Information is Guyver hosting website owned by Brian O'Sullivan. The aim of is give a framework for other Guyver websites belonging to members to be linked hosted and together and to spread knowledge about the Guyver stories and to offer links and services for all sites contained within it.
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WAY back at the end of year 1997 I was looking for as much information as possible about Female Guyver 2. Stumbled across Guyver 4's Fan-Fiction and really enjoyed it. I knew enough about the Female Guyver 2 that she was not in the comics or the 12 part Anime and that she was no fan-fiction character... E-Mailed Anita for more information and very early in 1998 James contacted me with a nice informative e-mail about the Guyver: Out Of Control. We started e-mailing each other. Sooner or later I started my own fic as Guyver 4's fic sparked ideas for my own story. The idea of a Guyver unit based on war. James saw the first fic develop and gave what would become his usual valuable input, though at the time he let himself be called by his dad's name David... Could not get the fic posted on another site so I started my own.

Over the years Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction grew and new members joined. though started off as a domain because Tripod started to cap the old Tripod based site to hell. The site was down most of the time as it was too popular (nice but a pain in the ass). I decided since I was working and decently paid it was time to get a domain, was the best name for me to use. Now as a logo and a holding site as we know it now started off as an idea between Allen, Matthew and I. I offered to host Allen's GWOTG site as I HATE popups and thought Tripod might delete his site or have it down half the time due to their bandwidth cap which earlier forced me to move to my own dot com. At first the idea of a new domain was suggested, but I was not about to give up my domain as it is hard enough to get people to know about your site in the first place. Also the point was brought up that since BioWeapons no one really had a popular Guyver site with a message board since. So from there things built up. I contacted Leigh as her site was down and asked would it be ok to host the site on Contacted Star and asked the same. From there the idea of having a only Warrior Guyver/GWOTG Fan-Fiction board was silly. And as it is now was born.

As for how we all meet, once Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction caught on sooner or later all the members you know of the WG-fic team sooner or later sent in an e-mail saying "hi" and had good ideas/stories/artwork.
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