Subject: Evolved Standard G-Unit
Code Name: Zero
Host Name: Grant Knight
Host Age: 21
Sex: Male
Unit Height: 8’2
Unit Weight: 647 lbs


Back story:

Unknown Location
Ceria: April 3rd 1999

Phantoms linger with in an unknown place, distant voices seem to flow threw the empty hallways. Within the labyrinth of a room, there lay dormant beings wanting to be set free into a world of chaos, they thirst for the blood of their unknown enemies. Within seclusion there works members of an elite science department. They work towards a now unknown goal, taking strands of hair and blood samples of two unconscious boys, their ages roughly 15 or 16. “You think this is enough?” One scientist asks his college. “Maybe, but we should take more. You never know what Mitsuhiro has planed.” Moving to the other, he mumbles to himself, “Why these two? What’s so special about them?” At that moment in time, these young men chose to fight along side Guyver Elite in order to protect their loved ones from harm. Unknown to them the experiments being done to there helpless bodies. They lay unconscious as there bodies are examined, rather mutilated with out their permission…

There healing factor would cover all scaring, the trick would be keeping them satiated long enough. “So these are the two boys that fought in the war? They don’t even look like men, yet there reputation preserves them.” A smile forms on his colleges. “A bunch of kids playing army men. What about their leader? Half of these kids aren’t’ even out of dippers for God’s sake!” Turning to view the computer terminal behind him, the other beings to enter in there data. He watches as the computer beings to test each of their blood samples. “What the hell…No, no this seriously can’t be right.” The other scientist turns to view the others findings. “Test him again, there must be something wrong with our mainframe. Run a diagnostics test.”

At that moment the other’s test had been completed, they both rush to view his results. “Unbelievable…” Turning to his college “ Another… But part of his DNA seems to be…” Laughing at the others findings, he pushes him out of the way to view the screen “ Impossible… How, how is this possible… Both their bio kinetic levels are off the charts, the power surpasses everyone in our department…” They both walk towards their desks and sit down… One of them looks threw his desk to find a metal flask. The other scientist reaches over and grabs it before he hand a chance to open it. Taking a gulp of the hard liquor, he passes it back to the other. “Your turn.” Taking a sip of his, an adjacent terminal lights up with an eerie figure lost in the shadows of the room he sits in. “Did you get the results of the young men?” Dropping the flask he replies, “Yes sir, it seems that our computers my have a malfunction.” Beginning to laugh he replies once again, “You see sir, it says that these two boys are estimated to be more powerful that anything we have encountered. I suggest-“ Interrupting, the figure speaks.


 “You suggest nothing. I don’t pay you to have your own opinions. You are using sophisticated machines; there readings are not wrong. You chose not to believe them. Now… Get back to work… “ In a flash of light, the panel turns off leaving the two scientist alone once again. “ Think we should call it a night, come back bright and early tomorrow morning?” Getting up from his seat, he looks towards the other. “I think we should get some rest as well. But before we go, begin “stage one” on Knight. The computer takes in all of the information on the boy, computing each and every DNA strand, every fault he had. A stream of liquid flows threw an entangled maze of tubes, leading to a small chamber of some sorts. Pushing a button, the procedure begins. Flashing numbers seem to count hours, decreasing from 24. “Ok its time we head out.” With in the chamber, the strands of DNA being to take shape into a mass of tissue of some sorts. Moments pass as it beings to pulsate. As if breathing with in what seemed to be oxygenized liquid.

Guyver Elite Head Office
Ceria: September 3rd 1999

A darkened surrounding with in an office, a figure seems to blend into the darkness… His elbows seem to rest upon his desk, linking his fingers together allowing his face rests against them. Unknown thoughts seem to race threw his mind, but he is limited to singular event. Within the last month much has occurred with in his organization. The collapse of Guyver Force Alpha have left may lives shambles. Allowing Guyver Elite to gain much power, but there is left one rouge warrior within the rebel montage. His computer screen lights up to view one single person. “Sir, it seems that “he” has struck again. Parts of “Blue Vail” have been destroyed. “He” seems to have acquired a new power.” Closing his eyes, the figure now completely lost with in the shadows. “ The boy found another unit. That is a slight complication. Deal with it…” Nodding, the image within the screen replies. “As you command sir…” The screen goes blank leaving the figure in its gloomy solitude. “ So he wants to play does he?”


The silence with in the room is interrupted by an almost sadistically laughter, echoed threw out the room; he rises out of his chair. Walking towards the adjacent window, he is finally visible as he opens the blinds to the window. “It looks like we have to step into battle field…” Darkness around him is absorbed into one single figure, flowing into his body; there is a slight disturbance with in the time stability. Allowing nothing to escape the room, his from is somewhat flickers within a flux of electricity. The subconscious power awakened as the mind of Akito linked to battle armor. A projection of his consciences lies within seclusion as the demonic like Guyver begins to hunts the unsuspecting victim. Coming forth from the gates of Hell, or rather the chaotic mind of Akito.

The area around him changes, an open plain seems to take shape over the vast plain. Standing within the middle of the battleground stands a un suspecting Grant Knight. Tearing threw reality brakes threw the immense red unit. Flowing threw the air, his boosters help push him threw the limited gravity or the area… Holding his hand out, his fingers reach out to the back of Knight. Seconds pass as the Guyver’ hand is completely enveloped with in Knight’s chest cavity. Raising the boy into the air, he screams out in pain and agony. The Guyver on the other hand, laughs in distorted sound vibrations. “ See boy, your not invincible. Just another pathetic human being with self-ambitions. Now you die alone.” Throwing him threw the air, he breaths his last breath…

Guyver Elite Labs
Ceria: September 15th 2001

Located with in the science department their works the two scientists. “So we took out Knight hey?” The other turns to view him, an almost emotionless grin takes over his face. “Well it was long enough! The boy was running ramped, almost unstoppable.” The other looks around his laboratory, viewing the Hyperbolic chamber he notices the structural growth of what used to be an organic mass. “He looks just like him, but with Dri technology enhancements. You think he’ll be ready soon?” The other answers with haste, “You can’t rush it, if we take him out of the soup to early. God knows what would happened.”


Shaking his head his college laughs, “How stupid of me. I guess the stress of this job is getting to me.” Walking away from the other, the scientist stands in front of a monitor. Grabbing a cup to his side, he takes a sip of the dark liquid. “ Repertory system is normal, vital signs are very strong. Dri energy seems to have bonds with him perfectly. There is absolutely nothing wrong at the moment.” A smile forms on the others face. “Good…” Reaching into his pockets, his fingers search for something. Grasping hold of a metallic object, he pulls it out and holds it to the back of the scientist. “I’m sorry to do this, but we all have to do what we have to do. And what I have to do, is take his piece of equipment and run.”


Holdings his hands up the other scientist pleads for his life, while contesting the others morals. “He’s just a boy don’t you see? What are you going to do, sell him off for the highest bidder?” Lowering his head to the right side, the other smiles. “See that’s the plan, you didn’t think I would waste my time helping Akito run the world into total anarchy? Your one stupid automaton, working one day to the next just seeking the praise of your master. You want your children to live within this corrupted world?” Turning around the scientist tries to grab the gun. A struggle goes on for about a couple of seconds, but is silenced by a gunshot.


It seems like the one who wanted to protect his own life, lost his in his futile attempt. “I’m sorry Mark, I have to do what is right…” Looking around the ark, the scientist wanders into a room that was not found till that moment. “ What the hell is this? He looks around catching a glimpse of a pale green unit.” So this is what they’ve been looking for. The experimental unit.” Reaching over, he grabs it and holds it under his arm. Time elapses quickly; the Scientist and the prototype Dri clone have gotten away from them. Driving off, he does not look back for his eyes seem to water, emotions catching up with him for his lost son by the hands of Akito.


He ends up close to the waterfront, a single cabin lays unnoticed to the world allowing him the seclusion he needs to finish the experiments. Taking the chamber out of the truck, he wheels it into the cabin. Placing his hands on the glass chamber, he looks at the now human like being. “I know you’re not my son, but they took your father away from us. He wanted to tell you that he never left you; he just got caught up in this new world. He wanted to contact you, wanted to show you that you still had family. I guess I was to late for that. I lost both of you. My brother and his son… All I have left is this mass of organic material mixed with computers. Computers and technology. Why the hell did he have to die?” Slamming his hands against the glass, he burst into tears. Falling to his knees, he now knows he has lost everything because of the greed of one man…

Abandoned Guyver Strike Force Base
Ceria: October 3rd 2001

Entering the unknown location, distant sounds seem to echo threw the area. The Guyver races towards his sanctuary, his air vents come alive as the exit unwanted oxygen into the atmosphere. Stopping against a near by tree, the Guyver lowering his head in slight confusion, he turns to view nothing around him. An almost none emotional smile appears on his face. Biokinetic flocculation's dormant within his body seem to be the only way he is possible to emit his feelings. Pushing off the tree he looks towards the GSF base. His CM races with brilliant flashes of light, bio kinetics leaving traces of dim light from behind the medal. Unable to comprehend the severity his situation, his mind races with complex emotions trying to understand and pin point a solution to his trial at hand. Heightened by the flux of emotions, his biokinetic energies flourish around his body.


Tensing form the trauma, he moves back resting against the tree behind him once again. His pale brown eyes seem to give off a faint but visible burst of bio energy exiting from the units own eye structures. His head falls, his chin resting against his upper chest, strands of black hair falls over his face underneath the units helmet.” Why do you keep calling?” Whispering in his mind, a word loops in repetition “Leave.” Braking threw existence; a single tear threw our reality separates the combination of bio matter with a simple human being... A single mind races threw unknown thoughts, he is unable to understands the certainty of the moment at hand, but at that moment who should care... Bio kinetics force threw his body making him able to fully comprehend what is to happen at that moment...

Surges of energy flow threw his body causing his body to tense for brief seconds at a time… Alien armor calls out for its containment, its parallel dimension where the host has no control. It will remain within, never restless and always able to answer the call of its master... The sounds of cracking rock, the smell of his burnt surroundings causes a more heightened and new intensity to the now unleashed meta burner, a barrier shield that soon covers him, able to make the joining unstoppable to simple and somewhat powerful creatures... Destroying everything around him, the perfect ball of light around his body continues to push threw the ground below, picking up fragments and durries with in its vortex… As if a sword cutting threw flesh, a tear in existence occurs causing strands of matter to grasp hold of his body...

Terrified at the moment, he watches as the alien armor retracts from his body… Closing his eyes, he wants it to be over… His body tenses as each moment; the armor lets go of his once covered body... As if in a brief moment of chaos, his body no more surrounded by the Guyver armor... Looking around, he falls to his knees, now knowing what has occurred he shakes his head in disbelief… “Some one please help me…”
With in the area of the desolation, the host of the Zero unit, Darius Keima, lays unconscious with in his “grave.” Memories seem to run threw his damaged mind, past thoughts lost to him for the time being… Contained with in a hyperbolic tube, regenerating his bodies strength or he was led to believe that this actual event took place… Within his dream state he remembers test being done on his body, unknown creatures standing over his sedated body cutting him open… Screaming out in to quite surroundings, he wakes to view his battered body. Slowly rising from the dark hovel, his weak legs help him as he uses his arms to grab hold of the top of the hole. Pulling with the last of his arm strength, he is free from the gloomy seclusion.

Looking to the abandoned base, he walks towards it in slow strides. His arm seems to drag, not the normal sway of front to forward. Grasping his ribs with his right hand, he stops for a moment, the Guyver’s healing factor not at the moment, kicking in. A massive Bio Kinetic out burst, flowing around his body, surrounds his body; it is now almost visible to the human eye. Always wanting an explanation for this fact, he traveled the work. With no addable, He found nothing. When every remember what happened to him, his mind would go blank, as if that part of his life was totally un-occurring. Moments pass by like hours for him as he finally enters the gigantic base. He looks around for a moment, basking on the abundance of technology. Walking threw the dark hallways he views everything. Now knowing that the base was empty, he resting against a wall, his back sliding due to the friction. He huddles himself into a ball, gently holding his knees to his face… At the moment, nothing made since; everything with in his life was a lie. The only thing that made sense was his Guyver… He was too ignorant to now what it was, unable to comprehend his destiny…

Feeling a pushing sensation threw the back of his skin he gets up in fright… “Not again… WHO ARE YOU…” He turns around to view the area once again, hoping to catch a glimpse of the one who call out his name… Clinching his fist, he thrusts it towards the steel alloy for the walls… Feeling a rush of unknown energy, his hand is covered in a somewhat plasmatic/energy substance… He watches as his hand goes threw the steel, in fact melting the a hole in its place…Raising his hand to eye view, the looks at it… He watches at the energy dissipates from his fist, leaving slight burn marks on his knuckles…He turns back to view the hole again, “I did that….” He laughs slightly wondering what they had done to him… He shakes his head in slightly confusion, mixed with anger…


Looking towards an adjacent room, he walks into it looking for a change of clothes… Looking in some draws, he finds some black baggy pants and a dark blue sweater… Taking of his clothes slowly, he manages to put the clothes on with out any pain or discomfort… He falls down onto the bed behind him, “Looks like no one is gonna be using this for a while…” Laying in the bed he falls asleep, not trapped in his dream world, the conclusion of the dream was about to begin…His body was trapped in a HB tube for many days, but he watched as the creatures much like himself began to work on another man with in there ranking at the time… He watched was the took syringes full of blood, skin samples and the basic DNA testing material… Catching full view of the man, he woke… “Was that me on the table?” He asked himself that for hours before, not knowing the paradox of the dream… Getting up from the room, he walks towards the hole in the wall… He laughs slightly lowering his body to look threw it… He notices another being, an older man with in the other room… He calls out to him “Hey! Can you see me here?” He tries to smile at him, but all he could muster was a grin…

Host Name: Grant Knight
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’11
Human Weight: 187 lbs
Status: None At The Moment

Dri Essence: Dri Essence does not exits in the physical realm or a psychic one. It is siphoned threw existence it’s self or rather, a ‘God- consciousness” that manifests it’s self threw the entire cosmos of another dimension. This was a result of the “Chaos Theory” that had transpired more than two thousand years ago when the balance threw realties was slowly severed, growing into chaotic fits allowing this “being” to run ramped. The thread of existence had been slowly pulled and ripped causing multiple knots to be unlashed. Although the only way to explain the usage threw a bio diverse human, his powers are limited to his Antitype, Grant Knight. This usage of power is less that a faction, although allowing him similarities in attacks but with less degree of assault. Another explanation in the simplest forms, one would seek the equation e=mc2 is the theoretical explanation of forming raw matter out of energy. Dri essence is also no exception to this fact and knows this. Instead of manipulation energy, the user uses its own essence to form objects on the molecular level by expanding its essence. Contradicting this fact is the reversal of this method: Reversing the procedure by destroying the mass allows the user to receive essence and siphoning it to replace lost energies.

Speed: Darius is able to make his body move faster than 120 mph in certain situations, although a strain, he should be able to sustain this phenomenon for however long he wishes. This fete is possible due to the manipulation of the Dri Energy. It is possible for him to brake down his cellular structure into an energy, or essence making it able for him to reach such speed. This gives the physical representative of a blur, or better yet, a phase capability is a fete not possible for this being.

Strength: Darius physical strength is equal to that of about 3 men. Depending on his adrenalin, his max strength is heightened but never been tested, allowing placing much uses into his Dri Essence, his is capable of manipulating it into his limbs for devastating attacks…

Durability: Although not known to the masses, Darius has never placed much of his dependence on Armor or any sorts with the given of the Guyver, it is known that his limited mastery of his unique gifts have made him able to create a spherical shield of raw essence, which is able to negate a limited amount of physical or gravity/energy based attacks. The mind must be so complex that is able to contain and invoke an attack as the same time.

Senses: Darius posses’ uncalculated psychic and physical sensitivity that is far too complex than a normal human being. This allows him to be able to track or somewhat predict and calculate an enemies attack, a diluted form of premonition. This is used to scan for any from of bio energies within the area. This also allows him the ability to interact with telepathic communication

Subject: Evolved Standard G-Unit
Code Name: Zero
Host Name: Grant Knight
Host Age: 21
Sex: Male
Unit Height: 8’2
Unit Weight: 647 lbs

Control Medal: Compressed version allowing host interlink to be heightened. This allows the host’s brain waves to move much faster via central dome and nervous system. Within this more advanced unit, the interlink system is theorized to awaken 25% of this hosts brain function allowing host and unit different forms of Psionics depending on each host. The Dimensional Transceiver, the glowing ring, has evolved over the years as well. This allows for longer memory storage. The network format has become greater, increasing the signal and range. The data signal now allows greater bandwidth, linking more than just one mind.

Gravity Controller: The siphoned energy that is used to feed the Guyver has been greatly increased. In doing so, the Guyver has developed the ability to feed from both the special and our plane. Although the energy from out plane is not as grate, it allows the unit some sort of reliable energy making gravitational forces, energies, tools and weapons much simpler than any other unit.

Gravity Gyro: Another compressed version. Allowing the manipulation of energies provided by the Gravity Controller simpler. This gives the unit more speed on both ground and air that transcend most.
Speed range is: Running=0-480 MPH / Flying=0-700

Head Beam: Using his newfound ability to manipulate the 2 Zoa-crystals behind the head beam, the targeting systems have been increased as well as the destructive power of the laser.

Sensor Orbs: They have been tweaked over the years not only to track the movement of opponents, but their sounds as well. Even the simplest sound or movement, like a rock falling, could spell death to a hidden opponent.

Sonic Oscillator: Nothing much as changed with the exception of range and width. The targeting or material is not longer such a burden, but now, automatic.

Energy Compressors: Mastery of these organs has led the unit to focus and compress gravity not only with his fingers, but not able to gathered into the palms. Note that the singularity does not touch the units palm resulting in the brake down of the unit’s hands.

Power Amplifiers: Unlike most units, the unit has been able to couple the energies with out increased mass. The change of the gravity controller has enabled the unit to multiply the host near to 200 fold.

Frequency Blades: The unit has the basic form of swords on its elbows, but unlike the Unit 3, the characteristics of the his particular host has enabled him to gain an extra pair merged with the energy compressors, adding an extra kick to the swords.