Though much is known of other units, this unit has only been discovered as of recently… its origins have been somehow lost in the ruffled papers of some government organization. All we do know is that the host came upon this unit and joined with it as so many Guyvers do.

Shrouded in mystery, the unit seems to be infused with some mystic source of energy. We are unable to explain why this G-1 like unit has not killed itself from control medal melt down, since the host seems to be putting off enormous amount of energy. What we can tell from the studies we have massed as of yet is that the Guyver seems to poses the powers of the Human phoenix. A Fire Bird, reborn from the ashes of some unforgotten flame.

The host background is also somewhat of a mystery as he has only recently come into view of those which watch for this type of thing. Yoku was born in a small village from what we can tell. Though the time periods are somewhat vague, from the preliminary test, he appears to be several millions of years old. From my best estimate I would judge somewhere in the vicinity of 2.3 million Earth years or more.

Yoku’s mental skills seem to be non existent at this time as he appears but an emotionless killing machine, the Guyver having taken almost all his mental prowess. Though I can not draw any complete results until more time has passed, I regret to say that this unit may be a lost cause. All that my pupils or I have been able to scan off his thoughts is that the “Gods” (the term is used loosely as this may have referred to the creators) somehow changed him.



Although it has been several weeks and I have yet to find the full power of this unit, or even the unit’s maker (or history of), I shall still continue my search, for every mystery must be solved. These are the results of the host response to stimuli. I must make it clear that this is only what we know of his abilities as of now.

-Host appears to be able to sustain and repair damage as though he was a Guyver without the unit. His healing abilities seeming to match that of a near Warrior type. He somehow amplifies this effect when he feels in danger or threatened in any way. The amplification seem to be a result of some type of energy based plasma form which seems to spread over his body as though a protective barrier from others, preventing further damage to host during healing. This can some times happen with out the host being aware as shown in one of the many studies we performed. This shielding seems to even be able to take a direct blast with a Warrior type mega smasher. It seems the host channels all forms of energy directed towards it in this state.

-Even without the protective shielding, the host skin is comparable to that of titanium steel. Able to take brutal attacks without warning and survive with little or no damage (as shown when he was surprised attack, without warning, by a pressure cannon to the back.) As a result of this it appears the man is also able to wield large amounts of mass and weight around as though it were nothing. Present estimates give the human, Guyver range strength at about 230 men.

-Host seems to be able to project thoughts were there appear to be none. Though his mental situation is unstable my pupil and I believe that the host is somehow capable of immense thought and concentration. It ever appears that he is able to call on the shield even though he appears to have no thought what so ever. We also believe that this may be accessing some secondary form of thought, perhaps channeling this new type of consciousness through some type of semi conductor, perhaps the phoenix itself. Further testing will be required for me to be certain of it.

-As previously stated the host seems to be able to raise some type of plasma like shielding, which not even the famed Kousotsu’s mega smasher could push through (though we believe the shielding was severely weakened). My best guess as this to is somehow a result of the famed phoenix of earth, but then I have my doubts, as many Creators were known to tamper with their experiments. At best estimate, I believe that this shielding could also be used as an energy based attack, with the same energy robbing attributes of the plasma like shielding. Further tests are required to reach an answer in this quest. I shall keep looking for the answers.


The Guyver

Subject: Humanoid Guyver Unit
Unit Alias: Fushichou Guyver
Unit Height: 7'6
Unit Weight: 612 lbs.
Host: Yoku Hosatsu

As a Guyver the host powers are somehow directly linked to this mysterious power source. His energies are greatly amplified. As I have stated before I am doubtful that this “Phoenix” really is what he appears to be. The following is what we were able to draw from extensive testing of this new unit over several weeks. Although his power levels seem extremely high, I fear that he can only be far more powerful than what we were able to test for. Although the host appears a vast void of nothingness, the Guyver seems sentient and above most forms of human intellect. Perhaps this is where the consciousness was drawn from.

-This Unit seems to be able to pull the powers of these immense energies into the formation of physical strength. It is not yet known by me how he does this, but my best assumption is that it is in some way related to the form of manifestation of power which Kousotsu exhibits when allowing his Psi energies to meld with his physical form. From best guesses and many strength tests, we can say that the unit’s known strength is some where in the rage of 120,000 men. As I said, we think this is no where near his max levels, since they have yet to fully make themselves known. We also are aware that these levels are only unattainable with considerable transfusions of power from the “Phoenix” aspect of the host.

-The Guyver has also shown the ability to move at considerably fast speeds. It appears the unit no longer uses the Gravitational Control Orb, as none is present. Instead, it seems, the Guyver pulls from these same mystic like energies (only referred to as “mystic” for lack of explanation for their existence.) and surrounds itself in the same aura like shield which was mentioned earlier. When the field appears to be fully charged the unit has been seen moving at light speeds, using the plasma like aura for a buffer from friction. It must also be noted that in return for the loss of the GCO the Guyver has seemed to gain a new power. It would appear that the Guyver could focus extremely volatile energies into an orb like structure comparable to a pressure cannon. I have but one way to judge the strength of this orb as I have only observed its creation once, the orb seems to be able to match a multiple mega ton thermo nuclear bomb in destructive capabilities. No further conclusions can be made at this point in time on this aspect of the Unit.

-The unit also appears to possess no form of sensory orbs. I am at a loss why such a low base unit would lose so many of its essential weapon systems, but as now I am still awaiting further studies. From what I can tell, the unit has no need for such things as head orbs as the energy like plasma seems to “sense” everything around it. Although this too can not be certain, as the unit may be sensing in some other way which is not apparent to me at this time.

-Although the unit possess a Control Medal it is like no control medal I have ever seen. It appears to be energy in form and yet I can not detect its presence on the physical form. I am unable to find it on any other plane of existence as of now as it seems slightly out of par with all forms of reality. I am only able to come to the conclusion that the unit is on some plane that I am unable to scan, perhaps this “Phoenix” somehow augments the Control Medals distinct signature. It has also been shown the Control Medal (on its energy based plain) seems to be able to interact with the “host” at much higher speeds then ever seen before by my eyes (Kousotsu excluded).

-Another of the “new” abilities seems to be the ability for the Control Medal to focus massive amounts of energy around its energy based structure. These energy readings have been found to be some form of the plasma like energy, which is thought to be channeled from “Phoenix” aspect. It is also shown that this Head Beam like attack has a force comparable to G-1’s mega smasher.

-One of the deadliest weapon in this Guyvers arsenal appears to be the same as so many other Guyver types. The mega smasher on this unit has an uncanny ability to lightly pre-charge before opening. Although we only have these “pre-charge” energy maps, we believe that this may be one of the most powerful Mega Smashers as of yet. The energies of the “Phoenix” seeming to be multiplied the most through this weapon.