The Chaos Unit was created in order to fight against the ever increasing power levels of the Guyver Elite. It was perhaps one of the most revolutionary units of itís age. Molded by the god Chaos X and the advent TheGuyversWill, the Chaos Unit combined some of the most advanced science and mystic attributes known to exist at the time of its conception. To this day it is still an impressive specimen.


Basics of Design-

The design of the Guyver is normally a quite Singular one.  Armor that Hides within the Host until summoned by Speaking the name for the Armor which is of Course, the same for all Units.

The design for the Chaos Units alters from this Basic Idea on a Number of Levels.  The First and most mentionable being that the Guyver Incorporates the Host into its own design now.  This being possible through the Use of the symbiote as a Bridge between the unit and Host.  The Design for the Chaos unit also allows for more integration and alterations to be made to suite its Host consciousness, consciousness being used as there is no longer a Distinct line Between Host and Unit in the Chaos Units.  Thanks to this its weapons and defenses are far more versatile.

Details on Design-

            Physical Design and Linking-

As you look at the base Unit before it Molds with a Host it has a Living Black liquid Moving around the Glowing Control Metal.  This liquid is the Symbiote, when the Unit is locked into the forehead of the Host as if it were a Normal Unit this Liquid symbiote moves into and through the Body of the host in an attempt to alter the body for the Unit.  If this is not capable for any reason with the Host the Unit will Reject its Host.  Also the Symbiote has of course been wiped of all knowledge other than those inseminated into it for the design schematics necessary for its initial work.

The symbiote bonds into the different systems of the body enhancing and Evolving them in new ways as a form of mutation to save Space.  Once the necessary space is required it will then start to convert consumed materials into Bio-mechanic parts necessary for the Guyver.  The symbiote having been artificially inseminated upon recreation with all the knowledge of the Systems it was to Make for the Unit to function properly.

The Symbioteís third function being to Speed the Reaction time of the Guyver through an Organic Network throughout the Body based on Focused Light signals. This making the Reflex time of the Guyver amazing.  This is quite helpful when time is of the essence of course but it also allows for special abilities to be present in the Control Meta, foregoing certain weaknesses in the Earlier Guyver models.

The Control Metal, or the Central Computer system of the Guyver located on the front upper portion of the Forehead when boosted has had several alterations made to it as well. When retracted Inward it now Sits along the Back Center of the Mind In-between the Two Halves.  In the Fully Developed Form the Symbiote has replaced your entire Body interiorly with a new more potent version of itís self though so the two halves are normally linked to the point where it is more or less one whole.  The Guyver Computer, Symbiote and Mind now all work together as one thought process system, as one entity rather than Three separate information processing systems.  The Control Metal and mind both having the Symbiote moving through them at all times and since all points of the the Symbiote are Conscious a once this allows for instant transmission of Data, in Layman's Terms if one Part of the symbiote detects something all parts do including your mind and the Control Metal.  This new integration potentially unneeded but needed to be expressed prior to usage or battle all the same.


When boosted the Guyver has a Multi-layered Armor System based on Pressure resistance to Blows.  The Layers being one Layer of Symbiotic Fluid in itís altered Metallic Form (the symbiote can change its own basic atomic structure to emulate other forms of material).   The second being an Over wrapping to the Symbiotic Layer, long and Extremely durable tendrils of Organic Material along with shards of Xirenion Crystal form this layer.  The Third layer being another symbiotic layer though with more of the Original Fluid Form of the Symbiote in play.  The Fourth and final layer being the More Common Bio-metallic layer of the Guyver.  Between each of these Said layers is a Pocket of Helium Gas (The Unit Draws in the air from the Area and Alters it Atomically to form the more preferable Helium.) this Gas making the Unit a Bit lighter in its basic form as well as Providing the necessary buffer of force.  Upon the Sides of the Chest, Upper Thigh, and Bicep region of the arm are Small Rectangular and Curved portions of the Armor jutting out. Upon the Impact of an attack the force given to the unit is absorbed by these buffering layers and the Force reverted out of these Ducts in aforementioned positions. This allowing the Guyver to never have to feel many attacks at all.

Perhaps the most useful design insert for the Armor systems is the addition of Temporal Shielding into the Systems. This Form of Temporal Shielding integrated into the Guyver is of the First Generation, all that was available when the Units were manufactured, though slightly outdated still perfectly suited for its purpose and with the ability to be upgraded due to the Guyverís lenient System parameters for such operations.  The Temporal shielding takes two points it Time and folds those two points around the Exterior portion of the Armor solidifying it into a type of Fifth level for the Armor.  This Armor though is seemingly Impenetrable unless the unit runs too low on Energy to maintain it or if the Two points in the infinite line of time can be pinpointed and correlated into some form of weapon.  This type of Advanced shielding possible thanks to the Dual HSL (Hyper Space Link) and DRL (Dimensional Rift Link) Systems (These will be elaborated upon in the Power Systems Section.)

Of course the Guyvers Own Weapons though can Penetrate his Shielding par its own design. For as it choose the Points and time and Initialized the System it knows what Points to correlate to allow his own weapons to Penetrate he shields and attack his opponent.


The Most Common weapon of the Guyver, his High Frequency Blades, have been Replaced in the Chaos Units.  Now in there Place Focused Accelerated Particle Blades are present.  These Blades do not take up the Room that the Old HF Blades did when not in use, and at the Same time can cut through the Strongest of the HF Blades making it much more functional and all around more Practical.

The Second most common weapon of the Guyver has also been altered for the better in the Chaos Unit.  The Sonic Emitters have been revolutionized by integrating a Plasma Pulse into the Normal Sonic Blast as to cause the Object that the Blast is focused onto to be burnt all the way through.  This is much more functional to killing than the Normal Sonic Emitters.  Though if the Emitter is needed for a Non-Lethal use the Plasma Pulse integration can be Disengaged by the Unit.

The Next Weapon in the chain is a very Versatile one that can actually be integrated into Several Systems.  Along the Hands are systems to Generate an Ectoplasmic Matter Charged by the Unit and the Emotion of the ďHostĒ.  This Matter can have any of several Harmful purposes from mentally manipulating the will of who it is used on with information embedded into the matter to Tearing apart his/her psyche and astral Forms with negatively charged and intent force with the Coarse Ectoplasmic matter.  It can also though integrate into the Temporal shielding to form a More Complete defense against Psychic attacks and such, even though such attacks should be useless against the Shielding.

The Main Weapons of the Guyvers having always been the pressure Cannons/Mega-Smasher, have now been replaced with a More Updated Dual Hyper Particle Cannons. Still Relying on the GCO (Gravity Control Orb) for this Move it Draws in Particles from Hyperspace through the HSL Systems and masses them in the Center of the Chest accelerating them even more so than they were before.  The GCO compacts more and more of these Particles until enough for the desired Size Blast to be accomplished are drawn in.  When this is all Drawn in and the cannon is Ready to fire either one or two of its dual cannons they are fired through one of two methods.  One is through a Wormhole Generated through a Hyperspace Fluctuation, the other through a Sub dimensional Wormhole on some Random Frequency.  Either is quite effective though the Dimensional form of attack, while taking more energy is in no way detectable for another Guyver. The only signs of preparation or attack when using this move, being a slight glowing of the chest as well.  The Chest not having to open up to fire as the Wormhole is generated in the Contained Area within the Guyver rather than out in the Open. 

The Normal Lazar Placed around the Control Metal Area of the Guyver has been replaced wholly with an integrated system using the control method its self.  This is for a System called the Control Beam.  It is a Beam of focused thought from the Control Metal to allow for the easy control of all animals hit by it within range (roughly 100 Miles at maximal power) and all weak minded or unprepared Sentient beings within a Mile or So.  This can be quite an asset when in a fight where the Guyver is drastically outnumbered allowing him to call Beasts to his Aid, under his exclusive Mental Control.  The Beam is Unseen as to not give away the trick to the Guyvers enemies.   


When boosted the Maximal speed is indeterminate as due to the Temporal Transistors that allow for your shielding are also configurable for a Time Folding action to enhance the amount of movement the Guyver Can make in the Same time that he could have normally.  The speed potential is literally unable to be gauged up to the maximal speed of the Acceleration of the Time Line.  Though without this feature engaged the maximal land speed of the Guyver is One thousand seven hundred fifty-eight feet per Secant.  The maximal Air speed being Three Thousand Two hundred ninety-seven Feet per Secant.

When in Non-boosted form due to the fact that the Body of the Host is after a Few Days the unit itself the Host still maintains amazing speeds by most Races Standards.  Running this speed at maximal reaches Five Hundred Sixty-Two Feet per Secant.

        Power Systems-

The HSL (Hyper Space Link) System is the Main Power Source for most other Guyvers but for the Chaos Units due to the Advances in them Two of these Systems have been implemented as Secondary Power Sources.  The HSL Systems establishes a Constant Link between the Guyver and Hyper Space. This link allows the Guyver to Draw energy from Hyper Space at all times and even enter Hyper Space at times.  It is quite a Helpful system though outdated for the Chaos Units needs.

The DRL (Dimensional Rift Link) system is the Main power source for the Chaos Units. It opens a Small Dimensional Rift within a Set Space designated to the Rift.  This Rift can expand or Decrease in size depending directly upon the Varying power needs of the units.  Though it can not surpass the space Allotted without damaging the systems.  From this Rift Intense and Endless power can be drawn in with Extreme Rapidity for use by the Guyver.  It is a Perfect Non-polluting unending energy source.  Without the DRL system most of the Chaos Unitís Other Systems would completely or for the most part Shut Down.

        Capability for Adjustment.

The Symbiote Instantly detects the Capabilities of the Host upon Joining the Host and unit.  If it is found that the Host has the capability to Alter his Form to a Superior form of some sort then the systems will prepare and have ready another form of the unit with Adjustments for better performance and design based upon the alternate form of the Host being.

Along with that almost all of the Systems in the unit can be Repaired Manually if enough time for Self Regeneration is not present, also they can be Upgraded in this way.  These features should only be taken upon by the original designer of the Units though as to avoid adverse Side effects from improper alterations made by the Technician.