-Guyver, the Ayenee Guyver Empire was unrelenting in their need to seek out new civilizations and add them to their ever expanding kingdom.

Grakken was a full fledged member of this movement and was offer the proposition of “Join us of die by us” to the masses. Through this enabler, the Grakken was capable of feeding his own need for war and thusly found pleasure within the company of the Ayenee Guyver Empire.

Grakken Warrior has not been heard of since the disappearance event of Kousotsu-Guyver. He has, in affect, been missing in action for the last 500 years. With the reemergence of Kousotsu-Guyver within recent weeks, his return is deemed imminent.


-Powers And Abilities


Unit-W2: The Unit-W2, also known as the Warrior Guyver Mark 2, was created by the advent known as Solom to continue the research into the Unit-G project as well as further the research into the advances made with the Unit-W experimentations. Its powers and abilities are based on the armors ability to draw from three primary energy sources. Other advancement made since the advent of the Unit-G has been related to a quad-sectioned tri-parcel control medallion.

Control Medallion: The Unit-W2 uses the traditional tri-parceled configuration but adds a variation to the overall design by placing four of these control medallions into a pyramid formation as to allow for higher amplitude of boost armor control, as well advanced parallel processing capabilities. The primary tri-parcel interface of the four quad processing units is as follows.

            -Host Interlink
            -Dimensional Transceiver
            -Armor Controller

-Host Interlink: This section of the control medallion allows the host to use the unit as though a natural extension of his body. This connects the physical brain of the user with the super computer like crystalline structure of the control medallions. It is also responsible for the exchange of alpha waves between host and boost armor, and therefore would be considered the primary structure of this unit.

-Dimensional Transceiver: The Second layer of the control medallion, a hybrid manifestation of a “Zoa-Crystal” like formation. It allows the Guyver to access differing planes of existences, and is theorized to be the tool in from which the creators would consciously interconnect with the Unit-W2. Attached to the inner portion of this crystalline structure are two metallic rings, which act as a primary memory buffer, and allow the Unit-W2 to quickly ascertain information from its inter-dimensional communications. Through the use of a quad-parceled unit, its ability to process these levels of information has been quadrupled.

-Armor Controller: The third layer of the control medallion acts as a governor between host, boost armor, and actual thought. Through the interaction of these three facets, the host is able to manipulate the boost armor through manipulation of quantum energy fields, as well as sonic vibrations. Yet again, the parallel processing potential of this unit has greatly increased its overall potential.

-Sustainable Consciousness Apparatus: The Control Medallion is also capable of defending itself if, or when, the Guyver becomes unconscious, and is no longer able to actively control the boost armor; Thusly causing the boost armor to become out of control. An alteration present within the Unit-W2 when compared to the unit-g is the “out of control” armor’s ability to discern from friend or foe when acquiring targets while within self defense mode.

Strength: The overall strength of the Grakken race has drastically improved overall outputs of ability present within most users of the Unit-W2. As a result the Grakken Warrior is capable of physical exertion outputs equal to the strength of eight hundred humans (120 tons). Based upon the physical stature of the unit, through use of all four upper appendages this output can be doubled to one thousands six hundred humans (240 tons). This can also be supplemented by energy reserves supplied to the armor during power boosting by the cyclone power matrix. Through this interaction Grakken Warrior is capable of doubling his overall output to that of one thousand six hundred humans at base levels. Through the aforementioned processing of using the quadrupedal upper appendages, this level can be further increased to three thousand two hundred humans (480 tons).

Speed: The advanced physiological structure of the Grakken race allows for an overall increase in the Unit-W2’s ability to attain running speed overall. Through these augmentations, as well as the host primary bio kinetic energy reserves, the Unit-W2 is capable of attaining speeds upwards of one thousand two hundred miles per hour on land. This can be temporality increased two fold by the unit’s ability to utilize the cyclone power matrix, allowing the unit to travel at two thousand four hundred miles per hour. Its flight speed is primary augmented by the units increased bio kinetic energy levels, and thusly have increased two fold over the base humanoid host.  These levels allow Grakken Warrior to obtain speeds upwards of seven thousand five hundred miles per hour. These too can be temporally increased through use of the cyclone power matrix to fifteen thousand miles per hour.

Stamina: Through use of its three primary energy reserves, the host has nearly endless stamina. Use of the cyclone power matrix can drain temporary overflow levels significantly, allowing the unit to only operate at optimal levels for short periods of time.

Durability: Grakken Warrior’s bio armor is capable of sustaining damage at a comparative rate to four times that of a standard unit-g. It has also shown the adaptive properties that allow it to instantaneous modify its internal structure to deal with varied forms of outside stress. Durability levels can also be augmented by a primary shielding system that is ever present, as well as temporary defenses such as a pressure cannon shielding device. These abilities can be further altered through use of the cyclone power matrix.

Regeneration: The regeneration rate of the Unit-W2 when applied to that of the Grakken physiology has increased to twenty times the natural regeneration of a unit-g with a human host. This rate can be further amplified by the unit’s ability to supplement its energy regulation systems through use of the cyclone power matrix.

Gravity Control Orb: One of the primary devices of the boost armor. The Gravity control orb is used from everything from functionality, to the creation of the pressure cannon and flight. It acts as one of the primary contributors of energy within Grakken Warrior.

-Power Regulation: By acting on an ever present gravimetric field, the orb warps time/space and creates a quantum singularity, where by it accesses an energy rich dimension and accumulates and manipulates energy fields within this dimension. Once the connection between the energy rich dimension and the gravitational control orb have been met, the orb creates a funnel, for which it uses to coerce the energy into the Guyver Units own gravimetric field. Through these interactions the Guyver is sustained, and powered.

-Inter-Dimensional Travel: The Gravitational Control Orb is also used as the inter-dimensional transportation of the boost armor. It enacts itself upon time and space, creating a spatial warp, which the boost armor uses to travel while within inactive states.

Hyper Space Link: Power generating method developed by the Creators that links a being, or device, to the energy filled void of hyper space. In the Unit-W2, this allows unit to augment the Bio Boost process to quadruple the normal energy generating potential of host.

Cyclone Power Matrix: A self contained variant of the hyper space link power system, this method creates a limited siphoning of hyper space energy and channels energy according to user's will. The unstable nature of this device limits producible energy to a rate equivalent to that produced by standard hyper space link system. This allows the unit to double overall power generation capabilities for a limited period of time.

Telepathy Growths (Trans-Dimensional Summoners): While within its humanoid form, these growths are used to communicate with the Unit-W2 across a dimensional barrier and thusly activate it. Within most unit’s this is the extent of their abilities while within the “de-boosted” status. They also act as frequency carriers for telepathic like communication. Though such communications are only interpretable by Guyver, it is theorized that this is somehow inlayed within the organics themselves.

Megasmasher: The megasmasher acts in many ways as a Graviton Particle Cannon of immense power. Though not entirely comprised of graviton particle fields, a certain aspect of transmuted hyper kinetic energy is involved in this expulsion. Located beneath the Chest plate, the Unit-W2 is capable of opening them through physical exertion from the arms, or through a psychological command system, via muscular fixtures located at the lower extremities of either breast plate. When activated, the mega masher cells conglomerate into spherical entities, which depress the primary lungs, and force the secondary set to compensate for this deflation. The charge of the smasher is relative to the energy reserves of the unit. Grakken Warrior has four such of these cells due to his alien physiology and can thusly double the normal output of a unit-w through these means. This can be further augmented through use of the cyclone power matrix to allow for a quadrupling effect of the overall output.

Polymorphic High Frequency Blades: due to his unique physiology, Grakken Warrior has use of four polymorphic vibrational swords located in backswept positions on all four of his forearms. Upon activation these mirrored blades emit a vibration that allows them to tune into the frequency of materials they come into contact with, thusly allowing them to easily slice through dense materials. In addition, the polymorphic adaptability these blades allow enables the user to shape said blades into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Power Amplifiers: Located at various points of the Guyver, notably the forearms and calves of the booster armor, these devices allow the Guyver to increase momentum at points he would otherwise be forced to cautiously approach a situation. These devices are governed by the gravitational control orb. The energy amplifiers work by interchanging energy and mass, thusly increasing the molecular density of the Unit-W2. This is a subconsciously controlled aspect in most units. Their operational characteristics are analogous to Einstein’s theory of relativity, and work by coupling hyper kinetic energy to presiding molecular bonds. This allows Grakken Warrior the ability to compensate for a mid air maneuver, or merely to add a monstrous amount of force behind a kick. These abilities can be further augmented by the units ability to amplify energy reserves temporarily via the cyclone power matrix.

Energy Compressors: Energy compressors act in correspondence with the gravity control orb, to create a quantum singularity of immense pressurization, otherwise known as the “Pressure Cannon”. Located on the back of each wrist, the energy compressors manipulate excess graviton particle fields derived from the overflow of the power accumulation, presented by the Gravitational Control Orb. By warping space/time, and creating a tiny worm hole, the pressure cannon forces accumulative molecular structures, and energy, into a spherical composite. This amalgamation can then be given direction by dipping into the composition’s event horizon and pulling/throwing it forward. Though this act is oriented with the use of the hands, the actual practice is a collaboration between three structures within the unit, the gravity control orb, the gravity gyro’s and the energy compressors. All of which find themselves associated at their derivation by the control medallion. The Sphere of pressurized gravity/energy can be range greatly in power, depending on the amount of preparation it is presented with. For instance, while a standardized Guyver may only be able to create a pressurized sphere equaling in amplitude to a armor piercing shell, Grakken Warrior is capable of increasing the complexity of these gravimetric fields, and thusly can intensify its destructive capabilities exponentially, only being limited by the amount of time it takes to prepare such an assortment of annihilation as well as the availability of the unit cyclone power matrix enhanced energy reserves.

-Pressure Cannon Shield: As a derivative of the energy compressors, the Unit-W2 is capable of augmenting the presented gravimetric disturbance, into a spherical shell, which it can use to deflect objects or force of a varied degree. Though the amount of stress this spherical embodiment of protection, can deflect varies with the amount of power the pressure cannon is presented with, at its lowest levels it is capable of blocking a 50 kiloton blast.

Gravity Gyros: Another useful tool within Grakken Warrior’s armory. These organic structures, located upon either side of the Gravitational Control Orb, acts as a stabilization method for the Guyver while in boosted form. By using the accumulative energy of the gravity control orb, the gravity gyro’s allow the Booster armor to control its relative position in space/time, and thusly give the unit ease of flight, or likewise hovering.

Sonic Oscillators: the sonic oscillators act by creating sonic vibration to various degrees. These many amplitudes include the ability to manipulate sonic vibration to a point of contextual speech, thusly allowing the Guyver to communicate within a linguistic repose, allowing it to converse with other biological organism, without the use of the telepathy growths. Also, the sonic oscillators can be attuned to create a devastating attack of sound. By acting on the internal resonance of any structure, the “Sonic Busters” match these vibrational characteristics, and thusly shatter them the same way an opera singer would a wine glass. Due to an increase in bio kinetic energy reserves through means of the physiology of the host, the unit’s sonic oscillator based attacks have also been greatly increased when compared to that of a standardized human/Unit-W2 interface. These weapons have a designated range of fifteen to one hundred and sixty degrees and their intensity can vary from that of a low hum, such as it utilized for speech, to eight times that of a standard unit-g/human host interface.

Hyper Sensors: Situated amongst various portions of the cranium, three separately functioning orbs act as a sort of hyper active sensory system. By scanning at points past the visual spectrum, and visual acuity, the Guyver is able to augment his own optical characteristics, to quickly alert him of possible threats. These sensory devises are capable of penetrating through solid structures, and even alternative spectrums of light or dimensional obstructions. Though the orbs do have a limited range, the degree of range varies in accordance to the form of awareness sought. For instances, while Grakken Warrior may be able to create an indomitable shell of around him for 100 meters, his ability to incorporate variations of quantum particle fields digresses after this point, allowing him the infamy of sight, without the ability to easily perceive any understandable form within his vicinity. The maximum range of these devices upon Grakken Warrior has been found to be within the range of three thousand two hundred and eighty feet.

Infrared Laser Orbs: Grakken Warrior possesses five infrared laser orbs. These are located on the top portion of each wrist on all four of the upper appendages, as well as the standard location above the control medallion. Through manipulation of the ever present hyper kinetic energy reserves, the boost armor is able to convert these energy arrangements into a soluble form that can be used to power these spherical formulations. These orb like structures are used within the production of a laser like instrumentation that can be used to fire intensely concentrated currents of light at a target. Given the advantage of an almost instantaneous charge rate, the infrared laser orbs can be rapidly aimed and fired at any given target. Its range of intensity can only be directly related to the state of these energy reserves.  Within Grakken Warrior the base rate of these orbs is twenty times that of a the unit-g/human host hybrid. This can be further augmented through use of the cyclone power matrix to temporarily increase outputs to nearly forty times that of a unit-g/human host.

Stealth Systems: Unit can turn invisible or appear to be just about anything, like a chameleon, with an advance cloaking system integrated with Unit's Body Shield system. Unit can also project immaterial. The Unit's ability to enter Hyper space without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle, even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized, is also integrated into the Unit stealth system to prevent its detection until host is ready for combat once again.