The purpose of this site is to catalogue the collective works of the Guyver Strike Force. This portion of the GSF site is dedicated to chronicling the role play transcripts of said collective works. Though not a complete registry of the Strike Forces history, it should serve as a supplementary documentation.

    The order of which these transcripts have been organized are:

Role play - will entail the actual in character relations involved within plot. Like wise, will be organized via the position within column. For example the works contained within the first column are listed within chronological order, as the second column will follow the first, and so on and so on. It should also be noted that a specific story arc will be set to specific rows, as to separate them from the majority of the fiction.

Out of Character Fights - The work of chaotic fundamentalist, no true order is held to this section, rather the brief examples of quickened warfare, not always found within totality. Though the lack of a possible ending may be heart breaking for some, it is one of the many woes of conflict with in such forms of textual combat.



Role Play

Things Change
The Discovery of Hope in War
The Coming of the Kavzars
Kavzar's First Strike
Advent Consequence
The Kousotsu Trait Falters
Understanding Possible Clause
Death Upon Arrival
Bio-Organic Module Seeks Host

Assiduous in Conference
The Spider-Guyver Enters
GSF, Recommissioned
Hastily Perceived Redemption
The Acrimony Remittance

The Awakening
Misplaced Warrior, Found anew
Rebirth of the EGU
Conflicting Combatants

Enter The Xzibit
Understanding of Past Selves
Damn Bio-Titans...
Agitation within Forest Scape

Unexpected Discovery
Introduction of The Suterusu Unit
Provocation through Interaction
The Adventure begins

Jacamus-Prime; Intercalate
Jacamus-Prime; Abscond
The Continued Conflict

A.G.E. Accretion
The King is Dead
Calculated Leverage

Breaking Free
GuyverWarrior's Confusion
Protector Returns

Out of Character Fights

Pyron-Guyver vs ZoalordElite
GuyverUnit99 vs Guyver Protector
Omega Dark Guyver vs Unit66

TekkaMan vs Shin-Gai
GuyverUnit66 vs Zentai-Guyver
Kousotsu vs Vyxhion & Vioxae

Celestial Guyver vs AnkouGuyver
Guyver Synderix vs Seiteki
Guyver Garrion vs Guyver Tekkou

Kal-El Guyver vs Shadow Guyver
Grant Knight vs Jedi Guyver
Quietus-Guyver vs GuyverHunter


Warrior Guyver vs Lacus-Caedo
GuyverUnit3 vs Guyver Enmity
Kousotsu-Guyver vs Power Ranger

Senpai Guyver vs Grakken Warrior
Guyver Sakari vs ZoalordGuyver
Guyver Enmity vs Guyver Wrath

Guyver Sakari vs Kalenis
GuyverUnit3 vs Mattaku Yazama
Omega Dark vs Sion Guyver

Lacus-Caedo vs Zentai-Guyver
DevineRza vs Daniel Aureus
Eversor Guyver vs Gouki Guyver

Kal-El vs Jon-El
Kal-El vs Mon-El
Kal-El Guyver vs Senpai Guyver

Zentai-Guyver vs Sephiroth
Ramotiths vs Guyver vs Shrike
GuyverUnit99 vs Azonic Piranha

Kuzusu Zenshou vs Ownage Xilation
Kousotsu vs IXI Angel IXI
Kirosi vs Lacus-Caedo & Fushichou

Zentai, Lacus, Tresa, Jedi vs Sakari
GuyverHunter vs Guyver Ryuuketsu
Unknown Unit vs Black Warrior