Subject: Advanced Guyver Unit
Code Name: Shin-Akuma Guyver
Host Name:
Caster Troy
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'9''
Weight: 235 lbs.


The Shin Akuma guyver unit is what one would like to call the Adaptation guyver. It is able to compromise and battle on all fields extremely well, but excels in melee/hand to hand combat. There are features upon this guyver that may or may not be found in those of relative Guyvers and there are some that may be similar, but are far more in-depth then the natural intention of that tool. First, the host must be explained.

Host Special Skills and Attributes:

Caster Troy is a human that has been pushed to and beyond the normal aspects of human capability. Through training, meditation, and Practice of several Spiritual arts, he has learned techniques of the mind and body which allow the usage of "Ken ki", or internal essence. This training has been undergone since the age of 7 and thus now at the ripe age of 30. He has indeed mastered them yet continues to grow more potent. 

Caster is also a skilled swordsmen in over 45 arts, and is above the level of "Hitokiri Battousai". He is also well versed in over 334 forms of Martial arts, 210 forms of Hybrid Styles and Vagabond techniques ranging from Shaolin styles to that of Natural Japanese style martial arts.  Caster is capable of using anything as a weapon to deadly efficiency (Has been known to kill individuals with spoons), and is even knowledgeable of High level Firearms usage and survival tactics.

Other information is unknown but it is believed that Caster posses the uncanny ability to Shut down other senses and augment specific senses with Ken-Ki and the brains remaining focal-Process percentage left from shutting down other senses, hence giving him abnormal and inhuman Reflexes, Agility, speed, and strength.

Subject: Advanced Guyver Unit
Code Name: Shin-Akuma Guyver
Host Name:
Caster Troy
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'9''
Weight: 870 lbs.

Powers and Abilities:

Strength: The Shin-Akuma Guyverís strength is a variable asset. Due to the Guyvers ability to pull energy in from virtually any surrounding source and augment any given aspect of it's features to certain degrees. It is believed that the Guyver has the strength of  500 men on Normal (At rest) state due to the Abnormal strength of the Host and the 5% absorption rate the guyver holds (Guyver gravitational control orb/control medallion are the source of absorption as they are modified aspects not only designed to power and regulate the guyver, yet adapt and pull in more energy when required by the Host. There are also Sub-control medallion (2 more) and Sub gravitational control orb (1 more) Located in area of the Guyver that activate when the others have reached their Absorption/Regulation Limits).

Land Speed: Variable asset as well. As many factors outside of the physical prowess of the Guyver can change this, but on normal without augmentation. Ground speed of the Guyver is as follows.

930mph~land Speed half max effort
Mach 5.1 ~Land Speed Max effort
Mach 5.8 ~Air speed under 1/4 effort of the gravitational control orb
6.9 ~Air speed under 1/2 effort
7.4 ~Air speed under 3/4 effort
9.1 ~Air speed under Full effort and normal max output of gravitational control orb

Readings are subject to change as Augmentation of Flight and ground speed can be executed to greatly boost all attributes of this category, Special Abilities of the Guyver Unit also play role in this category.

Endurance: Guyver sustains host from Surrounding energy absorption in combination to endurance of the host. Host can sustain an exertion of maximum effort indefinitely so as long as this process commences, thus granting limitless stamina and endurance as the HSL also contributes to this attribute as well.

Sensory Orbs: 6 Sensory Orbs total as opposed to for rivaling the Perception capabilities of an Warrior Guyver on normal. Host through utilization of "Ken Ki" can augment the Guyver perception range. It is also believed that the Guyver possess the ability to sense extra dimensional presences outside the corporeal plane through an unknown means, yet theorized by locking onto power source which may exceed the natural power sources intensity around the Guyver. Hence an individual of high power can be easily identified and separated From other forms of energy no matter where he/she travels. Sensory Orbs are also capable of "Temporal Dilation" Automatically increasing Sensory perception percentage of both Guyver and Host alike to allow even the fastest of objects to be viewed with ease. It has been theorized that if focused the guyver can track and dodged an incoming laser beam at a range of 30ft on 1/4 full perception increase. Sensory orbs can sense objects inanimate or Animate behind, under, inside or in-between Surfaces and structures and through nearly all forms of Masking aside from Resonance Blending.

Sonic Emitters: Guyver possess Sonic Emitter potency equivalent to that of an warrior guyver. Yet is more able to manipulate these Sonic emitters then just for the soul purpose of attacking. Any sound can be mimicked or even recreated through the usage of these Sonic emitters which can control all sound waves within a 6 mile radius of the Guyver. The host is able to manipulate these waves for almost any purpose within it's influence from mimicking voice to even playing concert music across a large span. Full extent known. Guyver also posses Sonic Orbs infused within it's palms for the usage of directing this manipulation.

Regeneration: Guyver possess regeneration properties which on normal are approx  4x faster then that of an standard unit. The Guyver possess a Polymorphic Shell meaning it's Entire Bio-Armored exoskeleton can be manipulated to near infinite degrees. An extra layer of armor...A shield, conversion of the Arm into some form of stabbing or slashing weapon ect, Can be executed by will of the Host. In this...regeneration is boosted greatly as any damage suffered to the Guyver...even if not fully healed can be remolded and shielded until the Guyver successfully recovers from it. Augmentation of it's own aspect can increase the regeneration rate of the Guyver.

Durability: The durability of the Shin Guyver is unknown. Yet may sit within the range of 3x or 5x stronger then that of a Enforcer Standard unit. The Guyver is able to survive a full on Nuclear Blast suffering minimal to no damage at all, yet due to the Guyvers ability to morph it's outer shell and hence increase it's density and thickness of armor at will the Durability of the Guyver cannot be successfully gauged at this point but the guyver is not indestructible.

Mega Smashers: Information of the Guyvers megasmasher output is unknown. Being that the Guyver rarely uses them (Is more prone to hand to hand melee fights then usage of it's Powers, beams, ect) one cannot successfully pinpoint the Megasmashers output. Yet it can be theorized that it is greater then that of a warrior guyver simply because the guyver is capable of pulling the energy from basically any source but only that firing a beam of THAT energy. Microwaves, Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Plasma, Dimensional energy, ect. The Guyver also posses the ability to fire Energy from it's hands. Miniature cells (As seen in the chest) beneath the Armor are exposed around the entire hand and thus like the Cells within the Chest are able to direct energy outward. It is unknown whether energy can be fired from the hand and chest at the same time.

Gravity Orb: The Gravity orb on the "Shin" guyver is more in-depth then that of most. It is only 2x more powerful then that of the warrior guyver...but allows for greater manipulation. It is theorized that the Guyver can manipulate gravity to a near infinite full capabilities unknown.

Special Attributes and Abilities:

Host Evolutionary Advancement: This Guyver itself is has the abilities to Increase the mental capacity of the Host. Unlocking the brains natural behavior to limit itself. Not only this but the Guyver's stored information on countless pro's to doing such are automatically bestowed into the consciousness of the host, Thus awakening talents within the mind and to high degrees at that. The Guyver also works much like second consciousness as after doing this it infuses it's own essence/Consciousness into that of the host for an even stronger connection then that of normal host acquiring. Thus immediately both Host and Guyver become surprisingly more intelligent both naturally and battle wise. From this...many abilities are suggested to appear high Level Psychokinetic, and Kinetics in all though it is theorized that none of the abilities would be heavily indulged in simply because of the will of the Host.

Vibrational Swords: The Guyver's high frequency blades are made of a metal not normally found within that of Guyvers, though still of natural similarity to that of a normal high frequency blade it is polymorphic. To an immense degree hence the length of the Guyvers HF blades are incalculable also the blades are of Imnemetic Polyalloy..."Liquid Metal" to a certain degree and can be used to extend high frequency-Crim Claws (Like a Guymelef) upon the sheer will of the which hold  no set maximum extension. Also if the blade is somehow destroyed or Damaged it automatically heals itself through a crystallization pattern, this "Smart Metal" replaces the damaged area with a new area of Metal stronger then that formerly there how this process commences is unknown. can be sent along these blades as well to increase cutting efficiency or even absorb rivaling energy. Other details unknown.

Chrono Orb: Guyver possess a "Chrono Orb." This allows the manifestation of a constant time/space dilation field in which time can be sped or slowed within the small radius of the Guyverís form. This also allows the guyver to move at incredible rates of speed without risk of molecular destabilization due to air friction. The guyver is placed in a Time/Space environment which eliminates or hinders natural laws of physics which oppose movement. Small scale manipulation of time only the guyver cannot control time in a manner that allows it to go forwards or backwards in time. But it can freeze time within the area of the field indefinitely only to be released upon the hosts will.

Special Defensive Capabilities: All control medallion's and gravitational control orb orbs of the guyver remain within a fluxed state by the gravitational control orb not only absorbing the energies from specific dimensions but also the qualities of that realm thus bringing the Orbs into a flux to better Pull energy due to the shorter distances. This makes the control medallion's invulnerable to physical attack and all material plane bound assaults.

Those are the main Special abilities of the Guyver...or the known ones this is the "Shin-Akuma Guyver".